Welcoming Committee

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The woman’s name was Scarlet, which also happened to be the color of her hair. Not that you could tell, from the bandana covering her head, tied neatly behind her. The only substance harder to remove from hair that chewing gum was paint, as far as she was concerned. So far, the cloth on her head had saved her hair, but not her clothes- she was freckled in white and green paint she noticed, kneeing down to fix a silver dollar sized hole in the wall. The jeans and shirt were old and faded anyway.

The house was in an advanced state of disrepair, though that suited Scarlet just fine. It was cheaper to finance anyway, and the room for improvement made this home an investment that could prove useful if she ever decided to refinance. The only down side is the house was quite unlivable upon habitation, but she was doing her best to make it work, and for the present that meant the bedroom first. Scarlet had barely finished applying the spackle to the hole in the wall when she heard a voice across the house.

Rising and dusting off her torn jeans now covered in plaster and dust, Scarlet moved quickly to the door, wondering who could be calling on her. Her family had already flaked on helping her, so surely no one was coming today. She was surprised to see a man at the screen door, holding food and trying to look in the dark house without appearing to do so. He was taller and heavier, but his face had a ready smile and he seemed non-threatening as he stood on her porch.

“Hello, welcome to the neighborhood. I’m Cedric, from across the street.” He said, pointing and stepping back to allow the screen door to open. It didn’t. “I guess I’m the welcoming committee.”

“Hello…. and thanks.” She said from the door. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Cedric remembered why he was there.

“Oh,” he said, “I’m sorry. I wanted to invite you to lunch.” Cedric held up two large grease-stained bags and some bottled coca-cola. His smile never left his face for the three seconds it took Scarlet to determine that whether his intentions were honorable or despicable, it was probably safe to let him in the house…

Cedric breathed a little easier when she opened the door for him and he stepped inside after wiping his feet. It was a muggy day outside, with oppressive overcast clouds insulating the ground with warm, wet air. Inside the house it was cooler only because every door and window was open, and there wasn’t much in the way of insulation to start. The house looked like a disaster, gray spackled walls everywhere, plastic sheets and tools covering the hard wood floor and not one creature comfort, save for the plastic covered bed in the next room.

“It’s a local place,” Cedric said, “One of my favorites. I didn’t know what you’d prefer, so I got chicken and beef sandwiches.”

“I don’t suppose it ever occurred to you that I’m a vegetarian?” Scarlet asked,, enjoying the look of terror and embarrassment on his face before grabbing the pastrami sandwich and chowing down on it. “I’m Scarlet, by the way.”

“Well, again Scarlet, welcome.” Cedric said, reaching for the other sandwich.

“And again, thank you Cedric.” She said giggling. It came out very naturally that, no, she doesn’t live alone and yes, she has kids but no, no man and the kids are with grandma until the house is in better shape.

“Well, uh, I could help you out on weekends.” Cedric offered, placing the wrapper into bag and frowning. “I’m afraid you have some mustard there. May I?” He said, reaching out with a napkin and wiping the yellow dribble from the corner of her mouth before smoothing her skin with his thumb. It was a forward move and he was rewarded by her smile. Scarlet shivered ever so slightly at the touch of his finger gliding across her lip. It brought a heat to her cheeks as she gazed at his friendly face and wondered if all his touches were as gentle and graceful.

The experience seems as enjoyable for bahis firmaları him as it is for her. The look on his face priceless, one of mixed terror and enjoyment, his eyes arched wide in anticipation for a positive response…

“Thank you…” she replied from behind closed eyes and pursed lips.

“I really appreciate lunch,” Scarlet finished, “You’re very sweet, but I have to get back to the wall.”

“Well, I can help if you like!” Cedric offered a bit quickly. Anything to stay in her company.

Scarlet considered this for a moment, thinking about some work she has to do before tonight…and another consideration that she’d hardly thought about at all. He was cute, in an awkward kind of way. Very eager…and very sweet. Probably a worthy and powerful lover, if he knew what he was doing…and that was a risk worth taking.

“I’d love some help.” She said, warming up a bit, and seeming to Cedric to cause the entire room to brighten. “I’m just about to start the trim on the walls.”

“I’d love to help with your Trim” was the reply. It was all he could do not to groan, though by the look of amusement on her face, Scarlet wasn’t overly offended. Instead, she put Cedric right to work, taping and working on the floor while she brought in a step-ladder from another room. Her shirt was very loose fitting before, and she’s untucked it letting it hang over her jeans just enough to cover her stomach…

And when she reaches up to paint, Cedric got a nice view all the way up to…

“Would you hand me that tray?” She asked, somewhat proud that her plan had worked so well that Cedric hadn’t even noticed that she was looking right at him.

“Oh…oh! Yeah! Sorry!” He said, standing and moving the paint slowly toward her so as not to spill a drop. Not that it mattered much….

“Thank you….” Her voice trailed off as, reaching down for the tray, she knocked it out of his hand and it crashed to the floor, spattering paint everywhere.

“I’m so sorry!” They yelled together and she, hoping off the stepladder, stooped down to clean up the mess. She’d covered the floor with plastic thankfully, so it was a matter of scooping as much paint into the tray as possible….

“You’re clothes,” she said next…

“Oh, it’s fine,” Cedric shook his head, still embarrassed. His mind raged that if he’d been holding that tray tighter and paying a little less attention to her skin, this would not have happened.

“No, come on, there’s still time to save them!” She said, laughing as she grabbed him by the wrist and took him to the washroom. Inside was an antiquated washing machine that didn’t work and an old water header that barely did.

“Here,” she said, untying his shoes and sliding them off. Her hands went up to his belt and he didn’t stop her, he just watched dumbfounded as she unfastened his belt, his pants and pulled them down to his ankles…

“Take off your shirt,” She said, no more sexually than reading cooking instructions, but the effect was lightening fast. He stepped out of his jeans and pulled his t-shirt over his head, dropping both into the laundry room sink. Scarlet smiled up at him before standing and doing the same with her own paint-spattered jeans and shirt. She hadn’t bothered with a bra.

She flipped on the water in the sink to soak their clothes and turned to face him. She moved in quickly, pressing her body against his and placing a sodden hand on his chest.

“I never thanked you properly for your hospitality…” she said.

Cedric leaned in and kissed her gently, as his hands found their way up her back. Scarlet moaned softly around her kiss as he brushed her spine with his fingertips, sticking his tongue out to do the same with her lips before taking her back into an embrace. They stood there, in the washroom for what seemed a long time, running hands up and down each other’s bodies. Scarlet broke her kiss and wrapped her arms around kaçak iddaa Cedric neck, squeezing her breasts against him and sighing into his flesh. It was his cue to slide the palms of his hands down to her asscheeks, pulling her into him to her audible delight.

Cedric pressed Scarlet against the kitchen wall, still a mess of crumbling tile and plaster. The rough wall made her cry out in surprise and delight and his hands held her there as he made small nibbles at her ear, moving down slowly to her jaw, her neck and her collar. His hands found her breasts and began kneading them, fondling them gently. Scarlet rewarded him with a moan that surprised even her…her impressions were correct. He was good.

His face lowered down to her breast and he began to kiss and nibble the flesh atop it. Again Scarlet moaned and brought her hand up to run her fingers through Cedric’s hair, grabbing a handful softly. Her grip tightened as Cedric slide his tongue down to her nipple and begain licking it slowly, moistening it so that it would be erect in the warm, sultry air. His hold on her opposite breast loosened and her took her other nipple between his fingers and began slowly rubbing it back and forth, working it enough to let her feel it but not yet enough to cause pain.

Cedric took her breast into his mouth and sucked on it, bringing his teeth down softly on the nipple he’d just been licking and biting. Scarlet let out another deep moan as she pushed the back of his head to her bosom, her nails piercing into his back. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, a sanguine smile on her lips as she finished letting out a deep breath between her teeth.

Cedric’s hand left her breast and slid down to her stomach, grabbing what little there was that women all hated and called “baby fat” but all men secretly loved. It didn’t linger there…as he moved his head off her breast with one last tug on her now erect nipple, he slid his hand further down and atop her panties, hardly distinguishable from the rest of her skin, creamy flesh colored fabric covering her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

“Mmmm-hmmmm,” Scarlet hummed, shaking her head slowly up and down. Cedric took her other breast in and stroked his hand downward against her damp crotch. It was wet and warm, a feeling that made Cedric smile to himself, an accomplished feeling knowing he had done that to her. Cedric lifted her leg up, placing her on the edge of the washtub and brushing her panties aside, placed a finger on the outside folds of her skin…

His own breathing now heavy, Cedric slide his middle finger up and down her pussy as he positioned his mouth on her outstretched neck. Scarlet could feel his warm breath on her skin, now tingling with electricity as his teeth began to take bits of flesh into his mouth. Cedric moved his hand lower, placing the tip of his middle finger on her anus and applying a tiny bit of pressure, and sliding up between her lips, over her opening and right past her clitoris, making her writhe and squirm.

Cedric found her mouth again and kissed her deeply, his tongue rolling over her and exploring back into her mouth, as one hand held her upright and the other tugged at the hem of her panties, pulling them down and off of her. Scarlet was very cooperative, so he stroked her womanhood again, and then again, each time to her squealed delight.

Scarlet arched her back to press against him as Cedric zeroed in on her clit. He formed two fingers over it and began rubbing the skin on top and around her in tiny circles, making her breathing shallow and voice tremble.

“Right there,” she managed to gasp, telling Cedric all he needed to know. He kept that motion alternating just a little to find her clit as it swayed around her, tight, light circles around her until he could feel her sex running down his leg. Scarlet gasped one last time and held her breath until she let it all out with a heavy sigh. Her eyes opened kaçak bahis and the look there was that of a lioness eyeing her prey.

Scarlet smiled wide and kissed him deeply both hands on his cheeks before bending her knees and kissing his neck, his chest, his stomach, until she was on her knees before him. She practically ripped off his boxer shorts and found him already waiting for her, nearly smacking her in the chin with his erection. She looked up to him as her hand reached up for his member and began to stroke it firmly, her tongue leaping out to lick his scrotum. It was Cedric’s turn to moan as Scarlet took the tip of his penis into her mouth and sucked on it, licking the slit with her tongue. Slowly, she inched up more on him until he was nearly inside her completely, until she dragged her mouth off of him, leaving a wet trail of saliva along his shaft.

The air was cold on his penis, but not for long as Scarlet quickly took him back into her mouth again, bobbing up and down with increasing momentum. Cedric’s hands came down to her, running his fingers through her hair and taking in the sight before him. Occasionally, she would release him to run her tongue up and down his shaft and around his head, which nearly pushed him over the edge. When she wrapped her arm around him, taking him nearly all the way in and began flicking the top of his anus, he had to pull her off of him, lifting her gently by the neck again for another deep kiss.

“The bedroom,” He said.

Scarlet again led her new lover by the wrist, back to her bed that was covered in plastic. She bent down to grab a corner, with the intention of removing it, but felt powerful hands on her waist, holding her into position. Cedric lifted a foot to the rail of the bed and entered her from behind, but only for a moment…he went in a few inches and withdrew quickly, over Scarlet’s whimpered protest.

“Please,” Scarlet asked, her voice frail and cracking.

Cedric loved to tease, and he slid himself in about half way before slowly pulling back out, again listening to Scarlet’s disappointment. Finally, he slid in all the way and stayed there, feeling the silky walls of Scarlet’s vagina go back and forth across his cock. Cedric increased his tempo and was soon pounding into Scarlet. He reached up pulled her hair behind her, never stopping his back and forth motion. Scarlet started to moan as she rested her face and chest on her bed and reached down to furiously rub her clit. Her voice was broken and choppy from the pounding, but clear above the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

“f-f-f-fuck m-m-meeee” She gasped.

Suddenly, Cedric felt his crotch soaked again as she came all over him, and it was almost fatal to feel, but he managed to control his orgasm, waiting until after she’d finished moaning. As she leaned over the bed, breathing heavily, Cedric pulled out and roughly rolled her onto her back. He scooted her ass up onto the bed and entered her again, this time facing her.

While Scarlet balanced herself with her arms, her legs wrapped around him. Cedric knew he was close, and began massaging her clit while he slid up and down, in and out of her. Soon, she was moaning again and he began playing with a breast at a time as well, staring at the expression of utter wanton desire on her face.

“Cum with me,” she gasped, reaching another one quickly.

And with that sentence, Cedric lost control. He nearly buckled over from the power of his orgasm, but never stopped thrusting. And the feeling of him Cumming in her pushed Scarlet over as well, as she felt him release inside her, the waves of her own orgasm rippled up and down her body, leaving her breathless. She collapsed onto the plastic covered bed and Cedric finally pulled out, laying next to her and staring at the unfinished ceiling. Scarlet rolled on top of him and rested her head on his chest while he stroked her spine, as graceful and gentle as before.

“At this rate,” she said, after a few minutes of satisfied cuddling, It’ll take a year of weekends to finish this house…” and she was glad to have a friend in the neighborhood to help her with some handiwork.

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