Uncommon Gentleman

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We met in one of those Out- of – the- way little coffee shops; a strangely random introduction, given what was to come. You stepped out of the rain, shook the water from your hair and sat down at my booth, flashing a small grin at your own candor. We spoke little, preferring to listen to the rain outside and the sound of bacon frying, looking at each other. Studying. Something about you struck me; there seemed to be an unspoken tension between us. I wondered what it was, but then you left and I forgot you.

We met again at one of those galas at the museum— it was some sort of celebration for the opening of an exhibit. I saw you there, though you looked quite different in your formal attire, and I remembered. I saw you looking at me, and knew you remembered me as well. You were by the buffet table when I asked you to dance. I took your hand and you led me onto the dance floor. A jazz singer stood crooning a slow, sensuous ballad into the night, backed by the soft chords of muted trombone and piano. Your hand bahis firmaları slid around my waist as we moved, and it was the most sensuous moment of my life. I could not remember ever feeling so safe before. I lay my head on your shoulder, breathing gently as we swayed to the slow rhythms, enjoying a comfort I had rarely experienced in my young life. I felt your breath on my neck and my heart beat faster, and I forsook all other petty worries to enjoy the pleasure of your company.

I felt your desire and we embraced, still dancing. I began to crave your touch; you must have sensed this because you stroked my back and I felt your heartbeat quicken through your tuxedo shirt. The room became suddenly hot, and I asked if we could walk out onto the terrace for a moment. We stood, facing each other outside, both of us wanting to say something, neither knowing what to say. I leaned toward you and you kissed me, softly. I opened for you, and our tongues met and danced together. I could taste the claret on your lips. kaçak iddaa We clung together; the atmosphere seemed so surreal and yet; it was more intense than I could have imagined. We went to your apartment; your hands shook as they slipped the straps of my evening gown from my silky shoulders. You kissed my neck, warm and wet with a hint of teeth. I gasped as your hand cupped my tender breast.

There was no hurry. We peeled the clothing from each other’s bodies every so slowly, savoring every glance, relishing every taste. I ran the tips of my fingers down your chest, tracing the light line of your hair down to where it grew thick at your penis. You gasped when I grasped your member and stroked it; I pushed you onto your back and lay beside you. I wanted to watch your face while I pleasured you; caressing your swollen member while you looked at me made my own desire burn fiercely and urgently. I wanted you more than I could bear to say.

You gripped my wrist in your calloused hand; laying me down beside you kaçak bahis gently as you stroked my quivering flesh. We kissed again, and our bodies found each other and were made one. I savored the feel of you inside of me; my thighs gripped your hips, urging you to take me deeper, harder as we rocked together. I could not prevent the moans from surfacing in my throat desperation pitching them higher as your thrusts slowed and deepened.

You rolled onto your back and I followed your lead, mounting you as your hands guided my rhythm. I threw my head back, thrusting my bosom out, and my sweet, rosy nipples begged for your attention. You suckled me gently and I gripped you tighter within myself, causing you to cry out with pleasure. We were close to our peak, and I rode you deeper and more intensely. We glistened in the moonlight, pale bodies shining with exertion. I felt you tense and I let go, letting the world fade into blackness as I drifted into your arms….

We woke together; I was nestled against your chest and you put your arms around me. I wanted to thank you, to be meaningful or elegant or something you deserved, but you put a finger to my lips when I opened them. You kissed me, and we slept again. That was enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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