A Day in the Life Ch. 02

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My name is Sarah. I am a nymphomaniac.

I love sex the more the better. Unlike a lot of women I am not overly concerned with penis size. If you have one, I make it hard and make it work for me.

There is nothing I like better than a hard cock slamming into my wet pussy and I find all sorts of creative ways to get men to fuck me.

I work for a construction company in the office for the project manager. This allows me a lot of chances to connect with hot men and woman. Hey! Sex is sex where ever you can get it and no sex is bad.

My job duties sometimes include flying around the country putting in bids or maybe even going out into the field training a new superintendent on our computer and communications system. I also, of course, deal with vendors of products and services we use in our business.

Today for instance I had to go out of the office and spend part of the day with the new millwright superintendent. I showed him our system and how to request various documents he will need. A millwright, for those who may not know, are people trained to set up machinery at mills. This is a precise work and has to be done exactly right or it can be costly to repair any mistakes.

My boss, the project manager, is very understanding if I take a little extra time out there because I always make sure he is well satisfied before I go.

Sex with him is a frequent thing. Quickies, blow jobs, and hot sweaty long lasting sex are the normal routine for us. We have an understanding and since he is so hot looking it is no hardship to fuck him regularly. Often times we will invite other single men or women off the job to join us for a working lunch which includes sex.

The new superintendents name was Rollie Sampson. He hadn’t stopped by the office for me to take a look at him so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a nice tingly feeling in my pussy because there is always a chance I might get lucky when working out of the office.

I am of course required to wear safety gear when out where the building is going on. My normal clothing is short dresses and fuck me heels for this reason I have gone to considerable expense to have just the right safety gear special made for me. My shoes are still heels but have a special steel toe which our company requires and of course they are leather. My hard hat which is another requirement is bright pink. After all if a girl is dressing for walking through a large group of hot looking men she wants to get noticed. What better way than with a pink hard hat? This also attracts the attention of any bi-sexual or lesbian women employed by the company. Which is another check in the plus column.

I grabbed my small clutch purse as I headed out of the office. In it I keep a good supply of condoms and other items needed for hygiene. Like the Boy Scouts my motto is be prepared. You just never know when a chance for sex will occur.

I poked my head into my boss, Bill Hager’s office and told him I was off to help set up the millwright shack. Each discipline or job type has a small portable office out on the site that each superintendent uses for his paperwork and for meetings with his crew. If the new superintendent is not a computer whiz I generally go out and teach them enough about a computer to get them by. On rainy days the men often gather there and wait for a rain shower to end to go out and get back to work. Most larger companies like ours require workers to show up and wait four hours to give the weather time to clear. If after four hours it is still raining they are allowed to go home for the day. I have had some really great times during those four hour periods, but those are stories for another day.

Bill winked when I told him I was off and said to have a good time. As I said before he knows me well and knows if the chance comes up for sex I will take it.

I left the building and started strutting across the job site. Heads turned and I enjoyed the looks and whistles the workers were giving me. Actually I put a little extra swing in my hips just for that reason. Yes, I am slutty. I admit it. It makes me wet and horny to know guys look at me as a sexual object. I don’t consider this degrading at all like some women do. If your sexy and pretty and guys let you know it I say enjoy it while you still look that way. No matter how much botox or plastic surgery you get sooner or later you will get old.

I reached the new portable building for the millwright office and pulled the door open. A young guy stood there putting together a table. On one side of the room sat a desk with a computer and some file kocaeli escort bayan cabinets nearby. I lifted my foot to the step which caused my skirt to ride up almost to my crotch and noticed his eyes aimed directly at the thong I was wearing. His mouth dropped open and he started blushing. He is what I call “fresh from the farm”. In other words not real experienced in sexual matters.

I enjoy a guy like that once in a while because you can teach them so much and they are eternally grateful. You have to be careful with them because they fall in love easily. I am not the sort for a long term “Til’ death do us part” person, but who knows maybe one day after I have sewn my wild oats I might be.

I met his eyes and smiled. I said hello and told him I was looking for Mr. Sampson. He finally closed his mouth and smiled back and told me he was Brian, a carpenter and was just putting the table together. I assured him I would wait. I sat down in the office chair and we chatted while I waited for Rollie to appear.

I asked if he was hired locally or one of the many workers who follow the company from job to job like Bill and I do. He told me he traveled with the company but this was his first job with Bill as the project manager. We talked about the area and different restaurants we had tried. It was a nice friendly conversation and I noticed he spent most of the time looking at my breast. My top was low cut with lots of cleavage. I found a couple of chances to bend down while facing him so he could get a good look down my top. I had to wipe the dust off my heels after all.

Sometimes a man is afraid to approach you on the job because of sexual harassment problems so if I am interested I will make sure they know it. Brian seemed really nice and I liked him so I casually mentioned that I wasn’t married and hoped to find some time to hit the local bars while we were in town. Right away he said he would be glad to play escort for me if I needed one. I slipped him my business card with my work and cell phone numbers on it and told him to give me a call sometime and we would go partying.

The door of the shack opened and a older man stepped in. He saw me sitting at his desk and raised his eyebrows. He walked over and offered me his hand.

He asked if I was Sarah from the office. I told him yes I was and that I was sent to help set up his office and to teach him the computer system. He said he was glad for the help and then turned to Brian and asked him if he had finished putting the table together. Brian said yes and left quickly. I guess he was afraid that Rollie would report to his boss that he was hanging out and talking instead of working.

Once Brian was gone Rollie explained to me that he wasn’t very computer literate. Smiling at him I explained that I would be glad to teach him anything he didn’t know.

Rollie was tall and nice looking. He had wrinkles around his eyes and you could tell he had put in a lot of hours working out in the weather. His work clothes were a button down shirt and khaki slacks. They were neatly pressed which lead me to believe he had a wife at home and I asked him if his wife was enjoying the area and had they located somewhere to live. He told me he wasn’t married and I laughed and told him most men didn’t show up in pressed clothing. He told me he took his clothes to the dry cleaners and they ironed them for him. His hair was gray and so were his eyes. I noticed they seemed to be stuck at breast level also. The tingling in my pussy kicked up another notch. I could feel myself getting wet.

I like sex a lot but I also need certain things to make me want to have sex with a man. He has to be clean and decently dressed. I am by no means a snob about fashion I just like for someone to look the best they can with the clothing they have. Their hair should be cut short and their fingernails clean. Other than that I am not to picky.

There was only one chair in the office at that time. I am sure more would be added as time went by. Different companies who offered machinery we needed would stop in and try to sell Rollie their equipment. Right now I wanted to see Rollie’s equipment so I set about making that happen.

Girls let me give you a clue about older men. They can go forever. Most all of them take forever to cum so I knew if I got Rollie going I was in for a good fuck. I am not sure if it is decreased sensation in the penis or if it is just an age thing but as a woman who loved and craved sex it is a good thing.

I asked Rollie if it was a good time for me to give him a lesson and he said that yes it was and that Bill had contacted him and had him clear izmit escort bayan his schedule so there wouldn’t be any interruptions to our lessons.

I told him to have a seat and we would get started. I reached over his shoulder after he was seated and showed him how to boot his computer. He smelled like the aftershave my Grandpa always wore. I liked it.

I made sure my breast touched his shoulder as I leaned over to show him how to start the computer. I noticed he moved slightly so that my breast rubbed against him again. I leaned down further so that my face was even with his and got a whiff of peppermint. I said you have been eating peppermint haven’t you. He replied, guilty as charged, and reached up into his front pocket making sure his arm brushed the side of my breast. My nipples instantly got hard as rocks. His eyes were glued to them. He offered me a piece of peppermint and I took it and popped it into my mouth making sure to lick my lips in the process. It was the kind that melted right away. He glanced up into my eyes and I could see the gleam which always means a man is horny. They get a certain look sort of sleepy and sultry.

He looked down at my heels and asked me didn’t I get tired of standing in my shoes. I told him that I usually didn’t do a lot of standing in them as I usually sit at a desk most of the day. He glanced around the office and said laughing, I don’t have an extra chair for you but I guess you could sit on my knee if you want. I could see the surprise and excitement in his eyes as I eased onto his knee.

He asked me if I always sat on someones knee when asked and I laughed and told him only if I liked the person and squirmed a little getting comfortable. He said I was making him horny as hell. I told him that maybe he was concentrating on the wrong thing. He knew I was game for whatever he wanted at that point.

Right away he put his hand on my hip and began to rub my leg. I eased my legs wider so he could move his hand higher on my thigh. By this time my pussy was soaked. I moaned softly and he asked me if I liked that. I assured him I did and he told me to stand up for a minute and walked over and locked the door to the office.

He came back and gestured for me to have a seat in the chair. Once I was seated he leaned down and whispered in my ear. He said that he wanted to fuck me. He stood up and I leaned back into his hard cock rubbing my shoulders against it. He moaned and his hands slid down my chest to my breast and began to fondle them. The blouse I wore was like most I own and had elastic around the neckline which was close to being an off the shoulder one but not quite. It was loose enough that he was able to slide it down and expose more of my bra and breast. Right away he noticed that my bra opened in front and was quick to unfasten it and let my breast pop out into his hands. I wear a DD cup so his hands were full. He squeezed them and began to roll my nipples with his fingers. He reached down and pulled my blouse over my head. He began to tug at my nipples and by this time I was totally relaxed and leaned back with my legs spread.

He asked me if I had ever had sex with someone old enough to be my father and I said that I had. His reply was that I was a naughty girl and needed to be spanked. Now, spanking is one of my favorite things. There is nothing that can compare to a light spanking and some hair pulling to bring out the slut in me. I assured him that I was indeed a very bad girl and he was probably right I did deserve a spanking. He grabbed my arm and hauled me to my feet. He turned the chair to the side and sat down and reaching around me unzipped my skirt and pushed it to the floor.

I shrugged off my bra and stood there in my lace thong. His response was to groan and pull me close. I could feel his hair against my stomach as he reached up and tugged on my nipples more.

Suddenly his voice took on a sternness and he told me to bend across his knee. I pretended to be reluctant but laid myself across his knee as commanded. He rubbed his hand across my ass in a caress. That is when the real fun began as he began to talk to me and spank me. He smacked my ass and I jerked and tried to get away but he held me fast on his knee. After smacking my ass hard several times he paused to rub and caress it letting his fingers slide between my legs feeling the wetness there. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against the side of my hip and I deliberately moved so that there was pressure against it. He moved to increase the pressure and I could tell he was enjoying it.

He continued to spank me and finally ripped my thong gebze escort off of me. His hand would smack me and his fingers would fondle my pussy each time. I was squirming with delight. My breast were rubbing and swaying against his legs and every once in a while he would reach under me to tug on my nipples and squeeze my breast.

I began to whimper and moan and hump back against his fingers. My ass felt like it was on fire. It hurt and burned in such a good way. He stopped and I squirmed to indicate I wanted more. He said for me to just hang on. He lifted me up to stand and then he drug the table which Brian had put together over near us and laid me across it with my ass in the air. He sat down in the chair pulling it right up to my exposed ass. I continued to moan and groan with pleasure as he licked my pussy from behind. Thrusting my ass back towards him his hands continued to work my pussy, his large fingers going in and out. I was dripping with wetness. His mouth and hands were all over me. Spanking, rubbing, licking and tugging until I felt myself almost cumming.

I was so ready to get fucked good and hard. He told me he didn’t have a condom with him and I quickly reached out and grabbed my purse which was on the desk next to the table and reached behind me and handed him one.

I could hear him rip it open and the sound of his zipper easing down. I would have liked to put it on him myself since that is one of my favorite things because it gives me a chance to perform oral sex on a man. (I love oral sex both giving and receiving)

He spoke gruffly to me and told me to sit on his lap and I eased backwards with his hands guiding my hips onto a nice hard cock. I felt stuffed with his hard shaft deep inside me. It was nice and fat. His hand were on my hips and he raised me up and pushed me back down again. I leaned back into his chest and he told me to ride him. I began to raise up and down rapidly on his cock making groaning noises each time.

He thrust with his hips each time I stared down and between us, pounding his cock into my wet pussy. His hands were gripping my ass and helping me up and down.

After a few minutes I stood up and turned and straddled him on the chair. Our mouths met and we kissed long and wet our tongues meeting and mating like our bodies were doing. I began riding up and down his nice hard cock again while he tugged on my nipples. I could feel the pressure building as we fucked like maniacs.

He reached around and smacked me hard once in a while pulling me closer so he got full penetration. He grabbed my hair and brought my mouth to his once again and kissed me. He continued to talk to me telling me to ride him harder, how tight and wet my pussy was, and how long it had been since he had a great piece of ass like mine. He also told how much he was enjoying it and how he would fuck me so good I would be back for more. He was right I would. It seemed to last forever although it was probably forty minutes or so. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed a long lasting hard fuck. However, I could tell he was getting ready to shoot his wad and began to move faster still. He reached down between us between my legs to my clitoris and began to massage it. I began to shake and quiver and drenched us both with my juices. He gave a hard thrust and a shout and shot a load of cum into the condom.

He gently kissed my lips and spanked my ass one last time. His hard cock was still inside me and I slid it back and forth once more which caused my pussy to spasm one last time. We were both breathing hard and I was very relaxed and leaned into him.

He told me that that was the best sex he had ever had, and that he would love to fuck me again and have more time for it. I told him I would make sure he got the chance and laughed.

We rested just a moment and finally separated and taking my clothes I walked to the bathroom of the office and got dressed. When I came out he had put the table back against the wall where it had been and straightened his clothing also.

He smiled at me and told me to hang on he would be right back. He walked out of the office and shortly returned with a folding chair and offered it to me to sit in. He said if I sat on his knee again we would never get any work done. We both laughed and I sat there the rest of the morning and taught him everything he needed to know about our document control department and how to get what he needed.

When we parted at lunchtime I told him if he needed any help of any sort to give me a call. I passed him my card with my numbers and he asked if that meant night or day and I said both.

About a week later I got a call from him asking for help ordering a blueprint he needed. I went out to help him and gave him a quick blow job since we both were pressed for time but he is coming over to dinner on Wednesday night and I know I will get fucked good that night. I can’t wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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