Graduate School Gymnastics

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William had gotten into an elite Ivy League graduate program in Philadelphia otherwise known as the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He was incredibly young for this program as generally business schools of this caliber required solid work experience prior to admission. William had been awarded an academic scholarship. Wharton will not figure again in our story. It is about a restaurant and bar called Le Terrasse. This was a French Restaurant with a bar about 1 block from the Graduate Towers Buildings A & B where the University housed its graduate students. It served reasonable French style food, but everyone went there for the upmarket bar in the middle of an otherwise nondescript and sad neighborhood. The graduate towers were referred to as the sad towers. Concrete relics of a communist past that thankfully never existed and yet somehow East Germany had made it to Philadelphia.

William went to the bar one night to meet a girl from NY City who he had sort of gotten into it with the previous week at a crowded party. She was a recent graduate. Things went far but not so far from the point of view of propriety or for that matter potential parenthood. William arrived somewhat early. His drink of choice was a seven and seven. He had no idea how or why this had become his bar drink. He ordered one and he noticed two attractive women in the immediate vicinity. The dark-haired member of the pair knew that look from William as she had perhaps seen it far too often but then again, she was at the bar, dressed for the evening.

Fair game to at least approach. She told William that they were waiting for friends. William replied, sorry for bothering you, I am waiting for someone myself. My name is William, but everyone calls me Billy. I go to school here. That was enough to at least open lines of communication. They talked for about an hour, most of Billy’s discussions were with Lauren, the dark-haired temptress who eventually identified herself. The other woman was mighty fine as well named Alex, but Alex was a blonde. Billy was once engaged to a woman named May who had always hated blondes. It was hard for Billy to work through that mental interference. He still loved May but had to move on. She had left him for someone else. He did not however want to anger her memory. She seemed to know everything and was capable of being everywhere. He someday thought that she might reappear, so Billy did not want to anger the gods.

In walked Billy’s date for the evening whose name has long since eluded him. Try as he might he could not recall her name or even conure up a description of her years later. Billy bid Lauren a good night who of course had no one really waiting to arrive for her. Lauren and her friend withdrew a discrete distance away to a corner of the bar. After a few minutes Billy’s actual date evening date withdrew to the bathroom to adjust the make-up and Lauren came over and prepared to hand Billy her card and wrote her personal phone number on the back. casino siteleri She said, “That conversation was far too good for me to just walk away.” Lauren handed him the card and walked back to the end of the bar. Billy’s date returned and announced that her old college boyfriend had just arrived and would be joining them for a drink. Billy did not really fancy her or a threesome with her and her invited guest.

So let’s summarize the situation so far. The mysterious Lauren that Billy remembers almost 40 years later or the girl that Billy could not remember even the next year. Billy knew how to discount something back to the present and decide. This is a finance joke that does not get better with age. Billy said to his date, why don’t you guys use this time to figure yourselves out and I will go hang out over there, motioning to Lauren and her friend. Billy headed over towards Lauren and said, I kind of like you as well. Next thing Billy knew they were headed downtown to a Center City restaurant.

This was the affluent section of Philadelphia. Billy and Lauren continued to chat. Chat is an expression Billy would pick up a few years later in London but it seemed to fit. He was chatting her up. It was easy to like Lauren’s breasts as they struggled to be restrained by her clothes. From this distance (clothes on) they looked to be rather fine, large and round. She had nipples capable of shining through several layers of clothing for a cold Philly night. She had fit thighs as Lauren wore boots with a reasonable short but not that short skirt. At the bar they ordered fondue. This was the only time in Billy’s life he could recall ever having fondue. Maybe the closest thing style wise would be Shabu Shabu in Tokyo a few years later. Way less cheese but the idea seemed similar.

At this stage it is now on the other side of midnight. A few topics had come up at the bar. Lauren revealed she was 31 years old and held the number two administrative position at a local area hospital. She lived just outside Philly in an adjoining suburb just passed West Philly which was a no-go area for Penn students in the 1980’s. Billy knew that the age gap was a potential problem. He decided to make something up. Magically the 24-year-old Billy became 28 years old. No so much of a difference really. Billy was heavily muscled from years of weight training, still under 200 lbs. and after some indifferent and a few profoundly serious high school and college experiences with girls was now confronted with an actual grown woman. Women had started to notice him in the bar. Billy had learned how to display his overall fitness. Woman would look at the size of his shoulders and arms and just start to wonder.

Lauren was not the first woman to leave with Billy after a La Terrasse session but normally it was graduate students. Not a fully grown professional woman. It would turn out she even owned her own furniture. Billy would later comment that this was in fact the first woman he ever dated canlı casino who owned a dining room table. This bar formed an important function for many graduate students. It was the best chance to meet someone interesting outside your program. It was also a great opportunity to meet willing women and only several blocks from home. You really cannot do that in the suburbs.

They headed back to Billy’s grad tower apartment that he shared with his roommate who fortunately was never there. It was unexpectedly a brief return to high school. Lauren put her breasts on the table so to speak and allowed Billy to also play with her ample behind under her skirt but there was no way she was going to surrender the pussy this easily. She eventually had mounted him on the couch and proceeded to dry hump him by way of motivation. This of course feels good, but it is not going to do it for Billy.

Lauren seemed to come and let out what was to become her telltale Class B orgasm. Her breathing quickened and while not a candidate for a screamer she would certainly have woken up my sleeping flat mate had he been home. Billy of course was left sporting an erection that Lauren could clearly feel through the gymnastics on the couch, was essential for her benefit but for now this would be explored no further for him. She clearly offered the promise of more, but further effort had to first be put into this project.

Lauren asked if Billy liked to play racquetball. They agreed that they would have some dinner, engage in some sports, and take it from there the following week. Lauren was a member of a health club that offered racquetball. It was supplanting squash as an easier game to play in the late 70w and early 1980s. She was not incredibly fit in terms of muscle tone, but you would call her healthy. They had dinner at an indifferent spot and afterwards headed out for some racquetball. Billy had never recalled playing the game before this day, but he had a fairly good idea of the rules and they played. Billy did everything he could to keep it competitive, but she did not have his experience in racquet sports. It was however a warmup for what was to come next. Lauren smiled and said her apartment was nearby.

The sexual tension started to rise in the car. Lauren knew that it was time for her to graduate high school and move on to at least some college level gymnastics. Billy was already hard walking through the door. He kissed Lauren aggressively and together they walked past that dining room table making their way to the couch. Billy pulled her sweater up over her head to expose her massive chest and unharnessed her bra exposing her erect nipples. They were very enjoyable to play with and as an artform something to behold. If a painter ever needed a model to study perfection in this area Lauren would be an excellent choice. While Billy was occupying himself with her breasts Lauren was engaged in a helpful activity.

She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them to the ground. Billy dived kaçak casino right into her pussy gently pushing her down into the couch. A power move that women seemed to like. Billy could easily pick most women up in the air and manipulate them. Weightlifting as a skillset can be useful. She had interesting pussy lips. Intricate folds worth exploring, and Billy left nothing untouched. She seemed to love his tongue and in no time at all had her first real orgasm of the night. This was what I would call a Class A orgasm. They type you can remember years later or until your next one. She was just getting started.

Lauren was an equal opportunity girl. In no time at all she pushed Billy in a way up off her so that she could kneel and suck his cock. While Lauren was not incredibly skilled at giving head, she was enthusiastic. Enthusiasm covers a multitude of sins. Billy was going to have to invite her to suck his balls. Lauren knew how to listen. Later in life Billy would often be the beneficiary of some wonderful manipulation of his balls. Not all women grasp the pure power at hand here. This was how to get him into Class A territory.

Billy suggested that diverting to the bedroom might extend the life of the couch. Billy brought her into the bedroom and Lauren disappeared to prepare herself in her bathroom for intercourse. She was a prepared woman who was not going to leave protection up to Billy. That night Billy and Lauren rotated through three core positions, Missionary, Cowgirl and Rear Entry. High quality sex. Maybe not incredibly imaginative but the basic porn package. Billy always preferred to turn women around and pound away until orgasm. It was all about the patterns in his mind while he screwed. This is how to develop a good motion. Lauren seemed to appreciate a good motion. She was not incredibly loud, but she did quiver and shake announcing success. Lauren loved foreplay. Billy really loved foreplay. They were a good match that way.

He took her from behind the next morning. She was wet but not quite in May’s league. Was Billy spoiled for life? How do you recover from a woman with a perfect pussy?

This was not to be a great love affair and candidly was not consistently great sex. It was a solid release from the work week for both players. They could never fully recapture that first night in the vicinity of that dining room table although they would try. Billy’s mind was elsewhere, and Lauren seemed to sense that Billy was too young for her. He never asked questions about her work or life. Knew nothing about her family. Billy volunteered next to nothing about his life. Having started out so strongly in the bar that first night lines of communication had already closed. They were marking time.

They went out only on Friday nights. They were structure the same. A game of racquetball, dinner, and reward. Billy made one final, fatal mistake 8-9 weeks into their Friday night workout sessions. Lauren had come close to beating Billy in racquetball. Billy should have smiled when Lauren pointed this out to him but instead, he said those fateful words-Lauren I am right-handed. I just wanted to give you a chance.

Billy never saw the inside of her apartment again.

Morris (Moe) Samuel

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