Teaching the Neighbor

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My wife and I had been helping out a local neighbor girl named Jenny. Her parents didn’t have much money and we offered to help them when Jenny left for college. Jenny was a bright eighteen year old with long brown hair and a cute face. She would often come over to our house and spend time with my wife helping out in the kitchen and other household chores. My wife was still at work when Jenny arrived one afternoon. She was nearly crying when I let her into the house.

“My mom will never let me have a boyfriend like all my other friends,” Jenny told me.

“I am sure she is just looking out for you Jenny,” I told her.

Jenny said she would be an old woman by the time she ever went out with a man. I told her that wouldn’t be the case, but she didn’t want to hear that.

“I hope my first boyfriend will be just like you Jeff,” she told me.

I was flattered she said that when Jenny ran to me and threw her arms around my neck. She place her head on my chest and sobbed a little bit. I could feel her tits poking into my chest. I was getting a little uncomfortable when Jenny looked up and stared at my face. She pulled my head down to hers and then she kissed my lips. It wasn’t just a peck on my mouth, however. Jenny pushed her tongue inside.

I was caught off guard and I opened my mouth to her. The next thing I knew, we were standing in the dining room having an intense kissing session. Jenny was acting so needy. I didn’t know what came over me. I pressed my hands to her chest. Jenny’s breasts were hard as I felt them through her bra. Jenny then pulled back and lifted off her shirt and then undid bahis firmaları her bra. I nearly choked. Jenny had these perfectly shaped tits with circular nipples topping both breasts.

“Please teach me how to make love Jeff,” She was pleading with me.

“This isn’t right,” I replied back.

Jenny then let her pants fall to the floor along with her panties. I nearly choked. Jenny’s mother would probably not be pleased with her. Jenny had her pubic hairs all shaved off. She was totally bald between her legs. My cock nearly split through the material of my pants.

“Show me please Jeff, I want to see your cock,” Jenny begged me.

I knew if I did this, I could be in so much trouble. I couldn’t stop myself. I pulled my shirt off and then removed my trousers and underwear. My semi-hard cock sprung loose. Jenny let out a gasp.

“God it’s so big!” She told me.

I pushed Jenny towards the dining room table and had her lay on top of it. She propped herself on her elbows, never taking her eyes from my cock. I moved in between her legs, taking my cock in my hand. I began rubbing my mushroom head up and down her sopping wet folds. Jenny threw her head back and began to moan out loud. I fitted my cockhead between her folds and gently started to push. Jenny wasn’t lying, she really was a virgin. It took some time but I eventually broke through her hymen. She was bleeding a little when I finally entered her pussy.

I went slow at first. Jenny was tighter than any woman I ever experienced. I pushed a few inches in and then backed out. Over time I was able to fit all seven inches of my erection into kaçak iddaa Jenny’s virgin pussy. I then went slowly, feeding her my cock. Jenny threw her legs around my waist and then I took her. I was going to teach her how you make love to a man after all. Jenny placed her arms around my neck and then I lifted her up. My shaft was buried in her tiny pussy as I held her up in the middle of the dining room.

I slammed my pecker in as deep as I could now. Jenny screamed out loud every time I had my cock all the way inside her pussy. I was so out of it now and so was Jenny. I was drilling a neighbor girl’s pussy with my thick member. I just couldn’t bring myself to stop. Her pussy was so slick with juices. Our fuck strokes were making this slurping noise as I took Jenny as my lover. I wish I could have held out longer this first time, but Jenny’s pussy was so tiny. It felt like a small fist was holding onto my cock. I was ready to cum.

“I better pull out Jenny, I am so close,” I told her.

“No Jeff, I want you inside me!” Jenny screamed.

She tightened her legs around my waist now. I could no longer control myself and I shot my first load of warm seed into Jenny’s pussy. Jenny went crazy. I think she was orgasming the same time as I was. I just kept slamming my thick rod into her tight quim until I felt I could no longer shoot another drop. I moved us back to the dining room table and my cock slipped out of her drenched pussy. I let Jenny back down onto the table. She just laid there as if she was dead, she wasn’t moving.

“My God, is that what it is like to make love?” She asked me.

I just nodded. kaçak bahis I went and wetted down some paper towels and I wiped down Jenny’s dripping pussy and then I cleaned off my cock.

“Jeff, I want to do it again,” she told me.

We went back to the bedroom and for the next two hours I fucked my teenage lover. I lost count how many load of cum I deposited in Jenny’s pussy. We had to stop when it was time for my wife to soon get home. I knew it had been stupid to not be using a rubber and I told Jenny if we ever did it again I would use protection.

“No Jeff, please I love feeling your cock that way.” She said to me.

I knew it would be insane to keep fucking a fertile girl without a rubber, but I couldn’t tell her no.

“You must not tell anyone we did this Jenny, we could both get into lots of trouble,” I said.

“I would never rat on my lover,” Jenny told me.

That was the start of regular lovemaking with Jenny and myself. I would call her on her cellphone when my wife left the house. Jenny would normally arrive ten minutes later and we would go straight to the bed. Jenny said she wanted me to teach her everything I knew about making love. The one thing she loved to do and was really good at was sucking cock. She would get on her knees and then take all seven inches of me down her throat.

I lost count how many load of cum I blasted into Jenny’s belly. She just seemed to never get enough of my seed. We also fucked in every position I could think of. Missionary, Jenny on top, doggy style, you name it. We just did it almost ever day. I have to say I was getting afraid of not using a rubber. I knew there would be a time when Jenny finally came to me and said she hadn’t got her period. I was dreading that day, but until then I just can’t bring myself to stop fucking my tight, young lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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