Her First Orgasm

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Big Dick

You know how there are just some women who are naturally built for sex! Sure you may be thinking of the ones who are incredibly hot at a glance but then you get close to them only to realize no matter if the sex is pornstar quality and she makes you cum in buckets, the fact that she is going to talk to you, even if only for a moment afterwards and that you will be required to listen makes it just not worth it… okay it’s a period of debate between your brain and your penis to come to this point, but still…

But every now and then you meet one of the truly special ones who is just sexually phenomenal. There is something about her very walk and presence that excludes raw, passionate sexuality. You always find these ones at the most inopportune time, like on a crowded elevator full of people when the pheromones strike you to the point you swear you can taste her electricity and fire in the air just from breathing. And she is almost always the little librarian looking one with her hair up in a bow standing quietly in a proper skirt suit in the corner. You do not realize it until it’s her floor and she passes by you just close enough to scrape your leg “by accident” and in doing so inform you she is wearing garters… and most likely nothing else under that conservative skirt, just as the door slides closed.

I met Gigi (her nickname) just a year or two when she was right out of high school when I was 26 years old. She stood taller than most women at 5’9″ and was not afraid to wear 4-5″ heels leaving her towering over the boys around her. The height was a subtle challenge that anyone wanting to play had better not take her for granted, not that you could. She had piercing blue eyes and ebony hair with a pale complexion that made both stand out. Her lips were pouty and full and when highlighted by lipstick made you think less than wholesome thoughts. I’d say she was oblivious to this but in truth that was all an act. She could have been hired by Taco Bell to eat a burrito supreme for a commercial that could only be shown on the Playboy Channel. How they always managed to leak white sour cream for her to draw away with her tongue is a secret only her and Satan likely know.

She was the one on the elevator that everyone noticed and she had no problem being noticed. She also had a body built for pure pleasure. She packed a D-sized chest and a full round figure that proclaimed her to be absolutely all woman and offered an appeal that was universal to almost every man and more than a few women as well if the reaction of those on elevators was any indication. If sin had a name and a form…it was Gigi.

I played on the fringes of her world, serving as the guy she could talk to about anything. I watched boys (by their mental maturity not physical age) come and go, none of them smart enough to know what they were up against and all left wallowing in the dust when she was done with them. Gigi had class, and always made it look like the guys were moving on, though we both knew she tired of them quickly and saw no future in wasting time with someone who she lost interest in. As her friend and confidant I was treated to all the erotic details, while she lay on my floor or couch and I gave her a killer back massage until she would fall asleep. In truth, the details in metaphor were always how the ‘movie’ had failed to live up to his ‘previews.’ Some did not even last past the opening credits, to which I was embarrassed on behalf of my gender. The most shocking part for me was that in all her encounters not a single one had been able to make her cum. Not that she did not want to… they just failed universally to perform.

I know all you Alpha Males out there see this as an immediate challenge and are certain of your own performance. Those guys I said left in the dust… yeah they were just like you once too! It’s like the average kid being handed a Stradivarius (for those of culture) or a Gibson Guitar, and thinking they were ready to play concert halls and auditoriums and instead found a really ice cold reception for their lack of actual skill. So Alphas, always remember to ask yourselves are you prepared for the truth before you try to find the answer to some questions!

At one point in our friendship I started to wonder what it was about me that she failed to find attractive. Not that I am a stud or anything, but there seemed to be no common denominator on her taste that I could determine that would exclude me so I wondered where my flaw lay. For purely scientific reasons, yeah right, I turned up the heat a little with one massage just to see if there was any fire. I ended up blowing across her naked back… letting my hands wander up her inner thighs to a finger-width away from her sex… gently letting fingertips slide across the sides of her breasts while she lay face down on the couch… and whispering all the time quite casually in her ear. It was when I turned and noted her body had arched like a cat in heat that I realized she was keeping me at arms distance out of respect for a worthy opponent, escort kocaeli not out of a lack of desire. Ah…so I was in the ballpark….

Skip ahead a few years and I suddenly find myself not only about to have sex with this goddess…but that she trusted me to be in complete control. This was vital to me as I listened to her stories…which had not stopped over the years and became even more disparaging of my gender as more men fell by the wayside for poor performance. One factor I had noted was that Gigi always focused more on her lover than on herself and I suspected that perhaps trait of hers had more than a bit to do with her inability to have an orgasm. She had by that time, if anything, become even more self-confident of her sexual abilities and while I was not intimidated, neither was I overconfident by any stretch of the imagination. We were where we were because one of us had thrown the gauntlet down, I do not remember who, and the other was not about to back out. Wisely, I negotiated for rights of control and she conceded as I was one of the few men she trusted so completely.

I planned out everything, starting with her arrival in my room. I kissed her once…only once… long and passionate to allow our tongues to intermingle and to crush her body hard against mine. It was not the first kiss we had shared, but it was one of the hottest. When I say she was built for carnal pleasures I should explain there was no doubt in my mind as we kissed that her trip to my home had left her wet with desire. It was a pool of sexual gasoline…and this first kiss served as the match to light the flame. I will tell you she swooned a bit as it went past the first minute of our mouths and tongues intertwined, but that was most likely from the heels she was wearing.. But her swoon gave us the impetus to break the kiss.

At this point I told her to stand still and not move as I slowly began to undress her… my purpose in this was to touch her as little as I possibly could so that the excitement and anticipation between us would build up even further. If you have never tried it, having obviously desire for a woman and her for you… slowly getting naked together… but not just jumping upon her tends to drive them absolutely wild. I strongly recommend it as a pastime to beat stamp collecting hands down!

Blouse, skirt, and then heels all slipped away with my fingers only touching her bare skin when I had to hold her claves as I removed the heels. The fact that she was standing and I was kneeling at crotch level was not lost on either of us as she looked down between her breasts and I looked up to meet her eyes and smiled. I should note that by this time her hands were clenched in firsts and straining to not grab on the back of my head, but she was going to keep her promise to let me control everything.

Then I stood back up and off came the bra, with a little bit of effort, releasing her warm flushed breasts. Her nipples looked painfully hard at this point and stuck out from her massive globes. I had reached around her, almost hugging, to under to garment and instead of pulling back when it slipped free I stayed this close where we were almost touching but not quite. Her nipples even brushed against my lose t-shirt, but that was from her breathing rather than anything I had done. The desire between us stoked up even hotter as she looked for a kiss…or a touch.. or any physical stimulant to allow a focus of release of all this as tension. She could see my obvious arousal and while she wanted to take matters by the hand…literally…she was determined to stay true to her promise and the challenge between us. I smiled evilly…woman love a villain in bed… as I kneeled down to start sliding her panties. On my trip down I purposely exhaled on one nipple to watch her eyes flutter in delight. I could tell it was taking all her will not to pull my face to her breasts but she successfully resisted this. As I moved down to slip my thumbs under the elastic of her panties I inhaled and could smell her arousal even before my fingers reported how wet her panties were. They pooled on the floor at her ankles until she stepped out of them…completely naked before me.

I could tell she was uncertain what was next. Was she to undress me? This momentary confusion gave way to my next command. “Lay down on the bed.” I directed and she moved quickly to comply by lying on her back atop the covers completely naked to my eyes. I drank in this vision as a religious man looks at a cross in church, with complete devotion to the cause before him. Thankfully my cause was not about to require any vows of celibacy on my part!

A smart general always prepares a battlefield ahead of time, and I had done so as well. I pulled the first of my prepared tricks from the stand on the bed. It was a dark blue silk blindfold that I carefully fit over her eyes and gave her firm yet whispered orders right in her ear not to remove it. I dare not add any penalty to the order such as ‘or I will have to give you a spanking’ gölcük escort because I knew she found these things counterproductive and would have looked on it as a challenge instead. I wanted to put her mind on the situation I had set, not any she might wander to. She bit her lip at my order but merely nodded in response.

At a certain point the demand for physical contact is required or the buildup becomes counterproductive. It’s like adding too much wood to a fire can actually smother it. Some touches were not required to move the coals around and get things burning white hot. So I let my fingertips slide along the outside of her arms, making slow and torturously sensuous circles, but avoiding anything that could remotely be considered a standard erogenous zone. Of course on Gigi every zone is an erogenous zone if you just know how to play with it! I rolled them across her stomach…half way between breasts and glory… paused as if trying to decide if I was going to go north or south, either one being completely acceptable at this point… but instead reversed course and went back to her arms creating a groan of disappointment in the process. Did I mention I am evil? That Satan comes by on weekends for pointers? Yeah.. that is me….

Finally, over the next few minutes I slid my hands down her arms and then slid her own arms back up until they were lying above her head next to the headboard. Her lower body writhed in desire but her hands did not move from where I placed them. This gave me time for battlefield plan number two! With a very distinctive ‘click’ the handcuffs locked into place taking her hands completely out of the game to come. While some women might suddenly panic at this and resist, Gigi flinched only for a moment but since she trusted me she relaxed after a second only and if the cold metal did anything it just turned her on even more…

I moved so that I was leaning, almost laying, over her naked body with my own somewhat clothed one. Her nipples still erect brushed against the material of my T-shirt that hung down and my sweatpants covered legs rubbed along the outside of her naked thighs. I leaned down and she instinctive puckered up for a kiss but instead I moved to the side of her face so that I could whisper in her ear. “Today I have just made you my toy for my complete sexual use.” I whispered ever so softly in her ear making her strain to hear what I was saying. “I will take from your body whatever I want…use it however I want… any part… any time…” I said with a cold malevolence. Have I mention the part about tea on Sundays with Satan?

I could feel her body battling itself between two extremes… on one hand the desire for sexual contact, any contact, to enhance the arousal even further she was feeling. And on the other hand there was a quiet complacency of acceptance, as if she had always known her body was meant to serve my own purposes. While that battle raged in a silent conversation in her mind on I leaned in quickly and violently bit the soft spot beneath her ear where he neck met her shoulder making her whole body arch like a bridge beneath me in pure wanton acceptance of my control. Her mind was not allowed to have thoughts and discussion… only to experience the sensations I was going to give it. She whimpered, not in pain, but in understanding she was now completely given over to lust.

I moved off of her and undressed myself, telling her in vivid details what I was doing…and letting her feel my own arousal and desire through my hard cock run across her stomach and her thigh before drawing away from all contact completely. To her credit she did not moan at this, though it was a close thing if the tension in her muscles showed me anything. But this gave me the strength to move on with my plan and not drive myself violently into her at that moment to claim her for myself as some primal part of me wanted to. Instead I went to the next room to retrieve some items I had kept hidden so as to not give her any indication of what was to come.

I returned after a minute to find her still lying as I had left her, but with her muscles almost trembling in sexual desire. Her teeth still bit down on her lower lip to the point I almost expected to see a trickle of blood welling up. She could sense my return and her head, even blindfolded, turned toward me almost to the point of begging. Almost…but she was still a little too proud for that. Pride goeth before the fall!

I added the third trick in my arsenal. It was a warm, almost hot, wet wash cloth that I draped right across her aroused and almost equally wet pussy. The sudden heat of the cloth and contact on her sexual center made her shudder, especially as I rolled the extremely warm and thick cloth across this area and she ground back against it in obvious desire. As I continued to massage the warm cloth over her I leaned in once more to whisper “I am going to shave you completely bare…” I said. Her body collapsed, almost like a sexual release, but I knew it was merely izmit sınırsız escort the waves of tension flowing in and out of her. If she had thought to resist she immediately knew she could not…though in truth I think I had struck upon one of her unvoiced desires.

There is something about taking a razor to a woman’s most private parts and removing her last defense that is totally liberating for the victim, and pretty damn cool for the guy if he can keep his hands steady enough not to nick the skin. Almost nicking the skin though is exceptionally cool for both parties! As I laid her bare though some shaving gel and a sharpened piece of steel I moved her legs, body, and any part of her I required to allow me to accomplish my mission. My touches were almost medically asexual as I performed this intimate surgery which just built the tension up in her body all the more. By the time her pink and fully aroused pussy was bare before me and I began to apply the final coating of baby oil to this skin I was unable to tell where the oil in my hand left off..and where hers took over… I had a real concern she might dehydrate and die if I let this proceed too long.

By this time her clit was standing fully erect and exposed as well begging for silent attention from any part of me. I lowered my lips close and blew on it and I think Gigi almost melted on the spot. It was at this time she said her first word in nearly half an hour. “Please….” It was the symbolic raising of the white flag to me..and while I was proud for my victory…I was respectful of my opponent as well.

I smiled, though she could not see it, and began to let my fingertips roll all over her skin… first in ‘safe’ areas and then slowly toward the gold mines. I even found a spot just under the ribs on her left hand side that made her squirm in wanton desire. I chalked that one up for memory as a nice place to play with when we are in public.

My fingers kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples as she squirmed in desire for more. I let them slide down and found her clit, pinching it first to make my control over her unchallenged, and then rolling it like a marble in warm oil. I swirled it around and around, clockwise and then counter clockwise, finding this was the preferred and that every time I stroke across the lower side she sunk that much deeper. “Oh god..please more.” Was her encouragement for me to continue as was her body arching to allow even firmer contact.

But my finger slid lower..and without any resistance right inside of her sex up to the very edge. “Yes..oh god fuck me please!” She begged and I slid my finger slowly back and forth into her just as she requested. I built a slow rhythm. Then over time let it begin to move faster and faster. I twisted my hand around so that with the next slap my palm came down upon her engorged clit. She bucked in surprise..and then in pure wanton desire begged for me to slap her clit even harder.

By this point I shifted around so that I was kneeling beside her as I continued to drive my middle finger into her and curl it upward while at the same point making sure to strike hard on her wet, exposed clit. I love watching a woman build up to an orgasm. Seeing how the various muscle groups all begin to tense yet the pussy tries to stay in the exact spot to maximize pleasure. Guys, women’s orgasms have ours beat hands down…which is why it is so cool to make them cum! And while I might not succeed here, might be resigned to the dirt of history with a list of fools before me… I swore I was going to go down fighting!

In my talks with her I suspected it was her mind, and poor performance from partners, that was the root cause of her never having an orgasm. Therefore in designing my ‘torture’ I planned to take all of these things away so that her mind had nothing else to focus on BUT the pleasure. A quick glance as I continued to slap her clit and fuck her with my fingers showed me here eyes were scrunched up like she was chasing her orgasm in her mind. I had heard from other female friends this never worked so knew I had to distract her.

“Suck me bitch!” I ordered as I stopped stroking her clit and forced my cockhead past her lips as she began to scream NNNNooooooo!. I was soaked with my own precum and this taste changed her up in mid cry and she began to try and move to take more of me in her mouth. My handcuffing of her made this impossible for her to do alone in our current positions, so I rolled myself on top of her, forcing my cock into her mouth while I dove my face now into her sopping wet pussy and began to lick and tongue every part of her. She jerked beneath me and I felt my cock slide to the beginning of her throat, making her choke and try to pull back, but then letting desire overcome her completely and just keep sucking on me as I had ordered her too.

I slid my hands under her thighs to spread her legs open wide and nearly lifting them from the bed completely, thereby exposing everything to my tongue which I tried in vain to use to gobble up every drop of her musky juices. The fingers on my hands not only pulled her hard into my face so she could not wriggle away, but because of convenient positioning my index finger slid once more deep into her pussy, and my long finger slid right into her ass.

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