Slowly Awakens

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She slowly awakens. Memories of the night before fresh in her mind. Her love had pulled off a very special night. She wants to sleep to continue to dream…..

There she is, presented perfectly for his viewing pleasure. Dressed in nothing but a small black lace bra and matching thong. Kneeling with her legs spread open, her hands together at the small of her back, her head lifting to look into his eyes. She is praying she is his vision, his desire, his dream.

He reaches to her and winds his hand into her hair at the neck. With a gentle tug he slowly pulls her to him for that first kiss. He understands her shyness. It is only natural as she is his very own Angel. He very lightly places his lips to hers for the smallest of kisses. Gaining her trust is essential if he is to succeed in his goal.

She accepts his lips touching to hers. She is waiting for his next move. She knows not to rush him. A low moan escapes from deep in her throat. She knows he has great things planned for this night.

He starts to deepen the kiss. Touching his tongue to her lips, asking and telling her to open to him. Words are not needed. She knows what to do and she opens to him. His tongue slips inside her waiting mouth, dueling with hers. He traces her lips, teeth. He plunges into her mouth. Using his tongue and her mouth in the motions they both want other body parts to do.

She loves his kiss. It is so forceful with the story of his intentions. Her body is starting to tingle with both anticipation and desire. She slides her tongue along the underside of his and gently sucks his into her mouth. Imitating other actions. He knows what she needs, and she knows he will always provide it.

He pulls away from the kiss and moves to position her for his needs. Gently he lays her on her back. He slides his hand up from her waist, up her side to her arms to her wrist. He grasps her wrist pulling them above her head. Using a silk scarf to secure them to the bed. He slowly slides his hands back down her arms, gently touching just the sides of her breast, back down to her waist and on to her hips. He moves his hands to one leg gently gliding down her smooth skin. He pulls her leg over to secure it in the leather cuff attached to the bed and slides his hands back up to a point just shy of the juncture of her legs. He then moves to the other leg, gliding his hands down to her ankle. He grasps her ankle and using a slight amount of force pulls it over to the side of the bed and snaps the cuff in place. He stands back to admire his work.

There she is, as her love has placed her. Open to his gaze and for his pleasure. Spread out like a buffet for feasting. Her breath is coming faster causing her breast to move up and down as she breaths in deeply. Wondering what is to come, what he has planned for the night.

He moves back up to head and gently cradles her face in his hands. He looks deep into her eyes and whispers “trust me” as he places a whisper kiss to her lips. His lips move over her jaw just below her ear and then down her neck. He smiles as she shacks knowing that she is excited for him and that she trusts him to care for her. He nips at her collarbone as his mouth continues it’s southward journey. With no warning he places his mouth over her covered nipple and sucks it in like a starving child. She pulls in a deep breath of shock. He laughs and slides his hands up to cup her breast and caress her. He pushes the material down to bahis firmaları touch her skin. She moans low in her throat. He massages her breast with his full hand working his way out until his fingers are on her nipples. He pinches and tugs them out, working both at the same time. Not to hard but hard enough that she gasps and moans from pleasure. He knows just how she likes it. He leans in and begins to suckle at one while worrying the other. He is already able to smell her special sent of arousal. He lifts his head and reaches for her nipple rings. Very slowly he grasps on nipple and pulls it outward to secure the ring. Then he moves to the other lowering his mouth to get it wet and places the ring. Then he attaches the connecting chain and gives a tug to make sure everything is secure. She groans at the pleasure this brings her. He smiles knowing it is just the beginning of the sounds she will soon make.

He rubs his hands down over her belly. She giggles as he tickles her. He knows all of those spots too, but that is not what he is after tonight. He keeps moving on his southern journey until his hands graze that soft downy hair at the apex of her thighs. He spreads his hands apart moving over her hips, onto her legs, over her thighs. Just letting the anticipation of the touch build. He notices she is struggling to control her breathing and is pleased.

She lays there waiting in silent anticipation. He knows she hates when he moves so slowly. She sees his head moving downward to join his hands and her breath catch’s in her chest. She starts to tingle all over.

He is smiling to himself. He knows he is driving her insane. Patience is not her strong suit. But he will teach her to appreciate the anticipation. He leans in just close enough to smell the scent of her arousal. His hands tug her thong to pull it flat and taut against her sex. He cannot help but laugh when he sees the wet evidence of her desire. He bends to place a kiss against her swollen lips. Her scent is so strong and heady to him. He feels his own cock starting to pulse with pure need to bury deep inside her hot and welcoming flesh. He slips one finger past her thong just to feel and he finds a river of her juices already flooding the banks of her womanhood. He slides his finger into her pussy and suddenly he was the one groaning. She is so hot and wet he cannot believe she is so excited all ready. She can’t help herself as her hips lift toward him. Her body is his to control. His own patience is starting to snap. He pull’s his finger from her and looks up into her eyes as he places the finger in his mouth. His eyes close as He savors the flavor this is solely hers. Without warning he reaches back down with both hands and grips her thong pulling it away from her and ripping the crotch out to bare her to him. He stares at the evidence of her arousal dripping out of her and knows he has to have it.

She gasps at his show of power and desire for her alone. She cannot believe this strong, dominant male wants her this way. She can’t help herself as she wiggles her hips to get a reaction from him. She is desperate to feel his mouth on her, his finger in her. To find the release that only he can grant her.

He leans in and places a kiss to her sex. Running his tongue up her slit in search of that perfect little button that drives her wild. He easily finds the hard little nub he is searching for and flicks it back and forth with and he sucks it up into kaçak iddaa his mouth. She lets out a little moan and he knows he has the right spot. He releases the suction and continues to use his tongue to manipulate her clit. He slowly slides 2 fingers into her causing her to buck up against his mouth with a low groan. He pushes the fingers in as deep as he can keeping pressure while sucking her clit back into his mouth. Feasting from her body while his body is on fire for her. He starts to move his hand, pulling his fingers from her body so slowly only push back in fast and as deep as possible, pulling out on her clit at the time.

She cannot control herself. Her hips move into him. Pushing, reaching, searching for more. She knows this is not allowed and will pay for that later, but it is such an instinct for her. She needs that connection, that strength he owns to feel complete. She starts to tingle from her toes, up her legs and down from her breast. All feeling is settling in on what he is doing to her. The way he pumps his fingers in and out of her. The way he pulls her clit out sucking it while flicking with his tongue. She can feel it building. That pressure that borders on pain as her world prepares to explode outward and implode on her.

He picks up the speed with his fingers fucking her hard and fast as he sucks on her delicious clit. He can sense it, knows she is close to the edge. He knows she will not allow herself over until he says. He continues to push her, pushing into her. His own body is about to explode. The sounds coming from her are driving him now, the wiggle of her hips, the pushing to meet him. He lets go of her clit long enough to look into her eyes. He says “Cum for me now!” That is all it takes. Her world goes up in flames as her body explodes. All of the sensations being ripped from her from her by and for him alone. He laps up the juice that her body is pumping out, in complete heaven from her taste. Her muscles grip at him, feeling as though they will never release his fingers from her body. He slows his motions, allowing her to come down softly. She is panting from the force and power of her release for him.

Only he can make her feel this way. To totally abandon that control and let her body totally go. It is for him only that she does this. Others have tried, but none have been able to achieve what he does. She knows he is her true Master from this alone. The fact that he respects her so much to stay in her limits but teach her to stretch those limits is such an awesome feeling for her.

He finally pulls his fingers from her, and after a final lick to collect all the essence of her there he slowly works his way back up her body. Stopping to nip at her nipples and then kissing her mouth hard and deep. Sharing her own flavor with her as he pushes his tongue into her mouth and swirls it with hers. He starts moving his body further up and lets the head of his cock rest against her lips. He knows she will accept when she conquers the fear and is ready to wait.

She looks up into his eyes and slightly opens her lips. Her tongue slowly emerges to wet her lips. She slowly licks the head of his cock and opens her lips lip’s more to take him in to her mouth. He slowly starts moving down lowering his cock into her mouth. She swirls her tongue around as best she can and starts to apply a gentle suction. He slowly goes down, as far he knows she can take it and pulls back out to the tip. She kaçak bahis opens wider and starts licking around the head, paying particular attention to the ridge of the head. She is wishing she were free to move as she wants but knows that he will continue to take care of her. He is pushing back in to her mouth and she closes her tips tight around him applying just the right suction. She wraps her tongue around him loving the feel of his cock in her mouth. Knowing his passion is just for her.

He decides to attempt to push her limit just a little. He pulls back out of her mouth to the tip and pushes right back in going just a little deeper than normal. He feels her start to gag and pulls back. He is in tune with her and paying close attention, his eyes are locked to hers to assure her she is safe. He pushes his cock back into her mouth, trying each time to get just a little deeper pushing her limit.

She is trying to take him in, trusting him to know what is enough for her. Looking deep into his eyes she continues to apply suction just the way she knows he likes it. She can actually feel his pulsing desire in her mouth. She is working hard to control the gag reflex as he withdraws and pushes his cock into her mouth, working toward her throat. He starts to pick up his own speed, pulling out and pushing back in a little faster each time, staying at the new depth he obtained. She is holding and releasing the suction around his cock, wrapping her tongue around him.

He knows he is getting close to the edge. He needs to stop. He knows not to cum in her mouth. That is a hard limit she will not try to push yet. He pushes his cock into her mouth just a little harder. He can feel her throat starting to close on the head contrasting with the suction of her mouth. The feeling is so unreal, almost indescribable. He knows he needs to stop now and starts withdrawing from her mouth. As much as he wants to stay and finish he will not risk her trust that way.

She actually growls at him pulling away from her. She needs that contact with him. She smiles as he slides back down her body and his mouth latches back on to her nipple. Then her growl turns to a moan.

He reaches down with a finger to make sure she is ready for him and finds a new river flowing. He smiles around her nipple as he positions his body over hers. He lines his cock up to her waiting honey pot. He rises above her and looking straight into her eye’s he plunges in to the hilt. He laughs at her moan of pure ecstasy. He grinds his hips into hers, hitting that little button that drives her insane. He pulls back out to the head and plunges back into her. He starts the pace slow but knows that will not last long in his state. He starts to fuck her with long, deep penetrating strokes. His speed starts to increase as her muscles start grabbing at him to trying to keep him deep inside her. He knows she is as close as him. He locks eyes with her and whispers “cum for me now baby”. Once again that is all it takes. She explodes around him. He can actually feel her flooding out around him. His cock begins to stiffen. He can feel his cum boiling thru his balls as it works its way out. And he explodes with her. The room darkens in his glance; his whole body goes taut as he pounds into her. Emptying him self deep within her love channel. Her muscles are working him over taking everything from him. He collapses on top of her. Completely spent and exhausted by now. He finally regains enough energy to get up and untie her. Then he collects her into his arms and snuggles in pulling the blankets over them. And exhausted they both fall into a deep sleep, holding each other. A perfect night of love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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