The Private Show

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It was both embarrassing and exhilarating at the same time, and she was having a hard time deciding which feeling she was experiencing more of.

Watching the girl on the stage as she slowly removed her tiny g-string thong Candace found herself mesmerized as she drank in the naked beauty performing in front of her. Not that the twenty one year old had any interest in women, and before tonight was repulsed by the idea of women taking their clothes off for money, but watching the various females throughout the night perform in the nude in front of complete strangers turned out to be an exciting prospect for the young woman watching them, which was a very unexpected outcome to be sure.

Having been dragged to the strip club by her friends for a birthday party the third year college student had only gone begrudgingly as it was a holiday break and there wasn’t much else to do in the small town she had grown up in – not to mention these were good friends from high school that she didn’t get to see very often. Walking into the club with it’s overly loud music throbbing in her eardrums and promptly finding herself looking at a fully nude girl strutting around under the neon lights pulsing throughout the rather expansive room had made Candace feel sick to her stomach. She had never understood why women would degrade themselves so, lowering themselves to such a sad level. How anyone would find enjoyment in that was beyond her.

Sitting there watching the women dance however made the young woman begin to see them in a new light as the strippers around her slowly transformed from slutty ditzes to passionate performers. As the strippers removed their clothes it seemed like such a liberating feeling to Candace, watching the joy on their faces as the crowd lit up around them while what little clothes they had on made their way to the ground. Having never thought of it as anything but crude before the college student suddenly found it quite fascinating, a whole new side of her she had no idea she possessed suddenly opening up inside of her – a side she would have violently denied ever having prior to setting foot inside the club.

Not that she would ever do anything like stripping herself, she reminded herself as she snapped out of her reverie; she was much too self conscious, not to mention a goody goody for anything even remotely related to what she was witnessing going on around her – a strip dance in front of a boyfriend in the privacy of her room would be too much for the shy twenty one year old. Glancing down at her slim body the young woman matched herself up with the various workers in the room and decided she could fit right in, however, if she had wanted to. Hell, her figure might even be better than half the girls taking their clothes off all around her.

‘I think the patrons here would enjoy this show,’ she thought with a small shudder of excitement as she envisioned herself up on the stage taking her clothes off, the pleasurable feeling the exhibitionist thought gave her causing the female to almost gasp with shock from the absurdity of even thinking it.

In her rapidly becoming more explicit mind of course she had a much sexier outfit on than the jeans and hoodie she was currently sporting when she was up on stage, an outfit that you wouldn’t currently find anything even close to in her wardrobe back at home or school. The outfit hardly mattered though as it was slowly peeled off her body while Candace became fully absorbed in her fantasy, her hands nearly reaching up to fondle her breasts in real life as she blended her imagination with the scene going on around her.

Snapping out of her sexual daydream the young female inhaled sharply as she watched the current dancer on the main stage gyrate on the pole, coming to a conclusion that while she wouldn’t go out and buy a corset anytime soon she may have to give her wardrobe a little lift after the experience she was currently feeling from being immersed at the strip club. At least start wearing something that will make her appear . . . more feminine and sexy, something her current mainly loose-fitting wardrobe failed to do. After tonight she couldn’t help but feel sexier clothes would only boost her morale and confidence based on what the thoughts alone were doing. All she would have to do now was muster up the courage to wear them in the real world.

As the dancer in front of her began to massage her breasts with her back pressed up against the pole Candace’s eyes roamed to the other girls working the room, seeing what moves all the various strippers were trying to pull off both on and off the stage.

‘All things I would never had the guts to attempt,’ she realized with slight disappointment as she took a pull from the mandatory drink she had to purchase upon entering the club, ‘but God would I love to try- at least just once to see what it felt like. What a thrill that would be.’

Thinking such dirty thoughts startled her once more, making her question if there wasn’t something the club was pumping into the air to make her feel this canlı bahis way as she had never knew this side to her existed before.

Turning back to her table of friends the college student pretended to become involved in their conversation while continuing to sneak glances at all the confident naked females around her, not wanting her friends to find out about her new fantasy of wishing she could join them and get in on the rush they must be experiencing.

Catching up on all their lives as the group of girls were all high school friends and no two of them ended up in the same school or profession Candace was actively engaged in getting all caught up on their going ons when suddenly the free flowing talk was interrupted as one of the girls sat up in her seat, pointing excitedly across the room.

“Holy shit – isn’t that Mr Peterson?”

All the heads at the table simultaneously whipped around to follow the outstretched hand, and as Candace’s eyes settled across the room she could indeed make out her old math teacher sitting hunched-over along a bench at the back of the club, his partially hidden face in the shadows still leaving no doubt as to his identity.

“Oh my god, no way that is him! What a perv,” one of the other girls said as they all turned back to their table so as to not get caught staring.

“I heard his wife recently left him for some guy half her age,” another one chimed in.

“Yeah I heard that too; no wonder he’s here, he’s got nowhere else to be.”

Turning in her chair again Candace shot her old teacher another glance, eyes lingering on him for a long moment as she tried to get a read on her former educator’s outward profile. Even in the dim light she could easily see the sadness that shrouded the man, his shoulders hunched and his expression grim. Seeing him this way made her cringe, feeling bad for the poor guy and the hard times he was clearly going through.

“Stop checking him out Candace – we all know you had a huge crush on him in High School.”

“I did not!” Candace blurted out as her face grew red hot from embarrassment while she quickly swiveled back in her chair, although in all honestly she had found the older man rather attractive a few years back when she was just blooming into womanhood, and even though he was on the other side of the room it looked like through the strobing lights that he had still kept himself in good shape over the last few years.

“That is really sad about his wife, I did think he was a really nice guy,” she muttered into her glass, but the other girls had already moved on to another conversation. already purging the high school educator from their minds.

As she sat there listening to her friends drivel on about some new fashion piece Candace became more and more curious about Mr. Peterson and why he was in this club against the back wall; old memories of him flowed through her mind, interspersing and mixing in with the current atmosphere around her to make for confusing thoughts jumbling around in her head.

Mind unable to get off the man the former student decided to get a better look, quickly finishing her drink while announcing to the table she needed a refill. As the drinks here were outrageously priced nobody chimed in to go with or even paid her any mind as the young female stood up from the table and headed towards the bar. Once at the bar Candace leaned against the counter in a way that enabled her to check out her old teacher without looking like that’s what she was doing to her friends. Watching him from her new vantage point the college student found him glumly sitting at the table staring into his drink, not even bothering to look up at the naked women all around him.

‘Poor guy, his wife leaving him must be hitting him pretty hard,” Candace decided as she completed her investigation, having seen enough of the disgruntled man to get a good read on the situation and satisfy her curiosity.

Ordering a drink so as to not arouse suspicions the college student waited for it to be made, casting several more glances at the somber man all alone on the bench while alternatively checking out the strippers mixed throughout the club. She remembered the man to be so full of energy, so . . . passionate about his studies and making sure his students were learning. It was the same kind of energy and passion Candace currently felt while daydreaming about being one of the strippers here; a burning inside of you that truly made you feel alive. A sudden fantasy sprang to life in the young woman’s mind as she linked the two passion levels between her and her old instructor: an image of her flashing her pert, youthful breasts in front of her former teacher while dancing in front of him seductively in a nearly invisible thong as the older man’s eyes hungrily drank in her naked form as both their passion levels were reignited to the highest form once more. A shiver of pleasure to coursed through her body as the scene vividly played itself out.

The clink of glass in front of her caused Candace to nearly jump, shaking her bahis siteleri head with bewilderment as the nervous female quickly grabbed the drink set in front of her and took a long pull, trying to wipe the powerful images in her head clear.

‘What the hell is wrong with me? There seriously has to be something in the air here – I’ve never even come close to dreaming of doing something so vulgar before – and especially not with a former teacher!’

Scampering back to her table the college student tried to force the image away, yet try as she might to focus on the conversation going on around her Candace kept thinking about the vision of her being naked in front of Mr. Peterson and how good that had felt to her.

‘My mind is only filling out my newly found need for sexual adventure mixed with a desire to help my old teacher,’ she told herself while taking another long pull from her drink, trying to rationalize why the thoughts made her feel the way they did – nothing she came up with made sense, however, as there was nothing rational about the situation.

Watching the women dance around her didn’t help either, only building that urge up inside of her to do the same provocative dances in front of the familiar lonely man in the back of the room. Deciding to give in and enjoy the fantasy for the pure dream that it was the scene was played out over and over again in her mind until suddenly a small voice sprang out to freeze all other thoughts.

‘What if you actually just went and did it.’

Knot immediately forming in her stomach as soon as the words rang out in her mind Candace nearly spit her drink out that she hadn’t realized she was still pulling from, but the more the young woman tried to calm her fears the more she realized the sensation building inside of her wasn’t fear at such an idea; no, it was a yearning to fulfill it.

‘Holy shit, I can’t be serious right now,’ the college student thought as her cheeks grew flushed with excitement with it dawning on her that she actually wanted nothing more than to show her athletic toned body in all its glory off to the depressed man slumped against the wall in order to bring them both up to new highs.

The hotter the desire burned inside of her the more the now extremely horny and anxious girl thought about how she would fulfill her fantasy – which at this point based on the moisture forming between her legs was quickly needing to become a reality.

. . .

Surreptitiously looking behind her in order to steal another peek at the object of her dirty thoughts Candice’s eyes caught the neon sign illuminated above the doors leading outside of the room to another part of the club. Looking back down at the table the young woman nonchalantly swirled her straw around in her drink as a formula for achieving her new-found desire formulated in her head, continuously reminding herself it was all still just a fantasy and that it would all come to an end inside her brain. Entering the club patrons have to pass through a small store before stepping inside the main room, and thinking back Candace remembered seeing several “stripper” outfits for sale adorning one of those walls on the other side of the neon sign.

‘All I would have to do is put one of those on, and everyone would think I worked here,’ she thought deviously to herself as her loins became almost uncomfortably hot with desire, a slickness starting to form between her legs forcing her to shift positions in an attempt to quell the feeling. Her friends paid the motion no mind as they driveled on about who knew what at this point. ‘Then all I would have to do is go up to Mr. Peterson – should probably think of him as Chad at this point- and perform a dance for him. A super goddamn sexy dance where I remove my clothes and throw my youthful tight body at him.’

Squirming in her seat as she hatched her fantasy the college girl amped herself up past a point of no reserve, her body aching to be touched and given the satisfaction her mind was feeding it. Startled out of her dreams Candace looked up from her drink to see her friends all standing up.

“Earth to Candace- you just going to stay here all night or what? Maybe you should have just stuck with one drink girl – clearly you don’t party it up enough at school.”

That little voice inside of her head suddenly became much louder as it took over her decisions right then and there, deciding that tonight would be the night that she went completely opposite of what she would normally do.

‘Yes, you are staying here – you’re fulfilling your fantasy. This. Is. Happening.’

Choking on her drink she hadn’t realized she’d taken a pull from a shaky Candace stood up from the table, her nerves past being just frayed now that she had made up her mind.

“Actually I don’t feel all that great so you guys go on without me, I’ll just cab it home from here.”

Getting no argument from her friends the college student followed them outside, pulling out her phone as she pretended to look up a cab number. Standing outside with her phone bahis şirketleri against her ear she waved as the car that brought her there backed out of it’s spot and drove away, her safety net as well as last obstacle to fulfilling her new found passion driving out of view as it turned the corner and sped off, leaving her standing there all alone to do as she wished.

Heart pounding in her chest Candace stepped back inside, walking to the wall of the store that contained various skimpy outfits. With visibly shaky hands the young woman perused the items, her passion clashing with her modesty as she thought about actually wearing each outfit on the wall out in the club. Fantasizing about getting naked in front of one man was one thing, but showing off your goods to a whole room was something else entirely and a cause for reflection; hearing the beat of the music reverberating through the room however she was reminded of the strong willed women inside stripping off their garments without a care, so steeling her reserve she picked out a way too short plaid skirt and a matching vest that unbuttoned in the front, topping it off with a pair of bright red platform heels. Feeling extremely naughty yet liberated at the same time a still very nervous Candace approached the counter and paid for her items, getting a surprised look out of the man behind the register as he rang up each item.

Smiling warmly to the man she darted back into the club and located the bathrooms, locking herself in a stall as she stared at the tiny garments in her hand.

‘This is the point of no return,’ she thought as she visualized how she would look in such a skimpy outfit, but really that point of not going back had been reached back when she had bailed on her friends, as her hormones weren’t going to let her back out by this point. Shrugging her hoodie off her t-shirt and jeans quickly followed, leaving the slender female in just her bra and panties. Stepping into the skirt Candace sucked her breath in as way too much bare leg and thigh was visible. Bending over she felt behind her and flushed a bright red when she could easily feel her panty line where her skirt should have been.

‘If I bend over at all I’ll show my underwear to the whole club.’ Putting the vest on she found it to be tight across her body, the garment designed to shove her breasts out and up to show ample cleavage. Looking down her plain white bra was visibly poking out in various places. The dirty side that had awakened in her this night decided on a new course of action as she looked herself over.

‘No real stripper would wear such plain underwear under her clothes, and since I didn’t buy any undergarments back there, I guess I will just have to go without . . .’

A new rush coursed through her youthful body as Candace unhooked her bra and added it to the pile at her feet. Slipping her hands under her skirt and grabbing the elastic hem, her panties were pulled off and soon followed suit. Feeling the open air brush her crotch the college student was reminded of how wet her pussy had become from all the excitement building up inside her.

‘And this is before I even begin my adventure,’ she thought with a wicked grin as she bundled up her clothes and headed out of the bathroom stall, not even giving her state of undress a second thought as she strutted out the door on her pheromone high. Leaving the restroom behind the once proud of her decision girl instantly felt extremely exposed and on display as she entered the main lounge; forcing her head high however the scantily-clad woman marched into the expansive room, her unbound breasts bouncing wildly with every step she took as they threatened to break free from what little was being held in by the vest.

Finding an empty table the illegitimate stripper placed her former clothes in a chair and shoved it under the table, hoping no one would take her stuff yet already too lost in a passionate haze to care by this point. Careful not to bend over as she would show her bare ass to everyone behind her Candace stood up, looking around to lock eyes with several men ogling her body. Emboldened by their obvious appreciation of what she had to offer the young female shrugged off the last of her nerves, straightening her body and thrusting her chest out as she embraced the spirit of a stripper and showed off her slender body for all to see, loving what little attention had already been bestowed upon her purely from walking in. Enjoying the power she had over the men in the room she walked amongst the tables for a moment, smiling seductively at anyone whose attention she caught, completely lost in the moment now as her modesty had all but disappeared – the Candace she had known had left the building with her friends, and what remained was an emboldened stripper determine to have a wild night.

Riding this new found high she decided now was the time to engage her ultimate plan as she strutted her way up to her former teacher, her movement causing her skirt to sway dangerously back and forth to reveal nearly all of her toned legs. Finding her past educator still lost in his drink she stepped right up to the table, her voice catching as some of her earlier nerves managed to catch back up with her and clashed with her stripper-persona boldness.

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