Why I’m Such A Bad Girl Ch. 04

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After that evening on the beach I knew my life would never be the same, but I was surprised by how quickly things changed. People immediately seemed to notice a difference in me, my whole demeanor had changed. The ever-present shyness that had crippled me socially for so long had disappeared overnight, leaving behind a confidence that allowed me to walk tall, speak my mind, stand up for myself. I liked the new me. Others seemed to appreciate the changes as well.

I was a senior in high school. It was early June and there were only a couple of weeks of classes left. I owned those two weeks, making up for four years of being invisible.

It became apparent to me that guys have some sort of radar that notifies them when a girl “puts out”, because boys who hadn’t spoken to me in years were striking up conversations and unabashedly flirting with me during that first Monday back in school.

I was unsure how to handle the attention at first. I even resented it for the first day or two, thinking to myself that these assholes had a lot of nerve expecting anything from me after ignoring me for years. Then two realizations changed my perspective. First, I knew that I had only myself to blame for my invisibility. I had never made much of an effort to fit in. Second, it dawned on me that I could take full advantage of my newfound popularity and really get to know a few of the guys I had been fantasizing about over the years.

At the top of my list was Ethan Jamison. He was the star running back, senior class president and the head cheerleader’s boyfriend. I honestly didn’t care whose boyfriend he was. I wasn’t concerned with relationships and I didn’t want to date him, I just wanted to fuck him.

EJ, unlike your typical popular jock, was actually a pretty nice guy. Not overly cocky or conceited, surprisingly easy to talk to. Equally easy to seduce.

I caught up with him the first time in the hall between classes. After a little small talk and a lot of flirting we went our separate ways. The next opportunity I had was a few days later. I had stayed late to discuss my college plans with my guidance counselor; EJ had been taking advantage of the weight room.

I was walking down the hall when I noticed him about 25 feet in front of me as he entered the boy’s locker room. I stopped when I reached the door and listened to hear if he was talking to anyone. I couldn’t hear any voices coming from inside, only the sound of the shower running.

I glanced around to make sure I wouldn’t be seen and entered the room, sliding the lock into place once I was inside. My previous actions have obviously proven that I wasn’t against a group session, but I preferred that this be a one-on-one consultation.

He was standing in the open shower with his back to me, hands pressed against the tiles in an “against the wall and spread ’em” stance. He didn’t seem to notice my presence, probably assuming that another male had entered if he’d even heard the door at all.

I moved toward him silently, my whole body tingling with excitement. My panties were soaking wet before I got anywhere near the him. When I was standing directly behind him, close enough to touch, I nearly chickened out. If he hadn’t smelled so damn good, if I hadn’t wanted him so badly, I definitely would have bolted.

I moved esat escort in closer and reached around his body, grasping his limp penis in my right hand while running my left hand over his back and ass.

“What the fuck!?!” he shouted as he whirled around to see who had manhandled him. “Sonuvabitch! I’ll kick your fuckin’… Erin!?! What the hell are you doing?”

“Aww relax, Eth. I just thought I’d give you a hand, don’t be angry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” I said, as stepped toward him, gazing into his eyes and licking my lips as I dropped to my knees in front of him. “You want my help, don’t you? I can clearly see that at least one part of you appreciates my attention.” I whispered, once again gripping his now hardening cock and gently drawing him closer to me.

“Erin, I can’t…Ashlee will kill…we can’t do thi…”

His words dissolved as I wrapped my lips around his cock, swallowing him until my nose was pressed against his pelvis. It didn’t take him long to forget all about his precious Ashlee and really get into it. His fingers tangled into my wet hair and he slumped against the wall, panting and groaning as his cock continued to swell to it’s full 8 1/2 inches.

I let his dick slip from between my lips. “If I let you cum in my mouth will you be able to keep it up?” I asked, genuinely concerned that I may not get what I had come for.

“As many times as you want me.” he stated matter-of-factly.

I licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip of his cock while cupping his testicles in my right hand. “Promise?”

“Oh my god, Yes! I swear.” he grunted as I tightened my grip on his balls.

“Mmm, good boy.” I purred, before once again wrapping my lips around his cock.

I’d been sucking his dick for a good 10 minutes when it became obvious that he was getting close to cumming. I hastened the pace of my sucking, using my tongue and throat to caress and squeeze his cock till he was thrusting into my mouth frantically. He grunted and sprayed the back of my throat with copious amounts of cum while I fucked his asshole with my middle finger.

It took him a good five minutes to compose himself, and the poor thing had an “I’ve been violated” look on his face. “Why’d you do that?” he whispered hoarsely.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked, genuinely concerned. “I’m truly sorry if I hurt you, Eth.”

“No.” He looked down at his hands. “No, it didn’t….hurt, it just…shocked me. I, I wasn’t expecting it, it was the LAST thing I was expecting. I’m not gay, Erin….if someone’s saying that I like in the ass…!”

“Calm down. It’s got nothing to do with being gay. Come on, be honest, you’ve never cum like that before…?”

“No, it was…incredible, but also a little scary, and weird!”

He was sitting Indian style now, back against the wall, the shower still spraying us both. I got up and gently touched his face. “I’m really very sorry for scaring or confusing you, Ethan” I said, as I lowered myself into his lap, straddling him with my legs wrapped around his waist. “Do you forgive me?” I asked, gazing into his eyes, then gently nibbling his bottom lip.

His cock, once again at full attention, was the only answer I needed.

He ran his hands up under my tank top caressing my back and pulling me tightly against his chest. etimesgut escort I was still fully clothed, and completely drenched. “There’s something so fuckin sexy about a wet girl” he said, as he slid the tank top over my head.

“You have no idea…” I moaned, grinding my cunt against his pelvis.

He unhooked my bra, slowly sliding the straps down my arms so that my breasts were bared inch by inch. He stared for what seemed an eternity before finally lowering his head to lick my right nipple as he pinched the left between his thumb and forefinger. I groaned loudly and once again ground my crotch into him. He licked a trail from my nipple to my neck and bit me hard, sending a shockwave through my body.

I was panting and whimpering, rocking in his lap, wanting him so badly, but loving the slowness…savoring the teasing.

He placed his palm flat against my chest and pushed me backward onto the cold tiles, my legs still wrapped around him. His fingers danced over my tummy, playing over the button and zipper on my jeans, but leaving both intact. I whimpered again, pleadingly, but he just looked into my eyes and grinned.

“Please, EJ….”

He rubbed his thumb along the seam of my jeans, over my throbbing clit again and again until I was frenzied. He finally unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and tugged them down past my hips. I was quivering as he gazed at my dripping pussy and I nearly lost it when I finally felt him touch me.

Ethan knelt between my legs, and dipped his tongue into my cunt. I came immediately. He’d teased and tortured for so long I couldn’t help myself. He continued to lick and suck my clit as I writhed beneath him, my hips arching off the floor trying to get as much of his mouth as I could.

He stopped suddenly, grabbing my wrists and pulling me into a standing position, he tossed me over his shoulder. Carrying me the way a fireman would carry a victim from a burning building, he walked into the coach’s office and placed me back on my feet.

“My hero!” I giggled, grinning at him.

“Turn around!” he ordered. Placing his hands on my shoulders and spinning me so I faced the desk in the middle of the office, shoving me forward till I was only inches from the edge.

“Jesus, Eth…no need to shove.” I protested. “Last time I checked I was a willing participant.”

He grabbed the back of my neck and shoved my face onto the surface of the desk. “My turn,” he grunted, “so shut up.”

The total change in his demeanor scared the shit out of me, and I started to struggle, trying to get away up and away from him. He kept his hand on my neck, forcing my torso flat against the desk, and leaned forward so his legs were pressed against mine. I had nowhere to go.

“Ethan, please…..” I whined. “You know I’ll do whatever you want, you don’t have to be so goddamn rough!”

He used the hand that had been holding my neck to grab a handful of hair, pulling my head back as he leaned over me. With his lips right by my ear he shouted, “Didn’t I just tell you to SHUT THE FUCK UP?”

He shoved my head back to the desk, and held me down with his hand pressed to my cheek. “You’ll be sorry if you make me say it again!” he hissed through his teeth.

I could feel his cock poking my ass and thighs as he began to ankara escort stroke himself behind me. Tears streamed down my face and I couldn’t keep myself from whimpering, begging him to please let me up. He used his knee to pry my legs apart and slapped my thigh hard so I would open wider. He moved in closer, so I could feel his cock pressed between my ass cheeks.

Once again he wrapped his hand in my hair and pulled it hard as he slammed the full length of his cock into my ass. I screamed and he slapped me hard on my right thigh.

“Every time you make a sound, every time you struggle, I’m going to slap you harder!” he warned, withdrawing and slamming into me again. I grunted from the impact of his thrust and he slapped me harder in the same spot, once again withdrawing, then impaling me with his cock.

“please….” I moaned, and he slapped me harder, while driving himself into me.

“Ethan…” I whispered. Harder, the slap alone making me cry out in pain. Harder again, and I yelped. Harder and harder, until I’m begging him to stop. I can’t help it, and still he’s slapping me, over and over again, thrusting into me so hard that my legs are being bruised by the impact against the edge of the desk.

He stopped slapping me and wrapped his arm around my waist, dipping his fingers into my pussy. I was soaking wet. I was terrified. I was sobbing. I was in pain. I was bruised. But still…I was soaking wet.

His pace slowed until he was barely rocking his hips. He let go of my hair, brushing it out of my face. He caressed the place where his slaps had left a bright red handprint. He leaned over me and kissed my cheek. He wiped the tears from my face. He continued to fondle my pussy.

“Do you forgive me?” he whispered, as I began to pant due to the cock in my ass and the fingers teasing my cunt. He pressed his thumb onto my clit, rubbing hard in a small, circular motion. I could only whimper, I didn’t know what to feel.

He pressed my clit harder, and running his fingertips over the handprint on my thigh. “I would never really hurt you, Erin. I thought you might appreciate something a little…different.” he said.

I could only cry, trembling beneath him from the combination of pleasure and pain.

“Do you forgive me, Erin?” he asked again. When I didn’t answer he stopped moving completely. “I swear, I wasn’t trying to hurt you. I’m sorry.” he said as he started to back away.

“Nooo…” I pleaded, “please…don’t stop!”

He wrapped his arm around my waist again, thumb and index finger pinching my clit as he thrust his cock into my still dripping cunt. I pushed back, wanting him deeper as he pressed my clit, bringing me ever closer to orgasm.

I threw my arms over my head, gripping the edge of the desk as he drove into me. Grunting and moaning with pleasure as he fucked me harder. When he drove two fingers into my asshole I completely lost it. I felt my pussy spasm and tighten around his cock, every thrust brought on another wave of euphoria. He pulled out and cum sprayed over my back as he replaced his cock with his fingers, sawing them in and out of my cunt. I was completely out of control, and he finally had to stop because I was making so much noise.

We were both exhausted, so we just lay there for several minutes. He finally backed away from me, and I stood up to stretch my aching muscles. I turned around and got the shock of my life. When he saw the stunned look on my face he turned toward the door.

As I tried to cover my naked body with my hands, I wondered how long Coach Holden had been standing there.

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