Something New

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It all started with Emma getting a new job as an admin. Assistant. She had to dress business casual to work and Dean loved the outfits she wore. Emma was alone in the office while everyone in the front went to lunch and Dean took the opportunity to ask her for a dirty picture.


Emma’s phone goes off, signaling she received a text message. Dean.

So you’re alone? You should send me a pic of that pussy.

Emma’s face immediately heated up at Dean’s suggestion and she waited a minute before replying.

Right now? At work?!

Yeah 😉 You know you wanna. Do it really quick baby.

Emma’s whole body heated up and she could feel the warmth around her pussy at the thought. I-I guess I could go to the bathroom really quick. She stood up and walked towards the bathroom, feeling like the few people that were left in the back were watching her. The heat was building up more since Emma was doing something she shouldn’t. She pushed down her form-fitting black dress pants and cute striped panties, revealing her cunt. She quickly took her picture and sent it to Dean, before walking a little too fast back to her office.

Omg. That’s so hot. I love how you’re at work sending me this sexy ass pic. You’re bad.

Emma couldn’t help but blush even more at his words and crossed her legs in attempt to hide her growing wetness.

You like it?

Omg. You’re making me horny. Are you horny?


Well let’s build you up.

Emma wasn’t sure what Dean had in mind after that, but she waited in anticipation for his next message.

You know what’s hot? Bending you over your desk, lifting up your skirt, and eating you out.

Clear all the things off the desk and fuck you right there.

Emma could feel her juices starting to pool in her underwear with these dirty thoughts filling her mind. Dean then surprised her with a little scenario he came up with, which only made her hotter.

Everyone is gone but us, we go into your bosses office and shut the door. I start grabbing your ass while we make out sloppily. Tongues everywhere. I lift you up and start rubbing your clit with my dick, getting you all wet and ready. I’ll lay you on the desk, kiss your body down, and then lick your clit like crazy. Then I fuck you. Slow at first, but then faster and faster. I hear your moans, it makes me hotter. I flip you around, holding your head on the desk and fuck you from behind ’til us both cum all over your boss’ desk.

“Mmm…” An involuntary moan left Emma’s lips as she imagined the scenario she just read. She wanted it. Bad. Her pussy was drenched while she was at work, and she was too horny to be embarrassed. But then Dean told her he had to go to work and left her hanging. He told her, leave you wanting more. Frustrated, Emma sat through the rest of the day thinking of the texts and when she will get to see him. She was left horny the rest of the day, but because Dean works late into the night she couldn’t get his help.

>>>>Fast Forward to Next Day>>>>

Emma had plans to spend the night after work with Dean and his family, but she knew they would be having sex at some point. So, she dressed for him. Wore a cute little black dress that accentuated her little plump ass and showed off her slim olive-toned legs that Dean loves. Can’t forget the little black heels and sexy lace-back teal panties. Emma was counting down the time ’til she saw Dean, texting him throughout the day about her excitement.

4 o’clock finally came and Emma clocked out of work. It was approximately a 30 minute drive to her boyfriend’s house. The first plan on the list was dinner then store with his family for his mom’s birthday. Once they got back to the house, Dean and Emma went to his room for some privacy. They talked about the dirty text messages form the day before in between kisses, the tension between them high. Dean put on a random movie to help with the noise since his family was still there.

“Do you want to hear another scenario?” Dean asked while caressing Emma’s body. He lifts up her dress and squeezed her ass, feeling her sexy underwear. “You wore this to work?” Emma only nodded, her face flushed. bahis firmaları “What a dirty girl. You’re my office slut.” Dean didn’t usually call her slut but she couldn’t help the heat that built up in her core.

“I want to hear another scenario.” Emma breathed as they continued their make-out session. Dean grinned and nodded. He moved to whisper right in her ear.

Dean only got into the beginning of his story before they were interrupted by his cousin who sat down to watch the movie too. Dammit. Luckily, the lights were off so Emma had an idea. She slowly started rubbing his stomach and the lining of his pants. Her fingers grazed just under his waistband and Dean moaned quietly. Emma started moving down his leg and over his growing bulge. Finally, his cousin left the room and shut the door.

“What was that?” Emma only giggled in response. She was laying on her stomach, smiling at Dean. He decided to tease her, and rubbed her back and ass. Without realizing it, she was lifting her ass towards his hand and Dean grinned. “You want it, don’t you baby?”

Emma tried playing coy, but Dean knew better. “I don’t have to do anything, you’re already pushing your ass towards me. Such a dirty girl. Do you want to get a little rough today?” Emma nodded eagerly. “Oh yeah? You like it hard, don’t you?” Emma nodded again, her face flushing and pussy getting wet. “How about we try a little choking, is that okay?” She turned to lay on her back and face Dean properly.

“Y-yeah…” Dean was caressing Emma’s face and grinding against her, making her breathing heavy.

“You love my dick, don’t you? My little loyal slut.” Emma felt a rush of heat from those words and could only manage a moan. They started making out eagerly, pushing their tongues down each other’s throats and hands flying everywhere. Dean ran his hand along her panties and groaned. “So wet baby, you’re soaking. Strip for me.” She got dripping wet just from his dirty words. Emma obliged and took off her bra from under her dress first. Then she took off the dress, leaving her panties on.

“Mmmm. I love your little tits, can’t wait to see them bouncing.” Dean moaned before taking one of her little nipples in his mouth. He licked, sucked, and bit at her nipple making her moan and toes curl. “I love when your toes curl, baby.” Dean massaged the other breast with his hand, attacking her tits hungrily. Dean dragged both his hands down her body to cup her ass, when he squeezed it tightly. “I love this ass, I think about it all day.”

“Y-yeah?” Emma felt happy at the attention and smiled at Dean.

“Yeah baby, you’re so fine. Take off the panties. Slow.” Emma slowly pulled at her panties, inching each side down her hips and legs. Dean let out a deep groan which made feel hot and arch her back into him. Once her panties where off he aggressively parted her legs and pulled her by her hips into him. Dean undressed quickly, eager to go on.

Dean trailed down her body to her pussy, licking a stripe from bottom to top. Emma moaned, arching her back and closing her eyes. He started lapping at her clit before taking it into his mouth and sucking. Juices were already drenching her cunt and Dean loved the taste. Her slick got all over his lips and chin, making him moan. Squeezing her legs so Emma can’t let go, Dean sucked harder and harder.

“A-ah, fuck!” Emma moaned, trying her best to remain quite with his family down the hallway. But it felt so fucking good. The arousal was building up already and she knew she would cum soon. Her panting quickened and her legs began to shake fast. Dean knew she was close and went harder, gripping her hips tighter. Emma felt the release and moaned loudly, a continuous string of ‘fuck’ leaving her lips. Dean licked his lips and wiped his chin, feeling satisfied.

“You taste so delicious baby. You ready for me to be inside you?” Emma nodded and grabbed Dean’s face to kiss. Dean held her arms on the sides of her head and brought his hard cock close to her entrance. He slapped her clit with his deck, groaning at the wetness. “Mmmm.” Emma moaned as well, lifting her dripping pussy towards him.

Dean didn’t give Emma much time kaçak iddaa as he quickly grabbed her and thrusted himself into her drenched pussy. They both moaned at the contact, as Dean continued to thrust hard. He lifted her legs so her knees where touching in front of his chest and began to pound her wet cunt hard.

“Ohh, FUCK!” Emma almost shouted with a deep moan. It was going so deep. Dean placed his hand on her throat and continued thrusting. Emma was surprised that it felt so good being choked and fucked. She started moaning more and breathing harshly. Dean felt so aroused at his girlfriend’s dirty state.

“Yeah mami, yeah. So hot.” Dean spoke between grunts as he continued thrusting his hard cock deep into her cunt. Emma loved that pet name and started groaning, she was about to cum. Emma’s legs started shaking and Dean released her throat to grab her tits harshly. He fucked her until her eyes rolled to the back of her head in ecstasy.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” Emma repeated this over and over as she came all over Dean’s cock that didn’t stop thrusting. Dean groaned.

“So tight baby, you’re so fucking tight. Yes, yes, yes.” Dean lifted her legs so her feet rested on his shoulders, raking his fingers from her thighs to her toes. Emma moaned loudly, still not over her recent release and trembled. “Yeah mami? Does that feel good?”

“Y-yeah baby…” Emma could barely manage as she felt Dean’s cock hit her deeply and hard. She felt like he was in her tummy, and couldn’t help her eyes rolling back again.

“How good baby?”

“S-so fucking good..” They both moaned in unison and Dean pulled out, leaving Emma breathless. “F-fuck.” Emma’s body was convulsing in ecstasy as her legs continued to shake. He went so deep she could still feel him in her after he moved. Dean laid next to her and they began making out. Her legs were shaking and she could barely move with her ecstasy running through her. Dean’s never hit her that deep for so long before, she was shivering and moaning with every move.

“Want me to eat you out again? Then you can sit on my dick?” Emma nodded between kisses. “How about you suck my dick too?”

“O-kay.” Dean quickly pulled Emma up and brought her pussy over his face. Oh how he loved eating her pussy. Emma moaned once his tongue touched her clit and bent down towards his raging boner. It was still moist with her slick as she dragged her tongue from the tip down to the edge of his balls. Dean groaned I surprise, letting go of her clit.

“Oh my god. Again.” Emma obliged, licking another stripe down the length of his cock. Dean moaned again before grabbing on to her thighs and holding her tight on his face.

Emma expertly sucked on the tip of his cock before taking as much as she could in her mouth. She moaned around him in pleasure. She loved sucking him off, and loved even more when he was eating her out at the same time. She started slow, but Dean grabbed her hair and forced her to suck faster. This made Emma moan some more, her legs shaking once again.

Dean grabbed her waist, pulling her body up right. “Drown me baby.” Emma immediately pushed herself down on his face, moaning in the process. Dean began stroking himself while he sucked and licked. After what felt like endless pleasure, Dean pulled Emma off him. They began making out, their juices mixing within their mouths. “Sit on my dick.”

Emma moved down to straddle his him before resting onto his cock. They both moaned and she threw her head back in pleasure. She fell forward, leaning her face into his neck as he grabbed her ass hard. Dean thrusted into her fast, making her moan right into his ear. She began nipping at his neck, Dean’s weak spot, and he growled.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Keep going mami, you’re so fucking good. So tight.” They thrusted into each other harder and harder, the sound of her ass slapping his pelvis getting louder.

“Mmmmm, fuck, fuck.” Dean pushed Emma so she was sitting up straight and grabbed her hips, he started going slow to give himself a minute to relax. He didn’t want to cum just yet. As he started picking up the pace, he watched Emma’s tits bounce around deliciously kaçak bahis and her body arch. She was so hot. Her legs tightened around him as she came hard once again, her juices dripping down his cock. He quickly pulled her off him and brought her face towards his for a sloppy kiss. “What do you want next?” He whispers in her ear, panting heavily. She moans at his breathe tickling her ear.

“F-from behind.” Emma’s favorite position: doggy.

“Get on all fours baby. Want me to lick you from behind?” She nods, eager to get into position for him. “Face down, ass up.” She obliged and he groaned at her waiting for him. “Mmmm, so hot.” He caressed her ass before slapping it hard, making her jump and moan from pleasure. “Oh yeah.”

Dean brought his face down to lick a stripe from her lips to her hole. Emma immediately arched her ass towards him with a moan. He lapped at her for a bit, make her legs shake since she still wasn’t completely over her last release. He stopped and moved towards her, grabbing her hips and pulling her against him. His hard cock rested on her ass before he thrust it into her aching pussy. A moan escaped both their lips as Emma moved her hand to play with her clit.

“Yeah? Gonna play with your clit baby?” So hot. He groaned as he thrust deep into her, gripping her ass harshly.

“Oh my god. Fuck, fuck, yes.” Emma was moaning loudly into the bed, gripping the sheets tightly. She was rubbing her clit fast, inching her way towards yet another orgasm. She felt sore, but it felt so good she didn’t want it to stop.

“You like it baby?”

“Mmm, y-yeah baby.” Dean thrust harder and grabbed her hair tightly. Emma moaned again.

“Tell me how it feels.”

“Ah, good. It feels so good.”

“Again.” Dean pulled out and just as quickly thrust back in deep.

“Ahhhhh! So fucking good! Oh my god…” Dean felt satisfied, groaning in pleasure.

“Cum for me baby. Cum all over me.” That was all she need to cum all over his cock. Her legs shook under him and she cried out into the bed, trying to keep playing with her clit to push herself over the edge. “Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum baby.” Dean pulled out, cumming all over Emma’s ass and back. His seed was dripping down to her pussy, and she shivered at the warmth. They were both panting hard as Dean laid down next to her and Emma relaxed her body.

“Wow…” They both said in unison. They laid there a bit, catching their breaths. But Dean couldn’t help looking at Emma’s body, oh how he loved it. So sexy. They started making out again, while Dean snuck his hand over her ass and caressed it. Emma moaned into his lips as he stuck his finger in her pussy and began fingering her.

Dean curled his finger into her and then started using two of his fingers. Emma’s ass arched towards him as she started gasping and moaning. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the sheets, her body exhausted but already on the brink of another orgasm.

“Is that good baby? Are you gonna cum? Tell me when you’re cumming, baby.” Emma couldn’t do anything but nod and moan, her body shaking. Dean began stroking himself as he fingered her, his cock hard once again. Emma was being sent over the edge again.

“A-ah! Fuck…Baby, I-I’m…ahhh…c-cumming…” She could barely get her words out and Dean chuckled.

“Cum for me mami. Cum all over my fingers.” Emma’s release coursed through her whole body and she cried out, biting the sheets. Dean finally removed his fingers, letting her body collapse before putting them in his mouth. “Mmmm. So good…” It was so hot when Dean licked her juices off his fingers and she moaned.

Dean was still stroking himself when he pulled her to her side and close to him. They started making out again, their hands roaming while Dean jacked himself off.

“You want me to cum baby?” Emma nodded. “Make me cum.” She happily gave him a hard kiss, moving her tongue around his mouth and sucking his lip. “Show me how you touch yourself.” Emma was spent, her pussy and clit sore. But she listened and her hand reached her clit, rubbing it lightly. “Fuck, mami. Yes yes. I’m gonna cum.”

“F-fuck.” Dean came again with a deep groan, spraying Emma’s leg with his hot cum. The both laid there breathing heavily before laughing. “We’re good.” They both smiled widely. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Dean caressed Emma’s cheek and they hugged each other tightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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