Those Damn Office Rules

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I consider myself pretty lucky to be only 35 years old and sitting near the top of the proverbial “corporate ladder” for a major advertising company. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve invested a lot of hard work to get here, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to getting a few lucky breaks along the way. Unfortunately, like most executives, the price I pay for such fortune is that I find myself working way too many hours and playing way too few.

I was working late one evening reviewing an ad campaign for a major client, when Kelly, the administrator for one of my department heads came strolling into my office.

Kelly is not your typical office administrator. With her short blond hair, ocean blue eyes and a smile that could light up the darkest night, to simply say she is “attractive” would be a gross understatement. A self proclaimed fitness freak that spends several days a week at the gym, Kelly possesses a well toned body that would not look a bit out of place on the cover of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the cliché, “drop dead gorgeous,” was written with Kelly in mind.

It was about 8:00 pm when Kelly came waltzing into my office. I was a little surprised to see her working so late. Kelly is pretty much a nine to five person due to the fact that she also takes evening classes at the local university.

It was obvious that Kelly had gone home after work and was just returning to the office. The sexy black skirt that barely dropped below the perfect curve of her firm and shapely ass was a little more risqué than she would dare to wear to work. Kelly looked incredibly sexy, but not trashy. She seemed to know exactly where to draw that line.

Although that teasing black skirt was the first thing to catch my eye, Kelly’s loose fitting satin blouse quickly redirected my attention. With the first several buttons left open, the pure white fabric plunged just deep enough to perfectly frame her well tanned cleavage.

Kelly was always the best dressed female in the office, but tonight she had really outdone herself.

“Hello Mr. Smith,” Kelly beamed, as she excitedly walked through the door. “May I come in?”

“Certainly,” I said, “But what is this ‘Mr. Smith’ thing?”

Everyone in the office called me Brian, and Kelly was no exception. If we had bumped into each other in the hallway, it would have been, “Hello Brian”, never “Hello Mr. Smith”. She must have said hello to me a hundred times in the past and it was always the same; “Hello Brian”, or “Hey Brian.”

Without saying another word, Kelly closed the door behind her and walked over to my desk. Damn this girl was sexy.

When Kelly reached my desk, she leaned over, put both hands on the edge of the desk and looked me straight in the eye. I knew I would be caught, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to allow my eyes to drift a few inches southward to her cleavage that was now incredibly displayed before my eyes.

Kelly raised her right hand from the desk, put her index finger under my chin and raised my head forcing me to stare straight into those fiery eyes.

“Mr. Smith,” she said, “Do you know what the strongest aphrodisiac in the world is?”

“Power,” she said, “It’s power; and you Mr. Smith, are a powerful man.”

I have always had a standing rule when it comes to mixing work with pleasure at the office. It’s a pretty simple rule; never, ever mix the two. In this day and age, executives get sued and fired for dabbling in the forbidden fruit with employees. I’ve never had too much trouble resisting the temptation in the past, but I’ve also have never had such an incredible temptress flaunting her desires after hours and behind closed doors.

There was no mistaking what Kelly had in mind. My own mind was racing frantically as I wrestled with the “Do I” or “Don’t I” dilemma. To put it mildly, I was more than just a little flustered by her brazen proposition, and Kelly sensed it. After a few seconds of dead silence, she winked at me and grinned.

“What’s the matter Mr. Smith, pussy cat got your tongue?”

By now the blood was quickly rushing to my groin and the inevitable erection was building in my boxers. My thinking was getting pretty clouded, but I somehow managed to keep my composure. I fumbled for the right words and my cracking voice immediately gave away my nervousness.

“Look Kelly,” I stammered, “You are an incredibly sexy girl. If you didn’t work for me, I’d be clearing this desk top faster than you can imagine. But the fact that you do work in my organization; I just can’t.”

“Not the answer I was hoping for,” Kelly replied, “But I understand.”

“I actually had my heart set on that soft leather chair you’re sitting in instead of this hard desk,” she teasingly added.

Kelly maintained that mesmerizing eye to eye contact for a few more seconds before finally braking away and releasing me from her lustful stare. Before she turned toward the door to leave, she steadied herself and hiked her right foot up on the edge of the desk. I’m not güvenilir bahis quite sure if the noise I heard was the sole of Kelly’s high healed shoe hitting the top of my desk, or if it was my jaw hitting the floor.

That sexy black skirt climbed effortlessly up Kelly’s elevated thigh leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. The view was unforgettable. The absence of panties made it impossible for Kelly to conceal her own state of excitement. The dampness glistening on the lips of her freshly waxed pussy was a dead give away.

Kelly once again placed her finger under my chin and lifted my gaze from her smoldering womanhood back to those captivating eyes.

“If you ever change your mind Mr. Smith, all you have to do is ask”.

Damn, I thought to myself. Did I really just turn that down?

After Kelly left my office, I immediately packed up for the night. There was no need to stay and try to get more work done. I couldn’t possibly concentrate on work after that encounter. Instead of sitting in my office half the night replaying that scene over and over again in my mind, I did what all men would do in that situation. I went home and jacked off.

I ran into Kelly at the coffee pot the following morning. It was a little awkward, but Kelly acted as if nothing had happened the night before. Like a hundred times before, she simply winked at me and in that sexy voice of hers said, “Hello Brian.”

Everything was back to normal.

About three months later, I got an opportunity to transfer to Boston to help start up a new division for the company. It was with mixed emotions that I told my staff I would be leaving, but they understood this was a great opportunity for both me and the company.

Some of my friends and colleagues decided to throw a going away party for me after work at a local gathering place. It was a Friday evening and everyone was drinking, laughing, and having a good time.

I was a little disappointed not to see Kelly there, but I assumed she probably had class that night.

Sometime around 8:30, Kelly came strolling into the bar. My heart skipped at least a beat or two when I realized she was wearing the exact same outfit she wore that night she came into my office. When she walked up to me, threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug, my cock responded immediately.

“I’m going to miss you Mr. Smith,” she whispered in my ear, as she pushed her thigh between my legs and pressed seductively against my growing excitement.

Kelly was still whispering in my ear when she added, “Too bad you’re so tied up here tonight Mr. Smith. I’d love to have you tied up back at my place where I could give you a more proper goodbye.”

I was no longer bound by the “office rules” since I was leaving the next day for a new position and Kelly was no longer one of my employees. Free to act on her tempting invitation, I put my arm on Kelly’s shoulder and pulled her in the direction of the bar.

“I need a drink,” I said, as we nudged our way through the crowded bar.

“I need something stiff too,” Kelly quickly responded, as she grabbed my tented pants and gently massaged my cock through the fabric of my pants.

If the invitations to the gathering had not said, “Come by from 7:00 to 10:00 to wish Brian a grand farewell”, I would have paraded Kelly right past the bar and out the door. I was having fun at the party, but I was pretty sure that what Kelly had in mind would make the fun at the bar seem extremely boring.

For the next hour and a half Kelly proceeded to discretely tease and torment me every chance she got. I don’t think my cock ever got fully deflated. Every time the swelling started to subside, Kelly would either brush against me making sure she rubbed my cock, or she would whisper sexy suggestions in my ear.

Shortly after 10:00 I was talking to Adam, one of the up and coming executives at the company, when Kelly walked up to me and put her finger to my lips.

“Don’t be telling Adam all of the secrets of your success,” Kelly advised.

It seemed innocent enough until I realized that the index finger that Kelly was pressing against my lips was wet. At the same time the wet sensation hit my lips, the aroma hit my nose. Less than a millisecond later, my cock sprang into action once again as I realized the wetness on Kelly’s finger, and the wetness now on my lips, was the sweet nectar from her hot pussy.

That was all I could take. It was time to end this party and go start a private one with Kelly.

I discretely slipped Kelly my car keys and told her to go ahead to my car and I would be there shortly. I would have been happy to walk out of the bar with this fine lady on my arm, but I thought it would save her a lot of potentially embarrassing questions on Monday if we left separately. Kelly said her goodbyes and headed toward the door.

Less than five minutes later, I had said my final farewells and headed for the car. I was thankful the bar was dark as I pushed my way toward the exit. In a well lit bar, the anticipation türkçe bahis bulging in my pants would have been impossible to conceal. The thought of an incredibly sexy and insatiably horny young lady waiting in my car had my cock begging for relief.

Kelly was sitting in the passenger’s seat when I reached the car. I slid into the driver’s seat and closed the door. I turned toward Kelly to give her a quick kiss and I noticed something dangling over the gearshift between the two bucket seats.

A pair of black thong panties with a wet spot strategically placed in clear sight.

“Damn you,” I said. “You are so fucking hot.”

Kelly once again put her index finger to my lips, and once again it was wet with her aroma.

“No words, Mr. Smith, just drive. Your job is to get me to your condo as fast as possible. My job is to get you off before we get there.”

As the words were leaving her lips, her hands were already frantically tugging at my zipper trying to free my raging cock.

Before I could even get the car in gear, Kelly had my cock free, her left hand wrapped around it, and her right hand massaging my balls. The two hours of teasing Kelly had tormented me with in the bar had taken their toll. The pre cum was already pooling at the tip of my cock and my balls felt like they could explode at any time.

“My, my,” she said. “I hope it tastes as good as it looks.”

I pulled away from the curb and raced toward home as Kelly’s tongue swirled around the tip of my head, tasting my pre cum and moaning in delight.

I could feel the heat of Kelly’s breath washing over my cock and balls as she moved further down my shaft, making it very hard to concentrate on driving. We had another five minutes before we would reach my condo. There was no way I was going to last another five minutes with Kelly’s tongue and lips expertly sucking my cock while her hands massaged my balls.

I had no idea if Kelly wanted me to cum in her mouth, so I felt the obligation to let her know she was getting dangerously close to that point.

“If you don’t want me to cum in your mouth, you’d better slow down,” I cautioned her.

My voice was cracked and breathy making it obvious I was straining to hold back the eminent orgasm building in my balls.

My cock slipped out of Kelly’s mouth as she raised her head just high enough to look me in the eye. As her lips left my cock, her hand slid from my balls to my head and she continued stroking without missing a beat.

“I thought I said No words, Mr. Smith.”

Kelly ducked her head back toward my cock and returned to her expert sucking. There was no use in trying to hold back until we reached the condo. I was on the verge of cuming and Kelly knew it.

Sensing my inability to fight it any longer, Kelly picked up the pace even more. Her lips, tongue and mouth were frantically licking and sucking my cock and her hands were just as frantically caressing my balls. Seconds later I tensed and erupted in her mouth.

I don’t think I have ever felt such an intense orgasm. My cock pulsed hard four or five times sending a diminishing stream of cum into Kelly’s mouth with each burst. Kelly didn’t miss a drop.

As the last spurt of cum left my cock, I expected Kelly to come up for air. Much to my surprise, she didn’t stop. I normally start to get soft immediately after I cum, but Kelly was determined not to let that happen.

Just as my cock returned from its semi hard state to a state of full erection, we reached my condo. I didn’t even bother to fasten my pants, we just jumped out of the car and I held my pants up as we headed toward the door.

The condo door closed behind us and I immediately pushed Kelly’s back against the closed door. My mouth quickly closed on hers as our lips and tongues passionately kissed each other. My hands were all over her tits and ass as we kissed in a furry of lust.

“Where is the God damn bedroom Mr. Smith,” she uttered, as she came up for air.

I grabbed her by the hand and we almost tripped as we ran hand in hand to the bedroom. Clothes were flying fast and furious as we reached the door and by the time we hit the sheets, we were both panting, sweating and buck naked. Her body was just as sexy as I had imagined, and I couldn’t wait to taste its pleasures.

She once again reached for my raging cock, but this time I stopped her.

“Ladies first,” I said, as I rolled her onto her back.

Kelly smiled in approval as I began kissing her neck, tracing my tongue from her earlobes down the side of her neck to her shoulder and then back up again. Every time I hit a certain spot on her neck she would moan and twitch. My tongue and lips focused on that particularly sensitive spot on her neck while my hands made there way to her breasts. Succumbing to my swirling tongue and caressing hands, Kelly’s was breathing became faster and sharper by the minute.

“Fuck me Mr. Smith,” she uttered, “Please fuck me. I need to feel that powerful cock deep inside of me.”

“Patience Darlin,” I responded, “There güvenilir bahis siteleri will be plenty of time to fuck your brains out, but first, I need to torment that beautiful pussy you’ve been flaunting in front of me all evening.”

With that, my tongue once again started at Kelly’s neck but this time passed right passed her shoulder and briefly stopped at each breast to lick and suck on her protruding erect nipples. Kissing, licking, nibbling my way down her perfectly toned stomach, her body quivered as my tongue teasingly approached her wanting pussy.

My hands gently spread her thighs apart as my tongue continued its slow journey to her dampness. I could smell her aroma and see her excitement glistening on her pussy lips as my tongue finally crossed her inner thigh and arrived at its destination. Kelly let out a soft moan as my fingers gently opened her pussy to expose her wetness as my tongue lapped at her nectar.

“Oh God,” she whispered in a barely audible breath. “Oh fuck.”

Alternating between fast flicks across her clit, and penetrations into her pussy, my tongue was driving her wild.

“Oh God. Fuck me Brian, please fuck me,” she gasped.

She was almost crying she wanted it so bad. Her beautiful body glistened with sweat and her breathing was fast and erratic. I raised my head from her dripping pussy and began rubbing her clit with my fingers. Fast, hard, circular motions that made her shudder and quiver even more.

I could tell Kelly was just about to explode in orgasm. I plunged two fingers deep inside of her tight pussy and began rubbing her g-spot while my other hand continued torturing her clit. In a matter of seconds Kelly was shaking, moaning, and literally screaming as the throes of orgasm crashed over her body. It must have lasted for a minute or more as wave after of wave of pleasure rippled through her body.

Before she could catch her breath, I switched positions and lowered my rock hard cock over her now soaked pussy. With a gently thrust, I pushed the entire length of my cock into her waiting pussy. I could feel every muscle of her drenched pussy squeezing my cock as it welcomed me into her depths.

Kelly gasped as my cock hit home and she once again muttered her request, but this time it was softer and more like two lovers instead of just a moment of lust. Her eyes were glazed and tear filled as she stared deep into my eyes.

“Fuck me Brian. I want you so bad”, she whispered.

I couldn’t believe how great she felt around my cock. She was amazingly tight, yet she was so wet my cock slid in and out easily. With each stroke I picked up the pace. The first strokes were long and slow, actually letting the head of my cock slip out of her pussy and then pushing back in. As the pace quickened, so did the intensity of the thrusts. My balls were slapping her ass as my cock hit bottom and Kelly gasped and moaned with each thrust. As I pounded deeper, harder and faster, it was obvious that Kelly was once again near the edge of orgasm, and I wasn’t far behind.

Our sweaty bodies continued to hump and grope each other in a furry of passion. Although it was the first time we had ever fucked, we seemed to have a natural rhythm. Kelly was humping as hard as I was but her pussy never let my cock slide free.

Kelly grabbed my head and forced me to stare into those passionate eyes of hers. She didn’t have to say a word. I could read her mind as she stared deep into my eyes. It was that same burning passion I had seen before and I couldn’t hold back any more. My eyes stared deep into her sole as we both came crashing over the edge.

I’m not sure I even blinked, except maybe to blink the sweat away from my eyes as her body tightened around my thrusting cock and my cum exploded deep inside of her. It felt like I unloaded a gallon of cum before my balls finally stopped pumping and Kelly’s pussy finally released its grip on my cock.

I rolled off of Kelly in total exhaustion. I thought she had to be exhausted as well after god knows how many orgasms and an incredible fuck like the one we just shared. But, it seems I was wrong. As I lay there catching my breath, Kelly rolled over and grabbed my shrinking cock. Still covered with both her cum and mine, Kelly began licking my spent manhood.

“That was incredible,” she said, as continued to lick my cock clean.

I thought she was just cleaning me up, but then she said, “You fucked me just the way I had always imagined it. Now it’s time that I return the favor and fuck you just the way you’ve been dreaming about.”

Between her tormenting licks and her seductive words, my cock miraculously managed to get hard again. I’m not usually too slow to recover, but this was record time. As she held my now hard cock in one hand, she climbed on top of me and lowered her pussy over my cock.

There is nothing as erotic as lying on your back, watching your cock slip into such an incredibly sexy body. My cock twitched as Kelly’s hand fell away and her pussy engulfed my hardness. With the same slow teasing motions I had tormented her with moments before, she now turned the tables. Rising to the point where it felt like my cock was just about to slip out, then pushing back down until our pubic bones meshed at the depth of her stroke.

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