Sometimes You Get Lucky Ch. 02

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My time with Jordan was great but it didn’t last. Maybe it was the age gap but more likely the responsibility of being a mother didn’t square with staying with me. She took our daughter with her to visit her family in Michigan and didn’t come back.

There were the requisite phone calls and I kept asking her when she’d come home and then one day she informed me that she was getting married to one of her father’s younger coworkers. He was taking her in and taking my daughter, too. Jordan made clear that she wanted a clean break and that if I left her alone there would be no story for her to tell the police.

I’ll admit she had me there but she was also letting me go without a demand for support or all of my stuff which is really fair treatment considering what I’d done to her might not sound so great in court.

So I let it go.

Two years went by and I kept to myself. I didn’t bother dating and instead focused on keeping up with my beautiful house. The occasional picture of Jordan and my daughter would show up on my phone and sometimes I’d also get a picture of her husband and the son he’d had with my Jordan. I’ll admit to being jealous.

Spring was getting started in Kansas City. The trees were starting to bloom, the cold nights were not so cold. People were starting to be seen out walking every day.

One fine Saturday I’m planting a new row of azaleas when I hear someone coming up the steps into the yard. I figured it was the mail so I didn’t pay much mind to the person.

“Excuse me?”

I turned to look and caught my breath.

She was beautiful!

“I’m sorry I scared you, I was looking for Baz?”

I was still taking in the sight. She was about the same petite shape as my Jordan but with raven black hair, that same pale skin, and piercingly beautiful ice blue eyes.

“Um, yeah. I’m Baz, how can I help you?”

She reached out a petite hand to me and I shook it. She was cold.

“I’m Yulia, I know Jordan from Michigan…we went to high school together.”


“So Jordan told me all about how you and she met and I was hoping you might want to help me out.”

Fuck. I braced myself for the inevitable blackmail. How much was it going to be I wondered? In that moment I felt betrayed by Jordan even though she had no real obligation to be loyal to me anyway.

I stood up and looked down at her. I figured her to be in her late teens or early twenties. The hint of accent told me she canlı bahis was foreign and maybe from Ukraine or Russia. I know they run a bit corrupt over there but I just wasn’t expecting it right here, right now.

My voice got a little stern, “What is it you want? Money?”

She held up a hand as if offended, “No! No, not like that, really! She told me about how you held her prisoner and how you took care of her and all that and I was going to ask if you could do the same thing for me!”

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that! I was better prepared to be blackmailed for money!

I invited her inside to talk and she readily agreed.

Coffee was poured and then Yulia told me her story. Yulia had been born in Ukraine and her family came to the USA after the Russians invaded and blew up most of her hometown. They settled in Michigan where she met Jordan at school. She’d had a couple furtive relationships but nothing serious. She’d tried nursing school but discovered she was dyslexic and studying didn’t come easy. That was followed by a bout of justifiable depression and then she ran into Jordan after Jordan got married.

Jordan spilled the beans about how I’d held her and the intent was to inspire Yulia to persevere and get through her challenges. Turns out that Yulia started to think about Jordan’s experience with me and decided to see if she could try it out for herself.

“So let me get this straight,” I asked, “You know I’m a rapist and you want me to keep you here and rape you?”

She shook her head. “Jordan told me about you and made it clear that you never raped her. It was always her choice to be with you and that you were kind and caring but you were also forceful with her. I want that! I am so tired of American boys who beg and ask permission for everything, not like Ukrainian men who know what they want and make a woman want it too!”

Yulia went on and told me in some detail how her two boyfriends were too passive for her tastes. And then she expounded on her ideas about sexuality and I realized the girl had a bit of a submissive kink going on. She was wanting to be dominated. But as she went on she was making it clear that she wanted to be dominated on her own terms. There were lots of conditions like condoms, no babies, nothing too perverted, but at the end of it all she wanted to be dominated and not treated as the one in charge.

I got out a video camera and had her make a statement about how this was all her idea bahis siteleri and how she was consenting to whatever I wanted and etc.

Then I put down the camera and looked her in the eye, “When do you want to start? I ask because once you say when you won’t get to make any such choices again, not at least until I let you make that kind of choice, are we clear?”

She was breathing pretty heavy and I realized it wasn’t fear but anticipation. Maybe even arousal.

“I’m ready now. I have nothing to go back to, my family won’t miss me, no one will.”

Music to my ears.

I took her hand and led her downstairs to the guest suite.

“Go take a shower and then come up and see me for dinner.”

I walked away but came back just as soon as I heard the water running. I gathered up her things and then gathered her clothes all except for a few pair of panties. Jordan had left a fleece lounger behind when she left and that ended up on the bed to wait for Yulia.

When she came upstairs she looked so much younger. The heavy makeup she’d been wearing before was gone and she looked less a model than a naturally beautiful woman.

I’d figured her to bitch or complain about her stuff being taken away but instead she went along with it.

Dinner was pleasant and we talked. I have to admit I kept stealing glances at her bare feet and bare ankles and it was then I think I realized I have a little bit of a foot fetish. I think what it is for me is that the sight of a woman’s bare feet in my presence is a sign of her being available to me in a sexual way.

After dinner I walked her to her suite. She turned to say something to me and I pushed her back into the room and closed the door behind me. It closed and locked with that satisfying ‘thunk!’ and then the outside world could not be heard.

“Yulia, take off your clothes.”

Her eyes went wide. “N-n-n-now?? But so soon?”

I pulled off my t-shirt. “Yes. Now.”

She stared at me as I undid my belt and dropped my pants.

I looked at her and hooked both hands into the waistband of my boxers, “You wanted this, remember?”

I went ahead and pulled down my boxers as she stood there and I could see the anxiety and confusion on her face as she realized her fantasy kink was about to get real.

She held it together as I pulled the fleece lounger off of her to reveal two very perfect and very white tits. She gasped as I ran my hands over them. Her hands went bahis şirketleri to her panties when I moved to pull them down. I stared into her eyes and saw a little defiance.

That disappeared when I suddenly tore the panties from her body and left a couple of marks where the waistband had grabbed her skin.

We were both naked and one of us was very obviously aroused.

She put a hand against my chest, “You must get a condom! No baby, that was part of the deal!”

I smiled. “But you never said that on the video, did you? You consented to…how did you say it? Yes, ‘whatever Baz wants to do to me’. That’s what you said and this is what I want.”

See, up to that point Yulia had wanted to be in control even though the idea was to not be in control. She wanted to be dominated on her terms and that’s not really domination, is it?

I pulled her close and kissed her as my hands went all over her body. She pleasingly squirmed and soon I kissed her neck, biting it and leaving a mark.

My hand went between her legs and she tried to pull them tight. That didn’t stop me from finding her body getting ready for me.

She was whimpering as I pushed her back to the bed. I made her lie on her back and then got between her legs before letting my body rest on hers.

“You’ve never had a bare cock in you before, have you?”

My cock stroked between her pussy lips as I spoke to her.

“No, never”, she nervously replied.

“Then you were still just a little bit of a virgin, weren’t you?”

Her eyes went wide as I caught the head of my cock in her pussy and pushed. She made little short gasps as I stroked myself into her body before I was balls deep.

“There, now you’re getting fucked the way you should be fucked.”

My cock slid in and out of her and while she was snug it was clear that this was far from her first time.

Soon enough she started to respond to me and even though I could tell there was some trepidation on her part she was definitely fucking me back. She finally got into it and wrapped her arms around me as we kissed.

It had been two years since I’d been with Jordan so my cock was really eager to blow.

Yulia started to make little mewling noises like a kitten and I could tell she was getting close.

I moved up on her to get my cock to grind on her clit and that sent her over the moon! Feeling her body in the midst of being wracked by ecstasy was all I needed and I rammed myself home and started spurting my seed deep into her body.

I fucked her and kissed her as my cock throbbed off a few more shots and then looked her in the eye as she smiled at me.

“Now you’re really not a virgin anymore!”

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