A Halloween to Remember Ch. 03

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Big Tits

I didn’t want to get totally involved in Sonia and Keith’s sexual fantasy, but I had shared that Jeff had cum in panties more than once. According to her, Keith was in a new world dressing regularly. He had a drawer full of bras and Sonia was going to purchase some breastforms for him. I wondered if we might end up having a little party in the future with Jeff and Keith dressed up in their frilly outfits. First things first.

Jeff was just a little defensive about expanding the role at first, but I convinced him that there was nothing wrong with a couple enjoying some ‘non-traditional’ sex. Role playing in the bedroom is so exciting. It seems to knock the rust off relationships. Regardless of the type of roles that are being played, the most important thing is that the activity is mutual and enjoyable. I have read that some women like to be ‘raped’ by an intruder (their husbands). The fear scenario apparently triggers a primal response and heightens the senses.

A few nights after I had talked to Sonia, I fixed dinner and changed into a short robe. Underneath I had on a half bra which could barely hold my DD’s and a crotchless panty. I was wearing a high heeled sandal. Nothing too high, but they went good with my flimsy robe. Jeff came in and I kissed him while handing him a stiff cocktail. We ate dinner and talked about his work, etc.

He kept noticing my robe which barely hid my bra. He must have known something was up because he seemed especially nervous. What was he thinking? I decided to go for it.

“Sweetie, why don’t you go take a long hot shower and make sure to shave everything. You look so sexy that way. I have some ‘nightie-night’ clothes in the bathroom for you if you want to try them on. I think they will look great.”

He half smiled with a little hesitation.

“Or, we can just watch a little tv in the living room. Up to you.”

I had laid out a matching bra and panty for Jeff. His panties were not crotchless. I didn’t want a hard cock bouncing about while he pleasured me orally. The panties were a size too small for him and I hoped he would tuck that ugly little hard on before he came back out. The bra was a little half number like mine, but her cup size was an A. It was not easy finding the band size to fit him with an A cup, but I had managed. Also, I had a pair of black pantyhose for him. I thought this would help keep his cock out of the way. I had bought him a pair of platform stilettos in black patent. To top him off, I had a sheer duster laid out for him to place over the lingerie. I waited.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room drinking a glass of wine. It took a while, but he finally came out of the master bedroom with all the lingerie on. His legs looked sexy in the pantyhose and high heels. He had dressed himself and looked stunning.

“Oh, my god, Gina. You look so hot. Come back with me and we will get you finished up.”

I led him back to my vanity and applied makeup. It was a little heavier than the party makeup, but no one else would be there to enjoy it but me. After the makeup, I had him stand up. His cock was protruding a little too much, so I had him stand tall. I bent him over after I had pulled the pantyhose and panties down. I moved his upper body forward and reached his hard little cock. I pulled it up the back and hid it in his butt crack. I pulled the panties up snugly and then pulled the pantyhose tight.

“Now keep that thing out of the way, Gina,” I said.

I went to the master closet and pulled out the wig he had worn. I placed it on his head and fluffed the curls some. He looked so hot. My pussy was dripping. I had to check myself with my fingers. A slick drop of pussy dew was on my hand and I had him open his pretty red lips. I placed my pussy juice on his tongue, making sure not to smear his lipstick. Or rather, HER lipstick. He was now Gina, my lesbian lover for the night.

I loosened my robe and let it fall to the floor. I was standing there with my big areolas and nipples exposed and my bare pussy flowing with girl dew.

“God, Gina, you look so fucking sexy.”

I moved over to him, HER, HER, dammit. No way she had any masculinity left as good as she looked. I had outdone myself on the makeup. I was falling in love with her. My pussy tingled as a looked at her full red lips. Lips that were going to kiss my womanhood. A tongue that would penetrate my vaginal lips and be sealed with her pretty red lips. Lips to lips in wild lesbian sex. I had never been attracted to women sexually, but I was totally turned on by Gina.

I moved my body around hers in a seductive dance. I bahis firmaları touched her bra and the front of her pantyhose. I kissed her on the lips and ran my tongue into her mouth. As I did this, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her ass to me. As I ground my pussy into her crotch, I moaned and encouraged her to make love to me.

I posed her in every possible way and gently smoothed the pretty ensemble as I commented on how sexy she looked. Her cock was tucked but I had no idea how hard it might be. I imagined it to be ready to burst out of her small panties. I made sure that I did not touch her there, only slightly on the tummy just above her shaved pubis. I felt her stomach spasm as I explored this erogenous zone. She was getting more excited. I lay down on the bed.

“God, Gina, come make love to my pussy. Put your pretty red lips on my vagina and eat my pussy good. Penetrate me with your tongue. I want your mouth up inside me. Make believe your tongue is a cock and enter me. Lick my asshole. Penetrate my rectum. Make me squirt all over your pretty face. I want to change you to a horny lesbian and dominate you. I want to fuck your face with my pussy. Please, please don’t deny me my pleasure.”

She was more than compliant. Any hesitation about being fully dressed had vanished. She made love to my pussy over and over. I continued to have the best orgasms as she attended to my quivering pussy. Never had I experienced anywhere near the sexual satisfaction when Jeff and I made love. Sex was good, but I never achieved orgasms like this. It is possible that when a woman has not been fucked good, another man with a bigger cock can have the same effect. This was another completely different world. Oral sex had never been this good. Just the fact that my man had now become my best girlfriend made me so much hornier than ever before.

Now, I was married to Jeff half the time. We had normal sexual relations. I was particularly diligent at giving him blow jobs as a reward for his constant service to me when he was dressed. I did introduce him to eating his cum from my pussy as soon as he had cum. He admitted that at first the idea was repugnant to him. After he had first tasted his own cum, the sensation became more normal. After all I swallowed his cum, how bad could it be? Once he became convinced that it was not the taste, but the idea that had first put him off, he readily admitted that it tasted very neutral if not somewhat sweet.

It was not long before he would come home from work and get ready as Gina. We would spend the evening eating dinner, cleaning up, drinking wine and just talking. I seldom had to correct his choice of clothing or makeup. We enjoyed having him get dressed en femme and taking little trips to the grocery or drug store. When we would get home from these excursions, she would freshen up and get into her bedroom clothes. When Gina took over initiating our sexual adventures, I was assured that she found it just as exciting as I did.

As she became more confident in public, we went out to eat or to the movies. We hadn’t tried clubbing yet. I wanted Gina to get more comfortable with her persona first. One evening when Jeff came home, I tried a little extended role play.

“Jeff,” I said, “I was washing clothes this morning and found a tear in some of Gina’s things. Why don’t you get her to go to the mall and replace those items?”

I thought that he might argue this point, but he headed to the bedroom. I had already ripped out part of a seam in a pair of sexy bikini panties and laid them on the bed along with a pair of sheer stockings that did actually have a run in them. He was gone for about twenty minutes and came back out as Gina. She had on a pair of skinny jeans and a pretty boat neck top. She wore dangling earrings and a choker style necklace. She looked like she was a full B cup on top and I could make out nylon on her ankles where her jeans rose above her stylish flats. She was in a brunette wig and had on tasteful, but heavy makeup. Her eye makeup was not night club lavish and she looked very believable.

“You look hot, Gina. Be sure and put the purchases on your credit card. Make sure you have your wallet for ID.”

She giggled, understanding fully that she was about to come out to a lingerie saleswoman at the mall. I thought about getting her a fake ID in Gina’s name, but this seemed more fun and she was enjoying the uncertainty of being in that uncomfortable situation. At that point I knew that this was not something Jeff was doing to please me. He was fully engaged and enjoyed it on his own. The new and taboo was now becoming kaçak iddaa part of who we were as a couple. I wondered if over time we might tire of the game, but not now. Our sex life was out of control just like Sonia had told me about hers and Keith’s.

When Gina came back from the mall, I asked her how her shopping went.

“Oh, great, Dear. I went to the lingerie section at Saks and looked over all the panties. I bought a pretty thong and even one for you. I wanted a bralette to wear to work sometimes. Something that would fit under Jeff’s shirt and not show. I got a beige one. Then I went shoe shopping and bought this pair of high heels. See, they are bright red for when we really want to have hot lesbian sex.”

“How did you pay for them?”

“On the Visa. I borrowed your purse and slid my driver’s license under the window of your wallet. The lady smiled and checked the ID. She asked if that was my correct address and I confirmed. She offered to show me some gowns, but I told her that I might come back in later. She told me her hours and asked if I would make sure to come during her shift. Her name was Rosa and she is a pretty Hispanic lady of about thirty-five. Hot looking, if you ask me.”

“Bitch, you better not be cheating on me.” I feigned anger, but Gina knew that I was teasing.

She modeled all the purchases and we made love girl style. I rubbed her to an orgasm with her big clitty bursting out inside her panties.

Gina had now been out on her own. There was no lack of confidence. I suggested that we go shopping at a nearby outlet mall the next weekend. I purchased a thin sundress for myself and one for Gina. I bought her a strapless bra that would hold her breastforms. I told Gina to wear what I had laid out for her on the bed. She came back in the sundress and medium high wedge sandals.

“Hon,” she said, “what about my panties?”

“No panties today, Gina.”

This was quite a change. She always wore more than enough lingerie. She loved the frills and smooth material against her hairless body. I had picked a bright sunny day. Neither of us wore panties and I did not wear a bra. My nipples were like little stones. My full DD’s stretched the material of the sundress across my chest. We were off to the outlet mall. I drove our convertible with the top down. As Gina smoothed her dress against the turbulent wind, I admonished her to stop.

“Let the wind have its way, Gina. You look so smooth and soft down there. Who cares if someone peeks?”

She smiled with a little impish grin on her face. Our makeup was casual, but Gina’s was just a little more exciting. We wanted to make sure that any attention was focused mainly on her face. Her sundress was blowing around more than mine and I got several peeks at her hard little clit.

“I don’t get it, Sandra. When we make love as girls, you don’t want to see my cock. Now you have me go out in public with no panties on and you want to see my cock.”

“I’m sorry, Gina. Did you use the C word? That is not a cock, Girlfriend. That is a larger than average clit. Don’t confuse it again. Plus, I don’t mind seeing it. It is all clean and hard. Not very big. Just the right size for my lesbian lover. And I do love all of you, Lover. Even your clit. Actually, letting it free makes it seem smoother and it looks such a pretty pale pink color.”

The outlet mall was a good choice because the stores were packed side by side. Shoppers can move quickly from one store to the next. It was going to be a trick to keep her hard clitty from being noticed. Even though it was small, it still poked her dress out some. Again, I hoped that the anxiety factor would take care of the erect clit. We wore sunglass to cut down on the glare from the sun when we went outside on the street side of the stores. I could just make out Gina’s little clit as the sunlight highlighted her sundress. I was sure that my naked body underneath my dress was also on display to anyone who was in the correct viewing angle.

“Oh, my god, Gina,” I said, “I can make out the outline of your precious little clitty. You look so sexy. I am going to have to jump you when we get back home.”

She said, “If I get in trouble for this, you are responsible.”

“No one is going to say anything, Honey. If someone gets too interested in what we have under our dresses, we will notice. Let me take care of that if it happens.”

We shopped and shopped. A few times I noticed people paying some attention to us. I wasn’t sure whether it was the sunlight or the lack of underwear. It could have been that we were just two good looking women shopping. kaçak bahis We split up a couple of times. In one store, Gina found a sexy pink bra that we both liked. I convinced her to look at a few other stores before buying that one. Once we had scouted the other stores, we both still liked the sexy pink one.

“Why don’t you go back there and buy it while I keep looking here?” I asked.

I really didn’t see any panties like we love in the outlet mall. These places are more for daily wear as opposed to sexy things. Gina smiled and seemed to relish making the purchase by herself. We had already purchased her a purse, so she had all her things in there. I gave her a few minutes and decided to catch up to her making her purchase. I browsed casually until I saw Gina ready to check out. As she put the bra on the counter, I eased a little closer between the racks.

A pretty young clerk took the bra and began to scan the purchase. “Are you sure about the size? This is a final clearance of these red tagged items. You might want to try it on before you purchase it. Here, I will help.”

She asked one of her co-workers to watch the register while she helped Gina. I wondered what this might lead to but watched eagerly. The clerk, Jeanette, led her to a changing area and followed her into the curtained cubicle. I moved to get a better angle. Jeanette had Gina turn around and she pulled the back of her dress down a little to expose her strapless bra.

“You might have a problem here, Ma’am. Your bra is 36B and this one is a C cup.”

How was Gina going to respond?

In her best girl voice, Gina said, “Oh that is okay. My breast size varies anyway.”

Jeanette looked at Gina and asked her to turn around. “You said you breast size varies?”

“Yes, depending on what I wear.”

Puzzled, Jeanette asked her to turn around. I noticed a little bulge in the front of her sundress. Jeanette apparently noticed it too. I could only guess about what she was thinking, but she did not seem overwhelmed. A slight smile appeared on her lips.

“Let me pull the curtain. I would hate for you to buy this and it not fit. Even at half price this is a very expensive bra. I just love these. They support well and yet are so pretty and sexy.”

She pulled the curtain, but not completely shut. I moved a little and could see through a crack at the side. Jeanette held the bra over Gina’s top.

“Tell you what,” Jeanette said, “Why don’t you drop your dress and try this on? I will be right outside.”

She stepped back a little and helped Gina drop the straps to her sundress. She stepped back and let Gina step out of her dress. I was thrilled that Gina was standing there with her back to Jeanette when she stepped out of the dress and then picked it up and hung it on the dressing room hook. She removed the strapless bra and put on the pink sexy one. She placed her breastforms back in the new bra and positioned them. She then turned to Jeanette and modeled the bra. Jeanette showed no emotion.

“Well,” she said, “the band size is just right and I can see how this might be adaptable to your needs. It does look absolutely stunning on you. Would you like to look for some matching panties? I can bring over a few pair while you wait.”

There was no doubt that Gina had exposed her clit to Jeanette. She was standing there with just the pink bra on while Jeanette brought over several pairs of pink panties. She showed her two bikinis and a thong.

“Here, try these on.” Jeanette said as she handed Gina the panties. They will probably fit better when you are, uh, more relaxed.” She said this with a mischievous smile.

After a while, Gina handed the panties back to Jeanette and said, “I’ll take them all and the bra too.”

“You don’t want to wear one pair out, Miss?”

“No. That is okay. It is such a lovely day and I enjoy the breeze.” Gina said.

She changed back into her strapless bra and put her dress back on. When she was ready, she followed Jeanette back to the register. Jeanette rang up the purchases and Gina gave her the Visa card. She also showed her driver’s license. Jeanette looked at the picture of my husband and did not bat an eye.

“Oh,” Jeanette said, “One of my girlfriends lives near you. I know that part of town. She just loves it there.”

She finished the transaction and Gina signed the correct name. The girl had his real name and address. She also knew what part of town we lived in. She put Gina’s purchases in the bag as I moved behind her.

“What did you find, Gina?” I asked as I approached.

“Oh, just the bra and then Jeanette suggested some matching panties.”

I peeked in the bag.

“Oh, pretty. Good taste, Jeanette.”

“Thank you.” She said. “And please, come back again. I just love your sundress. It is so light and airy.”

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