The Oil Bath, For The Guys

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Slowly, I walk to you naked, my body covered with a light fragrant oil. In my hand I carry ‘sensual’ oils’. Gently, I undress you and watch your desire grow in anticipation, my mind knowing your need, my body hot with desire to please.

Encouraging you to relax, you lay on the silk sheets. I place a pillow under your ass, next I take the silk scarves and attach them to your wrists and ankles, and secure them to the bed posts. I smile at you and our eyes meet. Taking up the oil, I sensually climb onto the bed, your eyes take me in, and you become aware of your heart beating rapidly.

Your anticipation of your joy to come increases as your eyes fall on my full breasts, glistening with oil, and my shaved pussy with its lips already beginning to swell.

I proceed to massage your body, beginning with your ankles, gently but deep massage. My knees apart as you lift your head gazing at me. My fingers move up one leg at a time, as I relax your muscles, I move behind your knees, and run gently over your skin with the oil.

My fingers move higher up the outside of your legs, gliding, massaging, relaxing you. You sigh loudly as you feel my fingers softly move over your groin. My own excitement building knowing in my heart I long to have you deep inside me. My eyes fall to your manhood, watching it grow in excitement.

Avoiding your erogenous zones my fingers slip down the inside of your legs, and intermittently I massage deep, hearing your pleasure canlı bahis as you moan softly. Kneeling at your side I slowly allow the warm oil to gently fall on your chest.

You look over at me, your eyes falling on my pussy as my knees part further. Your eyes savour the wetness of my pussy lips gleaming with my juices. Softly, I massage over your lower stomach, the oil trickling down into your pubic hair, as my fingers glide over your wet hair, causing a tingle in Your groin.

I watch your cock slowly growing as I work, the desire within me building as my juices begin to form. I slowly stand on the bed and straddle you, moving sensually I kneel and begin to work up your body, and tenderly rub your nipples, the oil giving them a soft sensual feel; to your neck, behind your ears and slowly along the upper part of your arms to your finger tips, and back along the underside of your arms.

Your body stirs urgently as my fingers glide under your arm pits, and we both sigh, our eyes revealing our need. Gently I move my body lower, my eyes on your hardened cock. Taking the oil up again I warm in my hands. Covering one finger I begin to massage your ass, my finger working its way slowly into your opening. Your body stiffens, your heart races as my other hand takes up the oil jug pouring a little over your balls and your cock.

I continue to slowly move my finger in and out of your ass, my other hand moves to your balls caressing them lovingly, my fingers bahis siteleri gliding over them, feeling their firmness. Your hips begin to move slowly on the bed, your whole body relaxed as one finger moves slowly up your cock. The finger of my other hand inserted in your ass, pumping you gently. I watch you as your hips begin to buck slowly on the bed, your cock hard and erect pointed to your face, the veins now prominent as my pussy begins to throb.

My finger now gliding back down the other side of your cock, and you beg me to release you. Your body stiffens as my finger circles the tip of your cock, and I softly massage the sensitive tip. Again you beg me to release you, to untie the silk scarves from your wrists and ankles, as you ache to touch me, to feel me. My other finger continues to glide in and out of your ass, my thumb and other fingers rubbing your balls.

I watch your face lovingly, now tense with sheer pleasure, your eyes closed tight as I continue to stroke you, working your hard shaft up and down from the base.

Your pleasure clearly exposed on your face, as your back stiffens, and your hips buck faster on the bed. Gently, I pull both hands away and stand, straddling your cock. You look up at me, your eyes taking in my body, as my fingers slip to my pussy lips parting them. Your body stiffens once more and your heart races; your thoughts run wild, your need urgent, as you watch my body swaying sensually, glistening with oil.

Your bahis şirketleri eyes willing my pussy to lower over your wanting cock. Gently I come down on you and your hips rise to greet me, your hard cock slipping in my pussy easily. Our bodies dance and we become as one, in unison. Pumping me harder, deeper, you moan loudly, as I grind down on you, riding you, your hard cock buried deep inside my wet pussy. I release your hands wanting you to touch me. Our passion turned to lust as you reach for me.

Taking my nipples, you slowly rub them between your fingers. My back arches, as you thrust into me harder, deeper. I lean forward, feeling your cock deep inside me and my body stiffens. Your fingers sensually rubbing on my now hardened nipples, I cry out in sheer ecstasy. My face grimaces, as hot waves of pleasure enclose my body. I feel your cock pulsate, as I ride you harder, deeper. Your hips begin to buck on the bed, as your orgasm peaks.

Reaching back, my finger finds your ass again, plunging it in working in unison with your cock. You pump me harder, deeper your need now urgent, your hands grip my hips, slamming me down on your cock.

My pussy begins to tighten, as I prepare to cum. Swallowing your cock, engulfing it, my pussy gripping it firmly. My eyes meet yours as you cry softly ‘I’m cumming baby’, I too feel waves of pleasure building, my whole body delighting in this moment. Our orgasm comes silently but lustfully, sweet orgasmic waves filling our bodies. Your sweet cum entering me, filling me with your love.

Spent, gently we lay on the silk sheets holding each other, our legs entwined, dozing off in a peaceful sleep dreaming of our next encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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