Safe At Home

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Home Alone

There was nothing worth watching on TV and every song in his iPod had been played re-played and shuffled a hundred times. Even surfing the web was boring tonight. Just then a spam ad popped up on the screen of his laptop that promised;

Thousands of horny housewives performing live on their private web cams! Free!

“Free? Really? aw,what the hell!” CLICK!

The computer screen blinked, and he was whisked away to one of a thousand so called horny milf websites. He was told to sign in as a “guest” and he dutifully followed the instructions. It only took a minute, and shit, it was free after all. Clicking on page after page trying to find a nice looking lady who he could stand “performing on her private web cam” for more than thirty seconds was a real challenge, but finally he found one and clicked on the profile of a fine looking lady named “Stormy”.

“Dear lord,” he thought, snickering under his breath, how long must it take for a stripper to come up with a stage name?”

“What the fuck.” he thought. Tonight I’m with Stormy!” He clicked on her little pretend bedroom window and the pretend curtains opened. There she was, in shear red panties and bra, rubbing her obviously enhanced, way too perfect breasts. A text window popped up on his screen with a pre-written;

“Hello!” blinking on it. “What can I do for you tonight?” The text window prompted.

She was really cute too. A very tall thin brunette, ironing board flat stomach, long shapely legs . . . a real beauty. He figured her to be maybe around thirty-something. A real MILF!

“Free? Well, there’s nothing else to do tonight. Here goes!” he said to himself.

“Take off your bra!” was about all that sprang to mind, and though not very original, he figured it would be as good a place as any to start.

“Love to!” she leaned over and tapped into the laptop keyboard lying on the night stand next to her bed. “That’s easy!”

Her breasts were obviously bought and paid for, but he had to admit, they were fucking perfect.

He started wondering what else she’d do for free.

“By the way, what’s you name?” She asked.

“Bud” he typed back laughing at the ridiculous name he’d just invented for himself. What the hell. As long as the wife didn’t get any “Welcome to our Website” emails from this place, he’d be fine. He could always say that he didn’t know how they got this IP address and besides, he’d just tell her “There ain’t no Bud here, so get off my back woman!”

He was really cocky when he wasn’t really talking to her.

“Anything else Bud?” or are you done for the night?” More text suddenly appeared on his screen.

“Shit, I don’t know. Take your panties off and finger yourself!” he speed typed, feeling the excitement starting to grow inside him.

“Wow! This is incredible, this hottie is my sex slave for the night. This is great!”

“I’ll need your credit card number to do that Bud,” she typed back. She got up from the bed and slowly walked closer to the web cam and started pulling down her panties.

“I’ll do any dirty little thing you ask honey. It’s only Fifty Six ninety-five for each hour and I can go a long time with you Bud. Now what’s that Credit card number baby?”

A sickening vision roared into his head. “Hey honey, what’s this new charge on our card? And what’s a milf?”

“Shit!” CLICK! and off went Stormy into the great unknown.

“Fuck!” he shouted out loud, “Another sure thing gone bad. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. Now what?”

She was pretty fucking hot though. The image of that hot body was etched in his brain now as his mind wandered. What would it be like to really have a girl that looked like that? he wondered.

The years had not been kind to him or his wife as far as looks go, but he tried his best to stay in shape, and could still get it up when he had to. His cock was a healthy and thick seven inches that didn’t know it’s actual age.

His pretty wife had taken very good care of herself over the past sixteen years. She taught yoga for the over forty set, and still had a pretty firm little body. But after that many years. . .

“Hey it’s the same old meal on a different night ya know? A man needs variety!” as his buddies would say.

And what a set of tits that Stormy had. Holy shit!

“Man, I’d love to put my throbbing dick between those beauties and have her blow me.”

He could easily imagine her slender fingers grabbing and pulling at his big dick, staring at it with her warm, wet mouth, open and panting, licking her lips, hungry to swallow every drop of cum he could shoot at her pretty face.

His dick instantly reacted to the fantasy. One hand made it’s way down to his crotch and slipped inside his pajamas. He started squeezing his half soft dick and stroking his balls until it started to swell. “Fuck it. I’ll just get off right here, thinking bahis firmaları about that little whore, and be done with it. Then I can grab a cold beer and watch the end of the game.”

A perfect night at home alone. Just him, a beautiful stripper, a can of beer, football, and a tissue full of cum.

The wife was out for the evening, and he always used this quiet time in the house alone to jack off. It wasn’t often, but whenever the opportunity presented itself, he would head straight to the bedroom where he’d lay back with a handful of lotion and treat himself to a raging orgasm usually fueled by mental images of a hot neighbor or two, or one of the sexy blond newscasters he ogled every night.

Their sex life together had gradually gone to shit, like so many long-time couples, but he still loved jacking off whenever possible. It was pretty much all he had left for a sex life.

But right now, he couldn’t get the sight of those outrageously perfect breasts out of his mind.

“My god. . . what would sucking on something like those beauties feel like? Taste like? I’ll bet she smells like fresh cut flowers.”

His hand was full of thick, hard cock by now, which he pulled out of the opening in the front of his PJs. Next, he undid the two well worn buttons, which never actually stayed closed by themselves anyway. “Oh yeah, that’s it baby!” His fantasy girl was virtually stroking his big cock between her amazing tits, and he felt it get harder with every dirty word he said to her. His balls started to ache, and he considered going to the bedroom to shoot his load, but right now, right here, this felt really good. He couldn’t move. His legs started to tighten. His polka dot jammies dropped completely to the floor as he reached down to hold his balls.

His mind drifted away. “I’ll bet she’s an amazing blow job.” Pulling down hard on the shaft of his now steel hard rod, he could feel that rush from deep inside his balls signaling that shooting his cum all over the face of his fantasy sex slave was just around the corner. His breathing got faster and louder, his hand working his cock like a jackhammer breaking up concrete. Stroking it faster and . . .


The old hardwood floor just outside of the TV room suddenly made the unmistakable sound of someone stepping on the one squeaky board that he’d been meaning to fix for years.

“Honey I’m home. We left early because. . .” his wife said, turning the corner slowly. Her voice sounded soft and almost apologetic for coming home earlier than expected, and she was about to continue her story. . . when she abruptly stopped and froze in place. Any other time, she might have turned and quietly slipped back into the kitchen, and the situation would never again be mentioned. But instead, this time, she just stood, mouth agape, and stared. She let her purse fall to the floor with a thud.

“Holy shit” he said, shocked out of his dream state, trying to hide what he’d been doing, but not hiding it very well. He hadn’t even heard the screen door open, he was so lost in his fantasy.The silly look on his face clearly gave him away. He feared she may have heard all the dirty words he was muttering to Little Miss Sugar Tits. It was totally obvious what he’d been doing, since his hard dick was previously standing straight up in his hand, like the main mast on a schooner.

“What are you doing honey? She whispered with mock naiveté. “It looks like you’ve been having fun here without me!” She’d had a few glasses of wine at dinner with the girls from the office and staggering, just a little, was clearly feeling no pain.

“Oh! Hi! I’m sorry hun, I was um. . . you know. . .surfing the web and I um. . . sorta got turned on by some naked pictures, and ya know, I just got really horny and one thing kinda led to another and. . .” His voice trailed off.

“Oh don’t apologize hon.” she said, kicking off her heels, and slowly walking closer to where he was sitting. He quickly slammed his legs back together.

His pajamas however were still at his ankles and the huge hard cock laying against his stomach completely gave him away.

“My my,” She smiled coyly, “What do we have here?”

She came closer still, and he knew he was busted. It was over.

She lightly touched his pulsing cock and whispered “May I help you with that?” Those were words he hadn’t heard in a very long time.

“No, that’s OK hon, I just got a little carried away, I’m sorry.” His voice became a childish whimper.

She leaned over, just inches from his face, and supporting herself by gripping the arms of his chair, she whispered:

“Then may I watch?” A wicked smile crept across her face.

Those words were exactly the ones he wished he’d heard so many times from her. Many times over the years, he would quietly masturbate in their king size bed when he knew she was sound asleep. And he always kaçak iddaa fantasied that she’d suddenly wake up and want to watch him while he made himself cum. But the years past and it never once happened. So instead, he would just clean himself up, roll over and go to sleep.

He liked showing off his massive cock at any opportunity through the years. In men’s locker rooms where fat men with tiny dicks were in everyone’s face, the nude beaches where naked bodies pranced about on sunny days with swinging dicks much smaller than his. Even getting out of the shower at home, he always hoped that she’d be watching and waiting in bed to see his prized possession. He’d step out into the bedroom still drying himself off very slowly and spending more time than actually necessary at his cock and balls.

But she was always sound asleep by then.

He knew he was blessed with something special between his legs and he loved the chance to show it off. But SHE always had to have the lights off and the sheets pulled up to her neck!

Therefore, he was truly shocked by her question, but figured that the wine had lowered her inhibitions tonight to the point where he might actually take advantage of this moment. “What a save!” he thought.

“Oh babe, I’d love it! He said. I mean if you’d really like to watch. Sit down here on the ottoman in front of me. Are you sure you don’t mind? Because I’m getting really turned on at the thought of you watching me get myself off.”

“Actually darling, I’ve wanted to watch you do that for years,” she said. But I always fall asleep too quickly, or you take too long to come up to bed, so I think I probably always miss it. And I’m just too embarrassed to ask you.”

“Wow. If I’d only known,” he thought. I’m gonna have to keep the wine flowing around here!”

She sat down, a little tipsy, right in front of him on the black leather ottoman and watched him lean his head back into the big chair and close his eyes. The thought of her being right there, that close, watching his big strong construction worker’s hand squeeze his cock, made his erection come back to life. He worked it slowly at first, lightly stroking the shaft from the base to the area just below the head. He’d do a few fast strokes then slowly pull it downwards to make it grow even bigger. He loved feeling it throb in his hand.

“Wow, he’s so slow, he’s actually teasing himself!” she thought. He would occasionally open his eyes to see her watching him intently as if she was sitting in the front row at a Sex Ed class. She loved the way he held it in his hand. Differently then the way she had done it for him during so many nights of routine married-people sex. He never once stroked it with a full-on death grip, like she had, but rather caressed and squeezed it with a lighter touch.

She’d pushed and pulled on it for years in their bed, as if she was yanking carrots out of the ground. Not at all the way he was doing it now, to himself. He’d pulled her hand away more than once to make her stop, so she naturally thought she would never learn how to please him correctly. Tonight, she was the student.

Having lived the sheltered life of a good Catholic girl, she’d never been so close to a man pleasuring himself before, and it was starting to turn her on like crazy. She could feel her blood pressure climbing, her breathing quicken. Her limits were being pushed and falling like a house of cards. She started to sweat, and she felt a forgotten warmth stirring once again between her legs. She so wanted to turn around and sit on that beautiful hard cock as she had done a number of times before in bed (in the dark of course) but this time was very different. And she was loving it.

His hand was pulling down on his cock making the skin so tight she thought it would split open. The lights were on and the fire was crackling in the enormous fireplace he’d built using field stones from around their little cabin here in the woods. No neighbors. No traffic. No lights. Just peace and quiet out here. Their vacation getaway. The curtains she’d made herself, were open just enough to hear the rustling trees outside. The kids had moved on and now It was just the two of them up here. Together. She secretly longed to get up and turn off the lights, but the heady buzz from the wine dulled that thought tonight. “Screw it.” She thought. Besides, she wasn’t sure she’d make it over to the light switch without falling over. Her head was spinning from a combination of red wine, and raw passion.

He reached down between his legs and rubbed his balls briefly and let out a quiet, satisfied groan. She watched closely as he sat way back and reached lower still, down to his ass, and stuck the tip of his finger inside himself.

That was all she could stand. Her hand reached down and pulled up on the hem of her skirt. Yanking her soaking wet panties to one side, she found kaçak bahis her steaming hot clit and started rubbing it in little circles. She felt wilder than ever. In full view of her man, nothing to hide, she wanted to just scream out with pleasure. She too leaned back and spread her legs open wide. Her free hand grabbed at her breast, squeezing it, pinching her nipple. Hard. Her mouth hung open, panting like a bitch in heat.

Hearing her heavy breathing, he opened his eyes ever so slightly to glance over at her, and couldn’t believe the sight. He’d never seen her like this in all their years together. This was a night to remember. Her finger slid deep inside her wet cunt, drawing out her slippery juice and vigorously started playing with herself right in front of him. Her mouth was wide open. Furiously rubbing her clit with her other hand, she was even shocked at herself, but she couldn’t stop. She stared at his bulging cock and her mouth watered. They watched each other intently, breathlessly panting directly into each others faces.

“Oh yes! Fuck! Don’t stop now! Oh fuck yes!” She screamed.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum” she whispered, barely able to breath out the words.

“I want to watch you cum! Right now! Cum for me baby! Show it to me! Give me that hot cum!” Her voice was slightly louder now, moaning every obscenity she’d ever learned, and he knew it would be soon for both of them. This new version of his loving wife was driving him out of his mind. He focused only on giving her exactly what she was begging him for.

His balls really started to ache inside and he could feel the cum rising up, reaching that point, ready to explode out of that massive throbbing cock like a volcano spewing hot lava. He jerked off his swollen dripping cock faster than ever before. Harder. Faster.

“Oh MY GOD!” He yelled out.

This was so much better than having cyber sex with Stormy! He thought. And besides, he wondered, how the fuck could he ever keep typing?

His orgasm kept getting closer, closer, and closer still. Sweat was beading up on his forehead. She noticed another glistening drop of, what she later found out, was called pre cum, dribble from his huge throbbing dick that he used as a lube to stroke it even faster. She saw that his massive cock was wet and shiny now from his own slippery fluid. He was right on the edge, at the point of no return.

She too, rubbed herself faster and faster, following his lead. She jerked her head back and her hair flipped back over her head and down her back. Her fiery dark eyes were wide open and staring at his cock as never before, as if her gaze alone would make it shoot. Her legs started to shake uncontrollably. Her orgasm exploded as a loud scream came from the bottom of her soul. She grunted and bucked against her hand, fucking herself with two soaked fingers. Her entire body was shaking. He opened his eyes to see her sitting spread eagle, vaginal walls clamped tightly around her soaking wet fingers, eyes blazing at his throbbing, glistening cock.

“Put it in your mouth! Now!” he shouted at her, and she immediately dropped to her knees in front of him. Spreading his knees out even farther, she buried his pulsing, cum-squirting cock as far back into her mouth as far as possible, and felt the warm, salty fluid she’d been waiting for, shoot down the back of her throat. She licked his dick up and down the slippery wet shaft while his cum continued to flow out from his big full balls, leaking out of her mouth, down his shaft, between her fingers and over her lips. He had to pull her away after being completely drained of every last drop, and fell back into the chair in a heap of man juice, saliva and sweat. She licked off every drop of the warm cum she’d let fall from her mouth onto his balls and pubic hairs, and swallowed the little bit that was left in her mouth.

“He tastes so good.” She thought. He’d often said that about her, but this was a first for her. She promised him, and herself, it would not be the last.

He reached out and pulled her close to him and laid her head on his chest, damp with sweat.

Still on her knees, her hands held his sticky, wet cock and balls between her two bare breasts. “Where the hell did my bra go anyway?” she wondered.

She softly kissed his stomach, licking up whatever drops of his cum she found along the way. He stroked her hair, hoping they might fall asleep like this. It was Heaven on earth.

“That was incredible, she said. I’d love to watch you do that again, whenever you want. Just wake me up if I’m sleeping. OK? Please?”

She looked up at him glassy eyed, and smiled.

“You’re amazing baby,” he said, wiping a small drop of his cum from her chin. I’ve never seen you do that before.

We’ve both learned a lot tonight huh? I guess you CAN teach old dogs new tricks!”

“We need to do this again. . . soon.” She whispered.

Slowly drifting off to sleep, he whispered back: “Absolutely baby, whatever you want.”

You know. . .life is good. He thought to himself.

And even better. . . when it’s free!

The End

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