A New Toy

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It was back about our 5th year of marriage when I decided to do something different. I was gone to Norfolk Virginia on business; I was gone for nearly a month and a half. After going out with the guys several times I started missing Trish even more. So for a solid week I did nothing more that think of how I can improve our love life. I thought of so many things, knowing that Trish had a good past before we married; I just was not sure how I could improve ours.

I did what every red blooded American man would do in this situation. I stopped by the local triple X store to see what they had. I looked at everything they had in the store and found the Phallus’s the most interesting. So I left the store that day and thought about it for a couple days. I called Trish on the phone one night. Not to divulge my plans, just jokingly talked with her. One particular night it was late, we started talking about making love and things associated to it. I would always drill Trish for information about her past, about how her other lovers were and things she did. One question that came up was if she ever had a guy that was really well endowed. All she could remember was her first, he wasn’t circumcised, and she thought he was pretty big. But since he was her first, she really didn’t enjoy it. I asked her on several occasions if she would like to have a guy really equipped, to really fill her up. As for myself I am only seven inches, and about an inch and a half diameter. She said the most common answer, I like the way you feel, and the way you work it makes me feel the best. Yeah it would be nice to feel a really big guy once, but I would be afraid I would like it too much.

This set the pace for me. I knew what I saw at the store and set my mind into getting it. The following day I went to the adult bookstore I stopped in before. I went straight to the phalluses and found the perfect one. It was costly though, $79.00 and looked huge. I grabbed it off the shelf and went to the counter; there I grabbed a bottle of liquid silk personal lubrication. The old man standing behind the counter didn’t even look me in the eye, just rang up the items and put them in the brown paper bag.

I drove straight to the hotel room to see just what I got. Once in the room, the door locked and window blinds closed. I opened the bag. The box that the dildo was in was pretty big and heavy. I opened the box and inside was a red velvet bag and inside the contents that I thought would blow her mind. I opened the tie string and pulled out the phallus. It was the Jeff Stryker Realistic. It was about ten and half inches long, and the girth of about two inches at the base. The hefty member was bent towards the ground and a nicely tapered head, which went to the thickest part, nearly two and quarter inches thick. I played around with it a little, as if my own, and I must say I was really jealous, this thing was huge. I could double fist it, and still leave the head sticking out. Enough was enough for this night, I laid it on the bed and called Trish, and just wanting to talk a little before I went to bed.

The following day when I returned to the room, I started writing a game plan, how I wanted to introduce Trish to it, how I would get her really turned on and prepare her for the pleasure. I knew she had gotten use to me; there was no telling how she would kurtköy escort handle this. So in preparation I went out to the mall and went shopping for Trish. I went to several stores and found her a nice outfit; along with it I found a pair of thong underwear. I figured it would be great and with a new outfit, one night on the town and she would be all mine. I knew my trip was coming to and end, so I wanted to get everything just right. Well before I knew it I was heading home.

Trish met me at the airport, she was wearing a skintight summer dress, and as I hugged her, I could tell she had neither panties on nor a bra. I was immediately excited. We climbed into the car stopping to kiss once again and then proceeded to the house. Once there I took a shower and cleaned up, I handed Trish the Gift bag and she was astonished that I thought of her while I was gone. Once she seen the outfit, she stripped down there in the living room and tried it on. Immediately I seen as she lifted her dress up over her head, she had shaved her self nearly bald. Only a small patch of fuzz was left just above her slit. It was sexy as all get, I started getting a hard on right then.

Trish slipped on the thong panties, I was almost upset she would cover such a beautiful thing up, but when she showed me it, ohhhh that ass was nice. She then put on the mini skirt and skimpy top. Damn she looked good right then. She then said she would leave it on, for now.

We left for dinner at Red Lobster. There we ordered drinks; I had a beer, and she ordered her favorite drink a Pink Pussycat. We ordered our food and the salad came. After about 40 minutes and a few drinks later, the waiter came to us to say they were out of swordfish, and asked if I wanted a substitute. I ordered a steak instead. Trish’s dinner had not come yet either. But by this point we both had about 3 drinks each. We decided that eating would just ruin the mood and we got up to leave. I went to the hostess and handed her twenty dollars for the drinks and we left.

We went down the street to a bar that had pool tables in it. We ordered a round of drinks and she racked the balls. In that tight mini skirt, if she leaned over too far you could see her nice ass hang out. So that’s just what she would do when she shot. It was either that or she would grab my crotch or ass as I walked by. I could tell she was feeling really horny and frisky. This went on till I couldn’t shoot any more pool because the stiff one on my jeans.

We decided to have another drink and sit down in a booth for a minute. Once we sat, she scooted next to me and took my hand. I placed it on her thigh; she moved it up as she spread her legs for me. I could feel the heat though the thin material of the thong. I started to massage her lips and clit through the material. Her head hit my shoulder as her excitement built. I stopped before we got too carried away and told her we needed to leave.

She grabbed my hand and we walked out the bar. It was dark out now, almost eleven o’clock. I opened the door to the car for her and she pressed her body against mine, kissing me passionately. Once I let he in I closed the door and walked around the car. Taking a deep breath to calm down I then opened my door and sat down to start the car. I looked over at Trish and she handed me her thong panties, aydıntepe escort her skirt was up around her waist. All she did was smile at me. I told her to lay her seat back as I drove home. I tried to fondle her the best I could, but it wasn’t enough for her. As I slipped my fingers inside her moist nest, she started rubbing her clit. With her eyes closed and hips thrusting she was out of control. She came with a scream of pleasure just about a mile from our house. I slowly rubbed her clit just to keep the excitement up, and her high going.

We walked into the house, and proceeded to kiss and grope each other. I told her I want this to last all night long, and tried to slow things down just a little. I grabbed another beer and mixed Trish another drink, this one stronger than usual. I handed her her drink and she immediately started drinking it down. We sat with some music on and slowly kissed and held each other.

I got up to use the rest room, and slipped into the bedroom. All night I thought of how I can blow her mind away with this new toy. So in preparation I ran the faucet with hot water, and filled a mug with it. I then slipped the phallus into the water to warm it up some. I then set it on the headboard along with the lubrication. I returned to the living room to find Trish had finished her drink and laying on the couch waiting for me. I moved over to her and kissed her lips. Then grabbed her hand and stood her up. She was a little week in the knees, but still fully conscious. I then walked her into the bedroom, and turned on the black light. Blocking her view of the headboard, I ever so slowly slipped her skirt onto the floor, and then kissing her again. Her passion was intense to say the least. My emotions were focused on her, my heart throbbing with the same passion. A feeling of uncertainty filled my head, not know if she would accept the new toy.

Once she was naked she grabbed my jeans and pulled them to the floor. And before I could move she had my stiff cock in her hands moving to put it in her mouth. She took me straight in her mouth and then licked it, all the while looking up at me. She had a devilish grin as she stroked me, and sucked my cock head. I moved her onto the bed, and laid her out on her back. I kissed her lips and then without hesitation moved down to her breast, taking one in my hand and the other in my mouth. Her body quaked and her back arched. I moved her over towards the center of the bed. And then slowly went down on her. She was extremely wet and hot by this point.

As I delicately tended to her love nest, I reached up and grabbed the phallus. I slipped in into my underwear and stuck it through the slit in the front. All I could think as I went back to licking her nest was this thing was huge. I put it slightly above and in front of my stiff cock. I then reached up and grabbed the lubricant and set it next to her on the bed. I leaned back between her legs and kneeled on the bed. Trish lay there on her back pushing me with her feet to move closer. I knew it was now or never. I grabber the lube and put a gob of it in my hand, I slide it over the entire length of this toy and then slapped the rest on her wet slit. Trish jumped as I slide my hand over her with the lube on it. Everything became really slick then, my fingers slipped in and out of her body without hesitation. tuzla içmeler escort

I moved up over her and hold the cock back, whispered I had something for her, and asked if she would like it. She didn’t know what I was talking about, and just said yes. I kneeled back and then grabbed the cock in my hand. I leaned forward a little just to rub the thick head against her clit and opening. She squirmed with passion and let out a little moan. I then started to slip just the head into her body. As she began to feel the massive size enter her she gasped for air. I was scared at that point thinking she would not be able to handle it. Then she started to rotate her hips almost sucking me into her. As I looked down to my amazement she was slowly easing herself onto me, or I should say this massive toy. She took in about half the length as I then took over. I eased my self over on one arm and still on my knees. I slowly started easing it out and then back into her willing body. She put her hand up to my hip so that I would not hurt her by going too deep. But boy did she squirm as I began a decent rhythm.

It drove her nuts as I eased all the way out, so that only the thick head was sitting on her entrance, and then I would ease it back into her. Once i slipped completely out, she shocked me by grabbing the thick cock and guided it back into her body. After a few times like this, she started pulling me into her with a fast deep thrust. I was in shock looking down as I screwed her with this large cock. I still couldn’t get it all in, but my god it was huge. I did her like this for a few minutes as her excitement built up. I even threw her legs up over my shoulders and continued at a fast pace screw her like crazy. She loved every minute of this, but even in this position, she still could not take the whole cock inside her. I slowed the pace and pushed her left leg over my shoulder, putting her on her side. Still inside her I continued to glide slowly in and out of her willing body.

Trish taking my hint, moved over to her knees, raising her ass in the air, and laying her head and chest on the bed. This amazed me even more. With her ass high in the air, I took several short strokes, from tip of the head to only about an inch into her. This started driving her crazy, wanting to feel more inside her. I then thrust deep into her body, She screamed with delight. With the curve of the cock going down, I realized she could take the whole ten inches when my hips met her ass cheeks. I could hardly keep the pace now, stroking the full length of this massive tool into her body was exciting me more than I could have imagined. Within a few moments she was screaming for me to go harder and harder. I thrust with all I had, burying my phallus deep into her; she met each thrust with encouragement. Then she started screaming as yet another orgasm shrieked through her body. I grabbed her hips and held her tight against my hips, pushing this cock to the hilt in her body. I held her like this for nearly two full minutes allowing her to savor the pleasure.

Now nearly exhausted, I pulled out and she whimpered. I rolled her over once again, and pulled my own hard cock out, and came all over her breast and neck. She took me into her mouth and licked my cock dry. I then moved back down and entered her with only me. It must have been the warmth of my cock, but within seconds she was screaming again of pleasure. She thrust her hips into me as I once again came into her willing womb.

Our passion was raised once again, and once and a while I get Jeff out to play, and she loves it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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