Wet, Wild, , Wicked

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We are standing in the shower, you look across the streaming water into my eyes for a while before you smile and wink at me. Your mind filled with thoughts of how much you want me, you reach across and hold my hand pulling me to you. We interlock fingers, you pull me close to you and I lean in, our lips touch and we kiss each other passionately. You let go of one hand and we start touching and gently stroking each other. You brush my hair back and caress my neck. I have my hand on your chest, running my fingers through your hair, softly pinching your nipples. You find one of my breasts and fondle it affectionately. I start breathing hard and moan when you pinch my hardened nipple. I slide my hand slowly down your stomach and take your penis in my hand and squeeze it firmly. My fingers wrapped around your thick cock massaging it, stroking it up an down, feeling it throb in my hand as it harden.

You moan this time and stick your tongue further into my mouth. We let go of each other’s hands and begin caressing more passionately. Your reach down and cup my pussy in your hand and start humping your hand. I spread my legs slightly as you slide your finger up my wet and oily cunt. I thrust down on your finger as you ease two more fingers up my cunt, spreading my pussy wide as you finger-fuck my hot pussy. My other hand reaches straight down and encircles your balls. You start to breath hard and end our kiss to throw your head back in ecstasy as I hold your balls and stroke your rock-hard cock. You look back into my eyes and spread my cunt open with one hand and touch my clit with a finger of the other hand. You then push two fingers inside me and watch me close my eyes and open my mouth. You pull your fingers out for a moment and then penetrate my sweet wetness again. I turn my head to one side and open my mouth a little wider. You slip another finger between my ass cheeks and touch my tight little anus. I point my toes in the throes of pleasure and moan a little whimper.

We caress and stimulate each other until the water starts getting cool and then we get out and towel each other dry. I stay in the büyükesat escort shower for a while and finally come out to find you lying naked in bed typing on your notebook computer. I crawl into bed and curl up between your legs. Your cock catches my attention as it lies there on your balls. I move my face closer and get a good look at it. I look even closer at the hole in the tip and notice that is actually a small slit going up and down.

I blow a soft, warm breath on your balls and your cock moves. Your cock gets a little longer and your balls hang a little lower. I blow a cool breath on them as your cock shrinks up a little as the skin around your balls contract to hug your balls closer to your body. I repeat this several times because it is so fascinating to me, but eventually I pick up your cock and hold it between two fingers while placing my thumb on each side of the little slit and spread open very gently. It opens right up and I see that it is pink and moist on the inside. I lick the stretched open slit with the tip of my tongue and taste your inside. My mouth waters with anticipation from the cock I am holding in my face so I go down on it and put it in my mouth.

You close the lid of your notebook a little and peer over it to see what I am up to. You raise your eyebrows at the sight of your cock in my mouth. I like the feel of its warmth and softness in my mouth and suck on it hungrily. It starts getting hard in my mouth so I just keep sucking, and licking it up and down with my tongue. Your body shudders with rising desire. I feel it getting all the way erect and touch the back of my throat, I gasp and then slowly swallow the head of it and continue. I slide my wet lips off the head, kiss the tip and lick the little hole again. Then I kiss my way to your balls and lick them all over. I grab your cock and start stroking it up and down and take your balls in my mouth individually, and suck on each of them for a while. Then I lick the back of your balls, underneath them and your ass cheeks all the while continuing to jerk you off.

You look back down at çankaya escort me and this time our eyes meet. You put your hands on my face, stick your stiff cock in my mouth and thrust powerfully in and out. You get up on your knees and roll me over, pick me up off the bed and turn me upside down. You hold me against you with my tummy on your chest and our faces between each other’s legs. I immediately take your erection back into my mouth and you resume fucking my face. I watch your balls swinging between your thighs and feel them slap my nose and eyes. I hold on tight to your ass cheeks and feel you start explore all the cunt between my thighs.

As soon as you have me upside down, I wrap my legs around your head and you just stare at all my wet cunt. My legs are slightly spread, exposing my pubic hair, vagina, clit and my ass to you. You look at my luscious ass and put your hands on it and squeeze. As you squeeze my cheeks, you are spreading my crack apart and stretching my little asshole open and closed. You mover your hands up a little close and start spreading my cunt as well. You put your face right over my cunt and smell the exciting scent of my hot flowing juices. The urge to taste my wetness overwhelms you and you drag your tongue through my slit, licking quite a lot of juice out me and taking it into your mouth. You love the taste a while before you swallow me, and go back for more. You slide your tongue through my slit and encircle my erect little clit. You slide your tongue back through my slit and touch the opening of my pussy with the tip of your tongue. You stay there for a moment flicking your tongue around between my drenched lips and then you plunge your tongue deep into me.

I squirm and grind my pussy into your face, which makes you thrust your cock in and out of my mouth even harder. You shove your tongue in me so hard you feel as you are going to push your whole face inside my fucking pussy. I arch my back and let your cock pop out of my mouth. You feel my cunt clamp down on your tongue like it is trying to squeeze it out, so you push it in so hard you ankara escort feel my lips spreading farther up onto the side of your face. Then I holler and squeal with pleasure as my pussy pulsates and overflows with hot slippery juices that run down my tummy. I cum and cum and squeal and moan and wiggle. I holler and dig my nails into your ass and just keep cumming. You suck my clit into your mouth and shake your head back and forth to perpetuate my orgasm. I squeeze your head with my legs and you still manage to lick my clit and smear pussy juice all over your face and the inside of my thighs. You put two fingers on each side of my ass hole and stretch it open which makes me cum even harder.

You slowly stop licking my clit and begin licking the juices off me. You suck it out of my pubic hair, and lick it out of my cunt. You lay me down on the bed and lick it off my tummy too. Then I pulled you up to my lips and kissed you, licking my cum from your face. This turns me on so much you get between my legs and push your rock hard cock up my pussy. It feels so good and fills me up so completely I cum again. I fuck you so hard and wildly I nearly buck you off, but you manage to stay on top of me and thrust your cock as deep inside me as it can possible get.

My motion slow as my orgasm diminishes and we look into each other’s eyes again. Still erect and inside me you continue to lie on top of me for a while and savour the moment. We breathe in unison and feel each other’s heart beating. You kiss my lips and my neck and whisper something in my ear that makes me horny all over again. I put my hands on your chest and push you over onto your back, looking you straight in the yes and say, “Want some more pussy?”

I open my mouth real wide and put your slippery wet cock all the way in it without touching it until it is all the way inside my mouth. Then I close my mouth around it, tasting my juices with my entire mouth. I suck you completely clean, licking the pubic hair around your cock and your balls too. I lick my way up and down you hard shaft, pulling deeper into your mouth, moaning, begging you to fuck my mouth as your thrust intensify you shoot your hot load down my throat and I continue to suck until all of your precious cums fills my mouth, I swallow, licking greedily.

Both exhausted we then fall happily asleep in each other arms with smiles and tenderness in our hearts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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