The Shower

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Big Tits

Finally another try to write a story in English, so again, sorry for mistakes.

We go hand in hand to the bathroom, curling our fingers around the other ones fingers. We are both smiling a lot, certainly thinking about what is going to happen. We enter the bathroom. We know that we will be very comfy now, certainly, as there’s a nice temperature, warm enough for not getting cold. We give each other little kisses on the mouth. Finally we help each other getting out of our clothes.

You unbutton my shirt and take it off, after what you caresses my upper body. I unbutton your shirt and easily take it down, this revealing me now your soft upper body, while those lovely sturdy, but yet soft breasts are still in the bra. My fingers are walking over the naked flesh and I see some goose flesh. We look now each other in the eyes and are smiling again. You unbutton now my pants and let them drop. I help you to get them over my feet when, at the same time, you release me from my socks. Now I’m standing there with only wearing my slip.

I help you now with unbuttoning your short skirt and help you step out of it, without being able to resist the fact of putting a small kiss on each knee. We look now at each other. I’m more then pleased with what I see, and this is shown to you by the position of the ‘little guy’. I go with my hands behind your back to unclasp your bra. After that I massage a little the spot where the claps have been resting on your back before taking now the straps to the front and then releasing those lovely globes. I can see now that you are pleased with my attention to that wonderful playground.

Now it’s your turn for removing the last piece I still wear. You go softly with your hands between the waistband, pulling the slip down. You do that very carefully and I see that your eyes are getting greater by the look at the little guy that is now popping out of his place. You’re even licking your lips. Again you help me, this time with getting out of slip. Now you are even a little naughty to me when by going up you plant a little kiss on the little guy’s head. You’re such a lovely little teaser.

Finally at last it’s my turn to release you from your slip. I go sit on my knees. My fingers go also softly between the waistband and I pull the slip slowly down, looking at that lovely bush and seeing even some love-lips because our naughty little princess is opening her legs a little bit. Once you are out of the slip, it’s my turn now to tease you a little by going quickly with my tongue over those pretty lips, hearing at the same time a little moan escaping from your mouth. Finally I can convince myself to get up. Again we are looking at each other and we both are pleased with what we see. We press ourselves to each other, feeling thus the stiffness and softness of each other. Unfortunately we have to let go, there’s still a shower to be taken.

I go to the shower and turn on the cold and warm water until the heat of it is perfect. I take your hand to pull you to me, but he … what is happening … you’re sort of stumbling, just able to grab my … oh no … you fooled me again, I can see it because of your smile and those twinkling eyes of yours, you little naughty girl. I can’t withhold me from laughing hard because you’re such a little tease to me. But he, behave well now my love, we still have to wash each other.

We’re both standing under the water and are getting very wet. Now and then we giggle because of pushing our body to the other. We now go stand aside the water stream. I take some shampoo and start rubbing that into your hair. I give you also a head massage and by hearing you sigh I know I’m doing my job good. After that I kneel güvenilir bahis down and you take some shampoo in your hand. You’re putting the shampoo onto my hair and start massaging with your fingertips. Oh, that feels so nice. You’re doing a hell of a job because I just enjoy feeling those fingertips against my head.

I get up now and we both start laughing because of how we both look. We’re getting under the stream, pressing our bodies together. I know for sure that I could stand like this for ages. The water is getting all the shampoo out of our hair. Although we both know that there’s still a lot to do we seem rather to stand like we do for some additional time. At last we separate and I’m taking now the soap into my hands to make them very soapy. I ask you to stand with your back to me, but before I start with my task I admire your nice little bottom cheeks. Oh, you’re so beautifully build.

I start now going with my hands over your shoulders, massaging them the best I can. Now and then I take the soap again to make sure that my hands stay very soft. I’m going down now a little to your shoulder blades, all the time making little circles on your skin. I go from the left to the right, not forgetting to go over your sides also, teasing you a little when passing the soft sides of your globes. Now I kneel down to do your legs first, keeping thus a nice place for later.

It seems to me that you’re a little ticklish because I can hear you giggle each time I go over your toes. That’s something I have to remember one never knows when that can be helpful again. I now go, via your ankles, to your calves trying to give you there a good massage. Farther up I go, but I can’t resist admiring also those lovely well-shaped legs, daydreaming how they look wrapped in nylons. A little sigh is coming out of my mouth before going a little farther up. Finally I’m with my hands at your bottom cheeks. I take a lot of soap on my hands and go softly over those cheeks. I take both cheeks in my hands and start to squeeze them softly.

A smile is coming on my face when I hear you moan. A devilish grin is coming on my face when I pass with one finger through your crack. I feel you shiver now and taking in very loudly your breath. But enough teasing now I think, I have to be careful as you have your job still to do and I know very well what you are able to do to me, just by teasing me. At last the job is done and I pull you to me for going together to the stream. All the soap is just slipping down of you. I’m smiling now again when you turn around to give me a soft kiss on my mouth, pressing you again against me. Oh, your body is so soft. Then we’re leaving the stream.

Now you go a little back and you take the soap into your hands. You also make them very soapy and give me a sign to make me turn around. Oh, that feels so nice, these soft hands over my shoulders. I feel that you sure know how this has to be done. My shoulder blades get also your attention. He, what are you doing now, oh, I hear the soap, well I’ll just wait a little. Oh, I feel you again at my back, which sure is so soft for the moment. But he, that’s too soft for being your hands. I look back and see that you’re rubbing your soapy globes over my back. Wow, now I understand why so many people still are speaking about the massage they got in Thailand.

I start shivering about how you treat me, that just feels so nice. Looking at your face and smile tells me however enough about you wanting to please me. I get so warm because of this thought. The little guy sure also knows to appreciate it, he’s at full length for the moment. But now you’re going down your knees. This time it’s again your hands I feel. türkçe bahis Why am I not surprised that you’re trying to find out if I also am ticklish? However, you do your job very nicely. I wonder how it will be in future when you wouldn’t have the time, then I would have to wash myself, but he, that surely won’t feel so good.

You are going upwards now, massaging the back of my legs, always getting higher and higher. At last you arrive at my bottom cheeks and after a little massage I feel you pinching them a little bit. I could have known that I would get a tease treatment. Suddenly I feel you go with your finger between my bottoms and scratching a little the little hole there. That will learn me, I think, that’s her revenge. Finally you go away from me, but yet soaping again your hands. You make me turn around and there you start with your hands upon my chest. I look at you, but my attention is the most drawn to those lovely nipples on your globes. They stand very erect; I need all my willpower not to go with my hands to them.

You take the soap again, but now you’re soaping those juicy breasts of yours. You come a little closer to me, taking your globes into your hands and rubbing them over my belly. That feels so nice. I look now at your face and notice that you’re watching me. It pleases you to see that I’m very pleased with the treatment you give me. I look you in the eyes and there’s again a warm feeling going through my body. Now you’re going down your knees and massage the front of my legs. You’re already busy with my knees and a little above them when I see you look at the little guy. Again your tongue is going over your lips. Although it’s practically impossible, it seems that the little guy is stretching a little farther.

Your hands have reached meanwhile the two buddies of the little guy. Oh, you’re so carefully massaging them. Little shocks go through my body. I cannot however take my eyes off of you, certainly the way you’re looking at that love spear. With surprise I see you opening your mouth. You go forward and close your mouth over the head. Oh, that feels so nice, certainly feeling you suck on it. Now you open your mouth again and are going very slowly forward. I see centimetre after centimetre of the little guy disappear into you mouth. I can see your happiness when reaching with your lips my pubic hair. Now you go back again holding your lips on the shaft. I start to shake by this treatment.

When the little guy is completely out of your mouth, you stand up and for the last time you get your hands soapy. Now you take the little guy in yours hands and start stroking him. Once again I start to shake. Oh, I’m so grateful for what you’re doing to me. I can only hope to give you a similar feeling. You go on with your work, preventing however that I would cum. Finally you let go of me. We look each other again in the eyes, smiling at each other. Without having to say a word we both know that we’re both doing a great job. You take now my hand and pull me towards the stream. When the water is falling down on me you press your body to mine.

We’re looking each other in the eyes, both knowing that we would like to go for a passionate kiss but remembering also that there is still a little job to do. So we stick to a small kiss on the mouth. It seems that we have problems to let each other go, but meanwhile all soap has been washed of my body. I’m very pleased that I can now do the finishing touch. I get my hands soaped again and start at your belly, leaving those inviting globes for later. I make little circles on your belly, certainly not forgetting to go with my finger in your belly button. A soft moan escapes from your mouth. I do stop güvenilir bahis siteleri my hands once they reach the nice looking bush.

Now I bend down my knees and go with my hand over your feet, avoiding however your toes. I go up along the legs. Before arriving at the knees I give them both a small kiss. When my hands are massaging your knees I look at the upper legs and again a little sigh escapes from my mouth. Once again I start daydreaming of those lovely well-shaped legs. My look is going up a little higher but I see that you have noticed it also as you’re spreading your legs a little, giving me so a good view at your little treasure. Another sigh escapes from my mouth. What have I earned to be able to look at such a beauty with such lovely assets?

My hands start moving up again, softly caressing now your upper legs. Oh, they really feel so soft in my hands. I look up at you and see you smiling at me. I can only hope that you don’t realise what a power you would have over me, only by the good use of your body, if so, then I know now already that I will be but your slave. I go now more up with my hands, finally however avoiding the little treasure but now going over your hips. Now however it’s more then time to do something about two beautiful playgrounds.

I get up and soap my hands again. Before however cupping those lovely globes I go a little forward and take the right nipple into my mouth. Oh, that nipple surely is hard. I go with my tongue over the nipple, flicking from left to right. It seems that you’re enjoying it because little moans come out of you mouth. Now I close my mouth and start sucking very softly on that hard nipple. Other moans follow the first ones. While sucking on that nipple my left hand cups the flesh and my hand starts massaging that globe. Further moans follow. Yet I’m surprised that being no kid anymore I’m so excited by this sucking and grabbing that I could do this all day long.

I can’t however stay too long and my mouth moves to the left nipple, while the fingers of my left hand now approach that stiff right nipple. Once my fingers grab the nipple they start squeezing it very softly. My mouth has meanwhile found the left nipple and that one receives the same treatment as its brother. Here also my tongue flicks from left to right with afterwards me sucking also this jewel. My right hand now goes to the left globe and starts there massaging that globe. When I remove my mouth the fingers of my right hand travel to the nipple for squeezing that one also very softly.

I look at you and see that your eyes are closed and lots of moans are coming out of your throat. I have to take care about one little treasure however. My hands have to leave your globes and I’m kneeling down again. It’s like you want to make it easier for me because you’re spreading your legs even wider. I cannot resist what is before me and I quickly go forward. I can smell now your nice perfume that is driving me crazy. My mouth attaches itself on those tender love-lips. I go with my tongue between the inner lips and I’m surprised by the sweetness of the taste of the moisture that is running out of your love-tunnel.

This is something I could do also all night and day long, but I’m for the moment not here for my pleasure only. I stand quickly up, get the little guy very soapy, and then put him between your legs, softly going back and forth. Your moaning is very hard now. When I also put my hands again on the lovely gloves, then you are already screaming a little. I keep on going with the little guy between your lips, however without entering you as this will certainly be done a little later, trying to rub each time against your clit. Slowly I guide you to the stream and now the water is falling on us. You open your eyes and I see now that we’ll be making love very soon. We start a passionate kiss which takes our breath away, certainly when we are rubbing our bodies to one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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