That’s Home Show with Two “O”s

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The annual home show at the Minneapolis Convention Center has always been a favorite of mine. I like how vendors assemble their booths with building and landscaping samples. However, I hadn’t been since I was a kid and frankly, I was a bit excited! However, I had NO IDEA, there would be so many hidden places to explore.

Chuck, my 50-something boyfriend, and I had free tickets and it was a nice sunny, albeit cold day to go somewhere. We parked in the garage that was hooked onto the skyway that led to the convention center. We weren’t meeting up with any friends, but we knew we would make some, because we give off positive energy to all those around. Random strangers will comment to us about our energy or what we’re wearing or whatever.

Something seriously funny happened as we were riding the escalator down from skyway. It appears that the escalator going up was stopped. There was a sign that it was out of order and you could use the elevator if you needed. Well, a couple got to the base of that escalator as we were getting to the bottom of ours. They looked sincerely puzzled at the stopped escalator, which honestly, if you think about it, just looks like stairs. Anyway, they pushed the “reset” button a couple of times and decided that since it didn’t move, they would illegal bahis have to leave and find one that did work. When Chuck was telling me that he had observed this, I just cracked up. That’s what I like about Chuck, he amuses me all the time. And, we find the similar amusing, which is why we have such an amazing sex life ….. as you will get to know if you follow along with the skyway scribe!

OK, on to the sh”O”w ….

The hall was crowded with a lot of do-it-yourself-ers eyeing the latest materials and shopping for home improvement vendors. I was a fiend for the candy dishes …. Seriously … put some candy in your booth and I will come over. I stuffed piece after piece in my mouth and my pocket soon bulged with wrappers. It got to be quite funny. What Chuck didn’t know, was that I was handing out my phone number as a little “thank you.” I was determined to build up a pipeline of visitors that like to watch hot sex in action.

We went to the sauna vendor. He had several models and what I thought was cool was the list of supposed health benefits of the sauna and “SEX IN THE HOME SHOW” wasn’t one of them. Chuck and I wanted to try out the saunas and I was frisky, frisky, frisky. I feigned interest in checking out how “hot” the sauna could get by telling Chuck to illegal bahis siteleri get in here and close the door. Once he shut the door, I was all over him, undoing his pants so I could grab his cock and stroke him off in the sauna. I was kneeling down giving him a sloppy blow job, when the door suddenly came open. Since only 21 and over were allowed in the sauna, I wasn’t too worried, and was so pleased when we got the thumbs up from the salesman. I held Chuck back from cuming, cuz I could tell there were a lot more places to explore.

Next we pretended to be interested in a basement remodel that included a pre-constructed wall system. What we were interested in was going into the trailer and shutting the door. The salesman, Jimmy, was super cute, so we sort of led him on that we might be buyers. He had a ruler in his shirt pocket and some awesome thick black glasses … the perfect mix of worker and brainiac.

He commented on the plaid beret that I was wearing and I asked him if he wanted to take it off OR anything else. Chuck said, “Sissy, you behave yourself. This man is working.”

“So am I, baby,” I said back to Chuck.

“Jimmy,” I said, “Am I making you uncomfortable while you’re on the job?”

“No, ma’am, you’re not. I’m just a little HOT and canlı bahis siteleri was wondering if you two would mind if I temporarily closed this exhibit to other visitors.”

Of course, Chuck and I eagerly agreed. So there we were the three of us in a closed trailer in the middle of the Home Show. I thought I should get things started, so I undid Jimmy’s pants and started stroking his hard cock. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that he shaves his balls. Oh, gosh, I wanted to suck them so bad, I couldn’t his pants down fast enough. “Let me suck your balls, Jimmy,” I moaned. “I want to feel them deep in my throat while I stroke your cock. Chuck, you don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not, honey, but thanks for asking,” Chuck replied. I always ask and Chuck always says, “yes.” Chuck likes to see me get other men off and he wants detailed descriptions of their cock and balls. I moved my hot mouth and spit-drenched hands up to Jimmy’s cock. I stroked him faster and faster, felt him stiffen and spew cum all over the walls of the trailer. Chuck was impressed! And, turned on.

Jimmy was a bit embarrassed, but Chuck assured him, “Sissy will make anyone cum in a quick minute. She’s a pro, so don’t feel bad.” I think Jimmy was so amazed that he just zipped up his pants quick, looked at Chuck with envy and opened the door.

Chuck winked at me and asked, “Sissy, what do you have to say to Jimmy?” Because my mouth was also full of Jimmy’s cum all I could do was say with a lisp, “The show muthst go on.”

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