The Banker

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Big Tits

It was gonna be another long day at the bank, thought Luke, as he headed in to work, still slightly aroused by some half-remembered kinky dream he’d had to work off in the shower.

He would have the usual never-ending appointments with clients, followed by the obligatory round of drinks at the pub with the boys to celebrate the end of another day. On some level, even though he was a bachelor, and enjoyed playing the field, he craved something more…something he couldn’t quite vocalize…a nebulous idea beyond his grasp. In the mean time, there were plenty of supple willing young females to conquer and seduce, to bend to his will and make orgasm. And yeah, he was good in bed. He knew it.

The morning passed quickly enough, and soon he was facing his last appointment before lunch. It was a woman who’d come in only once before for some investing advice. She seemed to know the answers to her own questions already, as she had clearly done a lot of research on her own and was just seeking confirmation. Luke admired that she had her financial life in order, so different from the usual mess of loans and debt of most of his clients. He looked forward to seeing Dee, not only because he knew he could expect a straightforward, amicable meeting, but also because he found her very attractive.

There was a knock on his door, and Dee was ushered in. She was tan, with blue eyes and blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, revealing her classic Slavic bone structure, needing little makeup to draw attention. She looked hot in a short faded denim skirt and classic white t-shirt pulled taut over her D-cup breasts. She had definitely dressed to beat the heat of this humid summer day. She wore black sandals that gave her a bit of height, while showing off her legs to full advantage. Overall, the outfit left little to the imagination and provoked sexual thoughts.

Always the professional, Luke struggled to seem nonchalant. He, of course, was doomed to be uncomfortable in a suit and tie.

“Hi Dee, good to see you again, what brings you here today?” Luke asked.

“Well, you gave me great advice before with regard to my finances. I thought you might be able to help again. You see, I’ve been living with my boyfriend for some time now, but things haven’t been going well and a break-up is imminent. I just wanted to make sure that my assets would be protected and see if bahis firmaları you had any other advice to give.” Dee said.

I’ll protect your assets, Luke thought. Quickly, he formed the right words to say and gave her his opinions while inwardly reveling that this gorgeous creature would soon be single. Maybe he should ask her out? No. It was too soon, he’d scare her away.

“Thanks for all your help Luke, I really appreciate it,” Dee said. She stood up, turning back around to pick her purse up off the chair. “Oops,” Luke heard, and watched Dee bend forward to pick something up off the floor. What he saw next, he couldn’t believe.

Dee’s short skirt had ridden up enough for him to see what was underneath: Nothing. Nothing but a beautiful bare pussy whose juices glinted in the fluorescent office light. What finally woke Luke out of his trance-like state was Dee had turned her head to look him in the eyes while remaining bent over, giving him a decidedly mischievous look. The next instant she was back straight again, and Luke didn’t know what to think. Had she done it on purpose? It wasn’t possible. Yet his raging hard-on told him it had, in fact, just happened.

“Thanks again, Luke,” Dee said, extending her hand across the desk for a shake.

Luke wasn’t sure how to proceed. “Oh yeah, uh, any time Dee,” he said, taking her hand.

Dee gave it a firm shake and moved toward the door. Just as she started to turn the knob, she paused. “Would you be free for lunch by any chance? I’m hungry and going to get a bite to eat, and I figure it might be your lunchtime too.”

Luke practically jumped out of his seat. “Why yes, it is my lunch break. Where would you like to go?” Luke asked.

“I know a little place not far from here,” Dee said. As Luke followed Dee out of the bank, he couldn’t keep his gaze off her body slinking along in front of him. When they got outside, Dee said, “Why don’t I drive?” She led him to a beautiful sleek black Jaguar and let him hold the door open for her, allowing him to see the short skirt rise up her legs once again, driving him to distraction. Hearing her rev the motor, Luke quickly went around and got in the other side.

“So, where are we going?” he asked. “You’ll see,” she replied. Quickly they were speeding away through traffic. Soon they were heading into a park. “I didn’t realize there was a restaurant kaçak iddaa tucked away in here,” Luke said. Dee just grinned and wouldn’t answer. Soon they parked on the side of the road where a trail began. Dee grabbed a bag from the backseat and jumped out of the car before Luke had a chance to ask any questions. “This way,” she said walking off into the forest quickly, so that Luke was obliged to follow her.

After a few quick bends of the trail the road was lost behind them. Was this some kind of weird trick? Luke thought. Then he turned around the next corner and saw Dee sitting on a blanket she must have had in her bag in a small clearing.

“What if I told you lunch was me?” she said. Luke was momentarily dumbfounded. His wildest dreams were coming true! Luke quickly undid his tie and threw it on the blanket. Dee had her t-shirt off already, revealing gorgeous breasts desperately trying to free themselves from her bra. “Here, let me help you with that,” Luke said as he grabbed her in his arms for a rabid, frenzied kiss while reaching around to undo her bra. He pulled back just enough to get a hand in to maul her breast viciously while continuing his deep kiss.

When Dee started moaning he reached down with his other hand to her pussy, only to find she was soaking wet. By this time Dee had undone the buttons of Luke’s shirt and got his jacket off. Her breasts were mashed against his chest, and he could feel her heart beating. As he started to fuck her with his fingers Dee pulled away from the kiss and buried her head in his neck, biting it softly. After a few minutes of his attentions, with Dee moving in rhythm against his fingers, she came, with her juices flowing over his fingers. “I need you to fuck me, Luke,” Dee said softly into his ear while gripping his hair.

“Oh yeah? Quite the little slut, aren’t we? Well don’t worry my sexy whore, I’ll fuck you ’til you can barely walk,” Luke replied. This made Dee go wild, ripping at his belt in her hurry to get his pants open. Luke pushed her back down onto the blanket a tad roughly, and unhurriedly finished the job of getting his hard cock out of his pants. Dee just stared at it with a look of yearning.

“You want this?” he said.

“Yes please,” she said.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me ’til I can’t walk,” she begged. With those words the remainder of Luke’s willpower left him and he kaçak bahis thrust his cock in in one long movement making her cry out. Without waiting to see if she was okay, he wildly drove his cock in and out, burying himself to the hilt while his balls slapped at her ass and she held on for dear life. After a few minutes he flipped her over so he could grab her tits hard and leverage himself even further into her hot tight cunt. Luke was in heaven. He’d even always fantasized about fucking in the woods. Something about it seemed so primal to him.

Once again he decided to switch positions. Flipping Dee over, he grabbed her ass hard with both hands and lifted her, carrying her over to a thick tree-trunk nearby. Ramming her against the trunk, she cried out but just grabbed the back of his head to pull him in for another lusty kiss while he used gravity and the tree to fuck her senseless. As he was reaching his climax she reached between them, rubbing her clit. Luke soon felt her inner muscles tighten, another orgasm approaching. The feeling on his cock was wonderful, and he knew he would come soon.

“Yes, come in me,” Dee rasped. With one final thrust Luke shot his load into her, filling her with his seed. Catching his breath, he carried her over to the blanket, and dropped her down. “Lick off my cock bitch,” Luke told her. Dee rose up on her knees and took him in her warm mouth, licking and sucking all their combined juices off. When she looked up at him so obediently with her big blue eyes, Luke felt the first stirrings of a reawakening cock. Looking at his watch, he realized he’d be late for work if they didn’t hurry up.

“Okay slut, time to take Daddy back to work,” he continued, knowing she liked and got off on his verbal abuse. “And don’t bother with the bra.”

She put her white t-shirt back on, this time with her nipples showing through, and her breasts jiggling as she walked. Luke realized he’d told the truth when he had to take her hand to help her walk straight down the path. As they approached the car, he told her he’d drive and she’d meekly handed over the keys. As they drove back, Luke continued to finger fuck Dee, and grab her tits, regardless of whether people in other cars could see. A block from the bank Luke pulled the car over and got out.

“Don’t worry my lovely whore, I’ll fuck you again soon,” he said, and then turned and walked away. He knew he’d finally found a woman who could not only really turn him on, but was actually intelligent. Thinking of all the ways he could violate her, Luke walked into the bank with a big smile on his face.

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