The New Job Worries Are No More

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I am a recently divorced single mother of two, and the new girl on the block to the office which is out numbered more men than women, only being at my new job and living in the area for about a year now, I still really doesn’t know anyone, except for my two children, and the people which whom I works with. Each day as I enter into work, sitting at my desk, I am often reminded of the day I went in for my interview, I was interviewing for the position of personal assistant to one of the numerous men that are employed there. After my interview was over, the woman who interviewed me asked me to have a seat and she would go and see if the one I would be assisting for is available for me to meet. Sitting in the lobby, I began to have horrible thoughts run through my head, “What if the one I will be assisting is old, and just down right miserable, and has an “I’m better than anyone” attitude, and one that no matter what I do, he just won’t like me, and he will make my time here completely miserable.” Just then the most gorgeous guy walked past me, he was perfect, almost like a story character that someone would love to read about, he was tall, with brown hair, and gorgeous eyes, although I couldn’t quite see the color of them, and when he smiled at me in politeness, oh he caught my attention alright. All I could manage to think was how I would love to be personally assisting him. As he walks past me, I couldn’t help but watch him walk, the way his body moved, the way he carries himself, I was now getting really nervous, I looks to my left, and sees the woman returning asking me to follow with her.

Standing I followed this woman down the hall to “His” office. As we stood outside the door before entering, she told me a little about him, and from her description he was sounding kind of like the type of guy that I could get along with. She knocks on the door, and to my surprise when the door opened, there he was, yes that same guy that had just walked past me not five minutes ago. I was suddenly so embarrassed having thought those things about him, although I just couldn’t help myself as I haven’t been in a sexual relationship since my husband and I divorced nearly 2 years ago. She introduces us to each other and informs him that as of Monday morning I would indeed be his new assistant. He smiled at the news and made a really wise remark, “I hope she will be able to stand me long enough to stick around.” And bahis firmaları yet at the same time I could see his eyes wandering down my body, as he walks closer toward me, I could then finally see what color those eyes were that I had seen earlier, and by god they are hazel. And they are the perfect shade, so perfect that I could find myself getting lost in them and staring deep into them for hours. I’ve said it once but I will say it again, this man is just perfect, although I see some kind of unhappiness in him, and I was determined to do my very best while working for him to not make him even unhappier. He extended his hand for mine, holding onto it gently yet firmly, I found myself not wanting to let go of this man’s hand, when he first took my hand into his, a electrical feeling ran directly through my being, a feeling that I hadn’t felt in so long, there was something about this man that was already attracting me and I was determined to find out what as he looked into my eyes and with a soft tone in his voice, I hear…”I will see you Monday morning first thing, and oh yeah please make sure my coffee is ready when I get here.” He smiles, and laughed a bit as he went about his business.

As he walked past me yet again I just so badly wanted to reach out and grab his ass that was so well defined in his pants, but I knew that wasn’t the proper thing to do if I wanted my new boss to like me.

Heading out of the building he was all I could think about, working closely with him every day, seeing those gorgeous hazel eyes every morning, smelling his wonderful cologne that he wears, I have no idea what it is, but it started something inside me, something that I have never felt. My drive home seemed to be extremely long, the more I thought about the man whom I would be assisting as of Monday morning, the more I felt myself growing moist. As I sat at a traffic light, my hands slipped down between my legs, “oh my god how could t his man have done this to me, I have only just met him and he’s already caused my juices to flow. How am I supposed to work with him day in and day out and not be sexually aroused by him? For god sakes if this what he is going to do to me every day, he’s going to find me spending more time in the ladies room than at my desk. Some how I managed to get through the weekend without any major problems, but come Monday morning well that’s now a whole different story.

Monday kaçak iddaa morning, I got to work before he did, I made his coffee, and did all the little things that I knew I had to do, I was pretty sure that I would be able to somehow manage to control my urges of wanting to take him into his office, strip him bare naked and fuck him senseless, and all that flew right out the window when he walked past me, stopping at my desk he leans over placing his hands onto the front of it, oh god I tried not to look directly into his eyes, but being as he is my boss, and it would be rude not to, I had no choice.

“Good Morning, are we ready for our first exciting day together?”

“Ah yes Good Morning, your coffee is ready how would you like me to fix it for you?” he stopped and thought for a moment, and got this really devious smile onto his face.

“Well why don’t you just put some special cum…I mean cream in it for me, then just bring it to me when your finished. I will leave my office door open but please close it when you come in.” he walks into his office, and I immediately got up to get his coffee. I was still in shock from what I had heard him say. Was he infact thinking about me in the same way that I had thought about him? Just as I finished fixing his coffee, he walks out of his office, “I will be right back, I’m just going up the hall to the accounting office for a moment, wait for me inside, and we can go over what’s got to happen today.

“Did he actually ask me to wait inside his office for him? No it couldn’t be, from what I got told on Friday, he doesn’t allow anyone inside his office when he is not in it, but if that’s true then why did he ask me to wait for him inside?” she didn’t know the answer, but she didn’t want to anger him so she did as he asked and waited inside. The scent of his cologne that fills the air inside that office took over her senses, seeing his leather jacket hanging on the coat rack, she turned to see if he was around, realizing the coast is clear, she walks toward it, running her hands over it, taking it into her hands, she leans in smelling it, taking in all his aromatic scent, she moans softly as her head fills with all kinds of yet again extremely naughty thoughts of her boss completely naked in front of her, with his cock now deep in her mouth, slipping her hand between her legs she finds her wetness, slowly pulling her thong to the side, she slides a finger kaçak bahis inside herself, she must have been lost deeper in her thoughts than she realized, as her moans grew a little louder she didn’t hear him come in and shut the door, when all of a sudden she felt two arms sliding around her waist, removing her finger from inside herself, her body jumps.

“Oh my god I am so sorry, I will…”

“SSSHHH don’t say a word, lifting my skirt, his fingers glide down to my mound, the tip of his finger flicks over my now engorged and very sensitive clit, I thought I damn near came out of my skin at that very moment, however his arms so strong held me in place. His fingers sliding further meeting with mine, gently taking my hand from between my legs, lifting it he sucks my fingers into his mouth. Licking and sucking my juices from them he moans softly. His fingers pushing deeper inside me, curling them attaching to my g-spot, my hips begin to gyrate against his fingers as my muscles contract around them, wanting them deeper inside.

Removing his fingers, he turns her around to look at him. With one hand he suddenly wipes the desk clean of all that’s upon it, spreadsheets and all, picking me up he places me onto his desk, leaning back onto my lower arms, my legs placed over his shoulders as he pushes my legs back toward my chest, he leans in running his tongue over my glistening pussy lips. Slowly trailing his tongue down to my opening, he delves its inside me, over and over again as he pulls me to the highest of high sexual arousal, my muscles close down around his tongue as my body begins to shiver, my juices now flowing freely into his wanting mouth.

As my body begins to settle, he stands before me, lowering his pants, his thick, rigid, throbbing cock stands tall. Leaning himself back down to me, the head of his cock teases at my opening. My hips hunch forward wanting to feel his hardness inside me, with one quick yet gentle thrust his length was now filling my pussy, so full I could feel him rubbing against both walls. His slow pace, begins to get faster, pummeling deeper and harder, feeling his cock hardening even more inside me, and his balls beginning to tighten, his head throws back, his body tenses and too begins to shiver, as he pushes up both over that edge his hot pent up cum releasing deep inside my hot box, as my juices released all over his cock, soaking it and his balls completely. We lay spent together with him on top of me for a minute or two as our bodies came back to the working world. Getting ourselves back together, he smiles at me, kisses me softly, and whispers in my ear…”Meet me for lunch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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