The Baseball Trip Pt. 04

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Fourth Inning

Part four of a nine part series! Holy crap this thing keeps going! As always, maybe read the previous stuff before getting into this one. Or don’t. Whatevs. Warning, this one tiptoes around the incest category (no actual incest) so beware if that’s a trigger for you.

Everybody here is over the age of 18. Enjoy!


For the second morning in a row, I woke up pressed against Julia’s warm, athletic flesh. My aching prick jammed against her ass.

This time I knew it was my roommate, I just didn’t care. After what had happened the night before – me, Kelsey, and Sara bringing each other to orgasm in the hot tub – I felt bulletproof. I had no problem at all with grinding into my suddenly very desireable friend.

For her part, Julia didn’t do anything but groan and push back.

“We have to stop meeting this way,” she said, still half asleep.

“I dunno, there are worse wakeups in the world.”

“You said it, dude” Julia said, rubbing against me one last time. Then she stood up and stretched. “Still, probably best to keep our sleeping arrangements as they are. Don’t know if I could control myself, otherwise, once we got home.”

Then she pranced off to the bathroom.

I stayed under the covers, still a bit sleepy and more than a little hard. The room filled with the sound of running shower water. I looked over at the other bed and saw Kelsey and Sarah, still half asleep and twisted around each other. I wondered if it was all so innocent, now that I’d seen their tag team act the night before.

Now that it was morning, Sarah – the sexy brunette with impossibly immense breasts – would be feeling guilty about the previous evening’s activities. She’d be distant, even a little angry. Kelsey, the incredibly beautiful teenaged blonde would pretend to back off, as well, just for the sake of appearances.

And it would all hardly matter. As always, Kelsey would find a way for a little naughty fun on the side at some point. And Sarah would eventually go from upset to aroused. By nightfall we’d all be working each other over.

Except for Julia, of course. She wasn’t involved in our postgame celebrations – hopefully wasn’t even aware. Our baseball trip still had to hold the appearance of being about baseball. Sarah and Kelsey might make my balls ache, but Julia would almost certainly break them if she found out what was going on.

Julia came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She was so fit, so tight. Suddenly I started to rethink my “no doing the roommate” policy. I imagined taking her tiny breasts into my mouth and…

“Dude – get your lazy ass out of bed,” Julia said and punched my shoulder, hard.

Oh right. The “no doing the roommate” policy. Good sense, that one.


I slid open the glass door and stepped into the shower. With all the action I’d been getting – hand jobs from Sarah and Kelsey, blow jobs from Kelsey (you’d think I was running my own personal employment center, what with all the jobs being given out) – I was sure my penis would be drooping, near death. Instead, the little man was more than solid, almost begging for more.

The bathroom was mostly dark. I’d forgotten to turn the light on when I stepped inside. I leaned back against the wall. Took myself in hand.

There was a loud bang as the glass door slid open.

“Need any help with that?”

It was Sarah. Sarah! The girl who could barely look at me on the mornings after was standing there, naked. Smiling. Water running off her ginormous breasts like twin Niagaras.

“Hey!” I said, maybe a little too happy to see her.

“You were taking too long, so I thought – two birds. One stone.” Sarah reached over and gave my cock a little squeeze, “Speaking of stones…”

I moved my hand right up to her fantastic, enormous, possibly physics-breaking tits. For all our jacking and jilling, I’d barely had a chance to touch Sarah’s most fantastic features, and I resolved now to make up for that in the moment.

Her breasts looked huge but they felt bigger. More than a handful each, yet firm. Perfect. Her nipples were pink and pointed like pencil erasers. I touched and teased at them with my fingers while I hefted her mounds.

Sarah kept her hands on my cock, not really rubbing, just sort of feeling. I knelt a bit and took one amazing little nip into my mouth.

“Hmmmm,” Sarah sighed. I released the one and then went at the other. “That is niiiiice.”

“Nice doesn’t even begin to do these justice,” I said. With my ex, I used to take her entire tit into my mouth and suck. I didn’t dare even try that with Sarah – her monsters would have suffocated me for sure.

I stepped back and did my best to see the buxom brunette in the dark. Take her in. “Fuck Sarah,” I said.

“You always look at me and say that,” she said, “I can’t tell if you’re saying it in a bad way, or making a request or…”

“Looking at you. I mean, how does someone this beautiful, with this body… I mean. I feel so lucky I see you this way and it just… My brain wipes.”

“I bahis firmaları guess I kind of feel the same way seeing…” here she looked pointedly down at my cock, “you.”

“I’m not that huge, really. I mean, you keep saying it and I don’t mind. Does wonders for the ego. But seriously? This isn’t anything that impressive.”

“Bigger than anything I’ve ever…”

Sarah stopped herself.


“Every time I think I’ve got it figured out…” she mumbled. Dropped my cock and stepped back. Even the shower water seemed to get cold. Sarah slumped down and sat on the floor of the shower. Leaned her head back and stared at the ceiling.

I lowered myself down across from her. The shower was big enough for both of us to sit this way, but barely. Our legs entangled. Sarah’s tan thighs rested on mine.

We lay like that for a while, soaking in the silence. Sarah reached up and absently ran her hand up and down my calf.

“This is nice,” she said, “Muscular.”

“Cycling,” I said, “I try to go three times a week. Y’know, when I’m not in the middle of a two week long baseball orgy through the midwest.”

She laughed at that. I took the opportunity to feel Sarah’s legs in kind. Her skin was soft, almost creamy. I did my best to resist the urge to go up higher. Deeper. Into the sodden dark hair of her juncture.

“God, what am I doing?” Sarah asked, and threw her head back. The plastic shower wall shuddered with the impact.

“Getting clean,” I said, “Getting dirty.”

“What I said last night, when I was drunk…”

“You were drunk.”

“Maybe not drunk enough. I told you what happened? About the fight.”

“You told me he didn’t want you to go on the trip. Honestly, if you were my girlfriend… Well, I can’t say I’d have acted any better.”

“That wasn’t exactly…” Sarah said, “Fine. Here’s what happened. I hate it at Rutgers. I hate my classes, I hate everything and everyone and all I want to do is run away. I fantasize about it all the time. Just me, my car, and my camera.”

“You want to be a photographer?”

“I don’t know. Maybe? It’s the only time I feel happy, honestly. Even when I’m tired from school and all I want to do is lie around if I take out my camera and start taking pictures, it all just fades back. I could shoot a cement wall for an hour and I’d be happy. Just doing that.”

“So why aren’t you doing that?”

“Because I need a ‘real education’ and a ‘real job’ and being an artist is a ‘stupid waste of time.'”

“Those aren’t your words,” I said, “Are they?”

“That’s what Rob said to me right before I left for the trip. I mean, not exactly? But close enough. I told him that I was thinking of dropping out of school. Doing this full time. The photography, I mean. Not the… Well anyway. I opened up my heart and my dream guy went ahead and stomped on my dreams. Robert the Practical – practically perfect. Practically always right. Practically engaged…”

“Not all that perfect if he said all that.”

“I guess,” Sarah said, “After he said it… It’s not like we broke up. But clearly we weren’t together, either. We’ve been a couple for three years, but in that moment I felt like I was staring at a stranger. And then I was in the car. With you. And suddenly… I’m sorry. I’m sure this is what you want to hear, sitting naked in the shower, talking about my relationship troubles.”

“You can say what you want,” I said, “So long as I get to stay here with you.”

“And, see, then you say things like that and I… You know what? This is stupid. We’re here. Now. And if Rob doesn’t want to share my life, then I’m happy to keep it to myself.”

Sarah stood up with a squeak. She reached down to help me up, as well. She smiled and tousled my hair. My cock had flagged a bit before, but now he was going full pole and…

“Guys! Hurry it up!” Kelsey called through the door, ” I still need to shower.”

“There’s room for one more!” Sarah said. That dirty minx – where had she been hiding all this time? Kelsey called back.

“And when Julia comes back from breakfast and finds us all stuffed together in the bathroom…?”

Kelsey said the word ‘stuffed’ in a way that made me really want to stuff her. Sarah, too. Full of my stuffing stuff.

But before I could stop her, Sarah sighed and turned off the shower. She shrugged, then stepped out and wrapped herself in a towel.

“We’ll finish this later” she said, “I promise.” Then she left the bathroom.

I hung my head down and took a deep breath. All that time in the shower and I somehow felt less clean than before I’d started. I tried to wIll my cock to at least go from steel to copper, but it wouldn’t transmute. Instead, I told myself there’d be plenty of time for tomfoolery as the day went on.


It was our last day in Chicago before we headed back out on the road for more baseball (and, hopefully, more backseat shenanigans). We had planned on walking around town some more, getting dinner, and then we had tickets to Second City that night.

It kaçak iddaa was another sunny Chicago day. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought we’d secretly been moved to Los Angeles while we slept. We did touristy things for Kelsey and photoshoot things for Sarah. The White Sox were out of town, but we went over to US Cellular for Julia, just because.

Yet all I could think about was what was to come. With Sarah’s shower declaration and Kelsey’s… Kelsey-ness, I could only imagine the evening that was in store for me once our day was done and Julia was no longer in the know. I couldn’t imagine things getting any better.

Then, as we stepped out of Garrett’s, caramel popcorn in hand, I heard the blooping bleeping of a cell phone ringing. Sarah’s. She pulled it out of her pocket and looked at the screen.

“Rob,” she said, “Ugh. I’m not going to answer it.”

“You have to talk to him some time,” Kelsey said.

“I agree,” Julia said, “Answer the call. Scream ‘fuck off!’ Then move on.”

Sarah laughed, then pocketed the phone. It started ringing again. “Fuck it. Let me just get this over with. You guys go on ahead.”

As we walked down the block. I couldn’t help but stare back at Sarah. She was pacing back and forth, head bent to her chest. Bits of the conversation drifted over to us, mostly just ‘fines’ and ‘OKs’ followed by extended silences. It was clearly an uncomfortable conversation, even for those of us who weren’t actually in it.

“Guess they’re working it out,” Kelsey said.

I was more hoping she was working him over. This would be it, I thought, she’d break it off right then. A few minutes more and it would be all day fun time with Sarah and Kelsey. No more ‘no touching.’ Maybe all three of us could fit in the backseat and the suitcases would ride shotgun.

“That’s not fair!” Sarah shouted. Even a block away, we could tell the conversation was getting louder, more animated. It was tough to watch. I couldn’t look away.

I heard more bleeping bloops. My phone.

“Speaking of jerks…” I held up the screen and showed Julia.

“Ugh. Tell him I said ‘fuck off.'”

“Who is it?” Kelsey asked.

“Your fucking brother,” Julia said, “The jerk that ditched us the day before the trip and dropped you and Sarah on us instead.”

“Yes, I know who my brother is. Thanks.”

I slid the screen to answer, then started walking down the sidewalk. Now Sarah and I were at opposite ends with Kelsey and Julia standing between us. A complicated dance just to talk on the phone. But talking to my best friend in front of Julia was just asking to get punched in the dick. And talking to him in front of his sister – the girl that had been licking my dick the day before – well, that was not a good idea, either.

“What’s up?” I asked, once I felt I was far enough away, “You’re missing a hell of a trip.”

“Oh good. I’m glad you’re having fun. Listen… There’s something I’ve gotta tell you.”


Sarah finished her call around the same time I did. We convened back in the middle.

“Where next?” she asked. She seemed a bit brighter than before. I was too much in my own cloud to wonder why.

“I want to go back to the hotel,” I said.

“Wait. What?” Julia asked.

“I’m just… I’m tired. I want to go back and lie down. OK?”

The girls all sort of surrounded me, protective. I felt hands on my shoulders. My back. Tentative touches that should have kept me calm, but instead only riled me up.

“God… Look, dammit, we’ve been driving and walking and just… It’s too much, OK? Is that alright with the committee? I’m tired of bouncing around and I just need a rest.”

Sarah, Kelsey, and Julia all stepped back and stared at me. Appraised.

“Of course,” Sarah said, “I’m sure we could all use a break.”

“Yeah, dude, don’t sweat it,” Julia said.

Kelsey just looked at me and narrowed her eyes. “What did my brother say to you?” she asked.

“Nothing. It’s nothing.”


When we got to the hotel room, I announced that I wanted to be alone. The girls conferred once again, then nodded and let me go up to our room without them. I didn’t know where they planned to go. At that point I no longer cared.

I stripped down to my shirt and boxers. Lay down on the bed, face down. Buried myself in the pillows. For a while I just wallowed. Then I heard a light little knock.

I got up out of the bed and opened the door. Sarah stood there, looking lovely as always. She had on a tight blouse (really, everything she wore was tight with that chest) and a pair of short shorts. She was smiling shyly.

Our eyes met and locked in a long stare. Suddenly it was all running through my head. Me and Sarah in the car, in the pool. That morning in the shower. The way she looked at me, sometimes, that made me think that maybe I was amazing.

It felt fated. This was our moment. My moment. I leaned forward. Pressed my lips to hers. Lightly at first. Then harder. Sarah put her hands on my shoulders. I pushed myself into her all the more. kaçak bahis Tried to force my tongue past her teeth.

I had meant it to be passionate. Daring. Instead it felt oddly transgressive. I reached down, started undoing the buttons on Sarah’s blouse. Sarah put her hands on my chest. Not touching, but pushing. Breaking us apart.

“I… I can’t. I can’t do this with you. Not now.”

I stumbled back to the bed and sat there, like awaiting execution. “You and Rob worked it out,” I said, “When he called before. When Jim was telling me about… You two made up.”

“Yeah. I mean, sorta? He apologized. He was really sweet. He found all these art schools nearby and did all this research about what I need to do to get in and I don’t know what we are, but I’m not ready to be done. I want to try to make it work. I feel like I have to try to make it work. But that means… I can’t. I’m sorry, Ben. I just can’t.”

We sat in silence. The air seemed to press around me. To rush out of the room. I could still feel the aftertaste of Sarah’s lips on mine. I felt so alone in that moment and all I could think of was how it sort of surrounded me. This bubble of nothing.

“I understand,” Sarah said, “You were upset and I said those things before in the shower and I… I’m such a screw up. I shouldn’t have screwed you up.”

“You didn’t. I was just… Y’know what? It doesn’t matter. I’m happy for you and Rob.”

“No you’re not.”

“I am. True love and all that. I’m sad for me. That’s all.”

There was another soft knock on the door.

“Rescue party?” I asked. Sarah started going to the door, then stopped and turned to look at me.

“You’re a good guy,” she said, “You have nothing to be sad about, OK? Just me. I’m sad.”

Kelsey was on the other side, her head cocked. Questioning. Sarah quickly led Kelsey outside the room, then closed the door behind them. I heard the echoes of their voices, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. Was this Sarah telling Kelsey what happened? That she was angry and I was stupid and… Oh God, was I about to lose both girls in one shot?

Just Kelsey came back. She closed the door behind her, then leaned against it, arms crossed.

“You going to tell me what happened?”

I told her. About feeling low and Sarah coming in and me kissing her and how she’d pushed me away and how embarrassed I was. Ashamed. I’d put all that passion out there and all she wanted to do was go back to her boyfriend.

“Don’t worry about it,” Kelsey said, “Seriously, Sarah’s not, like, mad. Not at all.”

“What about you? Are you mad?”

“That she took Rob back? Fuck yeah. You know what he said to her?”

I nodded my head.

“Whatever. If she wants to be stupid I guess I can’t stop her. But you’re clearly upset about something else. So what happened? Not the Sarah thing. Before the Sarah thing. When you stormed off to your room like a mopey, emo pre-teen.”

I tried not to laugh and I failed. I took a deep breath and collected myself. Kelsey still had her arms folded, the world’s most beautiful interrogator. I wondered if that would work for Homeland Security. You won’t respond to torture? Fine. Here’s a supermodel. I bet a lot of guys would break right then.

“Jim called me,” I said.

“I know, I was there.”

“He wanted to apologize for ditching us. Said he was feeling bad. Guilty. Wanted to get it off his chest.”


“He’s fucking Anna,” I said. Blurted. I hadn’t planned on saying it. It just… There it was.

“He’s WHAT?!” Kelsey practically leapt forward, “Anna your ex-girlfriend, Anna?”

I nodded.

“That fucking stupid piece of… I can’t believe he actually… FUCK!”

I jumped up and grabbed Kelsey by the shoulders – a sort of semi-hug. I thought I was the one seeking solace, yet here I was comforting her.

“That lying sack of shit. I can’t believe he… I mean, he gave me this, like, whole sob story about how he really wanted to go on the baseball trip and couldn’t and how I’d be doing him this epic favor and like… Instead I was just one more obstacle between him and getting laid. He ought to be kicked out of the family for this.”

Kelsey wandered over to the bed and sat down. I flopped down next to her. The hotel air conditioning kicked in. It made a low, soothing hum. I could smell Kelsey’s shampoo and I couldn’t help but feel a little better, then.

“God, that sucks,” Kelsey said, “That really really sucks. I mean… How could he do that? You must be devastated. I’m wrecked and he’s not even my… y’know.”

“I mean, Anna’s not my girlfriend any more, either,” I said, “So I guess this shouldn’t hurt so much, right? It’s her life, she can do what – or who – she wants. But I just feel awful inside. I didn’t know how to say it before and then I felt so stupid feeling this way so I didn’t know if I even should say anything and now it’s just this big dark knot and I don’t know how to get it out of me.”

“I understand why you’re upset and if you told Sarah and Julia they’d understand, too. He’s supposed to be your friend,” Kelsey said, “I mean, ditching you on the trip is bad enough but then he’s…” She made a noise somewhere between a scream and a groan. The A/C kind of groaned back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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