To Bask in Breastford Ch. 10

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“So Brooke, do you think Coach Blue will finally get to see our BIG boobies today?”

“I dunno, Brit. Let’s find out.”

The two blondes quickly took off their blouses and discarded them. Today, they each wore light gray bras which pieced together in the front. It allowed for easier access, and the easier it got the faster they could leave.

They were standing at the center of Coach Steven Blue’s office. The coach sat in his newly acquired couch, shifting nervously as a massive boner pitched a tent in his pants. He was trying desperately to hold his load, but the girls could see it pulsing and throbbing ever so slightly; and they knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

The girls cupped their big boobs through their bras, bouncing and jiggling them. Coach Blue could see their soft titflesh as they squeezed them, teasing him with their huge chests. Slowly, they began to approach the horny coach.

“What’s the matter, coach?” Brooke asked, walking towards him as she did so. “Getting a little eager?”

Coach Blue gripped the couch with both hands, stretching his arms out as wide as he could; doing his best to hold it in. The busty teens, however, simply giggled as they watched him struggling; his tent now pointing straight up in the air, looking bigger than ever.

Brittany walked alongside her friend, jiggling her own pair of massive jugs as well. Together, she and Brooke gripped their bras at the center, preparing to unfasten them. They lowered their chests to Coach Blue’s face simultaneously as if they were going to smother him, their hands still at their cleavages, but they stopped just inches away. Coach Blue was lost in the familiar scent of tits that had been encased in a hot bra all day; a scent that was expertly and continuously given off by two busty babes such as Brooke Biguns and Brittany Bust.

“Peek-a-boobs!” Brittany said, as she and Brooke unhooked their bras at their cleavages.

Coach Blue heard the faint snap of their bras coming undone for what seemed like the millionth time this week, and it still had the same effect on him.

“No…no…NO!” he yelled, gripping the couch as his pants began to pulse. His cock spurted from inside his pants, pulsing against the fabric. At one point he actually thought it would tear through and end up shooting towards the two busty babes, but that didn’t happen. Instead, he lunged upwards as if trying to force his tent towards the girls, but they only laughed as he did so.

The two blondes shook their titties for Coach Blue as he erupted. They held the cups of their unfastened 36DDD bras over their huge mountains of flesh and jiggled them around, getting just what they wanted out of Coach Blue without giving him what he wanted.

They were so close he could make out every individual detail from the tops of their gorgeous racks. And their jiggling jubblies only added to his orgasm. As it finally ended and his cock gave a few quick spurts before retreating for good the two busty beauties fastened their bras and raised up, leaving Coach Blue’s cock as spent as a piece of gum that had already been chewed.

They walked to their discarded t-shirts and began putting them on.

“Great job today.” Brooke said, pulling her small t-shirt down over her huge, bra-encased bust.

“Good timing.” Brittany said, glancing at Coach Blue as she pulled her own shirt down over her large chest.

“Hey!” she said to her friend. “Wanna come over and jump on the bed topless?”

“Sure!” Brooke said, flashing a smile towards Coach Blue. “And after that we can get naked and compare breasts!”

“Yeah!” Brittany agreed.

“Bye, Coach!”

The girls giggled and waved as they walked out of his office, leaving Coach Blue to deal with the mess in and around his pants all by himself.

“Dammit!” he said, giving the couch a hard pound.

It was Friday. He had been trying all week to get inside their bras. Hell, he would have settled for a nipple slip at this point. But it mattered none. Everyday had been the same thing. Brooke and Brittany would waltz in giggling and such, then they would put on their sexiest faces and tease him until he came, and finally they would waltz back out giggling again. It was enough to drive a man crazy.

What was it Samantha had said?

“‘Make love to your wife.'”

No, Coach Blue thought. He wasn’t that crazy.

Or was he? With all this sexual tension coursing through him day in and day out, he had to stick his dick in someone. But he couldn’t go back to his wife. That would be like going back to gruel once you’ve already tasted lobster. And aside from that, he wasn’t even sure if he could.

He and Gretchen needed to have a little talk. In the past, however, every little talk they had led to something more. This time, though, he was determined to get some answers out of her. That is, if he could find her. The little slut hadn’t shown up to school all week. Fortunately, he knew where she lived. And the weekend was rapidly approaching.

* * * * * * * *

It was 4:00 when Coach Blue finally güvenilir bahis left his office. As he made his way out of the gym and through the school he recalled a time when he would work as late as ten, at his previous job; just another thing he had stopped doing since coming to Breastford.

It was strange.

He felt as though he were on a never-ending roller coaster. In the past two weeks he had gone from being an average guy to being a stud to being a loser then back to being a stud, and then back to being a loser where, unfortunately, it looked like the cycle ended.

The coach in him could not help but see this as a basketball game; one minute you’re up and the next you’re down. He’d been down for a while, but that didn’t mean he had to lose the game.

As he made his way down a particular hallway he noticed Paula sitting in a classroom. He found this rather strange, as her classroom was quite a few doors away. In fact, her classroom was not even a classroom, more of a laboratory. Either way, he decided this would be a good conversation starter since they had not been on what one might call “good” terms lately.

“Working late?” he asked, stopping in the doorway.

Paula gave a start and turned her head to the door. She was an absolute mess. She looked malnourished, wore no make up, and her hair was a total wreck.

“Steven!” she said, clutching a hand to her massive rack. “You startled me!”

“I’m sorry.” Coach Blue apologized. “I…didn’t mean to. I just saw that your door was open and well…I thought I’d drop in?”

Paula turned her attention back to the papers she had been grading.

“If that’s okay, I mean.” Coach Blue quickly added.

He was desperate to salvage his relationship with both Paula and Natalie. They were the hottest duo he had ever come across. His pants began to tighten as he thought back to the amazing three-way they had had. If he took this one step at a time, starting with Paula, perhaps there was a chance…

“I suppose I could use a break.”

Paula’s words interrupted his thoughts.

“Oh. Great!” he said, stepping inside. He looked around the classroom and then turned back to Paula. “This is…your room?”

“No.” Paula said. “Our history teacher took ill. You know Martha? She asked me to fill in for her, and well…I just couldn’t refuse.”

Coach Blue vaguely recalled seeing Martha in passing. She, like all women in Breastford, was well endowed. However, he hadn’t paid her any mind due to the fact that she was what one might call average, or Breastford-average to be more exact. Her daughter was one of his basketball players. The brunette teen was almost as busty as her mother, yet another average sentiment.

“I see.” the coach chuckled. “So she’s got you grading papers?”

Paula gave a small laugh.

“Yes, yes.” she said. “You know me, anything for the children.”

“Mind if I take a look?” Coach Blue asked, gesturing to the stacks of papers.

“Help yourself.” Paula said, returning the gesture.

Coach Blue walked over to the desk and picked up a three-page essay.

Paula pointed to the stack on the far left.

“These are by students who decided to begin at the colonization of Breastford, the absolute minimum in my opinion.”

She pointed to the stack in the middle, the one with the most papers in it.

“These writings all predate the Age of Discovery and go into little, if any, details of ancient Mammazon society.”

Finally, she pointed at the stack on the far right. It had very few papers in it.

“And these writings..” she said. “These writings not only show a proper understanding of the Mammazons, but also showcase each writer’s individuality and creativity by withdrawing textbook knowledge and seemingly removing it from the picture.”

Coach Blue had a confused look on his face.

“Writing from between the lines, so to speak. Truly inspired.” she added.

“Ah. I see.” Coach Blue said. He had no idea what she was talking about.

He picked up another paper and skimmed through it.

“Who is this Princess Baz I keep reading about? She seems to be in most papers.”

“Very perceptive.” Paula stated. “Very little is known about Princess Baz. Most of what we do know could easily be misconstrued with legends or folklore. Put simply, she was a Mammazon princess who went rogue. Tales of her exploits have been told for so long that they change with each passing generation. It would be impossible to determine how much of them are truth.”

“Oh okay.” Coach Blue said. “So she’s like, some type of hero. Like the kind you tell bedtime stories about?”

“Well…yes. I suppose so. The fact that she’s in most of these essays does little to disprove that theory.”

As he finished skimming through the essay, Coach Blue stretched his arms outward and craned his neck for a bit.

“Well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time.” he said, giving a small yawn.

“Yes, I expect I’ll be here all night.”

“Good to know.” Coach Blue said.

Paula looked türkçe bahis at him with a questioning look.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Oh. It’s nothing. Nevermind.” Coach Blue said, laying the paper down on the desk. He got an immediate erection as he did so.

Paula watched the coach place the paper down awkwardly and step back, preparing to leave. As he stepped away, she couldn’t help but notice the awkward way he was walking. Her eyes caught site of his crotch, and she immediately understood. She looked down at her chest and realized that her top three buttons were undone; they must have popped during their conversation. She covered her mouth and giggled as the coach walked away. She felt a mess; but it would seem the coach didn’t think so.

“I’ll uh…see ya around, Paula.” Coach Blue said at the doorway, turning around to wave while trying to keep his crotch out of sight.

Paula smiled at the coach’s feeble attempt.

“Bye bye, Steven.” she said, cheerfully.

Coach Blue stepped out of the classroom, finally, and started his walk down the hall. His mind drifted to the paper on top of the stack to the far right. He couldn’t believe the reaction that paper had elicited from him. The reaction, the power…it was remarkable. He had only read the name, and yet it was all he could think about. She was all he could think about…

Back at the classroom Paula had gotten over Steven’s torture. She decided it was time to get back to work. She picked up the paper on the far right and began grading it. When she was done, she reviewed her work.

“Inspired, indeed.” she remarked.

With her red pen, she placed an A+ next to the name at the top: Nina Knockers.

* * * * * * * *

It was almost 5:00 when Coach Blue made his way across the Swanson driveway. He still had a rather huge protrusion, and it was causing him to limp ever so slightly.

Nina Knockers…that name was the source of all his discomfort. There was more power in that name than any political figure in the entire world. It rolled off the tongue nicely and made you drool. It left you wanting, throbbing…

There were two things you could expect from a name like Nina Knockers, and she knew how to use them. Coach Blue recalled the first time they met. Nina had made him an offer and he had refused, stupidly. Now, he would give anything to see those big round knockers of hers.

But she hadn’t come off as easy.

Much to the contrary. If you wanted something from Nina you had to give up something more in return, in particular for something rare and valuable like her breasts. Coach Blue had a feeling that had he taken her up on her offer, she would not have let him touch. Moreover, the gazing would probably only last a second or two.

Nina was unreachable. Chasing her meant chasing a rainbow. Her bra was the pot, and her massive hooters were the gold. She thrived off the failed attempts from men to bed her. And somehow, he knew that there had been quite a few. If you had mentioned the name Nina Knockers to him outside of Breastford, his mind would have envisioned shots of a big breasted porn star taking shot after shot of man juice on her huge rack.

Nina definitely had the body of a porn star, but she was nowhere near the slut she seemed. Her attitude is what set her apart, particularly her attitude towards sex. Deep down, Coach Blue knew that Nina had never been penetrated, that her massive jugs had never been fondled. They’d never known a man’s touch…and they’d never felt the veins of a hard cock thrusting between them and penetrating her cleavage. This made her all the more desirable.

What he wouldn’t give to fuck those virgin tits. To have those big massive boobs bouncing up and down with his cock wedged between them while she looked up at him, knowing that HE won the game. That it was HIS turn.

“Good, Nina.” he would tell her. “Now bounce those basketballs just like you do on the court.”

Just thinking about Nina’s big juicy melons was making his mouth water. That was Nina. That was the power she had at her disposal. Even now, on the porch of the Swanson home, she was manipulating his every thought. Every move…

Coach Blue looked down at his aching crotch. His hand began moving towards it, preparing to go to town on himself. At the last second, it changed course and headed for the door instead where it balled up into a fist and knocked.

But his knocking was made inaudible as the doorknob turned and the door swung open.

His eyes fell upon the beautiful teen as she made her presence known. He quickly scanned her up and down, taking in the sight of her perfectly shaped body. She wasn’t what he had expected. He had half expected to see a girl with a box of tissue in one hand, wrapped up in a robe, hair a mess, and so on. The other half of him expected to see what he was seeing now: a girl wearing hip tight jeans, and a short sleeve top that screamed for mercy.

If Gretchen were ill, she certainly didn’t look it. In fact, the top she wore was made of a smooth, silky, güvenilir bahis siteleri satin like material that improved upon her overall glow. Her face was soft and her eyes sparkled with youth and exuberance. Even her brown hair seemed to shine. If this were ill, the rest of the world must be on their deathbeds.

“Hey.” she said.

Coach Blue struggled to find the right words for a moment. Gretchen’s D’s were very distracting. They were the only part of her anatomy that crossed the doorway and proceeded outside the house. Even so, he was able to manage.

“I want out.” he said.

* * * * * * * *

“What are you going on about?” Gretchen asked as she closed the door to her bedroom.

Coach Blue was rather surprised by what he saw. As he stood there at the edge of her bed he began to wonder if he was the only male to ever see this room. The entire room looked as though it belonged to a nine year old. Everything was pink save for the walls and bed frame, which were an off white. There were stuffed animals, fluffy pillows, the bed itself was particularly fluffy and soft. The sheets were smooth and lustrous…a bed fit for a princess.

“This…your room?” he asked.

“Yeah. Okay. So I’m not into decorating.” Gretchen replied. “Now what’s the matter?”

Coach Blue let out a sigh. Earlier, he had been so angry with Gretchen. He had planned the things he would say, the things he would do. But now that he was seeing her, he just couldn’t stay angry any longer. He hung his head.

“It’s just so frustrating.” he said. “When you told me about this place, I wanted to see it. Well, now I have. I’ve seen everything.”

“Have you?” Gretchen asked.

Her hand hovered above her chest. Her index finger crept down the slope of her left breast and swirled around in small circles, slowly and subtly. Or, at least it was a subtle attempt. It was hard to miss nay aspect of Gretchen’s huge rack. Add to that the red shiny material drawing attention to her breasts and she may as well have been standing there naked whilst thrusting her chest out.

“Yeah…” the coach said, trailing off. He quickly got focused again. “Things just didn’t happen the way I thought they would. I feel that staying here could actually cost me my health.”

“What makes you think that?” Gretchen asked, turning to her dresser.

She reached for some lip gloss and began applying it, while looking at Coach Blue through her mirror.

“Stress.” he answered. “There’s just a lot of stress.”

“Work related stress?” Gretchen asked. “Or…stress from a different source?”

Coach Blue hesitated.

“I guess a little of both.” he said. “I thought maybe you could give me some directions.”

“Directions?” Gretchen asked.

“Yeah.” Coach Blue said, boldly. “Just to your store. I figure if I leave a resignation Evelyn will probably want to convince me to stay. Among others.”

“Other women?” Gretchen asked.

“Well, um, yeah.” Coach Blue answered as he ran a hand through his hair.

Gretchen paused for a moment.

“So…you’re afraid you don’t have the will power to just get up and leave?” she stated.

“I…guess so.” Coach Blue replied. “I mean, I liked it here. I liked what I saw. I just don’t think that Breastford is the right place for me. At this time.”

He added the last part rather quickly.

“You liked what you saw?” Gretchen asked, curiously. “Is that the only reason you came here? Because you…liked what you saw?”

“Well…yeah.” Coach Blue answered. “I just don’t see any other reason to stay. Any longer.”

Gretchen finished glossing up and hung her head. She let out a big sigh.

“I don’t see any reason for you to…stay…any longer either.”

There was silence while Gretchen gathered her thoughts. After a moment, she broke the silence.

“I’ll tell you what.” she said. “I’ll draw you a map.”

“A map?” Coach Blue asked.

“Yes.” Gretchen stated. “Directions for the back woods are useless. A map would be much more convenient.”

Coach Blue had to agree. It seemed a tad redundant to direct someone from one tree to another.

He looked at his watch. It had been twenty minutes.

“Think you can do it before your mom gets home? The less people in the school district know about this, the better.”

Gretchen raised her head and began applying some make up.

“No.” she said. “It’s gonna take me at least a few days.”

“A few days??” Coach Blue asked, disappointed.

“I’m sorry, Coach!” Gretchen said. “But this is a lot of work, you know. I’m afraid you’re stuck here for a few more days.”

“Fine.” the coach said, disappointed.

Gretchen saw his disapproving look through the mirror. A small smile crept over her face.

“But in the meantime…” she said, turning around.

Coach Blue immediately noticed that her nipples were hard, and clearly visible through her tight satin top.

“Why don’t I help you relieve some of that stress you were talking about?” she said, stepping towards him.

Coach Blue did not have time to react as Gretchen stepped into him and ground her crotch against his. Her huge chest collided with his and her big, soft pillows squished into his body. Coach Blue moaned at their touch. They were so big, round, and warm…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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