Sophia and Kate Ch. 01

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Sophia’s head was pinned against the door and his hand was wrapped firmly around her throat. They were in the back seat of her truck and Sophia was in position 4; on all fours, head down and ass up for his delight. “Take my cock, Sophia; take it deep and play with my clit as I fuck my tight pussy.” He was plunging it in as far as he could and loved fucking her like this; making her his little slut.

“I want my pussy dripping wet and filled with my warm cum when you meet Kate for the first time. She won’t know how messy you are; but I will.” The thought of her meeting Kate after fucking her this way was amazing and it had his cock engorged with blood. Watching his girth stretch his pussy and seeing the glistening wetness on his cock as he withdrew was blissful.

“Turn around, clean this mess off my dick and keep your fingers busy on my clit; I may want to hear my pussy purr.” He released the grip on her neck and watched as the hungry look of an obedient sub followed his commands. Sophia’s tongue encompassed his shaft and worked to clean him. Running his hands through her hair while she sucked his member was something he enjoyed. It was difficult for her to take him fully and when he forced his cock deep into her throat, she felt like gagging.

“Don’t fight me Sophia; take my cock like a good little slut and keep your fingers busy.” She tried bahis firmaları to look up at him but every time she did, he stuffed her wonderful mouth full. Her muffled moans vibrated his shaft and she would be ready to cum for him soon. To add to her arousal, he slid his hands down and found her erect nipples. Alternating between pinching and pulling, Sir watched as he applied just enough pain to make her react. Her body would signal the threshold point and he knew the electricity was flowing to her crotch. Just as he pushed his cock in deep the last time, his hand came down hard on her bare ass; she gagged.

“Turn around, get back into position 4 and put your hands on your ass. Spread my pussy and tell me to fuck you hard Sophia. Let me know why you deserve to have me fill my pussy.” Without hesitation she did as directed. With her face down and her ass up for his taking, she reached back and exposed his pussy for him. It was wet and her lips were swollen; the inside of his pussy was bright pink. Sir placed the head of his dick at the opening and waited.

“Please fuck your pussy, Sir. I need it hard because I have been a good submissive. When I meet Kate, I need to feel like you own me. I want you to… Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck.” He pushed in deep and watched with pleasure as his hardness disappeared into her tiny hole. “Fuck me Sir, please fuck kaçak iddaa me hard!! May I Sir, please?” Her voice trembled as she ask for permission to cum.

“Don’t you cum yet Sophia; I own that pussy and all your orgasms and I’m not convinced.” He grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled. She could feel the head of his dick hitting the bottom and loved his aggressiveness. Every time he thrust into her, their skin smacked together and she felt his balls bang against his clit. She needed to cum and felt it welling up, getting close to the point that she can’t hold back. “Start rubbing my clit and tell who owns that pussy.”

Her hand moved immediately to his clit and she was there. Circling it feverishly, her mind raced. “You do Sir; that is your pussy. Please let me make it cum for you; PLEASE!”

“Cum for your Sir, let me hear you say my name while I fuck my Sophia.” His cock was deep in her, punishing her insides. He released her hair and grabbed her throat with both hands. The pounding she was getting told her that Sir was pleased. The first wave washed over her and it was intense.

“Ohhhhh Sir, my Sir…please…what are you doing to me Sirrrrr. OK, ok, ok ohhh my Sir.” His thrusts slowed momentarily and he pushed in deep. His grip moved from her throat to her hips and he held her there; still. She felt his cock throbbing and knew he kaçak bahis was close. She wanted his cum; she wanted his seed to spray deep inside her, she wanted him to mark his territory, his property. “May I have your cum Sir, please? I’ve been a good girl and I want you to fill me.”

That was all he needed; her sweet submissive voice asking, begging for him. His grip tightened and he was deliberate. Each stroke was pulled out to the parameter of her hole before plunging back home. “Play with my clit again Sophia and cum with me. You’ll get my cum when I hear you call my name again.”

Her fingers worked her clit and she peaked again. “Oh Sir, I’m cuming again Sirrrrr…please…”

He released in her, in his pussy. Her voice, her fine ass, his wet pussy brought him to nirvana. Pump after pump, she milked him. He slipped out and leaned back against the door.

“Come here and clean me, Sophia. Be my dirty slut and clean your Sir’s cock. Keep your lips together until I tell you different.” She turned and presented her face to him; he was wet and smelled of sex; her sex. Her eyes looked up at him and she smiled as his wet cock was drawn across her lips and cheeks. “Open for me and taste our desire, Sophia.”

She obliged her Sir and took him in her mouth. It tasted like cum and his pussy. Decadent, dirty and messy; it’s what she needed from him. She watched as he relaxed and enjoyed the tongue bath. “It’s time for your meeting with Kate. Do not wipe my cum from your face Sophia; I want her to smell our sex. Do you understand Sophia?”

“Yes Sir, I do…”

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