The Dream

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Stepping into the shower, I find my mind returning to our conversation. I long for the touch that you promise.. for the kisses and the caresses. Turning on the water I imagine it’s touch as yours… running down my body softly.. tickling me and giving me shivers. My mind wanders.. feeling your touch, your kiss in the water… the heat of your body brushing mine.

Turning to face the spray, I swear I can feel someone there. Stepping back I open my eyes. You are there! How can this be? You live so very far away and yet here you are! In front of me! Thinking I’ve lost my mind, I slowly reach out a hand to touch your chest. Oh my god! You really are here! My fingers sliding over your skin… feeling the bumps rising on your flesh as I stroke you. Looking up into your eyes, seeing your smile, I lose my breath! My knees are weak! I can’t believe that you are actually here! I start to lose my balance and you reach out to steady me. Your touch invigorates me.. giving me strength. Still not quite believing you are here I step toward you… pressing my body against yours.. hearing you groan as our skin touches. You seem to lose patience then and wrap your hands around my arms.. pulling me tighter against you.. lifting me up on my toes and kissing me hungrily.. devouring my mouth. I wrap my arms around your neck… my fingers diving into your hair.

We can’t seem to get enough of each other… our hands and mouths touching everywhere. Finally you hold me tight… just holding me.. our breathing out of control. You tip my head back with your finger, looking into my eyes you say to me, “Baby, I couldn’t stay illegal bahis away. I had to be here with you. I’ll tell you about that later though. Right now… I have to have you. I need to be buried deep inside of you where I belong!”

Not letting me comment, you turn me around and press me to the tile. Taking my hands and holding them up over my head you say, ” Leave them there! Don’t take them down for anything!” Moaning I comply… knowing that you are about to make my world spin out of control.

I can feel your body pressed tightly against mine.. pressing me hard into the tile. Your cock pressed to the crack of my ass… you pull back enough to let me bend at the waist, making sure I leave my hands above my head. You use one foot to nudge my legs further apart, your hands on my hips, guiding the head of your cock to my pussy.. slowly pressing yourself into me… stretching me wide. OMG you are so huge! I knew this from the pictures you had sent me, but the reality of it is more than I had really imagined!

As you slowly fill me, letting my body grow accustomed to you, you reach around and start rubbing my clit, sending waves of heat through my body. I groan with need… pressing my hips back against you.. taking all of you deep inside of me. MMmmmmmmm I’ve never been so full!

With one hand on my hip and the other on my shoulder you start slamming into me. Telling me how you’re going to fuck me until neither of us can stand. How after we’ve both recovered you’re going to do it again and again… making me yours. With every thrust you tell me how much you want me, how sexy I am, how illegal bahis siteleri much you need me and love me. Every word out of your mouth is like a flame to me… burning me with passion and need. Every touch of your body on mine, in mine makes me shake with need. A need I’ve never known before. It consumes me completely!

Pushing back against you, using my hands to steady myself against the wall, I let you slam into me. Harder and harder… so fast and furious. We both lose control… exploding into an orgasm harder than ever before. I scream as I cum around you.. my pussy pulsing and throbbing around you. I can feel your cock twitching inside of me.. your cum spraying deep inside of me.

You lean down over my back, wrapping your arms around me and caressing my breasts, kissing the back of my neck. Still buried deep inside of my pussy. You slowly stand, pulling me up with you. I wrap my arms around your neck behind me… turning my head for your kiss. Our tongues swirling together. You are still so hard inside of me! I can’t believe it and find myself needing you again!

You slide out of me and turn me to face you, lifting me in your arms and stepping out of the shower. Without drying off, you take me to my bedroom and lay me down on the bedspread. You bend down over my feet and start kissing your way up my body. As you reach my pussy you pause and blow softly, sending shivers up my body as your breath hits the beads of water still on my skin.

Taking your head in my hands, I pull you up to look me in the eyes. I say, “Please baby, I can’t take foreplay this time either! I need canlı bahis siteleri you inside of me NOW! Please please please! Fuck me hard and NOW!”

Grinning, you lift my legs over your shoulders… and slam your cock deep inside of me in one long hard fast thrust! I scream as I cum immediately! I keep cumming, over and over, harder and harder as you continue to pound deep inside of me. Looking you in the eye, watching your passion grow as you get closer and closer to pouring your seed deep inside of me again.

I reach down and take your balls in my hand… squeezing them tightly as you pound inside of me. I hear you groaning, see your face tensing, feel your balls getting tighter, ready to explode. Knowing the time was close for both of us, I tightened my grip on your balls… sending you over the edge and shouting you shoot your load inside of me, making me explode yet again into a mind blowing orgasm. Screaming as I ride wave after wave of pure ecstasy. Digging my nails into your thighs, pulling you deeper into me.

You collapse against me, biting my neck and making me shiver again. You laugh as I swat you on the ass, and roll over, taking me with you, pulling me on top of you. I rest my chin on my hands.. watching your face as both of us regain control of our breathing and racing hearts. I am still so amazed that you are here, laying in my bed, still buried deep inside of me! You wrap your arms tightly around me, pulling me up your body to bury my head in your neck, pressing me tightly to you.

Neither of us say a word, just laying there, relaxing and recovering. I drift off to sleep with your arms around me, feeling more content than I have in years.

I awaken to find myself alone and realizing that it was all just an incredibly realistic dream. I cry myself back to sleep, longing to feel your arms around me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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