Sense Over-riden

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Shelly continued to curse herself as she pulled her car into one of the empty parking spots in front of the office building. She had set aside an hour to go to the gym and work out some of the stress that the week and provided, she was almost there when she remembered she didn’t have her membership card on her. She spent 15 minutes throwing her house apart trying to search for that lil plastic card before it dawned on her that she might have left it in her desk at work.

Jumping out of her car she jogged up the stairs toward the locked door, her keys jingling at her side before she slipped the key into the lock and heading it, not bothering to lock the door behind her since she was only going to be there for a second. The lights were off through most of the building but as she headed toward the back offices she could see the light beaming out from beneath the closed door and that made her pause a moment. Checking her watch she frowned, it was almost 9 in the evening and she hadn’t spotted any other cars out front when she pulled in.Probably just the janitor, she thought to herself. But even still she walked a bit slower as she neared the door.

Reaching out she turned the knob and found it unlocked. With a small frown she pushed it open and slipped inside, hazel eyes taking a quick scan over the area. Shrugging off the feeling of uneasiness she headed toward her desk and started to open her drawers looking for her card, figuring that whoever left the office last this afternoon must have forgotten about the lights. With a huff of annoyance she slammed her drawer shut and leaned against her desk trying to figure out where she could have misplaced the card. Shaking her head as she continued to scold herself she headed toward Mr. Tanner’s office to turn off the lights before she left.

Opening the door, she was surprised to find Mr. Tanner leaning back in his chair, a ton of papers covering his desk. She opened her mouth to speak when she realized that he was reclined back in his chair, his eyes closed and looked to be sleeping. Unable to help herself she leaned against the door frame a bit and took the opprotunity to openly study him. Ever since she started working as his secretary a year ago she had a crush on him. It was true he was older than most of the guys she would have gone after or been attracted to but there had always been something about him. And he, not once ever noticed her. Not that she could blame him for that since she barely spoke at all unless he needed her to fetch something or to take notes.

Shelly had always stolen quick gazes at him when his back was turned to her so the chance to actually look at him now had her heart pounding just a little bit faster in her chest. She loved the way he looked while he slept. So peaceful. His blond hair was a bit messy, which was something she wasn’t used to seeing. His suit jacket was flung over the back of one of the chairs in front of his desk. The first few buttons of his shirt was undone and he had loosened his tie so that it hung low around his neck. The whole image of it just had her getting a bit wet. So many nights already she would get herself off while thinking about him and just standing here now, watching him, she felt the strong pull of desire bahis firmaları urging her to touch herself.

Knowing better than to do something foolish like that, after all he might wake up and catch her, she cleared her throat and muttered. “Mr. Tanner…?” She said his name a few more times, a bit louder each time, in hopes or rousing him from his slumber and yet he didn’t even stir. She didn’t want to leave him here and let him sleep in that chair all night. She doubt that he probably hadn’t even meant to fall asleep at all.

Walking around his desk she tried again. “Mr. Tanner..” Still nothing, so she leaned over and lightly tapped him on his shoulder. “Mr.’s Shelly. Wake up, Sir.” She tapped him a bit harder as she spoke and no sooner has she gotten to the end of her sentence than he suddenly sat up in his chair, the movement caught her off balance and she made the mistake of reaching out to try and steady herself by placing one hand against his shoulder and the other on his desk.

Automatically Tanner’s hands darted upward to try and help her from falling but the feel of his hands upon her hips had her loose all focus and concentrate and she went tumbling into his lap. “Oh god..” She muttered it beneath her breath as she went deathly still.Move you idiot..get up and off him! She heard those words over and over in her head and yet she couldn’t get herself to move.

“Shelly..?” He wasn’t sure how long he had been sleeping for but to be awake so sudden and then have a warm body pressed against him, he couldn’t help from responding. It was human nature after all. He blinked a few times to get the sleep out of his eyes and to think clearly, looking around he realized he must have fallen asleep at his desk yet again, but that didn’t explain why Shelly was here. Even as he wondered about that his eyes traveled down along her body, taking in the fact that she wore a pair of blue shorts and a tank top. Her long blond hair which was normally down around her shoulders was pulled up high in a pony tail. It was a different look for her, all he ever saw her in were dress suits.

“Oh god Mr. Tanner..I’m so sorry. I meant only to wake you up. I’m just so clumsy!” She spoke hurriedly as she finally snapped back to reality and started to move, trying to get up from his lap. Her still had his hands curled around her waist and she felt those fingers tighten a bit as she tried to get up.

“Don’t…” He wasn’t sure why he said it. He surely hadn’t meant to tell her to stay where she was but logic was being overriden by the sudden fierce desire to keep her in his lap. His hands eased up on their grip, giving her the option to get up if she wished but he wanted her to stay. He was sure she could feel him growing hard within his trousers beneath her.

“I…” Uncertain what to say she went still in his lap. How long had she dreamed about how it would feel to have his hands on her? To feel him against her? And now, almost like a dream she had both. She knew she should get up, beg forgiveness for her clumsiness and leave the building as quickly as she could but she didnt’. She couldn’t. Instead she slowly leaned back against him so that her back was flat against his chest. Her head lulled back to rest against kaçak iddaa his shoulder, arms dangling by her side.

Her breath quickened a bit as she felt his hands start to lightly caress against her sides, his fingers easing her tank top up just a bit so that his palms could met flesh. She could have sworn at that moment her skin broke out with goosebumps and she couldn’t keep the soft moan from slipping past her lips.

That moan was the only thing Tanner needed to hear to know she wanted something from him as much as he wanted something from her at that moment. And hearing that was the only incentive he needed to toss caution aside. He rocked his hips up against her ass, his mouth drifting toward her exposed neck as he started to kiss her. His groan muffled into her neck as he felt her started to rock her hips down against him.

His hands traveled further up along her sides, dragging the tank top up with him as he touched her, felt her shiver with desire, his thumbs grazing across the bottom of her breasts. Slipping his fingers beneath the band of her sports bra he pushed them up and over her breasts before his hands greedily cupped what was now exposed for him to take.

She moaned and arched her back as his thumbs circled her hardening nipples. Raising her arms above her she wrapped her arms around his neck and turned her face toward him, teasingly brushing her lips along his jawline. Her tongue darting out to trail a line of moisture down from his jaw toward his throat. Her hips continued to grind down and back against his cock and she bit at his neck as she felt him tug upon her nipples.

His hands slide down along her stomach, the desire to feel her skin against him growing so strongly that he eagerly tugged upon her shorts, grinning to himself as she lifted her hips to aid him until her shorts slide down along her legs and bunched around her feet. He watched with some amusement as she quickly kicked the shorts aside. His hands slide up along her legs, caressing up along her outer thighs before slipping inward between her legs, giving a little bit of pressure to coax her to part her legs for him.

For the moment she refused to open herself to him and just continued to rock and grind her hips down against him. The feel of his trouser against her bare ass making her become more aroused. She felt his hands caress up her hips, before them slide beneath her and started to work on unbuckling his belt and working on his pants. Once more she lifted her hips off him and inhaled sharply as she felt the tip of his cock press against her ass.

He hadn’t even bothered tugging his trousers down he just freed his cock from his boxers and pulled her back down toward him so that his cock nestled between the crack of her ass. Groaning he rocked his hips against her, his precum slickening her ass so that he slide along her easily. His hands drifting down toward her thighs again and urging them to part for him.

Unable to deny him any longer she allowed him to spread her legs until both were dangling over the sides of his, spreading her widely for him. He wanted to hear her beg for him to touch her so rather than go directly toward her pussy his hands caressed the inside of her thighs as he continued to kaçak bahis rock his cock against her ass. His thumbs so very close to the outside of her pussy that she whimpered, starting to rock her hips a bit more with desperation.
She was so very wet with the anticipation of feeling his fingers touch her. Her pussy was swollen with arousal and she knew that he would be able to feel her wetness seeping through his trousers. “Please…” The single word was given on a whimper as her fingers slipped through his hair, curling into a fist and tugging his head back a bit.

With a quickness he lifted his hand and gave her wet pussy a quick slap, grinning as he felt her body tremble from the quick contact and even more, the fact that his fingers were coated by her for that brief touch. Lifting his hand he brough his fingers to his mouth and licked at it, doing it slowly since he knew her eyes were on him now. “Mmmmm..Shelly you taste so good..”

She moaned and bit down upon her lower lip as she heard him speak. He was driving her crazy from the teasing and she had a feeling he knew that. “Please Mr. Tanner..please..” She was breaking down and all will power to have some control was leaving her.

His teasingly trailed his fingertip down between her breasts, down her stomache until finally gliding over her pussy, cupping her with the palm of her hand and he had the pleasure of watching her explode with her first orgasm. Her moans filled the office as he caressed her swollen clit with his finger. Her body trembled violently against him, her eyes fluttering closed as she started to go limp against him.

Sliding down further in his chair he lifted her up just a bit and quickly sank his cock into her warm, wet pussy. Groaning at the feel of her velvety walls tightening around his shaft. The quickness of how quickly he slammed into her left her breathless, especially after she had just had one mind numbing orgasm. She didn’t have time to recover from it before she felt him pushing further into her. Slamming himself in and out of her with desperation. The intensity of it pushed her over the edge and her hands fisted in his hair once again, tugging his head back as she bucked against him.

One of his hands darted in between her spread legs and worked upon her clit, circling it with his finger before taking it between thumb and forefinger and pinching and tugging. His other hand roughly capturing her breast and squeezing. Turning their heads to face each other their lips met, tongues diving into each other’s mouths.

He felt her walls griping tightly around him like a vice as she orgasmed again, her hips rocking hard back against him as she rode out her pleasure. That feeling was the only thing he needed before he throbbed and emptied into her. He thrusted his hips up hard as he filled her with his cum. The both of them breathing heavily as they collapsed back against his chair.

His finger lightly rubbing against her aching clit which caused her body to jerk against him from the sensitivity. He didn’t withdrawal from her but stayed embedded deep inside as she rested against him weakly. Her hand coming down to slide over his that continued to play with her pussy. Lazily she ran the tips of her fingers back and forth across the band that was over his ring finger before awareness started to kick in. Lifting her head she glanced down and focused upon the thing she had been touching….a wedding ring.Oh god Shelly….what have you done…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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