The Beach House

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What was supposed to be a fun and exciting weekend at the beach had turned into a disaster, and most of the stay had been absolutely miserable. Even now, as Renee sat on the veranda, letting the ocean breeze blow through her hair and across her face while she watched the moon and stars glitter off the dark surface of the water, what should have been a peaceful night was shattered by the sounds of arguing in one of the bedrooms on the second floor of the condo, so loud that it rattled the glass of the picture window behind her.

She sighed. Her sister, Bea, and her sister’s husband, Rich, had come to blows almost as soon as they’d landed in the gorgeous condo just steps from the sandy shoreline. It seemed that there was suspicion that Rich and his secretary were doing the naughty, and it had dragged up a world of other issues that Renee hadn’t been aware of that had plagued their five year marriage.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t come alone, which was probably what they should have done. Renee wished she wasn’t here, though she hadn’t minded the view of Rich’s brother, James, over the past three days. It was really the only redeeming point in this whole trip, under the circumstances. She could tell James felt pretty awkward about the whole thing, too, and though they were both almost terrified to leave Bea and Rich alone for fear they would kill each other or raze the place to the ground, they’d managed to escape to the water and for a few walks here and there to relieve some of the tension.

Of course, every time Renee looked at James, she could think of other ways she wanted to relieve a different kind of tension. His short cropped blond hair was often wild and had just a hint of red in it that reflected in the sun, and his tanned skin showed off every rippling, lean muscle in his body. He had an easy, playboy smile that made her shiver with delight each time he gave it to her, and his green eyes held flecks of yellow that intrigued her and made it hard to look away.

It didn’t help that he had a sense of humor and was a genuinely nice guy, despite the bad boy tattoos on his arms and legs and the motorcycle he had named Chelsea that was his pride and joy.

She sighed to herself. There were moments she thought she sensed chemistry between them, but it was hard to tell under the circumstances. And it’s not like she should expect anything. As far as she knew, James had his eye on someone back home. They hadn’t discussed their own personal lives to that extent, trying desperately not to ruin a few minutes of peace by discussing their siblings’ issues. The subject matter was practically off limits.

Still, she couldn’t help taking his image to bed with her and thinking about having that smooth chest pressed against her breasts while he buried himself so deep inside her she could almost taste it.

Anyway, they were leaving in two days, and she’d find a new crush, putting him behind her. “It’s too loud in there.” Behind her. That’s exactly where he stood as he came through the sliding glass door, the noise following him before being slightly muted again as he shut it behind him. “Nice night.”

Renee nodded, squirming in her seat as he took the chair right next to hers, so close their elbows almost brushed each other. He handed her a bottle of beer he’s already opened, tilting his own in a toast. “Thanks,” she said, grateful for the cool liquid pouring down her throat. It helped to cool the heat that rose in her every time James was present, if only slightly.

With a sigh, James shook his head. “It’s a shame. I don’t think they’ll work it out.”

Renee didn’t think so, either. “Do you think your brother cheated?”

“Probably. He’s just that much of a bastard. It’s the sort of thing we’ve argued about before. I told him if he wants to screw around, he shouldn’t be married.”

Renee eyed him, seeing the sincerity of his words in the expression on his face. She could appreciate that. Needing to change the subject to something lighter, she used it as a Segway. “Is that why you’re not married? So you can screw around?”

He chuckled softly, his eyes twinkling with mirth before his expression grew serious again, and his gaze dropped, sweeping over her. Renee fought the urge to shift uncomfortably under his bahis firmaları assessment, considering she only wore her bikini top and a short sarong. “No, I’ve just been waiting for the right one to come along that made me not want to screw around.”

Suddenly, he was on his feet and reaching for her hand. She let him take it, guardedly. “Where are we going?”

“For a walk. Come on, there’s something I want to show you.”

She couldn’t help but follow him, but the fact that he didn’t let go of her hand made it difficult to breathe. His touch was hot, arousing and soothing at the same time. She’d never reacted this way to simply holding hands with someone, and she wondered again about that chemistry. But this was a man on a mission, drawing her swiftly down the beach so her feet were caked in wet sand by the time he stopped, next to one of the deserted jettisons that was built out into the water.

She looked around, trying to figure out what he wanted to show her, but Renee didn’t see anything of consequence. Narrowing her eyes at him, she asked, “What is it you wanted to show me, James?”

“Two things,” he replied. “First, listen. See how quiet it is?”

He grinned broadly, and she couldn’t help but smile back. “It’s fabulous. What’s the other thing?”

“This.” Still smiling, he stepped toward her, removing all space between them, and took her by surprise as his lips closed over hers in a heart stopping kiss. For a moment, she was too shocked to respond, but then his hand sunk into her hair, his thumb brushing over her cheek, and she sighed, melting against him and kissing him back with all the pent up restraint and desire of the last few days.

His free hand fell to her hip, and he pushed her pelvis forward, showing her the prominent erection he hand. Renee whimpered into his mouth at the evidence of his arousal, and she arched into him, grinding against it, wanting to feel more. He traced fingers over her bare stomach, making her shudder, and then up to her breasts, pushing the cups of the bathing suit out of the way and taunting her flesh. James pinched the hard pebbles her nipples had already become, stroked her breasts, and had her aching for more. She wanted those fingers lower, at the juncture of her thighs, where her pussy wept with need.

As if reading her mind, James let his hand fall lower, gathering the thin material of her sarong and reaching beneath, pushing her bikini to the side and barely stroking her sex, sliding along her folds and groaning when he felt how hot and wet she was. “Jesus, Renee, you’re soaking.”

Gasping for breath through the insatiable desire, she told him, “That’s something I’ve wanted to show you for days.”

His face constricted into a pained expression. “You’re killing me with that.”

Boldly, she reached between them to grab his cock through the thin material of his board shorts. Squeezing with just enough pressure to make him gasp and grunt, Renee replied, “And you’re killing me with this.”

Licking his way from the corner of her mouth along her jaw to that sweet spot just below her ear, he muttered, “I could make you feel so alive with that.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” she challenged.

It was enough. He shoved harder against her palm and she stroked his erection and completely removed her bikini top, followed by the sarong. Dropping to his knees, he pulled the bottom of her suit down, and his hands grasped her thighs, forcing her to stand with her legs further apart, his gaze level with her burning center. When he leaned in and flicked his tongue over her clit, Renee nearly came undone, crying out at the insanity that almost overwhelmed her.

He pulled the swollen, throbbing bundle of nerves into his mouth, licking and sucking and flicking until her resolve broke, along with the dam. She flooded his mouth as her orgasm ripped through her, making her legs quiver until he had to catch her and pull her down with him. Using the sarong to spread on the sand, he laid her down and raised up over her, his body firm as it rested gently on her breasts and stomach.

Renee pulled him into a kiss, delving deep and showing him exactly what she wanted, thrusting her tongue into his mouth over and over. James let his tangle with hers in a crazed kaçak iddaa dance of extreme desire as he grinded his hips into hers, his cock swollen into a long, hard mass against her stomach. She shoved at his shorts, wanting to release his erection, wanting to feel their bodies skin to skin from shoulder to thigh.

Sitting up on his haunches, James tore his shirt over his head and shoved the shorts down, revealing taut abs and a tall, thick cock. Her mouth went dry, and she licked her lips, wanting to touch him, taste him. But he was out of reach, even as he came down, his tongue swirling around her navel and his lips raining kisses over her bare stomach and across her hips. She gasped and writhed, moaning with pleasure.

His hands were everywhere, caressing her thighs, running up her sides and molding her breasts, pinching her nipples and rolling them between his fingers as his mouth followed, drawing them in one at a time and sending sparks from there straight to her pussy, where she yearned for him to touch her again, wanted to feel his hard length penetrating her until she flooded again.

Slowly, he made his way back up her body and captured her mouth, infusing her with passion and desire in a languid but insistent way. He drew out the kiss as he lowered himself between her thighs, positioned to take her and send her into a wild frenzy of ecstasy. But he didn’t enter her, just let his cock rest against her wet slit as he sucked her tongue and nibbled her bottom lip.

Panting and whimpering, she ran her hands along his back, feeling the movement of his toned muscle and admiring the way they bunched and stretched, working together in flawless grace. He broke the kiss but didn’t pull away from her mouth, his lips moving against hers with a delightful buzz as he spoke. “I watched your lips every time you said something, wanting to taste them. And I’ve had to walk away from you so many times when you’ve come out of the waves, dripping wet with your nipples hard, thinking about burying my cock deep inside you and feeling that heat.”

She moaned at the confession. But he wasn’t done. “Tell me you want this. Tell me you want me to fuck you till you can’t breathe and you never want me to stop.”

Oh, god, that sounded amazing. “I want you to fill me up until there’s no room for anything else. I want to bleed and have it smell like you. I want to be raw and broken by the time you’re done.” Renee had never said anything like that to anyone before, but she felt the conviction in her words, knew she meant every syllable. “Please, you’re killing me. Stop waiting. Stop teasing.”

She watched his control break. He’d held back, she realized, not wanting to take that last step without her consent, but now, he trembled with the same need she felt coursing through her body. With a tender hand, he brushed loose hair back from her face and curled his fingers around the back of her neck, drawing her in for a deep, laser sharp kiss. And as his tongue swept over hers, he thrust deep into her, making her arch her back and gasp into his mouth.

He stretched and pulled her, filled her beyond capacity, and it still wasn’t enough. She rocked her hips shamelessly, rubbing her clit against him as he stilled, adjusting to her tightness as her pussy clenched around him, relishing the feel of him pressed against every inch of her, reveling in the way the pressure low in her belly swirled and grew, even before he started sliding in and out of her.

And oh, wasn’t that absolutely heavenly! She wrapped her legs around him, surging against him with each thrust, taking him in as deep as she could, and letting the pure sensation roll over her. Her hard nipples rubbed against the smooth skin of James’ chest, heightening her arousal, and his hand gripping her ass, sliding up her leg to lift her knee over his shoulder so he could shove deeper into her with his throbbing cock had her crying out with utter bliss.

Renee was cracking, her careful façade shattering as she unraveled inside. She burst, her body shaking and her fingers clawing at James’ shoulders as the fire burned through her veins with the heat of a thousand suns. His lips seared her throat with kisses, and his teeth scraped her shoulder as he nipped at her, driving her wild with the kaçak bahis intensity of an orgasm that could have melted steel.

“Yes,” he cried moving faster, more frantic. “Come for me.”

The orgasm had nearly subsided when he said that, making it surge all over again, and she screamed, bucked against him, held on for dear life. This time, as it ebbed, she rolled with him, still buried inside, and he gazed up at her, shocked as she straddled him. She bit her lip smiling down at him. “I’m stronger than I look.”

He chuckled, but she wiped the mirth off his face as she started to ride him, fast and hard, rolling her hips. “Don’t tease,” he grunted, his expression tight and pained. Renee took the cue and sped faster, taking him in deeper, and his hands on her hips guided her, slamming her against them so their bodies slapped together in a frenzied, desperate way.

The orgasm hit her without warning, and she shuddered and cried out. James joined her, spilling hot and heavy inside her and driving her to oblivion as he held her tight against him, pulsing and grunting with his release. The world around them disappeared, and she soared, swam, found herself anywhere but there, on solid ground.

She collapsed on James’ chest, letting the raspy, heavy breathing that caused his lungs to heave and her to rise and fall to lull her back down from her high. Her ear was pressed to his heart, which thudded hard and fast but finally began to slow, drawing hers back down to a normal rhythm with it. And she shivered as his fingers drew light lines up and down her spine in the tenderest caress.

While Renee found herself comfortable and relaxed more than she had been in months, she knew she couldn’t just lie there on top of James forever.

The breeze from the ocean grew cooler, and eventually, she pulled away, sliding to the side and lying back on the sand to stare up at the stars. She was delightfully languid and satisfied, and it only took her deeper into that peaceful place as he rested a hand on her stomach, almost possessively.

Rolling to lean on his elbow, he gazed down at her, those incredibly deep green eyes with their golden flecks still heated but dancing with joy. “I don’t know about you, but I feel better. I’ve been thinking about that since we got here.”

As his lips turned up at the corner in a roguish grin, she chuckled. “Yeah, that was entirely necessary.” In fact, she was already thinking about doing it again. But the same unanswered questions came to mind – did he have a girlfriend and did he even want more than a one night stand? So, the humor faded quickly, replaced with flutters and the threat of regrets.

“I’m not my brother,” he said in a low voice that was full of anger, and she could see it flash in his eyes as he mentioned Rich. “I don’t sleep around, and if I want someone or decide to be with someone, she’s the only one. There is no one else.”

She nodded, wondering where he was going with this, and her stomach churned. She had guessed right; he was already with someone else. “I think that’s respectable.”

His eyes searched her face, looking for what Renee didn’t know. “I’m telling you this to reassure you before I go any further.” Swallowing hard, Renee nodded in a signal to go ahead, not quite sure what to expect. “I’m impulsive, but when I act on my impulse, I’m rarely wrong. And being here with you, getting to know you, I can’t get you off my mind. This body…” His eyes dropped to her bare breasts, his gaze appreciative as his fingers traced lines up and down her stomach and thighs and even over her core, making her inhale sharply. He gazed back at her face. “Those lips…and that mind, sense of humor. There is nothing about you I haven’t started to crave. So I wondered if maybe we could see where this goes when we get home.”

Blinking at him, Renee tried to fathom the words and failed momentarily. But when they sank in, her heart filled with joy and anticipation. Wasn’t this what she’d considered from the start, how it would be if he felt the same as she did? Taking a deep breath, she shrugged trying to act nonchalant as she told him, “I suppose. I mean as long as ‘this’ includes phenomenal sex like what we just had.”

With a broad grin of delight he kissed her forehead. “Tell you what. Let’s get dressed and head back. Hopefully, they’ll have screamed themselves to sleep by now, and I can take you to my room and show you how serious I am about mind blowing sex being a part of ‘this.'”

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