Warehouse Encounter

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Wednesday, 4am

It had been a long, hard night in the warehouse, with lots more orders than usual to pick and pack. To make it worse, the air conditioning kept failing and it was hot as hell. She needed to do her laundry soon, as she was running low on clean lingerie and had to resort to a cheap polyester bra today which itched and irritated her sensitive nipples. She still had two hours left of her shift and she couldn’t bear it any more, so despite her white shirt, through which anyone paying attention would clearly be able to see her hard and rosy buds, she took a quick detour around a quiet corner and unhooked the annoying bra, removing it from under her shirt and stuffing it into her skirt pocket. Oh, that felt so much better, she took a quick look around and she was out of sight so she leant against a shelf and took her small, high breasts in hand, massaging and rubbing them, as she liked to do after freeing them from the constraint of the bra. She sighed, happily. This was the most comfortable she’d felt all night.

Suddenly, she stilled, she could swear she had heard a small noise from nearby. Looking up, she saw that there was a gap in the boxes on the shelf opposite, second one up, right on a level with her chest. She crouched down, peering through, and made swift contact with pair of wide, ocean blue eyes. Then she heard a low, softly mumbled “sorry” and the beautiful eyes vanished. Someone had clearly seen her moment of tit emancipation. Briefly, she experienced a small panic. Then she realised that the very thought of having been seen didn’t freak her out as much as it maybe should have. Actually, she felt a tiny thrill of excitement at the idea, and her pussy moistened and pulsed with happiness. She got up and continued her work, but the cogs in her brain were turning, as she thought out the possibilities. Tonight’s shift might not be as tedious as she’d anticipated, if Ocean Blue was working too. She made a plan.

Wedneday 9pm

She was standing in front of her locker, experiencing an indecisive moment. This morning’s little fantasy had morphed into reality, and she was having second thoughts. She’d done her laundry today, so she had plenty of clean clothes, but still she’d decided on the outfit she was wearing now. She’d tied her black hair up in small pigtail buns, with dyed electric blue tendrils curling down at the front. She applied her makeup more carefully than usual, with natural soft, slightly glossy pink lips, and a touch of smudged black kohl around her eyes. She’d needed a bit of confidence, so she’d put on her big black biker boots, which always made her feel a bit more kickass than usual. Her skirt was a tiny bit shorter than the ones she usually wore to work, with over knees black socks, so that if she were to bend from the waist, or reach up to a high shelf, anyone behind her might catch a glimpse of strips of bare, peachy thighs. She had a favourite baby blue T-shirt with Wonder Woman on the front, which was worn with age and through which her tight, rosebud nipples could be seen, if you looked closely. She was hoping that Ocean Blue might do just that. She glanced around, and quickly pinched them, stiffening them up nicely. Tonight was going to be fun.

Wednesday 3am

A quiet night, tonight. Some canlı bahis of the pickers had been sent home, as there was only enough work coming in for half the usual shift. She could only hope that OB hadn’t been one of them. She’d surreptitiously stolen glimpses of her coworkers eyes whenever she could, and there were two guys left who had managed to avoid her inspection thus far. One was about 10 years her senior, tall and rangy with floppy blond hair and the look of a surfer dude. He seemed nice enough, mainly keeping to himself and reading on his phone when on a break, probably planning his next trip. It could be him. The other prospect was a younger man, maybe college age, so about 5 years younger than her 24. He looked shy and quiet, avoided eye contact whenever possible and spent his breaks with his earbuds in, reading New Scientist magazine. She wasn’t sure how she felt about him being her witness, but he was pretty attractive in a Peter Parker sort of way.

She turned a corner with her cart, looking for the location number displayed on her screen. This was a rarely visited part of the warehouse, as most of the items here were specialist products with longer shelf lives. As she searched, she realised Peter Parker was in the same aisle, looking for something of his own. “Fancy seeing you here!”

He turned, looking down, and mumbled “Yeah, funny!” before grabbing his cart and starting to walk past her towards the end of the aisle.

“Hey, did I see you last night, too?” He stopped. He finally looked up, and she saw that his eyes were indeed a deep, vivid shade of blue. Just like the ones she’d seen through the gap. “I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to see that I’m sorry…” he said quickly, clearly mortified to have witnessed a private moment.

“It’s OK, I didn’t mind, actually. I’ve been looking for you all shift so I could ask you, did you like what you saw?”

She couldn’t believe she was being this forward. She’d never done anything like this before, and she felt decidedly wanton. She liked the feeling. He paused, those fathomless, dark-lashed eyes widening slightly.

“Erm… OK…” she checked around them, they were alone.

“Do you think you might want to see more?”

He nodded quickly, seemingly before even having a chance to think about it.

“Come on then, let’s have our break together. There’s an empty side room just here…”

She gestured to the dead end of the aisle, where there was indeed a door. Walking towards it, she wondered if he’d follow, or run off having had second thoughts. However, she felt him behind her, as she opened the door and went through, he came too.

“Should I close this?” she nodded, then hopped up to sit on a cupboard where some cleaning supplies were kept. He closed the door and turned towards her, started to approach, then stopped. She had pinched her nipples again quickly while his back was turned and he now noticed, his breath hitched slightly.

“I’ve never done anything like this before, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do next,” he looked a bit sheepish.

“It’s OK, I’ve been thinking about this since we saw each other yesterday. I know exactly what I want.”

She waved him towards her, and he took a few steps. She parted her knees, so that a dark space opened up between her thighs. She rubbed her hands bahis siteleri up her ribcage and over her aching breasts, sighing.

“Come here. My tits need some attention,” he looked slightly stunned, but finally came within reach. She took his hands, running them over the same path hers had just taken. Once they were exactly where she wanted them, she let go. He caught on fast, massaging, rubbing, squeezing. He found a nipple and pinched it experimentally. She moaned happily, so he did it again, this time to both buds. She leaned her head back, thrusting her happy tits towards him.

“Pull my top up.” she instructed, and he eagerly obeyed, reaching down to the hem of her t-shirt and lifting it slowly, until the rosy red nipples emerged. He gasped, and took them between his thumbs and forefingers, squeezing and pulling until she was insensible with lust. He seemed to gain confidence from her reaction, and of his own volition he bent down over her and gently kissed a nipple. She twitched, so he took it between his lips and circled his tongue around it. She moaned. He suckled, still squeezing, circling, flicking and pinching her other breast with one hand. This was heaven. She thought maybe she might actually come just from this, it felt so amazing. Then it got even better. His other hand, which had been stroking down her arching spine whilst he licked and sucked and played, he now ran around to her thigh, above her pleated tartan skirt. He looked up into her eyes again.

“OK?” He asked, clearly seeking permission. “Oh yes, please” she breathed, so he moved his hand down over and then up under her hem, fingers moving across her hot, milky thigh. She shifted her hips forward until her arse was just perched on the very edge of the cupboard. His fingers explored further, finally reaching the edge of her knickers. She felt a strong pulse, deep within her pussy. He must have felt it too, because he hitched his breath again, and slid his questing fingers under the edge of her underwear. As she felt the first touch of his fingertips against her hot, wet core, she pulsed again, and he took this as an invitation to stroke her clit with his thumb, while slowly and inexorably pushing his middle finger deep into her pussy. Suckling and biting her nipples, switching from one to the other as he held her up with one hand and fucked her with one then two fingers while rubbing his thumb steadily over her clit, he built her to a shattering climax. The excitement of what she was doing, with a stranger, at her workplace, and her sheer horniness combined with his unexpected skill combined to give her the best orgasm she could remember ever having had. Her clit and pussy throbbed, her body shook and twitched as she slowly came back down to earth. Meanwhile, her boyish lover held her and stroked her while she recovered.

When she had recovered her wits somewhat, she pulled away a little so that she could look at him. His face was a little flushed, and he was smiling a sweet smile reminiscent of the expression someone might have after discovering some new treasure.

She asked “Will you kiss me?” and he immediately obliged, first with gentle touches of his lips against hers and then, as she flicked her tongue out to meet him, he did the same, and their kisses deepened in intensity, as she stroked his back and bahis şirketleri he pulled her body against his, she wrapped her open legs around him and her hands lowered to grasp his muscular, tight arse and pull him to her. At last she felt the hard ridge of his cock against her centre, and she rubbed herself up and down his length. She released him just enough to reach down to unfasten his flies, opening his jeans and shoving them and his boxers down his buttocks until his beautiful hard cock sprang free. Then she took him in hand and explored him from tip to base, cradling his tight balls with her other hand. He suddenly stopped her.

“I’ve never gone this far with a girl before,” he said, “I’d like you to be my first, but I won’t last if you keep doing that.”

She was momentarily nonplussed. Breaking in a virgin was quite a responsibility.

“I must admit, I would really love to be fucked by you, and it would be an honour to be your first,” she replied softly, “are you sure this is how you want your first time to go?”

He smiled that beautiful smile again, seeming to look directly into her soul with those amazing eyes, and said “I’d love nothing more.” She smiled back at him, “hang on a minute then,” and rummaged in a little pocket in the side of her rucked-up skirt. Triumphantly she pulled out a couple of condoms. She ripped the packages apart and then opened one, pinching the tip as she rolled it slowly down his rock hard length. “Ready?”

As his answer, he pulled her back to the edge of the surface she was sitting on. As she held his cock in place, he pushed the tip into her. She let go and he slowly started filling her up, deeper and deeper until he was fully sheathed inside her. She grasped his buttocks and groaned happily. He withdrew a little and pushed in faster.

“That’s so fucking good..” she whispered, “don’t stop. Harder. Fuck me as hard as you can..”

He obliged, shoving himself into her again and again, harder and harder, until the cupboard shook with the force of it, and another orgasm overtook her, the throbbing and pulsing of her hot, wet pussy pushing him over the edge until he joined her with a climax of his own, his head tucked against her neck as he shook, she was partially supporting his body with her legs and arms as he came back to earth.

When they had both sufficiently recovered, they pulled apart, rearranging their own and each other’s clothing until they were more or less returned to normalcy. Then they looked at each other, each wanting to say something, but waiting to see what the other would say first.

“Thank you,” he spoke first, the shy smile was back.

“That was amazing. I hope it was good for you too?”

He seemed so uncertain at that moment, her heart melted a little.

“It was wonderful,” she replied, “My name is Lily, by the way.”

He looked a tiny bit guilty at that. “I know, I’ve sort of been watching you at work for a while. I really like you. I…I don’t mean in a weird way, I wasn’t spying on you yesterday, that was an accident…”

She grinned. “Yeah, but it was a very fortunate accident, wasn’t it?”

He looked relieved. “You could say that. I’m Jonah. Could I see you again? Properly, I mean, like a date?”

She laughed. “Yeah, we’ve done this a bit backwards, haven’t we? A date would be lovely. Maybe the cinema? Nice, dark place, back row, mostly empty theatre because it’s a weekday afternoon, we could have a lot of fun…”

A wicked twinkle flashed in the midst of the twin oceans. “I’d like that.”

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