Tabby After the Ball is Over

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The ball had been like a dream come true. Tabby had never been invited to such a lavish occasion. It was a night of fine wine, dancing and beautiful women in beautiful clothes. She hadn’t disappointed Cliff that night. Her long flowing evening gown in powder blue looked stunning on the longhaired brunette. The little thin shoulder straps that held the slightly gapping bodice fitted firmly across her tanned shoulders. Her long slim legs had looked great in the black stockings and heels as they were exposed by the two long slits up each side of the dress. Her makeup and hair were done to perfection.

Tabby had been flattered that Cliff had invited her, a student who helped out around the office. It was sad that his wife would be away for this big occasion, but she didn’t seem to mind that Cliff was going to take this girl more than half his age. She had met Tabby several times and enjoyed the same sense of humour and had a similar personality, they got on really well together.

Like Cinderella the clock had struck midnight, well actually two in the morning in Tabby’s case, and Cliff had found her near the bar again. He had been away talking with some important people, but Tabby had not found it hard to find a dance partner or someone to talk with for the last hour. Before that Cliff had paid a great deal of attention to the 18-year-old.

“Come on Tabby, it’s time for us to head off,” Cliff said as he approached the young girl. “The party is winding down a bit.”

She smiled at him. He was right a lot of the couples were starting to leave now. “Ok,” she said cheerfully. “It is getting late.” She finished the last drop from her wineglass and started to follow him the door. There was time for one last look around the large dance floor with its colourful decoration and gold gilding. She sighed and wished the night wouldn’t end, but the crowd was definitely thinning out now.

Cliff had ordered a taxi to take them home. The effects of all that wine and the heady experience of the ball made Tabby light headed and a little giggly. Cliff too was feeling the effects of the wine and was willing to be driven home.

Sitting next to such young beauty as Tabby was proving to be a difficult prospect for this married man. Her sexy smile and intoxicating smell were all becoming too hard for him to handle. They giggled and laughed together as the taxi drove off through the city streets. The conversation was about nothing really, just sharing their night as any young couple would.

As the taxi weaved through the streets Cliff moved a little closer to the brunette, taking her delicate hand in his. She didn’t resist, still laughing at the simple joke he had just told.

“You were wonderful tonight Tabby,” Cliff said. “Absolutely beautiful.”

“Thanks Cliff,” Tabby responded as her laughter stopped.

“Thank you for filling in for Marie,” he continued. “I thought I would have to go by myself. That would have been a real drag.”

“It was a pity she couldn’t make it,” Tabby smiled back. “Still I’m glad you asked me and I’m pleased I’ve been able to fill in for her.”

“Yes, you were an excellent substitute,” Cliff smiled. “But the night is going to be over so soon and I will be all alone again.”

“Oh, now, now,” Tabby joked rubbing his cheek with a bare hand. “Don’t go spoiling it like that.”

Cliff laughed and looked into her eyes. There was a pause and he gripped her other hand a little harder. Both of them stared intently into the others eyes. Their faces were so close together that Tabby could feel Cliff’s heavy breath against her cheek. He seemed to tug her a little closer as her eyes fixed on his. Before she realised it his lips were touching hers. Involuntarily her mouth opened and there tongues met. It was a long and passionate kiss.

“I’m sorry…” Cliff immediately apologised as they broke apart. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“You didn’t,” Tabby felt herself blush under her makeup. “Obviously I have made an impression.”

“You’re so kind,” he whispered. “I do find you very attractive.”

Tabby bowed her head and smiled, bringing her hands to her lap. She gulped as his hand reached for hers again.

“I wish we could stay like this for a little longer,” he said squeezing her small hand. “I would dearly love to make love to you.”

She was shocked at his openness. But it didn’t surprise her. He had noticed how he had watched her all evening, the way he had held her in those close bahis firmaları dances and the way he had looked after her.

“I would like that too,” she said looking into his deep dark eyes.

He leant toward her again, kissing her softly on the lips; his arm went up and around her shoulder pulling her in. Again their lips opened to enable their tongues to probe each other’s mouth. This time it lingered a little longer. The embrace was full on, neither one wanting to pull back. Tabby found her own hand against his chest, rubbing across the crisp white shirt he was wearing.

She moaned softly as his hand moved up to brush her breast under the powder blue fabric. Slowly they sank sideways on the back seat of the taxi. The kiss went on and on. His touch was so gentle and so sexy at the same time. She let his hands roam across her body, feeling her firm young body. As she lay back, his lips firmly locked to hers she could feel his hard cock through his pants and her dress and stockings against her leg. Her hand wandered to it, touching it through the black tuxedo pants.

The taxi driver reached up to adjust his mirror as the couple lay together kissing and fondling each other. He could feel his own cock starting to stir as this beautiful young brunette lay back under her lover. It was becoming difficult to watch the road ahead as he drove through the city.

Cliff felt Tabby’s nipples growing hard through the fabric of her dress as his hands touched her firm little teenage breasts. He hadn’t expected to ever be allowed anywhere near this young goddess, and now he would get no more than a quick feel and a kiss before she was dropped back to her parents home.

The taxi had reached her suburb now. It would be less than a minute before they were saying their farewells. His hand was still caressing her breast as they continued to kiss and neck. She had managed to slip a hand into his open pants and give his hard cock a few quick strokes, but as she caught a glimpse of the familiar street outside she stopped, pulling her hand back.

Gently she pushed him away. They returned to an upright position as she brushed the wrinkles from her dress.

“I’m sorry Cliff, but we are nearly home again,” she smiled. “Thanks for the great evening. Like I said I really did enjoy myself.” She was trying to compose herself a little.

“Yes, thank you too,” he said, struggling a little with zipper of his pants. “I’m just sorry it has to end this way. I would have invited you back to my place…but I don’t think it’s entirely appropriate and the babysitter might object.” He gave a little laugh.

“Yeah, I’m sorry too,” Tabby smiled. “It’s probably for the best though.”

“Maybe we could make a little detour?” Cliff suddenly suggested.

“What do you mean?” Tabby was shocked at this change of events.

“Well, I don’t have enough to cover a motel, but if the driver here was happy we could take a short ride down by the lake?” His hand reached out and touched her thigh.

“But…well…I’m not sure…I mean,” Tabby was finding it hard to object. There was fire in her that needed quenching and she would rather it was Cliff than her mechanical friend back at the house.

“Driver, would you object if we borrowed your backseat for…say half an hour? You can stay in the car…if that would help wit payment?” Cliff was leaning forward to speak with the driver.

“Umm…well…no I don’t have a problem with that,” the driver smiled. “I just perform a service, so what the customer wants is fine with me.” The anticipation of watching this brunette getting fucked in his backseat far outweighed any payment.

“Good, can you find us a nice secluded spot by the lake?” Cliff continued. “And then you can drop us to our homes as we arranged.”

“Yes sir, I know just the spot.”

“Are you sure we should do this?” Tabby finally questioned Cliff. “I mean you are married and…”

Cliff placed his finger to her lips as he turned his head toward her pretty face. His lips touched her s again and soon they were embracing once more. The taxi driver moved his hand back to his crotch.

They didn’t notice him turn into the big car park at a factory complex, no where near the lake. He pulled up under the glow of a tall yard light behind a loading dock where they could not be seen from the street.

Neither of his passengers noticed the scene they were so involved in hugging each other close. Cliff’s tongue was deeply inserted in Tabby’s mouth. kaçak iddaa He could smell those beautiful smells of perfume, soap and shampoo that mixed in her hair and on her skin.

Once more Tabby had his pants open, her hand buried in the dark material, tugging on his huge, throbbing cock. Once she sensed the car had stopped she started to ease it out, through the open fly in his boxer shorts. He groaned as her fingers floated up and down the length of the stiff rod.

His own hands had found the zip of the long dress. Gradually as he kissed her he tugged the zip down. Right down over her butt. His other hand started to caress her leg through the slit on the, soon it had found the top of her black stockings.

Cliff slipped a hand inside the bodice of the powder blue dress and touched her bare breast. It felt so nice and warm and firm. His fingers found her nipple and tweaked at it. Tabby flung her head back with a loud moan as his mouth closed on her throat. The hand that had traveled up her leg was now passing across the front of the lace panties she was wearing. A finger hooked in the waistband. Tabby raised her butt to let him claw the delicate lace garment down away from her trimmed pussy.

The taxi driver sat, leaning against the back of his seat watching the two lovers at work. His own hand was inside his pants stroking his giant cock as the scene developed before him.

Her panties were just at the top of her stockings as he moved his hand back toward her pussy. She could feel his touch in the stubble near her entrance, then his finger slipped down into the slippery slit and then pushing in past the puffy pussy lips. Tabby moaned again and tried to part her legs a little more for him. Space in the backseat and the panties made it difficult, but still he started to penetrate her hot love hole.

Cliff could feel her hand on his hard cock, pulling on it more vigorously now that he was fingering her. His thumb was resting on her hard little clit as he moved two fingers into her vagina. They were masturbating each other in unison as the taxi driver tugged on his own cock in the front seat.

Tabby let the shoulder straps of her dress fall down, exposing her bare breasts to both men as Cliff started to kiss and fondle them. Her nipples were standing out on the firm white mounds like hard red cherries. He flicked one and then the other with his tongue. Each time Tabby shivered with desire. Her pussy was well swollen and very wet now as Cliff continued to probe her.

There was a momentary break as the couple rearranged themselves a little in the back. Cliff had sat up, both his hands now under the blue dress, hooked in the top of the panties. Tabby lifted her butt to let him pull the black lace panties down her legs and off the heels.

“Shall I?” Cliff said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Ok,” she replied with a laugh.

Casually he tossed the panties over into the front seat. The taxi driver got a shock as they landed on his gear change. The two in the back laughed as the taxi driver retrieved the sexy under garment. As they resumed some heavy kissing he sniffed at the crotch, taking in Tabby’s fresh pussy smells, his cock twitched. He returned his hand to its job, this time wrapped in the black lace.

Cliff tugged and pulled up the long blue dress to bunch the material up around Tabby’s waist as they continued to kiss each other. As her legs were freed from the dress she pushed one black nylon clad leg up around Cliff’s back, the other rested on the car floor as Cliff positioned himself between them.

There was only just enough room for the move to be executed, Cliff did have to bend his knees slightly. Tabby moved a hand down between their bodies to guide his cock toward her opening. Cliff was pressed down on her breasts as he felt his head touch her pussy lips. Slowly he pushed forward.

Tabby let out a moan and he grunted as his cock slipped into her wet pussy. Almost immediately he started humping her, pushing his cock in and out of her young body. Tabby moaned and held him around the neck, trying to pull him closer.

“God Tabby, you’re tighter than I imagined,” Cliff groaned as he moved in and out of her. “So nice and so hot.”

“Yes Cliff, yes, give me your big cock,” She replied looking up into his eyes. “Oh, please fuck me, fuck me hard.”

The taxi driver stared at them, his eyes like saucers. Every now and then he caught a glimpse, past Cliff’s black trouser leg, of the kaçak bahis huge, gleaming cock pushing into this slim teenager. The cab of the taxi had steamed up, the familiar smell of sex and sweat filled the air, mixed wit the perfume of this lovely young girl.

“Tabby, you are so beautiful, I could fuck you all night,” Cliff whispered, running his hand across her brow and through her hair. He lent down and kissed her lips.

“Cliff, fuck me, fuck my tight pussy,” Tabby encouraged as he continued to pump her.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Cliff called out as he slipped in harder and faster. “Oh, I want you.”

“Ahhh…ohhhh…ohhh,” Tabby grunted.

Cliff could feel her body tensing, her pussy clamping on his hard cock as she orgasmed. She let out a loud roar as she came, a rush of energy pushing her back into an arch as he slammed his cock into her. Her fingers dug into the back of his jacket as she pulled him to her tightly.

As the orgasm passed over her, he relaxed and slipped his cock from her pussy.

“Roll over my love,” he whispered to her, moving to one side. “Onto your hands and knees.”

Puzzled, but excited she did. Cliff opened the car door and slipped out into the warm night. The taxi driver looked on in bliss, also wondering what was in store. Now he had a good view of this beauties breasts hanging below her slim body and those long legs in the black stockings. He tugged on his cock, through the lace panties, a little harder. A dribble of pre-cum stained the black material.

Cliff pushed her dress up over her butt, bunching it at her waist again. Kneeling on the seat behind her, her butt was at the right level. He guided his cock back toward her red glistening pussy. Tabby gave a start as he entered her, pushing in deeply. Cliff grunted with each of his hard thrusts.

In and out he pushed. His grunts got louder as his thrusts became harder. She could feel him deep in her wet pussy.

“Oh, yes Cliff, oh, yes, give it to me, fuck my pussy,” she urged.

“Oh yeah, yeah, you are so tight,” Cliff responded. “I’m going to cum…oh yeah.”

There was one last thrust, his cock flew into her making her gasp and let out a squeal. Just as she did the taxi driver shot his cum into the air. It sprayed up onto the back of his seat and all through her panties. He groaned, his face was bright red as he held his throbbing cock.

Just as the taxi driver shot his load, Cliff erupted deep within Tabby. Shot after shot of hot cum flew into her. He collapsed forward over her fine young butt, holding her hips, burying his cock right up her young pussy. One hand came up to touch her nipples as his mouth kissed her cheek next to ear. His cock was still throbbing away, sending more cum deep into her as he kissed her ear and sucked on the lobe, taking the simple silver lop earring into his mouth.

Slowly he let his deflating cock slip from her and step back, pulling the long blue dress back over her butt. He stood in the warm night air as she backed out of the cab. He helped her to stand and held her around the waist. A trickle of cum slipped from her, down her legs. They kissed again as they stood regaining their composure.

The taxi driver wiped the cum from his cock and the seat with her panties as Tabby pulled the straps back up on her dress. Her hair was slightly less perfect than before and Cliff was covered in sweat. They smiled at each other as they got back in the car.

“Here you are ma’am,” the taxi driver said, presenting Tabby with her panties, soaked in his cum. There was a sly smile on his face.

“Thank you,” the brunette replied. Then both men got a shock as she bent forward and pulled the sticky wet panties back on. “I will wear them home.”

All three laughed as the driver started the car. Moments later they pulled up outside Tabby’s house. There was a light on in the porch but otherwise all was dark.

“Thank you again Cliff. It was a wonderful night,” she gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Thank you Tabby. We have had a real adventure tonight,” he said.

“Yes, and I can only look forward to the next one,” Tabby opened her door.

“Next time Marie will join us I think,” Cliff winked.

“I look forward to it,” Tabby returned the wink and stepped out.

The wet panties had soaked through the blue dress, leaving a dark, damp patch on her butt. Both men in the cab noticed it as she walked away under a street light. The tall brunette turned once and waved before slipping in the door of the house.

“Well, you better get me home before this cab costs me any more,” Cliff said to the driver.

“Don’t worry sir, this one is on me,” the driver responded as they pulled away.

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