Wife Relents Ch. 02 – The Follow Up

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Anri Okita

My beautiful wife Ann had guided my head lower and yes my mouth covered her swollen pussy. The sexual aroma was strong. Earthy, mushroom scented almost. Her soft bush was so fragrant with sex. Intoxicating. My tongue slipped inside her easily. Her pussy was swollen open and very silky slippery.

She had parted her legs wide. I looked at her beautiful pussy. Her long smooth legs.

I was in a state of trance like shock. I had seen up close a cock more than twice my size push into my wife’s pussy. Now my face was looking at her pussy it was surreal.

She lay still as I breathed in the sexual aroma.

Her young lover had been inside her a full 1/2 hour.

Neither one had been aggressive. She lay for him and his pumping was slow. He would pump several times and then lay still on her. Her head was turned to the side her eyes closed as he pumped.

When he was close to cumming his cock must have swelled yet larger and then…then she opened her eyes to look at him..

I felt aware then that she was alone with him in her mind.

She responded knowing he was going to cum. She said his name out loud, “Fuck me Alan!”

And now I was staring at her lovely pussy that had taken his cock and his cum and it was HER who had guided my head down…down…without a word. My mouth had been on her and the taste was sensuous.

I breathed in the aroma again and maltepe escort again. She was watching me steadily. I could tell she was emotional. My mouth went to her again and my tongue went into her and I licked her several times.

She was misty eyed and whispered…”David, David…I love you. I need you up here beside me…”

I went up to her and lay beside her.

“Do you love me David? How…how did we ever…my gawd he was young enough to…”

I put my finger to her lips. “Shhhhhh, shhh honey. I have never been more in love with you Ann.”

“Omg David!!”

“Your not hurt are you? down there? I was shocked he was so big Ann.”

“No I’m not hurt that way. No. I feel…I feel like I cheated or did something really wrong.”

I knew my wife loved me deeply. I felt a twinge of shame for encouraging this. It was so different watching it happen and having fantasy thoughts about it. And then encouraging it to happen. She was so beautiful and kind and she had agreed to let it happen for “us” but I felt I had pushed now.

“You were absolutely beautiful Ann. I felt so in love with you knowing you were my wife and I can have you always.”

“your not jealous or mad?”

“Omg Honey no!! NO. You were so beautiful. It was the most exciting and wonderful sensation I have ever experienced . You gave that to me Ann. I am so in mamak escort love with you at this moment. Please be happy with me. Please honey. you were stunning to see. Kiss me Ann”

She hugged me long and hard. We kissed many times.

“Your not jealous? Please!! I couldn’t stand it,” she whispered.

“Ann” I said “always know deep in your heart that what we did was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. You gave it to me. We will have it between us and I am in love with you.

“I love you David.”

“Ann…Honey…lay still again like a minute ago. Alright?”

“David you don’t ne”

“Shhhh lay still Honey.”

I began again with tender kisses on her neck and lips and moved to her nipples.

“David…David…” she whispered quietly.

I worked down again slowly and positioned myself comfortably in front of her swollen pussy.

“Your so beautiful Ann. I was so frozen when he pushed into you. How more and more went into you. Ann!! Omg…Ann. Open your legs for me please…please Honey.”

I stared again at where his huge young cock had been. She opened her legs and I could see she was still opened from him. My mouth covered her again and I sucked her wetness.

“David!! dav…”

She let it happen. I had never performed oral on her this way. The taste was wonderful. My nose was in her fragrant bush ankara escort where he had left drops of semen when he pulled out. She opened her legs wide. She gasped softly.

My hand lay on her flat tummy. Her tummy so smooth and brown from tanning

and her hands came to cover my hand. She pulled my hand to a spot on her tummy. “He was this far inside me David. I felt it, oh gawd David…David! I thought I would go mad! He could have done anything to me at that moment! David! Honey!”

The words sent a bolt of lightening through me and I sucked her harder.

She shuddered pushing on the spot his cock had been and it forced his sperm to roll out. Slippery puddles…”Honey!! Omg he had so much!! Nooooo, don’t…please…”

It was a dreamlike state now. We were both the recipients of his youthful work.

My mouth found her clit and she surrendered.

“Don’t stop! Oh, oh gawd!! omg, yes…there, yes, oh gawd yes…” she cried.

I felt her clitoris enlarge and her body stiffen and shudder. She pumped her engorged clitoris on my mouth…”cumming,cumming…^#!$%^^$ ohhhhhhhh omg” she moaned.

It had forced more of his sperm from her and she seemed to faint.

I lay by her as she slept softly. My beautiful wife. I touched her gently and looked at her naked beautiful body as she slept. I kissed her all over and inhaled her aroma again from her swollen pussy. There was a huge wet spot on the bed where her orgasm had emptied her. There were small oyster like puddles of Alan’s cum in her wet spot.

I covered us with a cool sheet and she snuggled to me. I kissed her face and whispered, “I love you…I love you Ann.”

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