Laundry Room Fun

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I lived in the dorms my freshman year. It wasn’t so bad and was a good way to make new friends. One of the only bummers was trying to get used to doing laundry in a laundry room instead of in my house where you can leave things in the dryer until you need them or until mom folds them.

One Friday morning I was up super early to work on a paper before class. I finished a bit early and rather than go back to bed, I decided to get a jump on my weekend laundry. I put together a load, got a bunch of quarters and then went down to the basement where the laundry room was. It was still early, so no one in the dorm was up and most of the hall and common room lights were still off or on low night-time-security levels.

I opened the stairwell door and set down my laundry basket to open the door to the laundry room. It is a door with a small rectangle of glass just above the handle so you could see in and out. I could see that the light was already on, and it surprised me given how early it was. Just as I was grabbing the handle to yank it open, I saw also that someone was in there which was even more surprising. I didn’t really notice anything, but something subconsciously told me to not pull open the door. I obeyed this inner feeling and instead took a deeper look at the girl inside. She was sitting on one of the dryers and was reading a magazine. No big deal at first. However, as I peered through the window I could tell that she wasn’t actually reading the magazine. In fact, her eyes were shut. This was a little intriguing so I continued to look at her. She clearly didn’t look asleep, in fact, she looked like she was rocking a bit back and forth on the dryer. Then I got it!

I had heard about this, but had never tried it. She was feeling the vibrations of the dryer and was getting off on it. I was immediately glad that I didn’t just yank open the door, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I didn’t want to embarrass her, but I also wanted to get this laundry done before class. While I was trying to figure out what to do, the girl started rocking back and forth a little more noticeably. She then set down the magazine and grabbed the front edge of the dryer with both hands. She was clearly getting into it, and it was obviously that she was nearing her point of no return.

I felt a little bad for being a stalker, but it was too sexy to walk away. I saw her grind herself into the dryer until she scrunched up her face with the oh-so-well known combination of ecstasy and agony. K-boom! bursa escort She came right there, and I watched it. I had never seen another girl have an orgasm before, and it was pretty sexy to say the least. As much as I wanted to hang out to see what she did next, I didn’t want to risk getting caught, so I grabbed my laundry basket and went back up to my dorm room. My roommate was still asleep, so I quietly put my laundry stuff away, and then tried to figure out what to do with the extra time before class. Well one thing was for sure, I was going to have to take care of that tingly feeling I was having. I had just realized that in addition to being turned on, my panties were pretty fried. That’s ok, I still needed to take a shower, but before I did, I needed to take care of myself.

We have a shared bathroom that connects every two dorm rooms. Given that it was early, it was open and the girls in the dorm next to us were sound asleep as well. I went into the bathroom, locked the doors on both sides and then stripped off my sweats. Wow, I was truly lubed and swollen. I laid a towel down on the floor and then laid on top of it. I much prefer to masturbate laying down that sitting on the toilet — and with sharing a dorm, you don’t have too many places to choose from. So with the towel down, I went right at it. No foreplay, no nonsense. Didn’t even take off my sweatshirt (I rarely wear bras with my sweatshirt when running around my dorm). I felt the sensitivity already in and around my clit and began touching it in all the right spots. I thought of the girl downstairs and wondered how that would feel. I had never used a vibrator and wondered if the shaking dryer would have the same effect. I thought of the girl’s face as she climaxed, and then it was just too much — my muscles contracted, my legs went stiff and involuntarily closed together trapping my hand between them. I stayed in that position until my breathing slowed down and then got up and pulled my sweats back on. I gathered up my shower kit and towel and then went back into my dorm room. I figured I could go take a shower and start the day, however, I knew I needed to let my lips calm down and get back to normal first before going into the public shower.

The next few days I thought of the Dryer Girl a bunch. I masturbated 3 more times thinking of nothing but just her. I even leaned against the dryer that weekend when I finally did my laundry. It seemed like it might feel nice, but wasn’t sure. And I for sure wasn’t going bursa escort bayan to get caught trying it. Maybe I would try it at my parents’ house during Winter Break.

These thoughts went on for about a month, and then I just couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to find out for myself. I set my alarm for 5:30 on a Friday morning, knowing no one would be up at that time. I had already packed my laundry basket the night before and was ready to go.

Sure enough, I was the only one down there and had to turn the light on. I quickly went over and threw a load in the washer. The anticipation was getting to me, and I wondered if I should speed up the cycle so I could start the dryer sooner. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t need to have wet clothes in the dryer, I could just use ones that were already dry, even if they were still dirty. So I loaded some jeans and my shower towel in the dryer, thinking that since they were heavy, they might make the dryer shake a bit more.

After a few minutes, I finally got my nerve. I checked around to make sure there wasn’t anyone outside the door hiding where I had hid a month earlier, and then went on over and hopped on the dryer. I could feel the warmth and vibration instantly. It felt good, but I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be orgasmic. I tried to move around to find maybe a better spot. It felt good, but it was a little disappointing. It just wasn’t going to work. I ended up finishing my load of laundry and went back to bed.

I was trying to figure out what I did wrong. Maybe it was my sweats. The weather was getting cold, and the sweatpants I had on that morning were quite thick. Maybe I should try it again with thinner sweatpants. I began to think about which ones, and then I got really daring. What if I didn’t wear sweatpants, but wore a skirt. That way I would be sitting on it with just my panties between the dryer and myself. Then again, what if I wore a skirt with no panties? It wouldn’t have been the first time. Ok, that was it, I would try it again next Friday morning with a skirt. I felt like such a slut just thinking about it, and masturbated probably an extra five or six times that week in anticipation.

Friday morning arrived and I loaded the washer and dryer with as many heavy clothes as I could find, even the clean ones. I started the machines, and then grabbed my magazine and jumped on the dryer. I was pretty nervous at first. It was probably much more of a scene sitting on a dryer in a skirt at 5:30 in escort bursa the morning than old winter sweatpants, but who cares? I was on a mission. The dryer began to heat up and it felt relaxing. I was looking at the pages of the magazine but my mind was on what was happening between my legs. I could feel myself start to get wet and that caused me to get even more excited and even more wet. I could feel the tingly sensation down there, and knew that this could work and that I would eventually be able to climax.

I started to move my hips just so slightly as the sensation between my legs grew stronger. I was making the edge of the dryer a bit wet, which I thought was gross and a turn-on all at the same time. The dryer was humming and I began fantasizing about the Dryer Girl and was wondering if this is what she was feeling that morning. I tried to help my orgasm come along with a fantasy of me and Dryer Girl in the laundry room at the same. The sensations felt really good and were getting better, but there was no strong orgasm being built. I was thinking about touching myself to help things along when the washer started making a funny sound. I had only put a couple of things in the washer, so when it got to the spin cycle, they must have made it unbalanced. This was not uncommon as many of my laundry loads were small, however, it gave me an idea. The dryer was humming a little vibration, but the unbalanced washer was just about jumping up and down. I immediately hopped off of the dryer and jumped up on top of the washer. Yes, this was it.

My whole body was shaking from the washer’s movement with the strongest vibration pulsing through my wetness. I began to leak juices onto the washer as well and could feel myself slippery under my sex and butt. It just shook and shook and shook. This was too much. I felt an uncontrollable wave come onto me like a storm. Not the type of orgasm that creeps up on you, but one that comes out of nowhere and crushes you. I wasn’t prepared at all. My body just went into immediately convulsions and I moaned out loud as the pleasure violently racked through my entire body. Wow!!

Realizing that I had must made some real noise, I jumped down and tried to act normal. I pulled a towel out of the dryer and wiped down the top of both the washer and dryer. I had really leaked something good on them.

I waited until the washer finished and then threw the things in the dryer. I gathered up the rest of my stuff and then went up the stairs on wobbly legs to my dorm room. My roommate was still asleep as was probably everyone else in the dorm. I took off my skirt and pulled on some sweatpants. I then jumped on top of my bed and crashed, dreaming in my head of the amazing laundry room fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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