The Clinic

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‘Please come in nurse and take a seat’ I smiled as our latest recruit came into the room. She took a seat in the easy chair across my desk and crossed her legs. My eyes were drawn to her legs as her uniform rode up. I love a girl in stockings I thought.

‘So tell me Nurse Buckley how are you finding the work so far?’

The nurse blushed and replied ‘It’s a little more involved than I realised at the job interview. But I’m enjoying it so far.’ Her eyes darted round the room nervously and she licked her lips. ‘Have I done anything wrong?’ she asked tentatively.

I gazed at her for a while before answering ‘No not all. I need to thank you for coming in on your scheduled day off. All reports of your progress and performance have been excellent.’ A blush again filled her cheeks at my words. Her submissive posture told me that she was going to cause the Clinic no issues. That and the watertight image rights and non-disclosure agreements she had signed as part of the hiring process. Serious money had been spent getting the contracts drawn up and they were worth every penny.

‘As you know,’ I continued ‘here at the Johnson Clinic for Unorthodox Natural Therapies we provide assistance to those in need of help in very sensitive, indeed deeply personal matters. As these are delicate issues we know that we ask a lot of our nursing staff. We know that our methods are somewhat unorthodox and can be misconstrued. Hence we continuously monitor performance and clinical practice via a system of regular feedback sessions and by the use of recording systems. Your performance is more than satisfactory, it’s our systems that are in issue at present.’

‘Yesterday our systems were offline for the day due to a technical issue’ (Fucking hackers I growled to myself) ‘but as of tomorrow we will be fully operational as usual. However, yesterday’s down time has left a gap in our record keeping and I am interviewing all the duty staff to ensure our records are fully accurate. As a reward for any inconvenience we will of course be paying a bonus for this session.’

She smiled and said ‘So how can I help today?’

‘I understand that yesterday you dealt with three patients in all. Mr Adams in the morning and Mr Baker and Mr Charles in the afternoon.’ All code names of course but she didn’t need to know that.

‘As part of this session I need you to recount in detail the treatments dispensed. This session will be recorded via camera,’ I gestured to the small computer cam pointing in her direction, ‘as per our normal procedures. If needs be, we have some items to assist in the recreation of the treatments.’ My gaze dropped to the desk which held a selection of sex toys.

Nurse Buckley’s gaze followed mine and she again blushed. ‘Well sir I will see how I get on verbally if that’s ok to begin with.’

‘Fine by me but it is my experience that the more realistic illegal bahis the recreation the better for our records. So tell me about Mr Adams please. As you know, he is here as he has never experienced sex other than in missionary position and this is causing him personal and relationship issues.’

The nurse smiled and started her narrative. ‘I entered his room at the scheduled appointment time of 9.30 and he was fully dressed, sitting on the edge of the bed looking rather nervous. I made some small talk and realised he was very shy. In order to break the ice I asked him to stand up with his eyes closed and his arms stretched out forwards. As he did that I unbuttoned my tunic slowly.’

‘Can you show this for the camera please.’ I interjected.

‘Of course.’ she replied and stood facing me. Slowly she unbuttoned her tunic and pulled it aside revealing a lacy bra underneath.

‘Nice’ I said, ‘were you wearing that yesterday?’

‘I was indeed’ she said.

‘Please do carry on with your report’ I asked her shifting slightly in my seat. I was stiffening up and needed to get more comfortable.

‘Once I had my bra exposed I stepped towards his outstretched hands and he jumped when they made contact with my breasts. He opened his eyes and gasped.’

‘Can you confirm your bra size for the record please?’ I asked.

’36C’ she said. ‘A good handful I’ve been told.’ She continued with a gleam in her eye.

‘At my encouragement he began to stroke and knead my tits.’ Her hands reached up and replicated what he had been doing the day before.

‘I eased my tunic off my shoulders and dropped my bra straps down. He was able then to free my breasts and touch my nipples. He caressed them for a while and then I asked him if he would like to suck on my tits. He needed no second invitation – his shyness evaporated very quickly. His tongue and fingers danced all over my breasts.’ Her fingers pulled and teased her own breasts as her unfocussed gaze remembered the session.

‘After a few minutes of licking and squeezing I dropped to my knees in front of him. His trousers were tented and I licked my lips as I gazed up at him. I gently eased his zipper down and undid his belt. I slid his trousers down and his boxers strained with the outline of his cock. Sorry’ she said ‘should I use the word penis? It is more medically correct.’

‘Whatever terminology you want to use is fine by me’ I croaked. My own cock was a raging hardon at that moment and she could have used Swahili as far as I cared right then.

‘I stuck my tongue out and gave a long slow lick up and down his cock through his shorts. All the time I gazed into his eyes and his cock twitched like crazy. Having teased him for a few seconds more I eased down his shorts and his cock came into view.’

‘Please describe it for the record’ I asked. ‘How did its size compare to illegal bahis siteleri these toys?’

She picked up a cock shaped dildo about six inches long. ‘About this size maybe a little longer. Not quite as thick but a good size. A good handful!’ she joked.

‘I licked up and down his cock a few times to get it nice and wet,’ She gave the dildo the same treatment ‘and then trapped it between my titties to give him a nice titwank. His slick cock slid up and down my cleavage and I could hear him gasp. He told me it felt fantastic and it did to me too.’ The dildo was receiving similar treatment as she carried on her report. Her breasts jiggled invitingly as the dildo pushed through them.

‘He started to thrust his cock as I bounced my tits and soon it was touching my face. I opened my lips and licked or sucked the tip of his cock each time it came into reach. I could feel his cock swelling and throbbing and I knew he was about to come. I urged him to let it go and he did. His cock shot spunk all over my tits, up onto my face and even some into my hair. As his cock softened I licked the last few dribbles from it. His knees gave way and he sagged onto the bed.’ Her face, chest and boobs were flushed red and I could see she was highly turned on by recounting her report.

‘While cleaning myself up I removed my tunic and bra completely and I could see him appreciating my body.’ Her tunic fell to the floor along with her bra leaving her dressed in panties and hold up stockings.

‘Is that what you were wearing yesterday?’ I asked my voice cracking.

‘Mmm it was. Do you like it?’ she purred.

‘I certainly do’ I replied with a grin. ‘How did Mr Adams react?’

‘His cock certainly showed signs of life and the look on his face told me he wanted more. I turned around and slowly slid my panties down, bending over to show him my bottom.’ Her peachy bum came into view as she recreated the scene for the report. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at the glazed look in my eyes.

‘Did that have an effect on him?’ I gulped.

‘His cock surged to full strength and started to twitch.’ she said. ‘I got on all fours on the bed with my bum pointing at him and wiggled him an invitation. In seconds his hands were gripping my waist and his cock was nudging at my pussy. I reached through my legs and gently eased my lips apart and felt his cock start to slide in.’

‘Like this’ I said, easing the dildo into her dripping pussy.

‘Ooh yes! Nice and slowly, spreading my lips apart and easing into my soaking depths. He eased back and pushed in deeper. Ooh yes just like that’ as the dildo slid in and out of her.

‘He started to thrust harder and harder and I could feel his balls banging against my clit. I dropped my head to the bed and the changed angle really started my juices flowing.’ I changed my grip on the dildo so that my canlı bahis siteleri knuckles bumped her clit every time it sank home.

‘Ooh that’s just like it!’ she gasped and shuddered as a tremor ran through her body. ‘He pounded away and I asked him to pull my nipples. He reached under me and pulled and squeezed at my swinging titties. I really like it when that happens.’ I followed suit and squeezed a nipple with my spare hand. Straight away her breath caught and her pussy spasmed.

‘I had a mini orgasm as he did that and I could feel him start to thrust deeper and more erratically. I knew he was close to coming and I wanted to share the moment. I slid my fingers to my clit and stroked myself. I was close but knew I wouldn’t make it before he came but then he did something unexpected.’

‘And that was?’

She blushed and said ‘He licked his thumb and pushed it into my ass.’

‘Blimey he learnt quickly!’ I said. And why not, I thought. As my moistened thumb entered her puckered ass she gasped and shuddered.

‘Yes’ she shrieked. ‘Right there’ and she came there and then. Gasping, shaking, sobbing with her hair awry she completely surrendered to the orgasm that overtook her. Her pussy secretions made the dildo almost too slick to hold as I gently eased it out of her. I held her as the shakes subsided and she leaned back to kiss me. A tender kiss that lasted a lifetime.

‘That’s some report’ I said with a grin. ‘How did Mr Adams follow that?’

‘He pounded into me and, as his cock spurted deep inside me, I came much as I did just now. Once I came down he slid out of me and I licked our combined juices off his shaft.’ With a sly grin she took the dildo from me and licked it up and down.

‘Is that your full report on Mr Adams?’ I croaked.

‘Yes the time was nearly half past ten so I’ve booked him in for another session next week.’ She said. ‘I’m sure I can help him more with his problem.’ And she winked at me seductively.

‘Thank you nurse, that will be all for now.’ I said eyeing her glowing body.

‘Is there anything I can do to help you?’ she purred.

‘Not right now. I need to speak to our technical team about the issues we have been having. I will need your report on Mr Baker and Mr Charles in due course though.’

She dressed quickly with a pout and left me alone. I checked the video file had saved onto the laptop and quickly reviewed it. Even from a single position there was excellent coverage of her report and my face hadn’t featured once. Careful planning pays off I thought, grinning to myself.

Later that night, as we cuddled in bed later my wife and I watched the tape I had made. As we did so I stroked her 36C breasts and looked at her nurse’s uniform in a heap on the floor.

‘You are going to delete this’ she asked as the scene of her orgasm unfolded. ‘I love role playing but wouldn’t want this to ever get out.’

‘Oh yes, sweetie.’ I said. ‘Once we’ve had chance to watch it a couple of times or so.’

Besides, I thought, it’s already getting hits on three pay per view sites so killing it from the laptop won’t matter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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