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I was an office manager of an accounting firm; it was my job to make sure everything ran smoothly. I decided to hire a new secretary at the office. I had a few people but I decided to go with this girl because it was her first job and I could pay her practically nothing and get the same results if I hired some experienced person.

Her name was Kristina; she liked to be called Kris. She had just turned 19 years old. She was probably 5 foot 5 inches with short bouncy brown hair. Nice firm ass with small pear shaped breasts. She would make anyone at the office turn to pudding.

Anyway we worked closely for two months before tax season came around, I told her that she was doing fine and things were about to get steadily busy. It would require a lot of time and effort on her part. Kris agreed and she stayed to help out through tax time.

At night we wore what we wanted to, so one night she came in a pair of jeans and a belly shirt. Man, seeing her like that made my cock get rock hard. I decided to order out for a late dinner because we would be here till probably about midnight. I ordered pizza and had a few beers put in the fridge. We started to drink the beers and get to work. Probably about an hour into it Kris started to get tired, I asked her if she wanted a lift home and she said that is sweet of me and said that she could make it a little longer. So she grabbed another beer and started copying documents. I turned on some polatlı escort music and I don’t think she realized she was dancing and swaying her ass and hips to the music. Man was it hot, she then must have seen me looking and said, and “hey you like what you see” I was stunned like a deer in headlights. I just shook my head and she smiled. She then turned to face me and started dancing and playing with her hair. It was a beautiful sight I’ll tell you that.

She slowly started getting closer to me and started unbuttoning her pants. She showed me a little of her black silk panties. I wanted to tell her to stop but all that came out was holy shit… She was starting to pull off her pants; right there in the office I sat down in the leather office chair and enjoyed the show. Man was that ass more perfect than I could have imagined. She rubbed her ass on my crotch, which was already rock hard. She then took her top off and I instantly reached to caress her breasts. She didn’t resist so I continued that and started to make my way down to her vagina. She had extremely soft skin, and she shaved her bush. I wanted to fuck her brains out right there on the board room desk.

She turned to face me and started to lick and kiss my neck and ears. I couldn’t help it anymore I unzipped my pants and let out my cock. She wasted no time she went down on me licking and sucking on my cock. This girl had a very pretty mouth, pursaklar escort and she knew just how to suck cock. Kris sucked my cock into her mouth and fondled my balls. She sucked my balls into her mouth ever so gently. Kris started pumping my cock and I almost blew it right there in her face, however she slowed down and said “not yet boss man” I want you to eat my pussy.

I quickly got up and put her on the table and started licking her from her ears to her neck. Slowly I went down her stomach; of course I stopped to say hello to those beautiful breasts. I sucked each one into my mouth and tweaked her nipples. I made my way down to the belly button and I could smell the love juices flowing and she was already moaning. I finally made it to her pussy when I parted her lips and attacked that shit like the Japanese on Pearl Harbor. She had no idea what hit her. After about five minuets she came all over the desk and on herself. I slid her towards the end of the desk and took some of her juices and slopped them on my knob.

I then put my cock at the opening of heaven and entered those pearly gates. I started slowly but that stopped quickly, this girl was tight and I loved the feeling on my cock. I wanted it to never end. I fucked faster and faster. I pulled out and crawled up on the table with her and rolled her over onto all fours and started to fuck her doggie-style. I could see her little tits swaying ankara escort with each push forward. This girl was getting so hot she came again and her whole body shook. I couldn’t help but cum too. I shot it in her I didn’t care. I was to far gone to care. I pulled it out, and she lay down and I sat in the chair. After we both caught our breath we decided to use the showers in the office. When we got there we started to shower each other when my cock got hard again and she started to caress my cock again. Man this girl was unstoppable. I let her suck my cock while I stood under the showerhead. Man that was a great feeling, I got really excited when she turned around and she asked me to fuck her in the shower.

However, she wanted me to fuck her this time in the ass. I was more than happy to oblige. I stuck my cock into her opening and she moaned a little with pain. I thought her pussy was tight, good lord with every push I thought my cock would break off in her ass. It didn’t of course but I only lasted about two minuets before I pulled out and was going to jerk myself off, but she quickly turned around and sucked me off and I blew my wad in her mouth and she swallowed it all up. We finished showering and got dressed.

We called it a night and I took her home, she said “can I stay with you tonight”. Hum let me think uh hell yeah. We went back to her place a little apartment not bad for a teenager on her own. She opened the door and we went to the kitchen where she poured us a drink. Glenfiddich scotch, not bad taste either. Well you can just imagine what happened next.

You were wrong; I heard a noise that sounded like another female. It was her 21-year-old roommate. Damn Smokey… that’s a story for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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