Conjugal Rites

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“Please Lord, please help me.”

I continue to sob. It must have been an hour since everybody left, two hours since mass had ended and still, I kneel upon the hassock crying, praying and hoping divine inspiration will hit me.

No inspiration comes; no voice from the Lord; no respite from my anguish.

“What the fuck am I doing here?” I ask myself. I wipe my face as the tears continue their flow down my reddened cheeks.

“Are you okay?”

I open my eyes and look around. From my kneeling position all I see at eye level are a pair of tiny black denim shorts below a studded belt with a skull buckle. Confused as my reverie is broken, my gaze is transfixed for a few seconds. I start lifting my head, until I see the face of the girl standing to my right. Her piercing blue eyes, encompassed by the heavy black makeup, seem to be staring into my soul.

“Mr Phillips?” she questions.

“Evelyne?” I ask back. “Wow I haven’t seen you in years. How are you?”

“Just Eve now Mr Phillips. I am good thanks, just got back from Uni. Was hoping mum was here to give me a lift home. What’s wrong Mr Phillips, why are you crying?”

“If I am to call you Eve, you can stop with the Mr Phillips shit, please call me Matt. Honestly, I will be okay, you don’t want to hear about my troubles.”

“So glad you talk like a normal person, my mum freaks out if I say the slightest swear word for fuck’s sake. I even get told off for saying Christ if I drop something. Please get off the kneeler and budge up so I can sit.”

My mood begins to lift and for the first time I glance at the beauty of the young lady next to me. Long raven black hair; a short crop top with some weird font text upon it; several visible piercings accentuating her nose, lips and exposed belly button; the shorts which I now see have suspenders dangling below leading to some torn fishnet stockings and some large black leather boots with “New Rock” adorning them. She also has several tattoos, on her legs, stomach and chest above her top “I wonder how much further those go?” I ask myself. I can’t see if her arms have any due to the long black trench coat but I will be shocked if they don’t

“So Uni” I ask “what are you studying? Just got back today?”

“Yeah, psychology at UCL. Got back last night but went to a concert and stayed at; a friend’s place.” She says with a smile.

“Don’t worry I was young once. Your secret is safe with me.”

“Thanks Mr Phil… Matt” She corrects herself. “I don’t think mum would understand.”

“What band did you go to see?” I ask determined to keep this friendly and the distraction from my problems is a welcome one.

“Oh, I doubt you would have heard of them. They are quite; underground.”

“Fair enough, I nearly didn’t recognise you. You have definitely “grown up” from when I last saw you. My wife always talked about how good you were during the Sunday School she runs. That must have been eight years ago?”

“Nine Mr Phil; sorry Matt. Yeah, stopped going to church when I was 11, I was twenty last month.” She put her hand on my knee, bedava bahis I jump with a slight shock. “Matt, I see you are deflecting my question. Are you okay? Actually, I fucking know you are not okay; so please tell me what is upsetting you so.”

That didn’t sound like a question. I look down at my feet shuffle them slightly. I tap my hand on the one she has upon my knee. I open my mouth as if to start speaking. Nothing comes out.

“Matt!” She says, not loudly but firmly. I look up, her cerulean eyes catch mine and I can’t break her gaze. “Tell me.”

A single tear runs down my face. “Vivian and I are having problems and I don’t know how best to proceed. I love them both so much and I try to be a good husband and father to Mary. However, I don’t feel any reciprocation. Since we have had Mary, she has not wanted any intimate contact at all. Sometimes a peck on the cheek or a closed mouth kiss that lasts a second. We don’t hug when watching the TV and now we are in separate bedrooms. Today is our twentieth wedding anniversary and she is running a Sunday School retreat with your mother for the kids; I haven’t evening received a fucking text. What am I supposed to do?”

I break down and start to sob again. Eve takes me in her arms, pats my back as I cry into her shoulder.

“Let it all out Matt. Let the pain out.”

Other than my crying there is no other noise in the church. After a few minutes I begin to regain my senses. Eve smells fantastic, a musky aroma. The leather mixed with her heady scent is intoxicating. She holds me tightly; I can feel her strength in the embrace and it calms me further. Finally, we part. This time her eyes seem almost angry.

“What a cunt!” Eve spits out. “I never liked the bitch when she ran Sunday School, now I hate the cunt for what she is doing to you. You were always kind Matt and accepted me for who I was. I imagine you do that to everyone. Her hypocritical, dogmatic Christian bullshit fucks me off. She has a kind man as a husband as uses her “faith” to deny him the loving caring relationship he…you deserve. Makes me want to fucking puke”

The forcefulness of her language takes me by surprise. I start to speak; she raises her finger to my lips silencing me. The sharpened black coloured talon and silver jewellery contrast with her alabaster skin beautifully.

“Shush; you were about to defend that vile cow. Don’t. Yes, you are married and with that comes with loyalty and compromise. You have given so much and what has she given back to you? Fuck all. No intimacy, no warmth, no compassion and not even your conjugal rights. When was the last time you wanked?”

Again, her forthright tone shocks me. She can tell I am embarrassed. She looks at me with those azure orbs and emboldens me. I know she will not judge me.

“I have to be careful because Vivian thinks masturbation is sinful and we argue if she catches me.” Eve scoffed. “I did it a week ago Thursday in the shower when she and Mary were at bible study. I haven’t since, I was hopeful we might make love today as bedava bonus it is our twentieth. No such joy I suppose.”

“Hmm, come with me.” she says as she takes my hand and picks up a bible.

“Where are we going” I ask perplexed yet exhilarated by the direction our conversation is taking.

“Here.” she states matter-of-factly as we stop outside the confessional chamber. Get in and take a seat. There is no arguing with her. As I do so she follows me closing the door. She kneels before me and starts to undo my jeans. I protest and try to remove her hands from my flies.

“Really Matt, you are saying you don’t want my lips around your dick emptying those big full balls? Trust me, you are going to revel in every filthy fucking second of this. Just sit back and enjoy. Forgive me father, for I am about to sin and I fucking love it.”

As she talks this filth I become erect. She undoes my jeans and unleashes my rock-hard phallus. Her eyes gaze into mine as my prick disappears in-between those full black lips. Her technique is masterful; a perfect combination of kissing, sucking and wanking me with her tight grip. The rings on her fingers so cool in stark contrast to the warmth of her breath.

Long and hard are her strokes. Moving from base to tip of my throbbing member. Each hand motion feels so good and brings me closer to my eventual release. I can see the lust in her eyes as her lips, once again, envelope me. She is using only one hand and I can sense from the moans she makes and the smell in the tiny chamber she is rubbing herself too. Such skill to keep both hands and her mouth active simultaneously.

“Not yet.” she said as she senses I am near. She moves her body up bringing her mouth to mine. We kiss deeply and passionately, the combination of her natural flavour and my precum tastes so sweet.

She had unfastened her tiny shorts and isn’t wearing any panties. “Finger me, fill my cunt.” this is no request. I started with my index finger. She is so moist, my digit moved passed her labia without resistance and I find more piercings. I pull out, she groans disappointedly. Only to moan in pleasure as I push my index and middle finger into her, forcibly and deeply as my thumb massages her pierced clit. Again and again I force my fingers deep into her wanton pussy, hitting her cervix. Her cries of pleasure and scent fill the booth.

She moves her face next to my head, kissing my neck in predatory lust. She removes my hand from her gash and starts sucking my fingers voraciously. It is almost like she is fellating them. After letting them slip from her mouth our tongues entwine as we share her juices. “Shove it up my arse.” she whispers. Sodomise me with your finger Matt.

Without hesitation I move my arm around her leg; pulling her closing too me so her chest is caressing my face and with force I pushed my index finger deep inside her unholiest of holes.

She moans deep and loud. I continued my rhythmic gyrations inside her ass. She bites my neck and shoulder trying to quieten herself. Each thrust of my digit deneme bonusu causes her to bite harder. She bites so vigorously she draws blood. This excites her even more as she sucks the wound like a B-Movie vampire; covering her tongue, mouth and face with the sanguine fluid. She kisses me again sharing by irony blood.

“Fuck; I’m coming.” She states as she moves her ass backwards so my finger could go no deeper.


I remove my finger from her anal cavity and she sucks that clean too. “Is there anything this girl won’t do?” I ask myself.

“Hmm; tasty.” She states, eyes glazed with lust. “Thank you.”

With that she kneels again taking my cock in her moist hands and pumps furiously. “Cum for me you pervy parishioner.” She looks straight into my eyes. “Cum for me, think of the things I will do for you that your frigid cunt of a wife won’t. Betray your wife, betray your marriage vows and betray your God…”


With that I cum like never before. Geyser like streams of my spunk fly everywhere as she finishes her sentence “…for me. Good boy.”

Again, we kiss and hold each other nearly spent. She picks up the Bible and tears some pages from it; smiling as she does so. She uses the coarse paper to clean her hands of most of the thick globules of ejaculate that are covering it. Showing no respect to the holy book she continues to use it upon her pussy and ass to clean them thoroughly.

“That was fucking awesome Matt” she whispers breathlessly.

“Yes, thank you. The best anniversary present I could ever have asked for.”

She pulls her shorts back up and leaves the confessional chamber leaving me; my cock still out visible to the entire, fortunately empty, room. She sashays her way to the stoup to wash her hands and face more thoroughly.

“I wonder who might get your dead spunk on their forehead” She laughs to herself at the idea. “Closest to your cum that wilted wife of yours has been in years.”

I start to regain the feeling in my legs and reach down to get the bible to clean myself as my twenty-year-old temptress had done. “Hang on Matt, having done that for you as an anniversary present; I want you to do something for me.”

“Oh? Okay? Of course, what do you want me to do for you?”

“Go home smelling of me, and you and our lust. Remind yourself that you are still a sexual being and have needs Matt. Also, secretly I want that cunt of a wife to smell my juices as you kiss her goodnight.” She sniggers again. “And when you wank tonight, which I am sure you will; that smell will remind you of me. I would like that very much.”

“Not sure I want Viv to even get a whiff of your exquisite aroma Eve; but of course, I will do as you ask.”

“Here is my number; WhatsApp me. It’s encrypted end to end so we can talk about all sorts of filth there. Thrust me Matt I am going to make this a summer you will never forget. You get along and rub one off before wifey and Mary get home. Mum will be were soon I want to tidy up; a bit. If only not to incriminate ourselves.”

With that she leaps up to me we hugged tightly, my cock stirring again. “Down boy. We have 3 months to fill.” Then her tongue was in my mouth.

Just as suddenly was it in there she removes it and walks away, ass swaying. See you soon…Mr Phillips.

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