Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 12

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Kyle Petersen was in a strange sort of semi-darkness. It was too dark to see anything but he was holding himself up on his arms looking down on his wife, Jill. his cock was firmly implanted inside her and he felt completely satisfied. Despite the darkness she was clearly visible, her firm, hemispherical breasts with their hardened nipples had the rosy pink glow they always had after a session of satisfying sex. She smiled at him, her brown eyes sparkling, “You know I’m not me.” she told him, adding, “It’s cold.”

It was cold. He shivered slightly and the scene disappeared as he awoke. There next to him was the thin form of Sally Czarwitz. He remembered. They had just had a session of sexual activity that rivaled some of the best times had had with Jill, dead now for over a year. He thought of Jill and how much he missed her, how she wouldn’t be able to watch their three children grow up.

He and Sally were in a hotel room he had gotten for them while his mother watched the kids. They hadn’t turned out the lights and were laying on top of the bed covers. There was a small puddle of his semen between them. Sally seemed to be sound asleep.

He slowly moved her as he removed the soiled bedspread and then managed to roll her under the covers. As he covered her she woke up, sort of. She reached out and grabbed his penis. “Nice cock,” she said and fell back asleep. Her grip loosened and he got under the covers behind her, wrapping his arms around her skinny body.


Sally was disoriented. She was under the covers of a strange bed in a darkened room. She shook her head remembering that she had had a wonderful love-making session with Kyle. but it had been light and the room lights had been on. She remembered being able to examine every vein in his penis through those tight, nylon briefs. She turned over. Yes, that was Kyle and this was the room she remembered.

The clock said 7:30 and daylight was seeping in through the edges of the thick hotel room curtains. She got up to pee and returned to the bed. She was tired, but not ready to sleep. She crept head first under the covers and took the limp penis. She rolled the foreskin back and began licking at the bottom of the head. It slowly responded and began swelling.

Her actions woke him but he didn’t move. He remained still, pretending to sleep while enjoying the sensation of her tongue and mouth on his ever more sensitive cock. Then she began gently stroking his balls. He used all his will power to stay still, not to tighten his crotch or to move. He managed to suppress a shiver of delight that began to travel from the tip of his over stimulated cock. Her mouth was wrapped entirely around it and her lips were gently moving up and down. Her tongue was performing a relentless massage of the tip. Sensations of pleasure were radiating to his entire body. He attempted to remain still and relaxed but it was clear he could only remain still if he tensed every muscle in his body. With a tremendous act of will he neither moved nor tensed. Then a sudden, tense shiver forced itself from the tip of his penis, down the shaft and throughout his body. He tensed, driving his cock hard into her mouth and grabbed her head forcing it down on him.

Sally had known he was awake from the slight involuntary movements he was making and despite his attempts the cock occasionally wiggled in her mouth. When he drove his cock into her mouth, she almost gagged but then, with the help of his hands moving her head, she increased the intensity and speed of her movements. He jerked with a loud groan and she felt and tasted his warm semen flowing into her mouth. She didn’t swallow and let it fill her mouth as she continued to suck it out of him. As his orgasm subsided, she used her hand to push as much of the liquid out of the shaft as she could. She moved her head from under the covers and gave him a gentle kiss.

He returned the kiss, holding her warm, soft skinned body and pulling it to him. He opened his mouth slightly and she opened hers. A slightly salty yet sweet and musky tasting thick gravy-like liquid dripped into his mouth. He was startled and almost pulled back from the kiss when he realized what it was. This young woman was full of surprises. She intensified the kiss, forcing him to swallow his own cum. His tongue swept the inside of her mouth clean.

He had to return the favor and, pulling back from the kiss he flipped her onto her back. He dove into her crotch where he began fingering inside her vagina, stimulating her G-spot and licking rapidly at her clit. She writhed in pleasure and he continued stroking and rubbing and licking at her genitals until she squealed in delight and spasms of orgasm pulsed through her body.

He pulled the covers back over them and they fell back asleep, bodies intertwined.


The hotel room phone rang, and rang again. Sally woke, not sure what the noise was. Kyle realized it was the phone and moved over the naked girl’s body to güvenilir bahis reach the phone. His cock brushed against her and responded to the warm flesh. “Hello.”

“Mr. Petersen?”


“Check out time is 11. It’s 11:30. We can allow another half hour but we will require you pay the additional day use fee if you cannot check out by then.”

Kyle covered the phone, “We slept past check out time. we need to get out in a half hour,” he told his bed-mate.

“Can’t we stay?” she asked. She had felt his cock brush against her and now it had expanded slightly at her waist. She began stroking it.

“We’ll need longer. I’ll pay the day fee.”

“That will be fine Mr. Petersen, The day checkout time is 6 PM. We will need to charge for another night if you stay beyond that. Please let us know by 4 if you intend to stay another night.”

He hung up the phone and lay back, allowing Sally to play with his enlarging penis.

“Your penis is definitely swollen,” Sally used the phrase Kyle’s daughter had used. “I think it may need some attention.” She laughed.

“I think the attention is why it’s swollen,” he laughed back, grabbing her and pulling her to him. Despite the feeling in his hardening cock he wasn’t sure he could handle another sex session.

Sally snuggled against him, enjoying the feeling of his cock pushing on her abdomen. Penises were her obsession, she knew it and reveled in it. And this one was one of the finest she knew. Not because of its size or shape or any physical characteristic. No. it was because of the pleasure it gave her. And not just pleasure, this was the only penis she knew that actually made love to her and to her vagina. As she snuggled she acknowledged that it was the owner of the penis that did that, not the penis. But, she wondered was he actually in love with her or was it that he approached everything with love. Thinking about the way he interacted with his kids she realized it was the latter. Jill had been a lucky, lucky woman. “You know, you called me ‘Jill’ last night.” She snuggled closer.

“Oh, I did? I’m sorry.”

“Oh, don’t be. I was flattered to be compared to her, to someone you loved so much.”

He wasn’t sure what to say and decided to return the compliment she had given him yesterday. Was it only yesterday? It seemed like a lifetime. “You’re a great lover.” He added wistfully, “Just like she was.”

“Well you’re fabulous yourself.” She sensed his sadness and changed the subject. “You know, I’m hungry.”

He got up and picked up the room service menu from the dresser. As he returned to bed she watched his limp cock, maybe five inches long now with only the tip showing beyond the foreskin. It swayed gently with each step, brushing over the testicles which dangled beneath. She found the genital show a source of amusement and pleasure.

Breakfast was no longer being served so they decided on the small lunch platter. When he had finished ordering Kyle went into the bathroom and Sally went in when he came out. She slipped on the translucent, silken night outfit she had purchased just for last night even though she wasn’t sure she would wear it.

Room Service

She came out as room service knocked on the door. Kyle had put on one of the hotel supplied robes and went to answer the door. He hadn’t noticed that Sally had come out of the bathroom. Sally debated retreating but decide to stand as provocatively as she could next to the bed.

Kyle let the waiter in to place the tray on the small table and both men saw her standing, displaying herself. She smiled, laughing internally at the waiters attempts not to look and Kyle’s inability to do anything else. She giggled aloud as Kyle fumbled with the bill. The waiter took a longer look at Sally as Kyle signed for the food.

As Kyle closed the door she rushed over to him and thrust her hands under his bathrobe, rubbing her fingers through his chest hair. “Did you see the look on his face?” she laughed. “For that matter you should have seen the look on yours.” She pushed the robe apart so she could rub her face in his hair and feel his manhood grow at her touch.

He had been startled by her appearance and wondered why she hadn’t stayed in the bathroom. But now he saw she did it for amusement. “That’s quite an outfit. I guess I was too busy checking it out to notice his expression.”

“You weren’t checking out the outfit.” She laughed lightly.

“No I guess I wasn’t,” he admitted. Giving into his temptation he took her head in his hands and kissed her.

She pulled the bathrobe apart and pressed her body against his, feeling his hardening cock push against her flat belly. She pulled away and stroked the hard shaft. “I’m hungry, can we eat?”

He turned to move to the table and began wrapping the robe around himself. She caught it and pulled it back off him. “You don’t need this.”

In a spirit of fun he asked, “You get to wear something but I don’t?”

She spread her arms and rotated türkçe bahis to show him her body through the translucent fabric. “If you’ve got see through briefs, sure!”

As they sat to eat she added, “Of course those tight things you were wearing last night were almost as good. They showed every vein.” She smiled at him and raised one foot under the table, placing it into his crotch. She left it there for the entire meal, gently rubbing at his testicles and penis as they ate and talked.


After they completed the meal, Sally pushed back so she could rest both of her feet in his crotch and he began massaging her toes. “Hey, I wanted to try the Jacuzzi as soon as I saw it,” she told him.

“Go ahead, I’ll watch.”

“No, you’ll participate! It’s plenty big enough for two.”

She lay in the tub with the swirling waters massaging her body. Her back against his chest. She closed her eyes and felt his cock growing against her back, his hands moving across her breasts, along her abdomen and then to her crotch and back up again. She had managed to adjust one of the nozzles to shoot the water against her genitals but now it seldom reached her since his hand blocked its path. Every once in awhile a finger would pause to massage her clit or push inside her vagina. “He’ll be ready to fuck again soon,” she thought and fantasized about “making love” for a third time and taking a shower with him afterward.

As they sat in the swirling water he found himself relaxing more and more but yet becoming more and more sexually excited. All thought of not being able to perform again today had left his mind. His penis had grown to full erection and pressed into the small of her back as he fingered her and felt the silken wetness inside her vagina.

She leaned her head back as far as it would go against his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Let’s fuck.”

He was always a bit surprised with her directness and blunt language but she had expressed exactly his desire. “Okay. Here?”

“Much more comfortable and enjoyable in bed. I want a long one.” She reached behind her and grabbed his cock to emphasize the double meaning.

She managed to turn around without losing her grasp and kissed him as she gave the stiff rod a couple of hard strokes.

As she got out of the tub and stood shivering slightly she watched watched him stand and began to regret her decision, she wanted him NOW. As he reached for a towel she considered her options: the hard floor, wet, in the bed or take the time to dry off. She chose delayed gratification. “Besides, drying him off would be fun .” She reached the towel before he did.

There was no doubt that she was obsessed with penises. She just found them fascinating, exciting yet funny. This was the first chance she had to fully examine Kyle’s. It was long, almost eight inches and close to an inch and a half (well, maybe an inch and a quarter) in diameter. Uncircumcised, maybe half of the rough, dark pink head peeked out from the foreskin. She pushed the foreskin back, rolling it back over the shaft, exposing the entire head.

The inside of the foreskin seemed ivory white and was covered with exquisitely thin purple veins which branched like the branches of a bush to cover the skin with almost invisible lines. There was an eighth of an inch ridge demarcating the head which was a rough dark pinkish color and covered with narrow, shallow crevices. She traced some of the crevices and ran her finger around the edge of the head. She always thought it especially interesting the way an isthmus of skin breached the under side of the ridge and stretched up to the pee-hole. She ran her finger up it and then gently pulled the pee hole open.

She allowed the foreskin to roll back in place and began tracing the many veins that ran overt the surface of the shaft.

“Sally,” Kyle said gently.

She interrupted her examination of his pleasure tool to look up at him.

“There’s more of my body to dry than my penis.”

“Oh, Sorry. I’m just admiring it.”

“Really? Well let’s get dry and admire each other in bed.”

“OK, let me get a look at you as you stand there.”

She backed up and as she looked, couldn’t suppress a giggle. The darker flesh of his penis and testicles, the testicles dangling below and the hard penis sticking straight up didn’t seem to belong to the light pinkish flesh of his groin. And the the sharp tan lines from his time with his kids at the water park and beach just added to the incongruity.

“First you say you’re admiring it and now you laugh?”

“Just look,” she giggled, directing his gaze to the full length mirror on the wall. “Doesn’t it just look stuck on. Right in the middle of the palest part of your body?”

She had him turn to the side to see how the genitals were seemingly hung outside his abdomen, the hardened penis sticking out at an angle, the testicles dangling from them rather than from his body. “I love it!” she laughed.

“I’m glad güvenilir bahis siteleri to be a source of such hilarity.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” she smiled. “I love what it does to me. I love the way you’ve trained it to make wonderful, tender love to me. AND, I love the pleasure I can give you through it. I love the way it looks, I’m laughing in delight.”

The Book of Genesis

As she dried him off and then herself, letting him dry her back she told him a story.

“I believe the Bible left out a key section. After God had made the woman from Adam’s rib he looked at her and decided she needed something more. So he took a finger and inserting it between her legs made a cavity of the most exquisite softness and pleasure. She squealed in delight as he finished and removed his finger.

“The man was standing under a walnut tree and God took from it, two of the nuts, a twig and a large leaf. He made a bag of the leaf and placed the nuts inside, Then he attached the nuts to the twig and attached them all to the man’s body. He touched the twig and it softened and drooped. He stood back with the woman and they laughed at the sight.

“God told the woman, ‘this will be a continuing source of amusement and pleasure for you and for Me. When you wish you can turn the twig hard and it can bring great pleasure to the cavity I have made for you. The hardened twig can implant in the cavity a seed which can grow into children which will be a continuing source of delight through your life.’ “

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!” Sally jumped into the bed with her feet at the pillow and her legs spread. She looked at his drooping cock, “I guess my story wasn’t too stimulating.”

Kyle lay next to her, his head on the pillow, his limp cock at her face. “I’m sure you can remedy that. Like the story says.”


“I don’t get a lot of chance to see soft ones. They seem to harden in my presence,” she joked. In fact, Kyle’s was growing as she spoke. It had been only a couple of inches long and the foreskin completely covered the head. At that time it was puckered almost a quarter inch beyond the tip. Now it was over three inches long. She could make out the complete outline of the tip as is crept up the foreskin, spreading it open. She didn’t touch it and it stopped growing at four or five inches, the foreskin just covering the tip. She reached out to feel his balls.

Kyle relaxed, looking at the soft, down covered genitals she presented to him. Soft pillows of flesh around a slit from which peeked two thin, pink petals. He felt her caressing his balls and reached out to gently touch the petals. They responded by growing slightly and becoming subtly more pink. Dampness glistened on the inner surface as they separated at his touch. He spread them with his fingers to see the tiny nub glistening inside its protective hood. It hardened and protruded from its hood as he massaged it lightly.

Sally felt the hard, oval balls rotating leisurely in their wrinkled, hair covered sack. She began gently tracing the veins on the shaft with her finger and watched the bright pink tip once again emerge from the foreskin. She pushed the foreskin off the tip and began to move her tongue around the raised edge. She gasped as Kyle pushed two fingers into her. She wrapped her mouth around his cock, licking at the tip which exuded salty pre-cum.

Kyle drove his fingers into the warm moist cavity up to her cervix. He felt around the cervix and then withdrew until he felt the roughness of her G-spot. He began massaging the G-spot while his thumb worked on her clit. Suddenly the soft, warm genitals where pulled from him and her mouth was no longer surrounding his cock.

Before he could ask what she was doing she had pushed him onto his back, straddled him and sat. His cock sunk into her vaginal sheath up to the hilt. She began rotating her hips to bring pressure on all sides of the fleshy shaft inside her. He reached up, grasped her at the waist and began thrusting his hips repeatedly upward. She moaned as his pubic hair repeatedly brushed at her swollen clit.

He threw caution to the winds. Before he had penetrated her gently and slowly. Now he drove himself into her hard and fast. She found herself unable to continue rotating her hips in the face of his relentless pounding. Instead she just moved herself up and down on the shaft in time with his thrusts.

He felt the tension rising in his groin but continued his movements. He tightened his crotch to hold back the oncoming orgasm and continued to drive into her. The sensation became unbearable but he continued. He was unable to hold it back and with a groan he exploded into her but continued thrusting up and down.

Sally was reaching the point of maximum arousal when she felt the warm liquid oozing out. He was driving into her so furiously that she hadn’t noticed his orgasm and as he kept it up she began gasping only to shudder with the exhilaration of her own orgasm.

As she shuddered and he felt her abdomen quiver he knew he had reached his goal and relaxed, allowing her to settle onto his cock which now began to shrink. She collapsed onto him. He stroked her hair as she ran her fingers over his chest.

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