The 2nd Sexual Revolution Pt. 01

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Forbes magazine lists my wife as tenth wealthiest female in the United States. Not bad for being under thirty. I think you will be interested in our story.

I was a junior at State, majoring in math and science. A bit of a nerd, as you might guess, and a little shy around girls. But fortunately a couple of girls along the way found me attractive and took me to their beds. My second girlfriend said I was a good lover.

In my senior year I met a graduate assistant, Joyce. We hit it off well and soon became lovers. One attraction, probably, was that we were both shy and relatively inexperienced. She is a delightful girl. Tall, slender, B-cups. Very pretty face and nice personality. We really got along, both in and out of bed.

Joyce worked with a research scientist, Robert Klinger, on some new pharmaceuticals. When we met I thought he acted a cool to me but seemed otherwise like an ok guy. Nerdy guys (I assumed he was one) can be socially a bit inept. I should talk.

They were conducting brain studies of the effect of alcohol on inhibitions. It’s well know, of course, that alcohol lowers inhibitions. What’s that old saying, “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker?” But there are well known downsides: hangovers, sleepiness, addiction and even alcohol poisoning.

Robert and Joyce had mapped certain areas of the brain that are chemically altered by alcohol. He theorized that a compound could be synthesized to make the same changes. An alternative to alcohol. After several years of intense effort, he (and Joyce as assistant) produced AB-3 and and other variations.

Testing on animals of formula AB-3 showed the greatest promise. Joyce showed me around the lab and we watched various animals copulating. No doubt AB-3 lowered their inhibitions. Robert said the initial tests showed that AB-3 was several times more effective than alcohol. This particular formula was ready for initial safety tests with humans.

Joyce said she would participate and asked if I would also. “If it works it could be really fun,” she encouraged me.

Robert was convinced the formula was safe since it mimicked natural compounds. But the relative effectiveness on humans was still to be proven. He decided to give me a 50 mg dose based on my weight. Joyce was given 25 mg. We were to keep a log of our feelings and actions over the next several days. It was unknown how soon changes might occur or for how long. And equally importantly, how powerful the effect.

We left the lab with promises to return for tests. Neither Joyce nor I felt any different by early next day and Robert was clearly disappointed. “Well, maybe it takes a while to work,” was all he could say.

Joyce invited me back to her apartment later that afternoon.

“John, I’m starting to feel a little funny.” “Yeah, so am I. I’m getting horny. Look!” I pointed to my crotch. My cock was starting to tent my pants. We hadn’t been fooling around.

Joyce giggled. “I think it’s working, John. I feel horny too. Really horny. Pull down your pants, I want to see your cock.”

I was very proud of my big cock and wasted no time unzipping. My cock sprang up at a 45-degree angle. It was stiff as a board and seemed even bigger than my usual 8 inches.

Joyce reached over and fondled it. She slid down between my legs and took it into her mouth. She had never wanted to suck my cock before. Now she was making love to it. Ol’ AB-3 was indeed working. My cock head became ultra-sensitive. It felt so good and I had to force myself not to forcibly push into her mouth. I lasted only 4 or 5 minutes before shooting several big spurts.

“Oh, John. You taste great. I love your big cock!” she exclaimed as she licked her lips. “I should have done this a long time ago.” I kissed her. She stuck her tongue in me and I tasted my cum.

“Eat my pussy, John.” Joyce implored as she quickly stripped off her clothes. She lay down on the sofa with one leg on the back and one on the floor. She looked wantonly sexual with her pussy splayed open. She rubbed a finger up and down her slit. “Put your tongue here.”

My prior girlfriend taught me how to eat pussy. I didn’t think of myself as an expert but I liked doing it. She jumped as my tongue touched her pussy. I lapped away for several minutes and Joyce coached me on what to do. She held her lips apart so I could fuck her with my tongue. She had never previously been vocal during sex but now she groaned and murmured nonsense. She pulled my head to her crotch as she came, covering my face with her juices.

“You were really good, John. That felt so good. You have a magic tongue,” she was effusive with her compliments. Afterwards we cuddled on the sofa, caressing each other, momentarily satiated.

Joyce gently fondled my cock. Not much happened for a while but then life began to return. Once it was hard she grabbed my cock and pulled me up. “Come on.” She led me across the room and opened the door to our deck. “What are you doing?” “I want you to fuck me out here. Out where bahis firmaları someone might see us. Won’t that be exciting?”

Joyce leaned over the deck railing and I pushed my cock into her from the rear. “Oh, your big cock feels so good, John. I just love it. God, it’s big. Fuck me!”

Her pussy was dripping and my cock easily slid in. I set up a slow, steady motion. There were lights some distance away and anyone looking would see us. “Look over there, John. See that deck? Maybe there are people sitting there, watching us. Should I turn on our deck light?” “No,” I exclaimed. “Behave. We don’t want someone calling the police.” I had to admit that the risk of being seen added to the excitement.

“Spoil sport. OK, speed up. Oh. Oh. I’m getting close. Go deep. Deeper. Oh. Ooooh.”

Her pussy pulsed, squeezing and gripping my cock. I felt a spurt of her juices envelope my cock. I made several final deep thrusts, gripped her waist and squirted deep into her pussy. We continued to slowly rock back and forth as my cock shrunk. We stayed coupled for another minute until my cock slipped out.

“Now, John. Eat my pussy. Eat all that cum out.”

Joyce lay down on the chaise and pulled me to her. I couldn’t see her pussy well in the semi-darkness but assumed it was leaking our combined juices. It was. I had tasted my own cum before. But eating a freshly fucked pussy was another new experience. The combined taste was different but not bad. She wiggled and humped my face.

“Oh, God, John. That is so, so good!” she exclaimed. “Shush, Joyce. Everyone will hear.” She toned down a bit but was still louder than I preferred. This was fun. I used my tongue as a small cock, pushing the tip in and out of her hole. She spread her lips so I could get in deep.

Joyce giggled. “Honey, you’re giving our neighbors a great view of your butt.” At that moment I didn’t care. And moments later she mashed my face into her pussy as she came with a loud squeal.

A deck light two apartments over came on. We huddled down on the chaise and tried to be quiet. Joyce started giggling again and I followed suit. Here I was, face planted between her legs, my butt up in the air, Joyce’s breasts gleaming with sweat. After a couple of minutes, the light went out. Quietly we got up and went inside. Only later we learned that another young couple on their deck pretty much saw everything.

The next morning I woke up with my cock at full mast and Joyce licking the head like an ice cream cone. She crawled on top and dropped down on my cock. I was still half asleep as she rocked back and forth, slowly fucking me. What a way to begin a day!

“John, look what time it is! I had no idea. We have to get ready and get over to the lab. Robert is expecting us.” “So what if we’re late. We just explain that his AB-3 works great and we were busy doing more testing,” I said with a laugh


“Well, did you bring your log with you,” Robert asked right off the bat. “Sorry, Robert, we completely forgot,” Joyce responded. “But we can give you the details,” she said with a big grin.

“Well?” Robert was anxious.

“Yes, I think you can say AB-3 works. And how! After yesterday’s MRI tests we went back to my apartment. Within an hour I sucked John, my first blowjob ever. John ate my pussy and then we fucked. Then he ate his cum out of my pussy, can you believe that? I think AB-3 works great. It’s really powerful.”

“Good, really good. Did you feel any different, Joyce?”

“Nope. Felt totally normal. Just very horny and wanting to get release. No hangovers this morning. This is great stuff!”

“I agree,” I added. “Joyce and I haven’t dated all that long. And our sex had been quite ordinary. Missionary position and once doggy style which seemed rather daring at the time. So blowjob and pussy eating were very adventuresome.

“How do you feeling today?”

“Well, I woke up with Joyce sucking my cock. We then fucked and took a shower together. We had to hurry for our meeting with you otherwise we might still be playing around. I need some Viagra to keep up with our enhanced libidos.”

“That can be arranged. I’ll call and set up a prescription for you. Stop at the pharmacy on your way home.

“Your AB-3 results are very encouraging. Certainly as good as I hoped for. Let’s see what happens the rest of the week. Tomorrow I want to run a new series of MRI scans and compare to the ones taken last week.”

First stop was the pharmacy. I immediately took one of the pills. Joyce played with my cock as we drove back to her place. She unzipped her jeans and pulled down her underwear so I could feel her pussy. We giggled about the obscene bulge in my jeans as we discreetly walked to her apartment.

Once inside clothes flew off. “God, John, look how hard your cock is! I think it is even bigger now. Must be the Viagra?” “Yeah, that must be good stuff.”

“Get on your knees, I want to fuck you from behind.” I lined up my cock with her dripping pussy and pushed. kaçak iddaa Joyce grunted. “I’m sure glad you aren’t any bigger, John. I think you are pushing into my cervix. I love your cock, every inch of it. Fuck me. Hard.”

We fucked for about ten minutes and came almost together. Joyce flipped over, bent her knees, and pulled me to her crotch. “Watch. I’m going to push out some of your cum.” Milky white stuff oozed from between her pussy lips. “Lap it up, John. It’s your stuff. Get it all.”

I licked up and down her slit. “Show me.”. I stuck out my cum-covered tongue and then swallowed. “Wow, that’s so sexy!”

I continued to make love to her pussy and was rewarded with a fresh burst of fluid. Meanwhile my cock had remained stiff the entire time. Good ol’ Viagra. Joyce got on top and pushed my cock inside. She rode cowboy style until I came and then turned around and put her pussy over my face. “Eat me, big boy.”

Later that evening we fucked again, this time a slow, leisurely, romantic fuck. It was nice.


“And how did it go?”

“Great,” Joyce responded. “It was so enjoyable to have sex, really good sex, without the inhibitions I used to have.” “Same with me,” I added. “And the Viagra kept me going. That’s good stuff too.”

Robert took a series of MRI scans. The computer then compared these with the earlier scans. There were differences in the area Robert expected.

“I think we are definitely on the right track, Joyce. The one thing I didn’t think about, however, was I don’t have scans to compare when you drink. Maybe when the effects of AB-3 wear off we can get you guys drunk,” he said with a laugh. He was obviously in very good spirits.

“How about the Viagra? You said it made a difference?”

“I took one pill as we left the pharmacy. By the time we got to Joyce’s apartment it was already working. I could hardly walk inside. Even after we fucked it stayed hard and I was able to do her again.”

“That’s rather exceptional. Viagra helps guys get and keep an erection but almost always after climax the cock goes down. Maybe the combination with AB-3 is particularly potent. Interesting.”

With Robert’s approval Joyce had the rest of the week off so we could continue with our experiment. I skipped classes with no regret. Our sexual activities remained at a very high level until the sixth day. We both noticed a change which became more pronounced the next day. AB-3 had worked its way out of our system. Joyce said she didn’t feel like giving me a blow job. And eating her pussy after sex didn’t seem appealing to me.


“Well, we have some valuable information now. AB-3 works. That’s the main thing. The effect lasts several days, almost a week. And the combination with Viagra seems particularly potent.

“OK, here’s what I want to do next. The ABl-3 is out of your system. I want you both to do some drinking. Don’t get potted since you might not be able to perform, John. But get, shall we say, ‘happy’. I’ll pay for the wine or booze. Do it this afternoon and have sex. Then call me. I’ll have a car sent around to pick you and bring you here. It’ll be after hours and no one around so don’t worry about how you look. I’ll do some MRI scans. OK?”

“Yeah, fine. Do you want us to take the AB-3 now? “No. Just the alcohol for the next scan. I suspect the alcohol will further enhance the impact of AB-3.”

Back to Joyce’s apartment after a quick liquor store stop. We actually had a good, goofy time getting buzzed. Joyce gave me a rather sloppy blowjob and I ate her pussy. Then we fucked. I called Robert. We put ourselves together and waited for the car.

Back at the lab the MRI tests showed similar but smaller changes as compared with the AB-3 tests.

“Well, AB-3 certainly impacts the brain more than alcohol. That’s what I hoped and expected. Now I want you to start back with AB-3 and let’s do some longer-term tests. Probably about four weeks’ worth. Same dosage as before, 50 and 25 mg’s.

“I want you to do your normal routines. Joyce, you work in the lab with me just as you have been doing. John, go to your classes. Weekends you are free to do what you want. Twice a week we will do MRI scans. John, you have the rest of the Viagra?”

“Yes, there were 10 pills. I have only used one.”

“OK, use the Viagra as you want. Just make some notes as to anything unusual. Oh, one other thing. I no alcohol during these four weeks. We still don’t have a good idea what the combination with AB-3 will do.

With that I headed to school for my remaining afternoon classes. Joyce stayed to help Robert in the lab.

That evening was uneventful. The AB-3 hadn’t kicked in yet but we still had some good sex. In the morning I headed to school, Joyce to the lab.

At first I didn’t notice but I was acting differently around people. More specifically, around girls. I had always appreciated good-looking girls but now I seemed more comfortable in their presence. I struck up small conversations with ease. kaçak bahis The girls, in turn, seemed somewhat more friendly. I guess my AB-3 opened up my personality. Interesting.

I couldn’t wait for classes to end so I could get back to Joyce’s apartment. I waited about an hour before she arrived. We hurriedly stripped and I had my cock in her. We spent almost an hour playing around.

After we had worn each other out I told Joyce: “Today was interesting. I suppose you could say I just felt more comfortable being around other people, around girls in my classes. I really noticed the good looking ones. And made more effort to make small conversation. I remember thinking about a couple of them, you know, ‘I wonder what they’re like in bed’.

“But that just makes me like almost every guy looking at a sexy female. But with AB-3 it seemed like I had more confidence, like I could actually entice one into bed.”

“Funny you say that. A couple of men came to the lab to talk with Robert. Guys in their mid-thirties, good looking. I paid more than ordinary attention to them. I even checked out their crotches and wondered if they were good in bed! That’s not like me.

“Looks to me like AB-3 might not be the best thing for married couples. Might encourage playing around,” she added.

“Well, we haven’t had the same commitment to each other as if we were married. But I don’t think my thoughts would have led to action. I like being with you. I like everything about you. I like what we do in bed. I’m very contented.”

Joyce laughed. “You know, I was thinking the same thing. I want to continue our relationship on an exclusive basis. That ok?”


We went to a college hangout for dinner and people watched. I pointed out girls I thought were sexy. There were several. One in particular. “Why her?” Joyce asked. “Nice body. Tight bubble butt. Like yours. Cute upturned nose. Nice smile. The whole package.”

“How about that one?”

“No, don’t think so. She’s good looking and knows it. I think she’s snooty. Probably no good in bed. My turn. Which guy turns you on?”

“See that guy over there in the leather jacket? No, the one to the left. He’s a stud.”

“What makes him a stud?”

“Hard to say, he just is. How he carries himself. His smile. The way those two girls are looking at him. Check out his crotch. Nice bulge. I’ll bet he’s as good in bed as you are.”

“I doubt that,” I said with a laugh. “Besides, I have AB-3. And don’t forget the Viagra.”

Back at the apartment we played around a bit and slept soundly.


The week progressed in the same routine.

“My friend from school, Gwen, and her husband are in town. She called and suggested we get together on Saturday. OK with you?”

“Sure. What are they like?”

“Nice. My age so a couple of years older than you. Been married two years. I never expected that.”

“You mean being married?”

“Yes. She was very wild and I think he was too. Gwen loves sex and always had boys hanging around her. We go back to high school days and I could tell you lots of stories.”

“Like what?”

“Well, at one party I remember she fucked five or six guys. Another time I was ready to leave and found her in a bedroom with two guys and two more waiting their turn. She was a very hot number. I liked her a lot. But once she started drinking, anything might happen. She also liked girls.

“I don’t know as much about Mike, her husband. Two years ago was the last time I saw them. He was really good looking and successful with the girls. He asked me out once, I was too shy to go, but always wondered. I know he would have tried to bed me.”

“Still want to go Saturday?”

We met Gwen and Mike at a local bar that featured fabulous hamburgers. They were both very nice and seemed pleased that Joyce and I were together. They offered to buy the first round of drinks. Remembering Robert’s admonition about alcohol, we declined.

“Joyce, are you on the wagon? I don’t remember you being a big drinker but you did join in. What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing, really. I’m taking a prescription and the doctor said to avoid alcohol.”

“Just one won’t hurt. Your favorite used to be rum and Coke. How about you, John?”

“Since Joyce isn’t drinking I won’t either.”

“I’m going to order a pitcher of margaritas. You both can have a little,” Mike declared.

Joyce and I enjoyed their company. Sometime later I decided that a small taste of the margarita wouldn’t hurt. Joyce looked at me as I poured. “If you are having one, I’ll have one also.”

Sometime later, Joyce invited them back to her apartment. She took Mike’s arm and headed to the car. Gwen held my hand as we piled into the front seat, Joyce and Mike in the back.

We heard Joyce giggling. “You are so bad,” I heard her tell Mike. Gwen was rubbing my cock through my pants.

“I don’t have much here to drink but here’s what I got,” Joyce said as she pulled out two bottles of liquor and a box wine. Make your own.”

“Gwen told me you were the best kisser she ever had.” Joyce looked at Mike. “Isn’t that right?”

“Best kisser, best pussy kisser, best fucker,” Gwen responded with a laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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