Serendipity Ch. 41

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 41 – Scheming Women

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Acup


41 – Scheming women

The next week was interesting, I was able to get into my own house finally, but the pile of boxes in the corner of the main room was still covered by a sheet. And any time I even acted like I was going near them I was intercepted by a sex starved woman…

# # # # # # #

There was no one on the main floor, I could hear Maria’s sewing machine and Brittany’s torch.

That was quite a stack of boxes. Some rather large ones on the bottom, and a whole lot of small ones across them. There was a corner of one uncovered, if I get around a little bit further…

“Master, can you help me with something?” I heard Brittany calling from upstairs.

I turned around, and she wasn’t in sight, it sounded like she was in her workshop, there’s NO WAY she could have seen me getting close. “I’ll be up in a second.”

I turned around and headed up, finding Brittany naked as usual, DAMN it’s nice for that to be the usual. Her tanned little butt sticking out as she was bent over one of her drawers, the glint of her pussy jewelry in the light.

She turned to me with a grin, “I need a man’s opinion, the customer can’t decide” and put her hands behind her back thrusting those beauties up and out.

“Delicious as always…” I said looking right at her chest.

She grinned and did a little side to side twist. Well which one looks best?” and held a bit of a cheese cloth material over her chest. “The white or the gold?”

“Oh those?” acting like I hadn’t noticed the HUGE washers on her nipples. These were at least half again as big as the ones she had made for Nicole’s necklace. And they weren’t just a slightly conical washer, there were cupped a bit holding her nipple out even more.

She held her shoulders back and gave her chest a bit of a shake. “Which one do you think looks better under the material, the white or the gold?”

I looked back and forth between them, as if I really needed to look at her nipples more, but then you can never look at tits and nipples enough… “Depends on what you’re looking for, they both look nice.”

“Which one would you notice first?”

“Mmmmm! Looking to be noticed huh? What kind of lighting? Bright or dim?” No need to render a decision in haste now is there?

“Daylight probably, or a dance floor.”

“Definitely the gold then to catch the sun.”

“It wouldn’t be too much?” bring the ends of the cloth behind her to take them in one hand, then reaching for my firming cock with the other.

“Not if you want to show off, but you already knew that…” looking at her and pulling the cloth down to flick her nipple with my tongue.

“Mmmmm, just needed to be sure,” as she dropped the cloth ends and sank to her knees to take my firm cock between her lips. Putting her hands on my ass and taking me to my balls while she still could. Feeling her throat work the end of my cock while her tongue went around the base as best she could around my rapidly expanding cock. I so enjoy watching her try to grin around my cock and suck it down one last time before I got hard, almost trying to trap it in her throat as I hardened.

“A girl has to make sure she has the right jewelry doesn’t she?” as she laid back squeezing her tits between her forearms as she reached for her pussy chains. Spreading her self open with them as she spread her legs, “A girl just has to have the right jewelry…” tugging on her chains making her lips stretch as I watched.

Oh those girls, they know just the right buttons to push on me. Seeing Brittany spreading herself with her chains, her inner lips beginning to darken as her juices began to wet her and trickle from her. And for as deep as I get up behind them, they KNOW what watching their tits jiggle as I drive into them does to me.

I had barely started to get into her when she released her chains, spread her arms wide and hooked her ankles against my ass to pull me in. “OH FUCK YESSSSS…” she screamed as she did, grunting as I bottomed out against her clit.

She got an ornery grin, then hooked her ankles together behind me and put her hands on my arms. “POUND… MY… PUSS…SSY!” she said with each stroke as she pulled me in hard and deep.

I put my hands above her shoulders as I leaned forward, looking back and forth between her jiggling tits and the lustful smile, seeing her eyes roll back and close as her mouth changed to a silent ‘O’ as I leaned into her for the last stroke.

OH YESSSS! A grinning wild woman trapped between my hard cock in her pussy and my hands above her shoulders. The grunts as I drove deep, the jiggling tits and flailing legs. Her bahis firmaları pussy flowing and then squirting against my cock as her second orgasm hit and she clenched down on me as I kept driving into her.

“OH FUUUUUCK!” I exclaimed as I fell forward, holding her tight and jack hammering the last of my load into her. I always enjoy feeling her clench around me as I settle in on top of her, those hard nipples standing up in the jewelry into my chest. My softening cock not really wanting to leave her juicy pussy.

When I rolled off her away from her cabinets I almost had to laugh. Brittany rolled toward the closest cabinet and reached into the bottom drawer… and pulled out a plug and garter belt!

She slid it in and got the garter belt on with a minimal of rolling around, “Sooo much better than having you dribble down my thighs.” Then rolled around and took my shrinking cock in her mouth, cleaning off mess as she again took me balls deep.

Brittany sucked and licked, cupping my balls and then holding me to one side and then the other as her talented tongue made several rounds on me to make sure every little bit was clean, then holding me just right and slowly swallowing me down as I firmed up a bit. She always tries to assure I am feeling her throat move and see her smile around my cock.

Laying her head back and taking little soft licks at my firm cock laying in her hand. “I’m such a slut for you Master, wanting your cock deep in me,” then leaning forward and taking me down while looking me in the eye.

I reached between her legs as she did, and she spreads for me without hesitation. I put the heel of my palm against the plug pushing it in nice and deep. I felt her groan around my cock as I did, then squeak as I ran my finger around her wet rosebud then leave the tip against the center, applying just the slightest pressure in little pulses.

She pulled back, still grinning. “Some day Master. I want you to take me completely, I’m just not ready yet.” Then leaning back to lick the head of my cock like a lolli-pop, she backed into my hand, not enough to let my finger go in, but enough to increase the pressure a bit as her asshole clenched around the tip of my finger.

We laid connected like that for a bit, her playing with my firm cock and me bumping the plug and playing with her rosebud, until Maria called out that supper would be ready in twenty minutes.

Nicole raised an eyebrow and Maria and Sam snickered at her being the last of my full time harem to do the garter and plug thing. Now it was just Francis and Gladys left…

# # # # # # #

OKAY! Nicole is on a conference call, Sam and Brittany are somewhere between here and Chicago…

They’ve been rummaging around in the boxes, there’s one on the other side that’s almost completely uncovered. It’s upside down, there’s the party company logo, and under that is…

I hear the back door opening, and I turn and scoot out of the room like I was just coming through the front door. You would think I wouldn’t have to act like I was snitching a cookie in my own house. Okay, I’m a guy…

“Hey Danny,” Maria hollers, “Can you give us a hand for a bit?” as she walks in with Pat. You remember Pat, the new customer with the HUGE… well you know.

Pat’s actually got a bit of a smile and a bounce in her step, putting quite the bounce in her chest in a low neckline. She catches me looking and grins instead of getting pissed this time. “Well how could I refuse two hot babes?”

Maria just rolls her eyes and Pat grins some more. “Come on you old horn dog,” as Maria garbs my arm and leads me upstairs with Pat following.

Pat goes down to the next room as Maria steers me into her workshop. Releasing my arm and setting Maya’s carrier down long enough to put her in the play pen. Then she turns around and makes a nice little show of pulling her flannel top off which she uses like a light jacket, revealing her in her usual shelf bra and jeans.

I look down at the jeans and pout…

“Not while Pat is here, and runs her thumbs inside the cups to folds the lace trim over her nipples. Not really hiding them, but not out on display either.

Pat came back in and “HOT DAMN!”

“Tolerable is it?” as she turned a bit sideways, then back facing me, she even leaned forward a bit to let me have a nice look at her cleavage. AND MAN THERE WAS SOME SERIOUS CLEVAGE! Couple that with the dress stopping well north of her knees and…

I did manage to look back at her face since she had a problem with guys just looking at her tits, but in that dress it certainly wasn’t easy.

Maria stood behind her and held a large broach on a chain around her, letting it settle in at the top of that massive cleavage, then lifted it away and held a double string of pearls also dipping close to the cleavage.

“So which on looks better?” Pat asked.

“I’m sorry Pat, but with that dress it doesn’t matter, nobody will be looking at your necklace.”

“AKhhh! That’s the problem, Robert won’t look at me! I practically laid the girls out on the table the other night and he kaçak iddaa never looked down.”

“So you do want them to be looked at after all?” So I didn’t disappoint her, I just looked sown and STARED at them.

Pat gasped and Maria slapped me again… I tell ya, what’s the use of being the Master of the house when I have to put up with all this abuse…LOL

I looked back up at Pat and looked her in the eye, “Did you give him the same speech about guys only wanting to look at your chest like you did me?”

“Well… kind of…”

“And you’re sitting across the table where you could catch any little error his eyes make toward your chest?”

“Well… Ummmm…”

I smiled and shook my head, “You women need to make up your mind…” that got me glared at by BOTH of them.

I looked at Pat, “You really want to give him the okay to look?” she bit her lip and nodded like a little girl. “And maybe a bit more, like take care of those aching nipples?”

Pat gasped and Maria snickered.

“That’s what I thought.” I turned to Maria and held out my hand. “Pearls.”

Maria handed me the long string of pearls. I left them as a single strand as I put them around her neck, then dropped the long tail into her cleavage, a fair amount dropping down between those beauties.

“Now the first place any man is going to look is your cleavage, and they are going to keep looking in hopes of seeing those delicious nipples standing out.” Pat gasped at me talking about her like that.

“Now, sitting down.” I turned to Maria, “Do you have one of those extra seat pad things?”

She grinned and raised her eyebrows, but didn’t say anything as she handed it to me. “You have two options the way I see it. You can either sit on the tail of your dress and let him see the wet spot when you get up to let him know how much you want him to play with you.”

There was that gasp again. “Or you can sit on one of these and let him know if you are wearing any panties. I would recommend going without.”

“BUT I CAN’T…” she exclaimed as she watched me pull the seat pad out and lay it on the edge of Maria’s platform.

“Okay, lift the back of your dress and sit like you’re going to slide in a booth.”

Pat lifted the back of her dress a bit, and managed to keep it tucked under the edge of her ass as she sat down.

“Okay, now scoot over.” She scooted over a bit, letting her knees come apart to let her crotch show a little.

“REALLY PAT! White granny panties! The least you could do is get some skimpy lacy ones.” She turned beet red knowing I was looking. “So then it’s just a matter of putting his hand on your thigh while your eating, making sure to lean his direction a bit so he can look at those beauties without the fear of you coming unglued.”

She at least grinned at that a bit.

“So what about after dinner?”

“What about it?”

“What are your plans to get him to your place after dinner?”

“Well I uh…”

“And of course you have it all worked out to get his hands on your chest… right?”

No sound this time, just flapping lips.

I just shook my head. She’s been fighting anyone wanting her body for so long she has no idea how to get someone to ‘take advantage’ of her. “I’m assuming you have a big stretched out t-shirt or a button up shirt that’s a little long?”

“I think so…”

I just groaned and looked at Maria, “We’ll use your flannel so she gets the idea.”

Maria grinned and unbuttoned her pants, dropping the zipper quick. She froze as she put her thumbs in the sides. “Panties?”

I almost bust out laughing, because I knew she didn’t wear them unless she had to. “Not unless she’s going to be a tease.” Maria grinned and Pat gasped again… must be her favorite expression.

Maria wiggled out of her jeans leaving her in her shelf bra and collar… shortly only her collar. Pat was bug eyed at her stripping down. Maria slipped her flannel shirt on but only buttoned the bottom two buttons.

I sat on the floor beside her platform and patted the floor beside me. “Pretend we’re on the couch.”

I looked up at Pat watching us with a blank expression. “Stop and get one of those mood tapes for your VCR, like a fireplace or something, NOT A MOVIE. That way you two can talk.”

Maria had sat down beside me. “Now there’s a number of ways you can do this. Here’s a few. First is to scoot down under his arm and bring it across your chest.” Maria did just that and brought my hand across the upper portion of her tit tucking our fingertips just inside her top. “How brave you are will factor heavily into how far you want to go with him. And don’t try and keep your shirt tucked under you. That’s the whole idea is to let him know that all you have on is that shirt.”

Maria let her legs spread a bit making it somewhat obvious she didn’t have anything on. “The better option is to lay down and put your head in his lap, on your back or on your side.”

Pat was standing there like a kid watching their first porn movie.

“That’s my favorite,” Maria said, “That way you can feel him getting hard against kaçak bahis your head.” As she pulled my hand in under her shirt to use it to cup her own tit and let the shirt tails come up around her waist as she snuggled in.

“Mmmmm, I can feel him getting hard.” She pulled my hand back to the closer tit, opening her shirt as she did. “OH HE LIKES THAT! The little guy likes seeing my milk filled titties…”

Maria used her other hand to open her shirt completely, leaving her body completely open to me. “Well if you like that, just wait until you see that nice hard cock disappearing between my lips.” She licked her lips looking at me. “First these, and then these,” pulling my hand down to her wet pussy pushing my finger between her lips.

“Mmmmmm…” as she rolled to her side with my hand trapped between her legs to undo my pants and fish my hard cock out. Then another ‘Mmmmm…’ as she took me in her mouth.

Maria groaned moaned around my cock for about five or six strokes, then “OH FUCK THIS…”

She scrambled around, straddled my cock letting the shirt drop off her shoulders as she did and sunk down impaling herself in one stroke. Maria broke into a string of Spanish as she began riding me. And since those milk filled beauties were actually milk filled and not far from needing to be drained, I did my Master responsibilities and lifted them each in turn to my lips.

I drank and drank as she rode me, then she spasmed a bit and rolled us onto her back, her hips still doing their best to keep going. I put my hands behind her neck and began driving into her. Lifting first one tit and then the other by that milking nipple between my lips… and maybe a bit of a nip at her nipple…

I was only a few strokes behind her. After a particularly good drink of her milk she let out a screech and just went into yet another squirting spasm as I unloaded into her. Her milk squirting into my mouth, her pussy flooding my balls, and my cock emptying into hot Mexican pussy…

Maria rolled to one side with a hand over her pussy and the other reaching for her bottom drawer. And out came a plug and garter… I am certain this was a conspiracy.

And just like Brittany she slid it in and got the belt in place before cleaning me off. Unlike Brittany she didn’t clean me completely herself. She took the head of my cock between her lips and sucked out the last of my cum while she took a small towel and cleaned the rest of me.

When I did manage to lift my head there was no sign of Pat… but the towel / seat cushion was gone!

# # # # # # #

Okay, it’s Friday just after noon. Nicole is busy in her office and the rest of the girls are out shopping. I can slip out the back door and over to the sorority house and check out…

“Hey Danny, ready for some more concrete work?”


“Your shower? The membrane seams are all cured, time to lay the mortar base.”

“You want to start this on a Friday afternoon?”

“Won’t take long with one mixing and one laying. Couple of hours and then I can get home to date night.” she said with a grin.

“And what’s so special about date night?” raising an eyebrow.

“Food and a movie before instead of after or the next day!”

I just shook my head and followed that wiggling ass up the stairs. And since she had the template all laid out for the proper drainage I got the mixing end. And not even in the same room to watch her! She had me set up in the bedroom next door on a tarp with bags of Mortar and a five gallon bucket.

Half a bag of mortar and some water from the baby bath spray wand, then clamp the bucket between my feet and mix with the drill. And there were fifteen bags!

Okay, the first two batches were a little too wet, and the second two were a little dry, but by the fifth batch I had it pretty good. So here I was kept from the sorority house by a sex crazed woman… and I wasn’t even going to get a look at her, much less get laid!

The best I got was watching her ass through one of the camera cutouts as she worked her way back to the door. Only on the last two batches was she even back far enough to even see some cleavage! The girls got back about half an hour before we finished so there went that…

# # # # # # #

And the weekend? Forget it. The girls kept me naked and hard ALL weekend. Saturday morning I was cuddled up with Nicole watching a movie, which led to some nice kissing and groping which led to a nice slow fuck with her collapsed on top of me working my cock with her pussy to keep me firm.

That afternoon Francis showed up and took her place. Now at least with Francis I was able to watch the race, but with her laying with her head on my lap and my cock in her mouth I wasn’t going far. Every commercial break she would turn around and suck me down making sure I was nice and hard.

Oh and then when the race was red flagged for an accident clean up… Francis got up and her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me as she reached between her legs to spread her lips. You know for an older woman she has such a sweet soft pussy. I look forward to feeling her velvet tunnel engulf me. The surprise for me was when she put her hand over mine on her ass and moved my fingers to her rosebud and then moaned and clenched on my cock when I played with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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