A Cold Damp Stairwell

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This was about a week ago, well just a week ago. Last Friday to be exact. I had been to a friend’s house to her stag party. That’s called something else… right a hen night (internet is great for these things).

We had had a great time at a restaurant having a meal and then in the pubs and clubs of the area. Finally we had gone back to her house to finish off the evening. The way we planned to finish off the evening was original too.

There were six of us and we had “picked up” three guys at one of the first pubs we had been to. They had followed us from pub to club to pub and had become part of our little celebration.

At the end of the evening, around five in the morning, we had decided to go home and to invite them with us. We were all pretty far gone at that point and I don’t know what Meri’s idea was. Whether she really meant to have sex with one or several of them, it wouldn’t be the first time for her but she was getting married after all.

We drove home, stupid but old habits die hard in this part of the world, and the guys drove behind us. Meri parked her car in her spot and told the guys to park theirs in a vacant spot that is for sale quite near to hers. Then we fell out of the car, quite literally, six of us packed into her Audi A3, we opened the doors and literally fell out.

Amid laughter and lots of very forward suggestions we made our way to the door to the lifts. Meri, Lara and two of the guys took the lift up to her flat from the car park first. It is an old lift so really only four can use it or it stops all the time.

Whilst we were waiting Alex, the third guy, was pawing at all of us and we were all making very lewd and creative suggestions as to what might happen next, I swear he was fully erect already.

From the looks of it Sara was ready to have him right there too. He was licking her cleavage and moulding her breasts through her dress.

The lift arrived back down and saved us from impromptu group sex right there in the cold damp basement. We opened the door and Noelia jumped in quick saying she had to pee, Nerea got in with her and Sara, Alex and I were left there at the door.

Noelia urged us to get in quick but the question was who, the lift would take two more people but not three. Who should stay behind? Sara seemed to have it very clear and started pushing me towards the lift. I laughed and went along with it but then Alex pulled her into his arms and kissed her full on.

He kissed her hard and she let go of me and sort of just melted into him. He took hold of her wrists, gave her a small push into the lift, slammed the grill shut and the lift activated because Noelia already had her finger on the button.

The doors closed and it disappeared from view.

This took me a little by surprise and as I turned towards Alex I realised he wasn’t half as drunk as he made himself out to be.

There was nothing more than the dim light of an energy saving bulb above us. The stairs climbed up into darkness off to our left and the door to the car park was behind me. Alex took a step closer to me.

“If you want me to stop then just make it clear,” he said, “but I don’t think you will.”

He reached towards me and slipped his hand around the back of my neck. He was now very close to me, I was suddenly feeling very vulnerable, very small, very weak and kocaeli escort bayan very very hot. He had tapped directly into the vein.

With his right hand he reached right into the front of my dress and inside the cup of my bra. His large fingers closed around my breast and he squeezed my nipple with his finger and thumb. Pleasure and just a little pain.

My lips opened as I started to breathe more deeply. He pulled my face over to just under his tilting me up towards him, his mouth was poised over mine.

“I am going to fuck you right here until you scream.”

God how sexy that sounded. I think I just moaned a little.

He moved his hand up and pulled the shoulder of my dress down, the strap of my bra went with it. He lunged forward and bit into the skin of my shoulder were my neck begins. He bit me hard enough to make me flinch and then began to kiss up to under my ear.

His left hand on the back of my neck controlled me and didn’t let me get away. Then he pulled back and kissed me for real, his mouth crushing down on mine, invading mine.

His kiss was bruising and tasted of alcohol. I was pushed up against the wall now to the right of the lift almost in the corner. He released the back of my neck as his kiss now kept me attached to him, sucking me in and making escape impossible.

With his left hand he now repeated the action of before leaving my dress pulled down around my bust line, holding my arms against me. The straps of my bra were now off my shoulders and he pulled out of our kiss leaving just enough space between us for him to see me clearly. He paused then took hold of the top of the cups of my bra and pulled them down leaving my breasts exposed.

I am very happy with my chest, I think my breasts, whilst quite small, are well shaped with well sized nipples. My breasts and especially my nipples give me a lot of pleasure so I like it when someone appreciates them. I adore seeing their appreciation in the expression on their face.

He had that expression then, adoration, desire, lust, a great combination that makes me really happy and is a real turn on. My nipples were already quite hard and I was looking good, Alex though surprised me. He slapped me hard on my right breast, a slap going downwards that caught my breast and nipple and really startled me.

I yelped and started to curse but then he did the same to my left breast. I yelped again, not so much from the pain but from the shock of it. My shoulders curved in as if to protect me and I brought my hands up between us. He caught me hands and leaned it again to kiss me.

His kiss was more forceful now, more a question of power and control. I squirmed against him tears in my eyes. His tongue invaded my mouth and he opened my arms so that his body pressed against me.

I could feel his hard cock against me and his chest pressed against my sensitive breasts.

Getting slapped like that was new to me and it was only thanks to the way he was kissing me that I managed to get over it. Then I discovered that it was like getting spanked, once you got over the initial shock and lovely warmth spread over me.

I started getting hot again. He seemed to sense this and so broke off his kissing. He still had hold of my hands. As he pulled away I bit into his lip at the last moment and tasted blood as he pushed us apart. izmit escort bayan

We stood there facing off. He was sucking on his lip and I was staring at him defiantly. His hands on my wrists held me immobilised easily. He waited presumably to see if I told him to fuck off or something. I just stared defiance. He smiled then.

Flipping my round by my wrists he pushed me against the wall and placed a firm hand between my naked shoulder blades to hold me still.

One handed he undid the clasp on my bra so that it now hung trapped between my body and the wall. Then he reached down and fumbled at the back of my dress.

Undoing the zip would have been difficult given how we were standing but he managed to undo the fasteners on the left side that kept it snug to my body. With those undone it was now loose enough for him to pull it down past my waist and my thighs and for it to fall to the floor. I was left standing in my black thigh high stockings and my knickers.

I wondered what he would want to do now, I didn’t really fancy being spanked in a stairwell though who knows, once he started I may well have enjoyed it.

His right hand squeezed and moulded the cheeks of my ass. He seemed to like that as well. His left hand moved to the nape of my neck and turned me round again. We stood close, I was afraid he would slap my breasts again and was trembling slightly.

He reached out but this time traced patterns on my skin with the tips of his fingers. I trembled even more but loved the feeling. His hand went to his belt and he started unbuckling it. As he freed up the top of his trousers his left hand pushed me downwards, this was a game I knew how to play.

I sank to my knees, not easy in heels, thankfully kneeling mostly on my own dress. He had his trousers open now and I reached out with my hands to free his erection.

Again he surprised me, not an easy thing to do normally, he batted my hands away and pushed my arms down to my sides. When I was still he used his own hands to slowly drop his trousers to his knees and then he slipped a thumb into the waistband of his underwear to pull it down slowly.

He had a sense of the dramatic and took his time to reveal his cock. When he did I was licking my lips in anticipation.

His cock wasn’t extremely long but was very thick and had a large round purple head. He was circumcised and his cock was plastered with hot throbbing veins. A few cms under its head it went from light pink to a darker colour in a quite dramatic line. It was a very sexy member. I couldn’t see his face in the half dark but I bet he was smiling.

He put his hand in my hair and pulled me towards it, I had my mouth open in anticipation. He rubbed his head around my mouth, I stuck my tongue out to caress it. As I did he pulled away sharply. I put my tongue back in my mouth and he started again.

We played like this for a short while, me trying to catch his cock with my tongue and him just rubbing it on my lips. It was a fun game and made me feel very sexy.

I licked my lips a lot and soon the head of his cock was slipping around my lips rather than rubbing on them. Finally he allowed my tongue to trap him and pulled me close enough to be able to encircle the head of his cock with my tongue.

I licked him and probed the hole in its gebze escort head. I pursed my lips and kissed it hard. He was starting to get really turned on, I could taste his precum on my lips.

Finally he pulled me closed still and leaned into me. The head of his cock slipped into my mouth and filled it, I could feel it pushing against my palate. I tried to use my tongue on it in my mouth but it was hard because his head was so large. He changed the angle and pushed his cock further in down towards my throat.

It was large and thick and filled my mouth, I had my nose in his pubic hair and I could feel his balls swing against my chin as he moved. God I was loving it.

He didn’t make me gag, thankfully he didn’t seem to be trying to do it, because he surely would if he had tried. I did my best to cover my teeth with my lips but when my teeth did scrape against his skin he sucked in air sharply and seemed to enjoy it.

He was now fucking my mouth in slow but sure movements. He kept his left hand in my hair and kept on with the movements but he angled his body to one side so he could reach down with his right hand and caress my left breast. He toyed with my nipple cupped my breast. I was getting quite wet now, I could feel my own desire rising in me strongly.

I didn’t want him to come and me to lose the chance to get fucked but that suddenly became redundant as an option.

The lift beside us sprang into life. I heard its motors start and the whoosh as the counter weight went up. It was on its way down. Meri lives on the ninth floor so we had a few seconds. His cock was pulled out of my mouth, I gave a small cry of disappointment.

He pulled me up off my knees and scooped up my dress and bra bundling them up into my arms.

“Up the stairs quick, it’s dark there.”

He was right but I was very reluctant to leave him,.

“Come with me,” I said. “We can go to my place.”

As I said this he was pushing me up the stairs into the dark.

“I would love to but I can’t, I have to drive.”

I was on the first landing now standing almost naked in my heels and stockings. I threw my dress on the floor in disgust.

He was back in front of the lift, he was doing up his trousers, trapping his erection up against his stomach and using his belt to hold it in place.

The lift arrived. I stamped my foot hard in protest. My heel broke and I had to lean against the wall. He looked up towards the sharp sound from the darkness unable to see me but recognising the sound for what it was.

“Sorry,” he mouthed in my direction.

The other two guys stumbled out of the lift. They were cursing and bad mouthing Meri and the other girls who, from what they were saying, had quickly thrown them out of the flat.

One of them asked him about the other girl, not realising that I was only three metres away in the dark almost naked.

“She went back to her car,” he said, “they’re all the same.”

They professed their agreement and started to go back into the car park in search of Alex’s car.

He was the last to start to go out the door. Just as he looked back I clicked on the stair light switch I had lent against when my heel had broken.

The stairs were flooded with light and I struck a sexy pose just for him.

Legs akimbo, one hand cupping my breast and the other flat on my sex. His face was a picture and I really believe he might have changed his mind and stayed but his friends pulled him out into the car park from the other side of the door.

The timer clicked round and I was plunged into darkness again.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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