Sally Does an Accountant

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Authors note: Each of my Sally stories are based on actual happenings. However, I do take liberties in filling in around the edges. Each Sally story is written to stand alone and they are not in consecutive order based on any time line.


Teaching school is a respected profession. However, in the early 1980’s in Florida it was not a well paid profession. The school board of my district, in their all seeing wisdom, decreed that a teacher with a Masters Degree is more valuable than one without and the salary schedule showed it. If I get a Masters Degree, based on where I am on the salary schedule, I can increase my yearly salary by 25%. Not bad. Furthermore, the Masters Degree can be in any field.

Well, here I am, not yet 30 years old. I have a mortgage that I obtained only by promising the bank that I would rent out my spare bedroom. Since I live alone I struggle to make ends meet each month. No brainer. I will get a student loan and get my Masters. I can easily pay off the loan with my increased income and who knows what new doors will open for me.

I decided to not limit myself to the world of education and registered for a two year MBA program designed for working professionals. We were to meet as a class with the instructor one or two weekends per month and were responsible for readings and projects in between.

When I attend my first class session I am overwhelmed. I am the only school teacher in this classroom full of business professionals. I haven’t picked up a book, other than an elementary student textbook, since graduating from college. I don’t understand the vocabulary or the assignments because they are all business related.

Tom, a married, balding accountant with thick glasses must have seen my lost expression. On one of our classroom breaks he suggested to the group that we develop a study group to work on projects and assignments. Almost everyone thought this was a good idea and I joined Tom’s group along with 2 other guys.

I felt extremely lucky to be in Tom’s study group. He was smart and, unlike me, knew where he wanted to go professionally.

We began by meeting over coffee at the local Denny’s several times per week. This got old because of the distractions around us and we all had a hard time concentrating. One evening I esat escort suggested that since I was the only single person in our group that we begin meeting at my condo. I had a coffee pot and a table we could meet around. It would be just like Denny’s without the noise and distractions. The arrangement worked and I always had a bottle of wine available at the end of our sessions so all who wished could relax before going home to wives and standard family pressures.

Tom took me under his wing and after while was the only one who stayed after for wine and conversation.

I never hesitated to call Tom, always at his office rather than at home, whenever I had a problem. No matter whether class related or personal. In the beginning I thought of him as an older brother.

In the second year of our MBA program we had an especially difficult assignment and the group met at my place almost nightly. After the other guys left, Tom and I would move into the living room with our wine. I got to know Tom on a really personal basis and eventually he shared the problems of his personal life. He was not happily married.

One night, after an especially open discussion and several glasses of wine, I kissed Tom on the cheek and gave him a full body hug. Tom responded by returning my hug and a really tender mouth on mouth kiss. Then he left.

I felt the kiss all the way to my toes.

Before we go any further, let me tell you a little more about me. I am about the same height as Tom at 5’8″. I am slim and have generous, natural, DD breasts. Because we were family, and I do not like to be restrained, after the first several weeks of our study arrangement I began wearing jeans and an over sized T-shirt with no bra each time we met.

After that first kiss the after meeting sessions became more personal. I began seeing Tom as a man in need and he saw me as a desirable woman. We touched frequently and always kissed when he left to go home.

One evening we were sitting on the floor in my living room with our backs against the sofa. The lights were low and music was playing. Our wine glasses were on the coffee table in front of us.

As we were talking about life, Tom put his arm up on the seat of the couch above my shoulders. He turned toward me, dropped etimesgut escort his arm down to my shoulders, took me in his arms and gave me a full mouth soul kiss. I kissed back.

He put his hand on my unrestrained breast and my nipples popped up hard and erect like pencil erasers. We kissed for some minutes, his hand still exploring my breast. When he slipped his hand under my shirt I thought I was in heaven.

I am a very sexual person, but because of the MBA program, have been like a nun (none in the morning, none at noon, and none at night) for the past year.

I pulled my T-shirt over my head to give him full access to both breasts. He licked and suckled. He gently pinched and pulled. He kissed me and caressed my breasts with his fingers, tongue, and mouth.

We pushed the coffee table aside and lay down together on the carpet in front of my sofa and began exploring each other’s bodies.

I could feel the growing lump in his pants and rubbed it through the material. It kept getting bigger and harder the more we touched and kissed. I unfastened his belt and pulled down his zipper. I put my hand inside his pants and began to stroke his cock.

Tom did the same to me, but he pulled my jeans all the way off. I sat up and untied his tie. I began unbuttoning his shirt from the collar down. When I was about 4 buttons down, he just peeled it over his head. He took off his pants and I removed my panties. We looked at each other for a minute. We both wanted to give and receive oral love so it just seemed natural for us to glide into a 69 position. I was on top.

He began to eat me and I loved his cock. It was beautiful – 7″, just the right thickness, and circumcised. I swirled my tongue around the velvet head then spread the drops of pre-cum around with my tongue. He tasted so good. I licked the sensitive area behind the head and then took him in my mouth. Mouth fucking up and down; suck and release; lick and suck.

Tom did pretty well in his ministrations also. He licked my slit from my anal hole to the top of my neatly trimmed bush and back again; he teased my vaginal lips with his tongue and sucked my juices. He found my clit and gave it attention. He sucked on it, he flicked it with his tongue, and he gently chewed on it ankara escort with his teeth.

Tom began to swell and I knew he was close, but I did not want it this way.

I stood up, took his hand, and said, “Let’s take this to the bedroom.” I led him down the hall.

“Give me just a minute,” I said as I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I peed and I dusted off my trusty diaphragm and inserted it.

When I came back into the bedroom, Tom had pulled back the covers and was lying on my bed. I crawled onto the bed and lay on top of him. We kissed. We caressed each other with our hands and mouths until he rolled me over. I placed a pillow under my butt to give him better access and he positioned his love tool at my vaginal opening after sliding it up and down my slit a few times to coat it with my love juices.

He pushed and my love canal opened for him. He went slowly, pushing in and pulling out. Each time he went in a little further. After what seemed like an eternity, he was fully inserted and we began to move together. He would pull almost all the way out and I would meet him on the down stroke.

Gradually we increased the pace and we could both feel an orgasm building.

He stopped and said, “Get on your knees with your head down.” Tom entered me from behind, Doggy style.

He had much more control of his stroke in this position and pumped. One time he pulled back too far. When he slipped out, I reached back and re-inserted his penis in my vagina. He increased the pace and I was pushing back to meet him again. We were both getting close. I did not want it to end yet so I said, “Lie on your back. I want to be on top.”

He lay back and I straddled him. With my hand I directed his rod into my vagina and began to ride him. He had full access to my bouncing breasts and took full advantage of the position. This time we let it happen.

Tom said, “I’m going to cum. Where do you want it?”

“Cum inside me. I want to feel you deep inside me. DON”T STOP! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.” He exploded inside me and I had to cover my mouth to keep from screaming it was so good.

I lay on him, still joined, and we both fell asleep. When I awoke we were still joined together at our sex. The bedside clock showed 2 AM. He has not been home and we both have work in the morning. I begin to move gently up and down on Tom’s cock and it begins to stiffen. He opens his eyes and looks at me. He kisses me and caresses my breasts. He says, “I really need to go home.”

I move more forcefully and say, “Just one more time before you go.”

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