Surprise Visit

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Making me feel better is my lovers favorite thing to do, and today was no exception.

It’s 5, time to shut down the office and I’m dreading the trip home tonight.

Life can be draining, but I never want to let the ‘problems’ cloud my point of view. That just robs your soul of thrills and delights that lay hidden among the thorns of life. Taking my own advice is not as easy as dishing it out however. It’s lonely sometimes and when I have to cancel plans to please my uncaring husband it’s hard to remember there is more than just thorns.

“Hey Jenn, how was your day?” I ask. My friend from the other office is leaving too. She’s so pretty. She inspires me. 36 years old and looks 18. Pretty Asian girl. Blue contact lenses, false eyelashes, tattoos all over her body. She wears spiked heels and sexy dresses all the time – and today is no exception. She offers to light my cigarette and I stop to chat. We love to have fun conversation while we wait for our ride home. It has been a good day, but so busy and demanding. I don’t know why I feel so bad, but suddenly I just feel so envious of her and so sad for me. That is so selfish. Not like me at all. As I look at her my green eyes fill with tears as I anticipate the question her eyes ask…

“Are you all right Beth?” how can I lie to those eyes. She sees through me. It’s not nice to lie, but the truth hurts so much. I start to cry.

“Ohhh, excuse me.” I smile and my tears are forgotten as my bra buzzes from the vibration of my cell phone. Couple short and a long buzz, not a call. A text message. I pull my phone from its hiding place in my bra and open the text.

“BOO”, is all it says. It’s a text from ‘Harley’, my secret lover.

“AWWW” I respond out loud. He reads me. He is a country away and he knows my every move. We must have been lovers in another life. I straighten my composure to not let on how this man turns me inside out and upside down…

“What are you doing tonight? You going to your class?” Jenn asks as I snap back to reality.

“No, I’m going home. No ride on the pole tonight for me I’m afraid. I’ll take the next session.” I reply with shaky breath. My six week beginner pole dancing class was to be my freedom gift to myself, and slowly even it was being stripped away. I couldn’t take much more!

My phone buzzes again – ‘GOD he’s so frisky, the devil’, I pant out loud. My lover is nothing but thrills, roller coaster ride to ecstasy. Since we met I have come alive. Between our texts, email and online chats we have a secret life. And it’s so good. We have filled the empty spot our sexless marriages have dealt us.

‘Can I come over tonight?’ he asks with little winkie marks in his text (he has a hot Winkie I long to eat!).

mmm… my dimples deepen and Jen smiles with me as I type back: ‘Sure’ I respond knowing he is a time zone away and could never really get here.

Suddenly I hear the purr of a Harley. My knees get weak. Oh my GOD. It’s a fucking purple Harley, no blue, no… God, it’s his!

“No bloody way. George!?” I beam as I turn to the sound of the engine. Jenn pinches my arm and reminds me that my husband will be pulling up soon and I better get my tongue back in my mouth.

“Oh Jenn, when he gets here, tell him I got a ride with ‘Joyce’! He will understand!” my eyes shoot fire and laughter as I run to the edge of the parking canlı bahis lot and drop my purse.

“Hi baby! I just had to be here in person to tell you that you are wonderful just the way you are. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. It is almost over and then you will be free to be you; to spread your wings and soar like an eagle.” He says as he holds my face in his hands.

I look down at the eagle on his Harley emblem. He was meant for me. I inhale his scent and a life force so deep flashes and burns in me to my core.

“Hi Baby.” George says,

“Hi to you too.” I reply

“How is my baby?” he asks with concern as he squeezes me.

“Good! Better! I truly can’t believe you are here.” I gush.

“I hope you feel better, I’m going to make sure you don’t let him and his bullshit get to you. Hop on, now! No questions. Just be with me.” He says.

“Kiss me! If you expect me to get on this bike you had better kiss me.” I tease.

“You are wonderful and should always remember that. I will make you.” He promises.

“I need to feel you George.” I pant.

He comes over and hugs me.

“God I need to feel your arms around me… mmm baby…. get on this bike!” he demands with a smile on his tanned face. His teeth are so white. He is so handsome.

We get on the bike and ride off to the hotel across the street. My heart races. I feel his warmth rush through me as we hug so close on the quick trip. I wonder how many times I have looked over at that hotel, and wished he was there with me…

He parks and helps me off the bike. We are just standing there in the parking lot hugging. As he tightens to me I feel him giving me some of his strength. So quiet and tender. No hurry. I’m just warm and safe with him. His touch shows me he will always protect me. Take care of me.

“Mmm, ohh baby. I feel so safe in your arms!” I tell him.

“Never worry baby. Never be scared.” He says as he wraps his arm around me and leads me into the hotel, putting a room card in my hand and smiling at me with those mischievous green eyes that make me so wet. Suddenly we hear a familiar song as we enter the elevator. ‘I need You Now’, by Lady Antebellum. Oh how we long for each other. Our love makes songs make sense. Whenever we hear this one we think of each other, and now we are able to hold each other.

“It’s funny how I need to listen to something with you when we are apart.” I whisper in his ear as the elevator stops at the 11th floor. “Harley man, my core is heating if you know what I mean!” I purr in his ear and laugh as we enter the room and close the door.

“Are you teasing me? Maybe you need a hose to cool you down?” he puts my hand on his crotch as he kisses my lips gently. Long and tender. Tongues dueling. Rubbing each other.

“We are clothed little girl, but not for long. We will take off one piece at a time. Teasing, building up. Both of us so hot but not wanting to go too fast.” He gushes as he unbuttons my blouse. One button at a time, slipping it off.

“Mmm, baby. So nice.” I purr.

“Let me rub your sweet breasts through your bra Beth.” He stammers and starts fondling me harder.

“I love you George. You can’t even speak when you hold me.” I laugh. “Georgie boy, I understand you’re cum babble and I love it. Remember you don’t have enough blood to run both brains at the same time. bahis siteleri You are a man after all!” I jibe, as we start massaging and rubbing, making each other moan. I unzip his jeans. He is squeezing me. I slide my little hand in to his shorts.

“Oh you are damp baby; been thinkin’ of me?”

He takes my nipples in his strong hands rubbing and twisting them. Making me cry out. My nipples harden as he sucks them through the fabric of my bra. My left nipple is throbbing under his kiss. He sucks the right one hard and bites it. I throw my head back and my red hair flies. I rub his ears, and pull him tighter to me. He reaches behind my back and unsnaps my bra, letting it drop. Freeing my 38 “C”‘s for his hungry green eyes, hands and mouth. We both look down as we hear the thud of my cell phone hitting the carpet of our room. We smile, knowing that phone is our cumline when we are apart.

“Ouch!” I cry out as we both bend for the phone at the same time and bump heads. His cock is throbbing from the attention I’m giving it. It sticks out and I pull off his shorts and him bob to life in front of my eyes. I get on the floor as he kisses down my belly following me. I giggle as he unsnaps my jeans and pulls them down. I squirm and feel myself get so wet I’m afraid I’ll make a puddle right here on the rug. I’m wearing only my green satin panties now. They are damp with my desire. He rubs my pussy with his palm. Feeling my sex, his thick uncut cock throbbing. I watch it move with a life of its own as he fingers me through the soft fabric. Stimulating me. My cum trickles out of my slit onto my panties as he slides a finger inside and feels me. As he rubs my lips and flicks my clit, he pushes my panties inside of me.

“I can’t take this Beth!” He rips them off and slides his finger in me. His hand is rubbing me and flicking my clit and it’s so hard for him.

“Ohhh fuck George!” I scream as he kisses lower and lashes my pussy with his tongue. Back and forth, back and forth, over and over again, sending me to climax as I cream in his mouth.

He feels me trying to hump his face as his tongue lashes me. He bites my clit and sucks it harder. He slips two fingers into my pussy and they suck him in. Oh, he is pumping me now. Another one! Fuck. Three fingers deep in me, driving me harder.

I push back on him. “Give me that cock!” I demand as he pushes his fist from pussy to clit. “Oh it’s 69 time! I’m hungry!” I exude as he turns me over, placing his cock over my face. So hard, over 6 inches of uncut wonder just pointing at my face. Precum leaking onto my cheek. He rubs it over my nose and eyes as I suck him between his balls and cock then softly blow on the damp skin.

“Oh fuck Beth! Ohhh. Jesus! That is so hot!” He pants. “Oh Baby!” he screams as I lick and lick, just under his tip. My spot, just where the head of his cock meets the shaft. I plant little tiny kisses on the side of his shaft as his hard cock drips. I feel his tongue in me and a finger pressing my tite asshole.

“Oh Georgie! Fuck! How you lick!” I pant, “I think I’ll call you Drambuie,” I tease, ” ’cause you’re the BEST Licka!” I laugh as I cum on his face. Feeling him drink me. Getting drunk on our cum.

“Oh Beth stroke Me.” he begs needlessly as I lick the head of his cock and pull the skin back to bare his head. “Feel my hardness, you make this happen!” bahis şirketleri he gushes as I take my left nipple and press it into his little pee hole, squishing his foreskin around my nipple and pushing its hardness into him. The cum oozes out and I scoop it down coating his shaft. I cup his balls.

“Oh baby I’m going to shoot a load any minute!” he warns as I continue to rub down his shaft, stroking him. “Oh my God! I will cum soon. All over your titties, face and mouth.”

I take his cock and rub it on my left cheek, then slide it over to my right. Painting cum along me, glistening streaks on my pretty face. I trace it down my neck.

“Good God girl, I can’t take it! My dick is so hard!” He moans as I lick the head of his cock a little. Now the side… mmm… sucking little kisses all over, then blowing softly. “Beth baby you must stop or I will cum! I’m so close, so very close.”

“Oh baby!” he screams as I push him away from me and onto his back. I crawl up his body and straddle him. My cunt is on fire. I try to mount him and his cock bends as the swollen tip plugs me and stops.

“Help me… help me…” I beg as I pull on his arms to try to shift positions. “It’s hopeless”, I fret. I’m swollen tite and his head is so hard.

I scramble to my knees and look back at him. His face tells me he needs to fuck now. His eyes light up. Oh ‘Doggy Style’, his favorite! We both smile and our green eyes match as does our craving for cum. He slips his cock between my ass cheeks as I stretch my pussy wide for him.

“Fuck this you bitch!” he yells as he takes his cock and spreads the cum around my pussy and spanks my clit with his hard dick. Whap! Whap! The feeling sends tingles through me and my skin rises in bumps showing my desire for this man.

“Oh spank me baby! Splash me I’m so fucking wet!” I say as he takes his cock and pushes into my soaking cunt driving his meat into me.

“Now take that!” he scolds “I’m going to fuck you silly! Take it all!” His balls bang against my ass hard as he throbs in me and hits my cervix. “No holding back.” He warns.

“Oh don’t hold back! Don’t! Don’t! Fuck me George, oh fuck me hard!” I beg. His cock curves up in me and rubs my cunt all over – hitting places never reached by another man. He was made for me; my orgasm explodes as tears escape my eyes. Making me take every last inch as his balls slap their rhythm. Driving me faster and faster. He drives his finger into my ass as I reach back to grip his balls pulling him tighter to me as I cum. He slaps my ass hard, again and again then drives two fingers into my ass as he fucks the life out of me. I feel myself weaken and slide my finger into his tite ass. My manicured nails creating sensations in him he can’t control. I feel the animal take over as he fucks me.

“Oh fuck you slut! Fuck! Baby!” he screams as he shoots his seed so deep into me. Blasting me. Sloshing as he pushes in and stops then slides back and spasms back into me like a machine. My knees scrape the floor as I scream in uncontrollable orgasm. Babbling incoherently. Rolling onto my side, and hugging him to me. Feeling him breathe. He guides me over him so he can lick me clean as I suck his softening cock. I lick his thighs in delight.

“MMM, we taste so good baby” I coo. “What a wonderful Tuesday this turned out to be.” I roll back to my side and kiss his lips.

“The hot tub is ready downstairs.” He says. “It’s risky, but maybe you want to play ‘hide the winkie’ with Georgie with the jets blasting that pretty pussy? Hmmm?” he teases.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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