A Different Love Story Pt. 01

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This is the first two chapters of an on going story I am working on. I hope you like it. Special Thank you to a friend of mine for helping me with it.

A Different Love Story. Part 1


Chapter 1

John always thought of him self as an adventurous kinda guy when it came to the bed room. He was average looking with brown hair, deep blue eyes, a solid body, but still need work around the mid section and a average sized cock that was a bit thicker then average. He was into all kinds of things sexually and always up to try new things. So when his best friend Steve asked to him for help, doing a sex toy party, John was not thrilled about the idea but being that it was his friend he reluctantly agreed.

Steve had been a friend of his for the better part of 10 years. They met their senior year of high school and ended up in the same college together. Steve was married to a wonderful women he met named Sarah. He was the best man at Steve’s wedding and was great friends with Sarah. Steve and Sarah were the perfect couple, they laughed, loved together and from what Steve told him had a very exciting sex life.

Steve had told John several weeks ago that he and his wife had been having sex with other couples. John at the time was a little weirded out and ended up asking a lot of questions, but after talking to him about it John went home with a deep longing for companionship.

John had recently broken up with his last girlfriend, after she told him that her job was moving her to another city. They both knew that a long distance relationship was not going to work and John could not leave his current job after just starting a couple of months ago. So they decided it would not work and went their separate ways. Since then Steve has tried hooking him up with ever girl under the sun. John appreciated the effort but was he was enjoying his time as a single guy, that is until hearing Steve’s tales of sexual adventure, now John was feeling lonely.

John knew it was not the lack of sex that was the reason for the loneliness it was the lack of someone special to share those experiences with. John sighed to himself again as he stood in his kitchen looking over the living room once more. He had spent the majority of the morning cleaning and fixing up the room, even taking some chairs from the dinning room table and putting them around the couch and love seat forming a kind of circle in the middle of the room. John has also purchased some finger foods and snacks as well as a bit of alcohol for some mixed drinks. Steve had asked about having the party there since John lived in a studio apartment which had ample space for people to sit and see the product. Sarah was suppose to be by any minute to set up some stuff and get ready for the guests.

A soft knock at the door broke the silence as John made his way to the door. Opening he was shocked to see a large box hovering in the air.

“John??” came a female voice from the other side of the box. John reached out and took the box from her which seemed alot heaver then he would have thought. Taking he set it down next to the door and was greeted by a warm tight hug from Sarah. Sarah was blond and standing about 5 foot 6 inches. Her hair was naturally curly and brushed her shoulders. She was very shapely with large breasts, John always though DD’s at least. She very much had an hour glass figure with stunning hips and a very tight looking ass. Her hips were slightly wide but it fit well with the rest of her. Sarah was an honest and sweet girl, she loved to give hugs and had a very funny and sweet personality.

“So where is Steve to help lug this box?” John asked as they broke from their hug.

“He had to stop and pick someone up.” She said as she slipped by him and started opening the box.

“Someone??” John said as he looked at her spuriously.

Her hips swayed back and forth as she dug around in the box, John admired her cute ass as she picked through the box. Looking closely he could see the edge of her panties pushing against her blue jeans.

“What?” she said as she tossed a rather large looking rubber dildo out of the box. Shaking his head to keep from staring he said “You said Steve is picking up someone?”

Sarah instantly froze and looked back at him. “Ummm did i say that” she said sweetly.

“Yes..” john answered.

“I…uh…meant..some..thing!” she said as she straightened up and started walking to the living room. John sighed as he followed her across the room.

“Whats her name?” John said as he pinched his nose with his fingers between his eyes.

Sarah sighed. “Well it is Candy, she is really sweet and we have been friends for years and she is now working in the city and doesn’t know anyone and she is really hot!” Sarah rambled out before John could stop her.

“I am not ready for this. I appreciate it but I just don’t know if I am ready.” he said as he sat down on the couch.

Sarah sat down next to him and put her arm around his kocaeli escort shoulders.

“Look, you don’t have to date her, but just meet her, you both have alot in common” She said in a low tone as she placed her head on his shoulder.

“I don’t know..” he said as he hung his head. “but i have been feeling so lonely lately” he whispered as he ran his fingers through is shaggy brown hair.

“Then why not try it..just one night..” she whispered back, as she gently rubbed his back.

“OK I guess so..but I promise nothing!” John said as he looked into her deep blue eyes, they were one of her more striking features.

“GREAT!” she giggled as she slapped him on the back. “Now go change you look like shit and I need to set up.” She said as she hopped up from the couch and walked back to the large cardboard box.

After a long hot shower John sat on the edge of his bed with a white towel wrapped around his waist. He was thinking about this mystery date, he wondered how he was going to get along with this girl at a sex toy party of all things. Steve told him he didn’t have to be apart of the party and could even take off if he felt weird about it. A soft knock on the door pulled him from his thoughts.

“Hello?” he asked as he stood up and grabbed a robe from the closest.

“Yo John! You ok in there bro?” came the reply. Opening the door he saw his friend Steve waiting in the hallway. Steve was just about Johns height but a inch or two taller. He was very built but that came from working with heavy metal all day in a fabrication shop. He had blond hair that was cut very short and pushed to the right, he was wearing a baby blue dress shirt tucked into a pair of blue jeans.

“Hey man you ok?” Steve asked with a look of concern on his face.

“Yeah I am good, come on in I am just getting ready.” Steve and John had seen each other several times in the buff and it didn’t bother either of them. They use to work out together at a local gym that had open showers. John knew that Steve was also very well indowned and was proud to show it off anytime they were in the shower.

John turned back into the room and stepped out of his robe and towel as Steve took a seat on the bed.

“Hey I am sorry about not telling you about Candy.” Steve said as he fingered a button on his shirt. “I figured if you knew you would have gotten pissed.”

“Nah no worries man, I know you mean well but I can’t promise anything.” John replied as he dug through his dresser drawer for a pair of boxers. Turning about to look at Steve who got suddenly quiet he noticed that Steve was staring at his ass.

“Hey?!” John said with a nervous laugh.

“What?! oh sorry you just look so damn sexy in the buff!” Steve said jokingly as he turned away so John could not see the blush on his cheeks. John laughed as he pulled on the boxers but a fleeting though crossed through his mind. Was he really just checking me out?! John shook off the thought as he knew of their past and the times they have showered together and joked about each others cocks.

“So whats this girl like?” John asked in a vain attempt to ease the tension in the room.

“Oh man she is so cool! She is very pretty and smart and oh my god is she hot!” Steve said as he stared at a painting on the wall.

“Oh yeah?” John asked as he pulled on a blue button down shirt and pulled on a pair of jeans.

“Yeah man you guys have alot in common.” Steve said as he glanced back to see John was almost fully clothed. “She loves music like you and she is a huge movie buff.” John stopped dressing and looked at Steve

“Well I do like both of those things..”

“Dude she is also very sweet and has a great sense of humor.” Steve said as he stood up. “So come on man finish getting ready and get your ass out to the party.”

“Alright” John said with a reluctant sigh. “Give me a couple more minutes.”

“No problem!” with that Steve walked over to the door and left the room but John could have sworn he saw him checking him out again before he left the room.

John spent several more minutes getting ready before stepping out of the bedroom, with a deep breath he walked down the small hall which lead to the living room. As he entered he noticed a couple of more people had arrived. He saw two couples had arrived, one was an older male and female in their 50’s who appeared to be very relaxed, and enjoyed looking over a large collection of sex toys spread out on a table. The second couple looked much younger in their late 20’s who seemed very nervous around the table of toys and only pointed and giggled quietly to themselves as they pointed at several toys on the table.

There was also an amazing looking blond in the corner of the room. She stood about 5 foot 6 with long blond hair pulled back into a pony tail. She was wearing a low cut white top that showed off a bit of her cleavage from her perky looking 34c’s if he had to make a guess. The shirt was tucked into a brown skirt which reached to her knees and showed kocaeli escort bayan off a pair of lightly tanned legs and a pair of simple brown flats for shoes. She was holding a glass of wine and was quietly watching the room. Looking to him John was enthralled by her amazing deep brown eyes. He felt a feeling stir inside him as she smiled at him and then quickly looked back to her drink, taking a small sip. The smile made John’s heart swell it was the most attractive feature on her, just behind her stunning eyes.

“Told you she was sexy!” Steve whispered as he approached John handing him a beer.

“Very…” John whispered back as he stood stunned by this women’s beauty.

“Dude go talk to her!” Steve said as he opened his own can of beer and took a long pull from it. Looking back he felt every nerve in his body scream to do so but in the back of his mind he felt the doubt and knew it was not going to work. He hated blind dates, and this was as blind as they come. Steve pushed him hard in the back forcing John to take a step

“GO! Don’t think, just go” Steve said as he reached over and handed him a bottle of red wine. “Go, she looks like she needs a refill.”

Taking he bottle and a spare glass from the table behind him John slowly made his way across the room to the amazing beauty. He stopped just short of her and she looked up and smiled at him. The smile melted his heart and caused it to flutter.

“ummm..Wine?” John said holding up the bottle.

“Yes please,” she replied with a smile. Her voice sounded like a chorus of angels.

“So ummm nice party right?” John asked as he filled her glass, then his own.

“Thank you, and yes.” she giggled.

“Well as much as a sex toy party can be, without being illegal.” She said with a laugh.

“Yeah, I just hope the older couple over there doesn’t start trying out the toys, I only have one box of condoms and the fire hose is in the hallway.” He said with a laugh.

She giggled at his joke and said “Hi I am Candy, you must be John”

“Yes that’s me, or at least i hope so I am wearing his boxers.”

“Well if not you can barrow a pair of mine if he asks for them back.” Candy giggled softly,

“Oh yeah, Well just so you know I only wear lace or silk.” John giggled.

“Well then I am glad I have an account at Victoria Secrets!” She said with a laugh.

“You have a very nice studio here!” She said as she looked around the room.

“Thank you, I have been working on it for the better part of a year.” John said following her gaze around the room.

“Would you like a tour?” John said.

“Yes please!” Candy said as she stepped away from the corner following him.

John took her on a tour of the house making small jokes as he went. She giggled and laughed making comments in return. Steve was right she had an amazing personality and such a pretty laugh. He showed her around the studio pointing out a few paintings on the wall, that he had done and also his large collection of DVD’s, which she was thrilled to see. They finally ended out on the small balcony over looking the street below. He had set a couple of chairs out there and they both sat down and sipped wine and talked about movies and their lives.

The sun set as Steve and Sarah found the two sitting on the balcony laughing at each other’s funny life stories.

“Hey you two, where have you been the parties over, you missed the show.” Sarah said as she leaned back against Steve’s chest.

“OH my god!” Candy cried as she looked at her watch. “I am due on shift in an hour, I am sorry I really have to go!” As she jumped up pulling her shoes back on and looking around for her bag.

“Well um do you want a ride back to your apartment?” John asked as he leaned over to collect the glasses and empty bottle of wine.

“Do you mind?” Candy said with a small guilty look on her face.

“No not at all” John said as he followed her into the apartment.

After Candy had said some quick good byes to Steve and Sarah and a couple whispers and giggles out of the girls they were off. They talked quietly on the way to Candy’s apartment, which was only a couple of blocks over from his own place. Pulling up to the curb John shut off the engine to his Ford Mustang and turned to Candy who was busy fiddling with her phone.

“I had fun tonight Candy.” He said with a smile.

She smiled back and leaned in slowly her large brown eyes drawing him in as a soft smile crossed her lips. “Me too.” she softly replied. John was very nervous but wanted to kiss her so badly he fought the urge and let her move at her own pace. He watched as she hesitated, biting her lower lip, which seemed so erotic at the time. Then she reached down undoing her belt and grabbing her purse. John sat there a bit confused as he watched her silently gather her belongings. She glanced back at him as she started to exit the vehicle. He watched as she stood up in the door wear and heard her rummaging through kocaeli escort her purse and the clink of keys. Sitting back in his seat John let out a soft sigh, as he looked to the car for an answer that was not there. She shut the door and he watched as she walked towards the door to the apartment build.

“Stupid, now your gonna be hurting all night” John said under his breath as he turned over the Mustang. A soft knock on the window made him jump rolling it down he looked up to see Candy bent over looking in with a smile.

“Everything ok?” John asked. Without an answer she poked her head and hand through the window turning his head so that they were eye to eye. She looked very intently at him, he got lost in those amazing brown eyes and the urge to kiss her was killing him. Closing her eyes she leaned in further and pressed her soft lips against him. The feeling was amazing and her lips were so soft she smelled so sweet and alluring. He felt the tip of her tongue slide along his lips. Opening his mouth he felt her tongue slide past them, and gently rub against his tongue. His heart beat like it was going to explode in his chest and a feeling long since forgotten rushed through is body as he got lost in the moment.

As soon as the kiss had started it ended. He felt her pull away from the kiss and he opened his eyes to see her staring intently at him again. She smiled softly as she reached in and slide a piece of paper into his left hand.

“Text me later…please” Candy whispered as she straightened up and rushed back up to the door to the apartment. He watched her disappear behind the door and sat in shock. His heart pounded and his head swam as he reached with shaking hands down to the paper. Opening it he saw a number written down with a small heart scribbled underneath it. Smiling to himself, John dropped the car into second gear and popped the clutch feeling the vehicle jerk a bit and then speed away down the street with a quiet roar form the engine.

By the time John got back to his apartment everyone was gone. He slowly walked around the studio checking to see if anyone was still about and found a note on the Dinning room table. It said.


Cleaned up the place for you, call me tomorrow if you want.


John grabbed his phone and dialed the number from the note Candy had given him, into his phone. He then sent a quick text “I had alot of fun tonight, John” He wanted to say so much more but knew it might be too much right now. Tossing down the phone John walked over to the fridge and pulled out a beer cracking the top and taking a long drink. His hands had stopped shaking but he was still giddy from the kiss. He could still feel a tingle on his lips as he closed his eyes and imagined the kiss again. A low rumble snapped him from his daydream. Looking over he saw a light blinking on his phone telling him he had a new message. Grabbing up the phone he saw it was Candy’s number. She had text-ed back. “I had an amazing time, I will try to text you later. <3 C." Flipping the phone closed, tossed it into his pocket he danced a little gig in the kitchen then walked out to the living room and flipping on the tv. Laying back John watched TV and sipped his beer feeling a bit sleepy he daydreamed about Candy before slipping off to sleep. End of Chapter 1 **************************************** Chapter 2 A soft vibration in his pants woke John from a strange dream about chocolate and breasts. He giggled to himself as he sat up straight on the couch rubbing some sleep from his eyes. Reaching into his pocket he found the source of the vibration which was his phone. Flipping it open he saw that he had three missed calls and one one unread text message. The first couple of calls were from Steve probably wondering what he was up too. The third call was from work, one of the lawyers he worked with was probably trying to reach him about the case they were defending. The text message was from Candy and he rubbed his eyes as he looked down at the time stamp, which was 6:02 am. Looking to the clock he said it read 6:32am. He clicked the open button and the message read. “Want breakfast??? <3" John quickly responded by say he would love some. Dropping the phone back into his pocket he stood up from the couch and walked to the bathroom to go and relieve himself. He felt the phone vibrate again and pulled it out it said; “Good I will be over in 30 minutes! <3" John laughed as he looked around the bathroom. "What is he going to feed her??" he thought as he slowly started stripping off his clothes and turning on the shower. The water was very nice on his throbbing head and aching body. He had no idea how nervous and uptight he was last night during the blind date and it felt like his muscles had been tight all night. John placed his head under the water letting it flow down his back as he closed his eyes. John opened his eyes and looked down to his erect cock. He giggled as he gave it a couple off light strokes thinking about Candy and her amazing body. He dreamed of kissing her lips and touching her breasts, he rubbed his head as he thought about her against the shower wall with his hard cock deep in her wet sex. He sighed softly as he felt a rush of pleasure travel up his spine from his shaft.

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