Snow Day

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The wind howled against the window and the house creaked. The weather network had been warning the city about the expected snowfall for days now.

Brooke laid in bed, waking up slow. Brooke was an elementary school teacher and having a snow day before Christmas would be a dream come true. All of the kids were so excited that she could barely teach them anything at all. Brooke picked up her phone and quickly brought up her school email. Her inbox had one unread message.

“Attention all staff, school will be closed today, December 11th. Class will resume tomorrow, December 12th. Stay safe and avoid driving if possible.” It read.

Brooke smiled to herself and turned off the alarm that was due to go off in 6 minutes. She looked to her boyfriend, Jeff still sleeping beside her. He was all cuddled up in the warm blankets and slow, quiet snores escaped his mouth. Brooke kissed his head and his eyes fluttered open, sleepily.

“Babe, it is really messy out there- I don’t think you should go into the office today.” Jeff was a computer developer and could really do his work anywhere. In his words, “if there’s Wi-Fi, I can do my work.” It was typical for him to work from home sometimes but it was rare that they would both be home at the same time. Unfortunately, Jeff still had to do work so they couldn’t cuddle on the couch and watch Home Alone for the thousandth time like Brooke really wanted to do. They kissed again and Jeff groaned that he better get up and shower so he can start working.

Brooke watched as her man padded shirtless into the master bathroom which was attached to their room. She heard the shower turn on and could hear her boyfriend humming quietly through the water sound. He loved when he could work from home and avoid all the shenanigans that occurred daily at the office.

Instead of rubbing it in that she could sleep in while Jeff was working, she decided to get up and make him coffee. She started the Keurig and brewed his favorite coffee for him, into a mug that was hilariously large. The smell of the coffee filled the kitchen and the shower turned off. Normally, as per his schedule, he would get out of the shower and style his hair, he’d brush his teeth, splash on some delicious cologne and get dressed. All of a sudden, Brooke dreamed up a plan to make his work morning a little easier on the head.

She shouted to Jeff in the bathroom that she was leaving a coffee for him on his computer desk and running quickly to the grocery store before the roads got any worse. She walked to their bahis firmaları home office and as she promised she left his coffee on a coaster on the desk but instead of going to the store, she crawled on her knees and waited below the desk. It was a big mahogany wood desk so she fit underneath quite comfortably and figured she wouldn’t be seen, especially before Jeff was alert and awake from the caffeine. After a few short moments, Jeff walked into the office and smelled faintly of cologne and fresh minty toothpaste just like him to follow routine even on a snow day. He sat down in his black leather computer chair and fired up the monitor. He placed his noise cancelling head phones on his head and Brooke grinned to herself. It was time for her to initiate the plan.

Brooke reached up and walked her long fingers up his thighs in his grey sweatpants. He jumped almost directly up off of the chair, as anyone would who thought they were home alone. Brooke smiled a naughty grin and continued rubbing her fingers up until she grazed his crotch.

“What’s this,” Jeff groaned as the blood started recirculating again after the shock.

His cock twitched in his pants as his sexy woman looked up at him from her knees.

“Making the most out of this snow day for you baby” she giggled rubbing his cock, which was getting harder. She ran her hands down the length of his penis on the outside of his pants. It was twitching with her every touch against her hand. She could see the outline of his hard cock through the grey material. Brooke began pulling down the waist band of his sweat pants, freeing his large shaft. The veins were visible and there was already a bead of precum forming at the tip of his penis. She scooped her finger over the white liquid forming and it to her mouth and sucked her finger, making a big show out of it. Jeff groaned audibly again from his throat and closed his eyes with his head tilted back on the back of the chair. He helped her pull his pants and boxers down to the floor where they rested around his ankles.

She wrapped one hand around the base of his cock next to his body and the other hand was stacked on that. This was a move she had learned on the internet and had been waiting to try it out. Brooke pumped her two hands up and down his cock and looked up into Jeff’s eyes, batting her long eyelashes sexily. Her hands moved up and down and twisted her hands in opposite directions around his cock. She extended her tongue and ran it along the underside of his hard member.

“Suck it baby” kaçak iddaa he moaned, pushing further into her mouth and grabbing a handful of her ponytail. She continued pumping her hands but formed a vacuum seal around his thick cock with her lips, causing the perfect amount of tension around him. Her mouth felt hot and wet and he got even harder after twitching against her eager tongue. She swirled her tongue sloppily around the tip as she sucked and stroked him. She felt a gush of liquid in her groin as she loved having his cock in her mouth. Brooke always gets so turned on when Jeff loses control and grabs her hair like he was doing. His cock slid deep into her throat and she started doing a swallowing motion while still working the underside with her tongue. She sucked him and milked him with her mouth and hands. She alternated between her two hands on his cock and one of his balls while the other stroked him.

She was so turned on that she let her other hand drift down to the waist band of her own pajamas and onto the wet spot that was growing on her panties. She slowly circled her clit on the outside of her underwear, feeling the satin material against her swelling bud. She pushed her panties to the side and her fingers drifted down each of her lower lips, feeling the smoothness of her freshly shaved pussy. She moaned around his cock, the vibrations of her vocal cords and the perfect visual of his girlfriend fingering herself caused him to moan simultaneously. She dipped her own fingers into the wetness pooling inside of her.

At this point, he pushed his computer chair back on the mat and she crawled forwards toward him on her hands and knees, still giving him the sexy eyes and licking her lips. He held out his hand and Brooke grabbed it getting to her feet. She straddled him on the chair and their lips locked for the first time since any of this had started this morning. Their bodies pushed hard against each other and their tongues moved around each other in their mouths. Their heads moved in unison and their hands were roaming the head, neck and back of the other. His hard cock pushed against her wetness, twitching with excitement.

She stood up again and removed her PJ pants and underwear, with a sexy movement of her hips, again performing a little show for Jeff. While she was standing she also lifted her tank top over her head. Her double D boobs bounced free, her nipples hard with arousal. She straddled him again, this time no material separated their parts. Brooke’s left hand drifted between them kaçak bahis and guided his swollen cock head into her tight pussy. They both moaned and their lips crashed together again. As he stretched her out and got accommodated in her tight, wet cunt, she threw her head back in ecstasy. Jeff latched onto her boobs, sucking each nipple at a time while roughly grabbing handfuls of the other breast. He was getting rough with her and she fucking loved it. His cock felt so huge inside of her and she needed him even deeper.

She lifted herself half off of him and slowly slid back down. She bounced up and down on his hard cock and he lifted his hips to meet her half way, slamming deep into her. Brooke ground her hips into his creating more friction on her clit. They were both moaning and swearing as their needs took over and the chair rocked and rocked with their synchronized movements.

His balls were slapping up against her slit with every thrust up into her. They were fucking so fast and so hot that her wetness was splashing down onto his cock. Her pussy felt so good wrapped around him, it felt tighter than usual and wetter than usual. They always discussed that Brooke had an office fantasy of fucking him at work and blowing him under the desk so he knew why they were both so turned on. Both of them were getting close and thank god they weren’t actually at the office because they were both being too loud, they definitely would have caused a scene, but then again maybe that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing either.

Jeff’s balls tightened up to his body and with one final thrust, his cum spurted from the tip of his cock into her. Brooke could feel the streams of his hot jizz hit her cervix and she continued riding him, squeezing out every drop of his cum with Kegel motions. Feeling his cum inside of her make her scream out in ecstasy and she felt herself cumming too as he grabbed her hair hard and playfully bit her nipple. Her pussy squirted onto him and the chair. As she slowly bounced up and down on him a few more times making sure she got all of his hot cum out of his cock, their cum mixed together.

Both of their breathing was labored and both of their hearts were beating uncontrollably as they collapsed together, and relaxed on the chair chest to chest. Brooke lifted herself off of him with shaky legs and got back on her knees. She looked up at Jeff with her big, blue eyes. Again, she took his cock in her mouth, tasting both of their love on it. She swallowed the mess and wiped her lips with a big moan.

She got up and hopped in the shower to let Jeff actually get his work done. Safe to say, they could not wait for the next snow day where they could be home together. Or maybe next time, the snow day can come to the office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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