Taking Taylor

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Taylor smoothed her short skirt as she stood up from her chair. She grabbed her legal pad, her pen, and headed toward the door of Mr. Allen’s office. Her heart fluttered nervously in her chest, as each step took her closer to him. Mr. Allen was much older than her, but she was drawn to his handsome, distinguished maturity, and wondered if he found her attractive at all. If so, he had never indicated it. However, he was now separated from his wife, and that could change things, she hoped.

Tapping on the door, Taylor hesitated before entering, awaiting his invitation. Looking up from a stack of papers on his desk, he smiled, and motioned her forward, towards him. She smiled back at him, and walked in slowly. His eyes focused on her, watching closely, as she moved the feminine lines of her body across the room. The fragrance of her, met his sense of smell, almost as quickly as his eyes welcomed her vision. He felt his breath catch in his throat, stalling momentarily, before being forced into his lungs.

Yes, he thought to himself, as he watched Taylor intently, she is indeed a beautiful thing. Soft locks of blonde curls gently flirted with her narrow, petite shoulders, before falling just below them, and rested against her silk blouse. Her eyes were a bright blue, and twinkled like a lake under the summer sun. Her lips were full, sensuous in their expression, and were colored a natural, slight shade of pink.

Taylor sat down, smiling broadly, and crossed her legs, under Mr. Allen’s constant gaze, and appreciative smile.

“I need you to take some notes for me, Taylor,” he began. “You are already familiar with the case, Jones canlı bahis şirketleri vs. Stephens, and I need to prepare my opening statement by the end of this week,” he concluded.

“Oh yes sir, she responded quickly, flashing him a quick smile. “ I have read the complaint several times.”

Mr. Allen smiled at her, and said, “Oh good, then my thoughts will make sense to you, even if I lose myself, and begin to babble,” he chuckled at Taylor. She giggled at him, and adjusted herself slightly in her chair, exposing the white lace of her slip, inadvertently. The white lace shimmering against the golden, brown skin of her smooth thigh, caught his attention, and he rested his eyes on her thigh. He stood up from his chair, and walked around his large desk, choosing to lean against it, directly in front of Taylor. A mischievous smile accented his handsome face now, as he continued to watch his secretary.

Taylor, looked up, and said to him, “I am ready whenever you are, Mr. Allen.”

“Please Taylor, he responded, call me Jeremy.”

“We don’t need to be so formal, do we?”

“No, I guess not,” Taylor, stammered slightly as she answered, “ok, Jeremy, whenever you are ready.”

He began his dictation, and Taylor began to write. “Crap” she said to herself, as she began to beat her pen against the paper. Chuckling at her demise, Jeremy stopped speaking and watched her for a moment.

“Uh, I need another pen,” she stammered nervously, crinkling her face into a cute frown. As she stood up, her feet tangled together, and she lost her footing, stumbling forward. Jeremy instinctively reached for her, holding her by canlı kaçak iddaa the arm tightly, until she could regain her balance. “Are you ok?” he asked quickly.

Taylor, giggling now at her own clumsiness, shook her head positively that she was. “I am fine,” she assured him.

Jeremy, feeling the warmth of her body so close to his, could no longer resist. He pulled her closer to him, and kissed her soft lips lightly. Taylor, although a little surprised, welcomed his kiss. Having gained her acceptance, he kissed her again, more passionately this time, parting her lips with his tongue and pushing inside the warm wetness of her mouth. They continued to kiss each other deeply, hungrily, each one’s mouth seeking the others, as their bodies pressed tighter and tighter together.

Jeremy’s hands caressed her gently, until he cradled her soft breasts in each of them. Ooooh, she moaned, as she enjoyed the warmth of his touch, and the firmness of his hands. She felt a deep yearning building inside her, making her pussy become hotter and wetter. He pushed against her closer, and the hard swelling of his manhood pressing tightly against her sent a tingling quiver through her loins. She reached down and began to stroke him through his clothes, at first, before pulling down his zipper and slipping her hand inside. She wrapped his cock in the warm, silkiness of her hand and began to pump him up and down. Uhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm, Jeremy groaned loudly, as he thrust his hips forward and back to meet the strokes of her hand.

He bent forward slightly, and ran his hand up her thigh, and over to her wet, waiting pussy. He slipped his finger inside canlı kaçak bahis her damp panties, and pushed it deep within her silky glove. Ahhhhhm, Taylor moaned, “oh yes, Jeremy, yes.” He thrust his finger in and out, as she wiggled and pushed her wet pussy up and down, and around the hardness of his finger, as she continued to stroke his cock tightly in her hands.

Jeremy whispered, “I want you so bad,” and lifted her up in his arms. Taylor opened her legs, as he lowered her down on his throbbing cock. He thrust himself inside her hot wet hole, and she wrapped her legs around him tightly, pushing his fullness deep within her. She worked her hips up and down, as Jeremy thrust his cock in her harder and deeper with every stroke. Taylor moved her hips up and down, around and around, while her pussy tightened around his cock, sucking and squeezing, coaxing him to climax along with her orgasmic quivering. Ahhhhhhhhhh, he groaned loudly, thrusting his hard cock deep within her, spewing his hot liquid inside her wet canal. “Mmmmmmmmmmm Jeremy”, Taylor moaned out her lover’s name, as she felt the final quake of her own orgasm. They shared a passionate kiss, as Jeremy pulled himself from within her, and lowered her back down to the floor onto her weak, shaking legs. He leaned back against the desk and sighed deeply, trying to still his rapidly beating heart. Taylor looked at him and smiled. He smiled back at her and said, “I have wanted you for so long now. I cannot believe it finally happened.”

Surprised by his words, Taylor answered, “But you never let on Mr. Allen, I mean Jeremy, I never thought”, her voice trailed off.

Smiling, Jeremy reached for her, and pulled her close to him. He kissed her lips lightly, and said, “Well now you know, we both know. May I take you to dinner tomorrow night?” he asked.

“You betcha,” Taylor answered smiling. “Desert at my house?”

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