Trying Out, for the Team

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“Oh, Max, mmmm, you are sooo good with your tongue! MMMmmmmMM. I do feel languorous, though, just lying here enjoying it.”

“…you say ‘languorous’… some would say ‘lazy’, but I’m… happy doing what I’m doing.”

“‘Lazy’! May I remind you that you are the one who tied my wrists to the headboard? It’s not as though I could do terribly much right now anyway!”

“Fair point. But you could still … entertain me while I…entertain you. Tell me a story.”

“A ‘story’ you say? Some past adventure, you mean? Before we were together?”

“…Sure…I know what you’re like…you probably… sucked off your … high school football team…at a party.”

“MAX!! That is an outrageous statement!!”


“If I weren’t tied up I would spank you!!”

“…ha!…maybe later…”

“I mean, practically every word of that is wrong!”

“mmhhmmhhMM?… ‘wrong’?”


“Not ‘false’?”

“…it wasn’t high school, it was university! And it wasn’t football, it was volleyball! And it wasn’t the entire team!”


“Well it wasn’t everybody!”

“So how many did you suck off?”

“Well, technically, none. Which, I can’t help but notice, is the number of people you are performing oral sex on at the moment! I’m not telling you this story to stop you from what you were doing, just to entertain you while you do it!”

“Ha! Ok, that’s fair…”

“MMMmmmm! SO nice.”

“…but that doesn’t mean… stop talking. Your mouth … volleyball player cocks… how many?”

“Three? No, four. And anyway, it was a party during try-outs, so no-one was on the team yet!”

“That is the…important point, of course, not… the number of cocks in your mouth …in one night.”

“Hnnnn! It, it’s not exactly what it sounds like!”

“Oh please…do explain, I’m all ears.”

“Please stay partly that wonderful tongue and I will!”


“Ok, so, I was in my first year of university and I was trying out for the women’s team, and like I said, it was at a party during try-outs, people trying out for the men’s and women’s teams, though, ok, strictly there were people returning from the year before who technically had to come to try-outs, but obviously they were actually going to be on the team, so maybe when I said that no-one was…ok, never mind, not important.”

“Agreed…the cock-sucking? Common … at these parties?… Initiation?”

“Who’s telling this story!? No, no of course not, you”ll see, it was practically nothing! You see, I was sitting with a group of girls, they were all returning, and this one girl, Jenna, she was sort of the queen bee, well, that makes her sound unpleasant, she was actually quite nice, but – never mind – the point is, talk turned to sex. MMmmm, that is SO good! Anyway, well, here I was barely out of high school, and I was practically a virgin in high school – well, güvenilir bahis literally I was a virgin in high school, I was still a virgin at the party, but figuratively, you know, I was only practically a virgin, because I had given a lot of blowjobs, I mean a lot, but only to my boyfriend – one, boyfriend, just him, but a LOT. So when some of the girls started talking about sex, and what they’d done, and with whom, well, I knew I looked to them like a naïve young thing – which, to be fair, I guess I was – but I wanted to seem worldly and sophisticated. So when one of them said she didn’t let her boyfriend cum in her mouth because it tasted so bad, I said – and you have to understand, at the time I thought I was drunk, so I said -“

“…Wait. You thought you were drunk?”

“Well, yes. There was this bowl of punch on the table, and I assumed it had been spiked, and I’d had several glasses, so I thought I was drunk!”

“That makes… no sense whatsoever.”

“Yes it does! Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, so I felt like my inhibitions should be low, so they were – it didn’t matter that I wasn’t actually drunk! So when that girl talked about her boyfriend’s cum tasting bad, I said – I said ‘if he is really deep in your throat when he cums, then you can swallow without ever tasting it.'”


“Yes, well, you know me, just trying to be helpful, sure! Except…you know that expression about being able to hear a pin drop? In my recollection of those next few moments, all sound in the room stopped and the girls in the group just stared at me with expressions of disbelief. Finally Jenna said “Pardon me? You’re saying that you can deep throat a cock?” She had this kind of half-smirk/half-smile, and I was feeling a little intimidated, but I also thought I was drunk and I didn’t want to look foolish, so I just nodded and made some sort of affirmatory noise. And that’s very nice, by the way, right there, mmmMM! Anyway, she said ‘I have got to see this!’ and started looking around the room. She saw one of the guys nearby and yelled out ‘Amir? Got a second?’ and so he came over. She explained to him that I had just bragged about my ability to swallow a cock, and asked him if he would help me demonstrate – he laughed and said ‘sure’, and started undoing his belt.”

“That doesn’t sound…nice of her.”

“I’m sure she didn’t mean it, honestly – she was expecting me to demur and say I wouldn’t, so really she was just teasing, not genuinely expecting that I was going to go down on a complete stranger. But I was trying to be brave and not back down too soon, so in a moment Amir had his pants undone and was starting to drop them, and I was trying to not look panicky, and luckily at that point one of the girls in the group – I didn’t know she was his girlfriend till then – started laughing and said ‘oh no you don’t!’ and so he stopped and pulled them up türkçe bahis again. MMMMMax, so good, yes right there!”


“And, you know, probably it would have all ended right there if I hadn’t made the mistake of looking at Jenna and saying ‘darn’.”


“Yes, that’s more or less what Jenna said. Of course a couple of people had noticed what was going on by now, and Jenna called out ‘Jamie, come over here!’ Jamie was in first year too, he had been watching, and he came straight over. MMMmmmmMM, oh yes, oh yes, like that!! Um, Jamie, yes, so I forget, maybe Jenna explained, maybe he had heard, but in short order he had undone the shorts he was wearing and dropped them, and, well, I was sitting on an ottoman, so there he was, just wearing boxers, quite obviously fully erect under it, with his crotch basically staring at me! OH gods, yes, keep doing that, hnnnNH! And it was kind of a game of chicken between me and Jenna, and I didn’t want to seem timid, so I, I reached for the waistband, and pulled it out as far as I could, stealing glances at Jenna the whole time, hoping she was going to say it was enough, but she didn’t, so, well, I started lowering his underwear, exposing his very hard cock.”

“…mmMM…and so you…sucked him off?”

“I…not…mmMMMmmm…don’t…rush me, we’ll get there! But keep doing that, oh god, yes, exactly that! I kept expecting Jenna to say ‘you can stop’, and I guess she kept expecting me to just stop, and time had – mmmmMMM – slowed down, every moment was just an eternity, you know? Everything seemed inevitable, like I was just watching, not deciding. I was also a bit, I don’t know hypnotized? In shock? I’d only ever even seen one hard cock before, and now here’s my second one, pretty much a stranger’s, and, and it’s inches from my face! So, so I slid his boxers down to his feet, and I reached up with one hand towards his literally throbbing cock, and – and I still am not sure whether I’d have put him in my mouth, I mean, I just don’t know what was in my head right then – NNNhhh! that’s so good!! GaaaAA! So, so, the moment my fingers touched him, touched his cock, I can still see it in slow motion, mmmmmMMmmmy fingers just beginning to curl around the top of his shaft, and then my thumb, just, just barely touching the underside of his shaft – and he started cumming as furiously as anyone I have ever seen! So much cum! His cock was pulsing, and bouncing up and down, and the cum just shot from him, MMmmmostly past me, or it would have hit me in the face, but still some landed in my hair – ohgodohgodohgod – and on my shoulder and down my arm, and oh gods don’t stop what you are doing right now!!”


“So – oh gods – so, I, was…I had cum, dripping down my clothes and in my hair – NNhh! – and by now everyone was paying attention, and – oh gawds! – they, they all knew what was, or, or I don’t know, güvenilir bahis siteleri sucking cocks, oh gods, sucking, everyone watching, but, everyone was right there, and – oh gawwwwds, yessss!! – and someone new in front of me, pulling shorts down, and others behind him, unzipping and – ohgodohgod ohgodohGOD do that do that do that, ohohOHOHOHHH! – a, a cock, right there, my face and, and more cocks, were, were going to, oh god, in my mouth – OHHOHHHNNhhhnnHH! – and, hands, hands, all over me, on my back, my legs, my waist, sliding up to, my breasts, cupping them, feeling me, grabbing me, and he – OhGODOHGOD NNHHH – cum sticky on my arm, tits squeezed, hands groping – rightthererightthererightthere! – hands, his hand, back of my head, cock in his hand, feeding, my mouth, I opened, his cock – NNNNNN!! HHHNNNN!! OH GODSSSSS!! OH YESSSSSSS!! Oh FUCK yessssss!! OH FUCK!! OH FUCK!! Oh fuuuuuuuck!!”


“Ohfuckohfuckoh fuck oh fuck!!, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, MAX!! Oh my god, you are incredible at that!! Oh my gods, Max, SOOOO good, that was SO good!!”



“I can’t claim credit, though – that was mostly you – because fuck! That story!!”

“oh gawwwwwwdssssss, that was gooood!!”

“So what happens next? Do you blow him? I hope you sucked him off. I do like your ‘complete stranger blowjob’ stories.”

“MMmmmm…so nice…I’m all twitchy now! His cock? Um, um, at that point Jenna actually did intervene, I told you she was actually quite nice – mmmmMMmm, gods I am still so twitchy! She made everybody who was fondling me take their hands off me and step back – mmmm so good! – and made the guys put their cocks away, and then took me off to the bathroom to help me clean up. Hnnn! So twitchy!! That’s what I said, right, none of them?”

“You did say that. Still, I feel cheated! That was extremely hot, but not a single cock ended up in your mouth? Fuck, that mass groping was hot, though! And hey! You said that you sucked off four volleyball players, but even allowing for your near misses, it was at most three!”

“I was distracted! And, excited! I lost count!”

“Ha! Fair enough – and having my tongue in your pussy that whole time, I can’t really claim to feel all that cheated!”

“…you know…we could…fix the part about the number pretty easily.”

“I’m just teasing, don’t worr-“

“Well, I mean – you’ve played volleyball. With me, at the cottage? So you’re a volleyball player, right? And here I am, satisfied, sated, languorous – lazy. Sitting here tied to the headboard. Helpless. Open-mouthed. Still not having proven how far a cock can go into my mouth. You could do anything to me – aaaaanything – and I wouldn’t be able to resist. That seems like the kind of situation someone ought to take advantage of, don’t you think? I mean, if you were to clamber up and put that cock of yMMMMMPHH!! Mmmhhmm!!”

“Don’t – hnnn! – worry – Hnn! – I’ll – hnnNN – make – hNnnNN! – sure – HHnnNN – you – HHNNnnnN – won’t – HHnnnhhNN!! – taste – HHNNNNHHHNN!! – a thing! HNNGGGHHHHNNNGGHHHAAAHHH!!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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