The Geek’s Place

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Big Dicks

One thing about Mr. Gupta, he knew how to throw a launch party Joel thought as he entered Za Za’s, one of the best restaurants in the Denver Tech Center. He knew his wine, always selected the best for these dinners and matched them expertly to the food, then paid for a shuttle bus back to you home because you would be feeling it at the end of the party.

It almost was enough for Joel to go off diet and drink but he had lost 100 pounds and had 10 more to go to hit his goal and he wanted to hit it by summer. He would have one glass of that wonderful pinot noir with his steak (filet is a lean protein, thankfully) and indulge in a large bowl of weed once he got home. If the munchies struck, he had apples.

Joel scanned the room for a place to sit. At a gathering like this Joel was always amazed at how easy it was to tell the difference between the programmers, the people who actually built the software and the sales and marketing people who had set all sorts of pre-release records. Joel was especially proud because he was the overall technical architect and had designed the software.

The geeks, of which he was the alpha geek, come to think of it, all dressed in jeans the ratty tee shirts showing sci-fi heroes, obscure magna characters or were free swag picked up at conferences. The sales people were always the best dressed with marketing a close second. Most of the sales and marketing guys were in suits, or dress slacks and a button down shirt if the day had been spent in the office. The women were all in the best women’s business fashion. Almost all were in some 3 inch or higher heels (except poor Marie, who had torn an ACL skiing last week) and dresses, skirts or dress slacks.

Joel split the difference. He wore nice jeans, cowboy boots and a button down shirt, covered by a fleece vest – almost a uniform in Colorado. As Joel looked for a seat he saw his favorite marketing exec, Lynda Howell and his favorite sales person, Julia Ng with empty seats besides them.

Lynda was every lovely inch the picture of a Southern “girly girl” look that so many of the women programmers disdained. She was from Alabama and did everything possible to distance herself from the trailer park where she grew up. She was educated, sophisticated, and carried herself in the most elegant way possible while still being just a fun person to hang out with. She wore a satin ruffle sheath dress cut a bit above the knee. Joel could not help but take in her legs. She had a dancer’s body, 4 inch heels to fantastic legs in black stockings that led to slim, firm hips and a lean, firm torso. Her blond hair was up, with a few locks loosely brushing her ears. And her eyes, a deep pool of blue that she showed off with expert makeup.

Julia’s grandparents had been boat people rescued at the end of the Vietnam War. Her father taken over her grandfather’s shrimp fishing business and had gotten rather rich expanding the business and buying out other operations. She came from money and sophistication and knew how to show it. Today Julia was rocking the sexy business woman look. She had on 4 inch patent leather pumps and… were those seamed stockings??? Indeed yes. She had on a tight tweed skirt and jacket that really showed her cleavage. It was an effect she obviously wanted since she was obviously wearing a push up bra underneath. Julia always reminded Joel of… who was that Asian porn star? Her name began with an “A”. Like most geeks Joel could remember numbers but was awful with names.

“I can eat with the slobs anytime” Joel thought as he took the empty chair next to Lynda. Lynda and Julia were always fun and a whole lot easier on the eye than Mike, Peter and Rick, the only members of the geek crew with an empty seat at their table. Combined those three were the same weight as a blue whale.

“Can I join you?”

“Joel!” Lynda shouted as she hugged him.

“My favorite geek!” Julia leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

It was pretty clear that they had arrived early and liberally indulged in the free flowing wine.

“I closed a deal today all because of you!” Julia crowed.

“Really? Congratulations!” Joel said and tipped his glass of club soda and lime for a toast.

“No wine? Joel you need to catch up.” Giggled Lynda.

“Now you both have seen how much weight I lost. Remember what I looked like a year ago? I only have 10 pounds to go.” Joel pointed out.

“Well I think you look hot already, don’t you Lynda?”

“Eat him alive” Lynda growled. “Those shoulders”

“And that ass. MMMM the jeans really show it off, don’t you think?” Julia agreed.

“I still think I’ve got some to loose off my butt.” Joel said, feeling himself start to blush.

“Well my grandma used to say you can’t drive a railroad spike with a tack hammer” Lynda teased.

Joel could feel the bright crimson blush going from his neck, up and over his head. It never failed and that was why he wanted to sit with these two. They really knew how to flirt and tease and their provocative flirts had increased bahis firmaları in direct proportion to Joel’s weight decrease. He blushed but he loved it. It was a reward and gave him the confidence around women he never had when he was the fat guy. That confidence alone had resulted in Joel dating some very hot women. 100 pounds ago the only hot women he saw naked were cam models. Joel often wondered if he could have slept with one or the other or both – separately. A threesome was beyond his wildest dreams.

“Look at him blush!” Lynda exclaimed. “You’ll be the ‘Bama mascot soon! Roll tide!”

“You went to Tulane” Joel said. If possible he was an even brighter shade of red.

“But I am a ‘Bama girl.” Lynda flirted.

“Here sit between us.” Julia said as the food came. “Let me tell you about this sale! I owe you big time for it!”

“We got the lead from that demo you did in Vegas.” Lynda exclaimed.

Vegas had been a good trip. These ladies hadn’t been there, but the strip clubs had been most excellent.

“And then you went to their headquarters in that shit-hole place.”

“Toledo’s ok.” It had been an in and out trip without any of the in and out he would have preferred, Joel thought.

“And today I closed the deal in their office, right here in Denver!” Julia squealed.

“And your charm, your sales professionalism and most of all the way you dressed had nothing to do with it right?” The fact that the customer’s CIO carefully weighed all his options then selected the software with the hottest account manager was well known. He didn’t demand sex or anything. He just liked to look… well stare really.

They chatted about the details and discussed what they’d do with their bonus money. Joel had been told his amount and it was… substantial. The women hinted they were getting similar large amounts.

Dessert was served and the two women got progressively friendlier.

“You need to dance with me.” Lynda pulled me to the dance floor and moved rather provocatively eventually grinding her ass against Joel on the crowded floor.

“My turn!” Julia led Joel back out to a much slower tune. She danced close, pressing her thigh against his hardening cock. “I owe you big time” she purred.

“Shots!” Lynda exclaimed, holding up 3 glasses of whiskey as Joel and Julia returned.

“Now you know Joel won’t drink. Joel likes that intoxicant we can’t get in Texas.” Julia said.

“And I seem to remember you would have us over to smoke if we came to Denver.” Lynda said

Joel had indeed made that promise though it was in an airport bar, he had been a bit drunk and they had each gone their separate ways. It had been weeks ago and Joel was surprised they remembered.

“Yes! You did!” Julia exclaimed.

“I did indeed and I can still drive. ” Joel said as he jingled his keys and indicated that they follow him to his truck.

“We haven’t checked into our hotel yet. What about our bags?” Julia asked.

“Just bring them along. Mr. Gupta doesn’t give a shit where you call a cab from so long as you’re safe. Just call from my house.”

It was not long before they were pulling into Joel’s garage. Joel carried in the bags like the gentleman he was and deposited them near the front door. He provided both ladies a drink – well aged anejo tequila served strait up in a brandy glass. The stuff was that good – so he indulged himself. It would be a party night after all.

While they sipped their drinks Joel packed a bowl with his “special mix” as he thought of it. Most evenings when Joel was home alone he would grind a smaller amount of marijuana and smoke it, just to take the edge off his day. He tended to buy the stuff with the highest THC concentrations so it did not take much to have him high. The grinder tended to accumulate lots of keef which he now mixed with the weed along with some ground up shatter. This stuff would be potent.

“Ladies when was the last time you used weed?” Joel asked as he presented the bong. It was a large double percolator with some chopped ice on top. It would cool any hit.

“Never with anything that nice.” Julia said. “I last smoked a year after college. I don’t know where to get it anymore where I’d feel safe.”

Julia was 29 so that would make about 7 years Joel quickly calculated.

“Since grad school. I was 23.” Lynda said. “I graduated from Tulane, moved out of New Orleans and never found anyone else who smoked.”

That would be about 11 years as he knew Lynda was 34.

“You know so many people do but it is such a taboo subject. It isn’t like going for beers after work where everyone knows people drink and it isn’t even questioned. If other places did it like Colorado… But enough of that shit. Who gets the first hit?”

Joel passed the bong to Julia, who happened to be sitting closest.

Julia giggled and asked Lynda. “Do you remember how this made you feel when you did this before?”

“Horny.” Lynda smirked.

“Me too.” And with that Julia took the bong to her lips and took a kaçak iddaa hit.

Lynda took a hit and passed it to Joel, breaking tradition by passing right, Joel thought. Then again they’re noobs.

At first the conversation was simple office gossip.

Joel packed the bowl again and they shared. It was on their third bowl and Joel was feeling very high. He could only imagine how the ladies were feeling.

Julia sent him a lecherous smile and Lynda crossed her legs so that the lace tops of her stockings were showing. Joel had a raging hard on.

“So” Lynda began as she passed the bong to Joel. “What is something about you that people at work would be surprised or even shocked to learn?”

“You go first.” Julia dodged.

“OK. In college I worked as a stripper.” Lynda said as Joel gagged and coughed on his hit in surprise.

“What the fuck?” Julia exclaimed. Joel was coughing between sips of water.

“I thought” more coughs from Joel. “I thought you had a full ride.”

“I did have a full ride but a girls gotta eat, right?” she turned to Julia “I went to Tulane sweetie. In New Orleans. Those strip clubs down on Bourbon Street jump every night of the week with tourists and business travelers. I could live off two shifts a week.”

Joel took a hit and passed the bong to Julia.

“Your turn.” Lynda said to Jowl.

“Shit. OK. When I was really heavy I didn’t have much of a sex life, so I wrote lots of porn. I still write it on occasion. “

“Fuck! Really! Let me see!” Julia exclaimed.

Joel took out his phone and pulled up a link to a rather sill story about alien shape shifter anthropologists who come to earth to study humans first hand, including their unusual fascination with sex. Hilarity ensues.

Julia ripped a hit and, passing the bong to Lynda said. “My turn I guess.”

“Well my first reaction was to tell you I’m bi, but that is pretty plain vanilla. But…” she put on a lecherous grin. “I fucked…” and she named one of the biggest stars on the Astros.

“I was making a sales call on the CIO. I was already taking him to dinner so I invited him along. The CIO went home after dessert. He went home after breakfast.”

“Oooo girl!” Lynda exhaled her hit.

Joel took the bong. “OK ladies, answer this. Is there anything naughty in your luggage? Something to make a TSA agent blush.”

“A vibrator. One of those big ones with the magic rabbit that hits your clit.” Lynda said.

Joel exhaled his hit as Julia said. “Same for me.”

They booth erupted I giggles.

“What about you Joel?” Lynda cooed.

“Vibrators.” Joel grinned. “Weren’t expect that, huh? An ex left them here. It is one of those plug in Hitachi things with a bunch of attachments. I use it for sore muscles.”

Ow they all had the giggles.

“My turn to ask.” Julia turned to Joel. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth but only if we both answer.” Joel said nodding to Lynda.

“OK” said Lynda

“What is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?” Julia asked.

Joel was pretty sure he would not have said this sober. “The server room, with Nancy the finance analyst.”

Both women dropped their jaws.

“Yeah it was the summer party and we had both done edibles beforehand. No marijuana smell, ya know? It was really hot on the balcony where the party was, and that server room is so cool with all the A/C. Lynda?”

“In front of an open window in Vegas on a very high floor. All of the lights below me.” Lynda turned to Julia. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare” she returned immediately with a “take this as far as possible” look in her eye.

“I dare you to take a huge hit and exhale it into Joel’s mouth.”

“My pleasure.”

“And mine” thought Joel as Julia took a massive hit. She strutted across the room to Joel, still rocking the sexy business woman look and bent to Joel’s open mouth. She exhaled the smoke and followed it with her tongue, making it a lingering passionate kiss.

“You need to do that to Lynda” Joel said as their lips parted.

“And I’m looking forward to it.”

Lynda hesitated. “I’ve never kissed a woman like that.”

“Then let’s see if you like it” Julia said as she took another hit. She sat on the couch and drew closer to Lynda who closed her eyes and parted her lips. Julia moved slowly, exhaling into Lynda’s mouth then teasing Lynda’s lips with her tongue then teasing her tongue deeper until they were locked in a deep passionate kiss.

“I have a dare for us all.” Lynda sighed as they broke their kiss. “I dare us all to get out the vibrators and compare.”

“Mine are in the bedroom.” Joel smiled.

Julia stood and looked Joel straight in the eye. “I think Lynda and I both say, so much the better.”

Joel deposited the bong in the kitchen sink so the melting ice would not leave a mess. He grabbed his Sherlock pipe, already packed with his special mix, and a vape pen packed with potent hash oil. He really wanted to keep this party going.

It would appeared he needn’t have worried. When he kaçak bahis returned Julia and Lynda were at the base of the stair kissing passionately. Apparently Lynda was finding she did enjoy girls too. Julia pulled Joel into the group, sucking his tongue into her mouth while Lynda kissed his neck, tongued his ear and massaged his rock hard cock through his pants.

“MMMM” Lynda purred. “They say your cock gets bigger when you lose weight. Did yours or were you always so big?”

Joel, ever the geek, was about to explain that losing the fat made it seem bigger because the fat wasn’t hiding what you had but thought better of it.

“Does it matter?” Joel said.

“Not to me and you are huge!” Julia purred as she checked his cock for herself.

Joel noticed their vibrators on the steps. “Truth or dare? Fuck it. I dare us to focus on one person at a time, using all the toys and body parts at our disposal and I dibs last.”

Joel began leading them up to his bedroom. He could feel hands on his butt and his shoulders but was not sure who was touching where. It didn’t really matter.

Joel lit some candles – a former eagle scout who lived by the moto “be prepared” and assumed it applied to romance as well as camping. He handed the Sherlock to Lynda, put the vape pen on the night stand and began to set up the vibrators and toys. He included some old silk neckties used for light bondage, a blindfold and the vibrator and attachments. The ladies were each taking hits off the pipe and exhaling into the mouth of the other, teasing each other with their tongues around the other’s lips.

Joel slipped behind Julia and teased the top of her breasts with some feathers.

“Who goes first?” he asked as he teased. “Julia?”

“Oh fuck please yes!” Julia panted as she pressed her ass into Joel’s hardness.

“Or Lynda?” Joel asked as he reached around Julia and massaged Lynda’s firm ass. She responded by exhaling her last hit into his mouth and following it up with a passionate kiss.

“Oh God! Me please!” she said in a breathy, passionate voice.

“Julia, in fairness, I think you need to show Lynda how a lady treats a lady” Joel suggested. “I think iif you treat her well you’ll get even better in return.”

The placed Lynda between them. Joel was kissing her and massaging her ass. Julia removed Lynda’s long blond locks from the banana clip she had been using then slowly unzipped Lynda’s dress, teasing her back with the feathers as she did so and following that with licks, kisses and small, gentle bites.

“I think we should all get out of these clothes.” Julia suggested.

Turning, Lynda said “Good idea.” Then drove her tongue into Julia’s mouth and pressed her ass against Joel’s rock hard cock.

Joel moved behind Julia as Lynda kissed down Julia’s chest to her lacy red bra while slowly unbuttoning her jacket. Joel kissed Julia’s neck and unzipped her skirt. He massaged her ass through her lacy panties. Joel teased her inner thighs.

Lynda kissed down until she was kneeling in front of Julia, her lips teasing over her panties. Julia was letting out little moans.

“I’ve never licked pussy before.” Julia sighed. Her tongue danced against Julia’s panties.

“Oh please do it!” Julia panted.

Joel stood and whispered in her ear. “Wait your turn”

“And you still have pants on!” Lynda exclaimed.

The ladies pushed Joel onto the bed and quickly had him out of his boots and socks. Joel could tease Lynda’s pussy as she unbuttoned his shirt. She had soaked through her panties. Julia had Joel’s pants off and was kissing his cock through his underwear.

“Oh Fuck YES!” Joel moaned, then, regaining some control he said. “I’ll wait my turn.”

Joel produced one of his old neckties and said “Trust us.” To Lynda. He blindfolded Lynda and laid her on her stomach.

“Let’s tease her.” Joel suggested. “Get her really worked up.”

Julia smiled and began to tease Lynda’s calves with just the barest lightest touches. Joel traced a batch of feathers across Lynda’s back and butt checks then teasing her inner thigh.

Julia’s touches became stronger as she massaged Lynda’s nylon clad thighs then the smooth skin of her inner thigh. Her hot breath was on Lynda’s pussy through her panties and she began to flick her tongue against Lynda’s hidden pussy.

Lynda moaned as Joel’s tongue danced in her ears. “Oh lick me please.”

“I think we should turn her over and get those panties out of the way.” Julia suggested.

Joel unsnapped Lynda’s bra and teased her nipples with feathers. Julia pulled off Lynda’s panties and could no longer control herself and dove her face into Lynda’s pussy. She licked, teased and sucked her clit while sliding first one finger, then two into Lynda’s pussy. Joel had gotten out the smallest of the vibrators, using it first on one nipple as he licked and sucked the other, then alternating nipples as he kissed Lynda and let her such his tongue.

Joel pressed the vibrator onto Lynda’s clit while Julia licked lower and finger fucked her.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH FUCK YES!” Lynda bucked and shuddered with her first orgasm.

“I want to get in there and use numbers two and three.” Joel said switching positions with Julia.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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