30 Years in the Making Ch. 01

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This is my first work of erotic fiction, a teaser if you will. It is purely a product of my imagination and has no semblance of reality in character, place, time or anything else to anyone or anywhere else.

It was 30 years in the making, all culminating in this weekend. The plans were carefully laid out for us to have deniability that it ever happened or that we were ever there. Our respective spouses may have understood, but then again maybe they wouldn’t. Both of us had been faithful to our spouses for the 20 some years that we had been married. Both of our spouses knew of our relationship but it had never been an issue. We had long ago given up trying to define our relationship to anyone, even ourselves. We had settled on the explanation that we were brother and sister because it was easier.

We had always been sexually playful with each other in conversation but something had changed over the past two years, she stayed away from our normal innuendos. This day began one hot August afternoon with a text just to say Hi. By that evening the doors had been thrown wide open and wrenched from their hinges never to be closed again. The days and the weeks there after were a reemergence of feelings long repressed. There were long nights of “text and delete” with whispered phone calls in the darkness. It was also a time of discovery for both of us, filling in all the little blanks that 30 years of life apart tend to make.

I was hammering down the highway in my truck which was a center point in her fantasy. The big motor was thrumming in a deep rumble as I cruised towards the airport. The last time I saw her I had driven the truck from Virginia to Orlando for a trade convention. After the show I decided another 400 miles was too close not to visit. Her girls that I had not seen in 14 years were stone cold gorgeous and the son that I had never met was growing into a man. Her husband was as I remembered him and he greeted me warmly. She was everything I remembered and more. She had charged me from her front door wrapping herself around me in a full body hug that seemed to go on and on in spite of her family standing there.

I had never been to this airport before and after negotiating the Arrivals and Departures sides of the house I parked in the cell phone waiting area. I played the memories of her over the years through my head as I waited. The last time I had seen her she was still a five foot four ball of energy with long blond hair and brilliant sapphire blue eyes. Motherhood had treated her well in that she had become well endowed in the chest but her hips had not appreciably expanded. She still had a great ass. The phone buzzed with a text on the center console. “I’m here. American” My heart skipped a beat and I took a deep breath. Letting it out I fired the power plant and eased the big truck into traffic and headed for the American terminal.

The sun was coming over my left shoulder and was right in her bahis firmaları eyes when I spotted her. She was wearing an above the knee summer dress that fit her very well. A long black limo signaled and began to ease out when I blocked the traffic and flipped on the turn signal letting the driver know I wanted his spot. The limo pulled out and I pulled in, right in front of her. I got out pushing the unlock button as I did and went around the back of the truck. She was standing there expectantly next to her rolling suitcase. I almost made it to her before she broke and launched herself into my arms.

As her arms wrapped around my neck I felt her. All of her. Body, mind and souls as it melded to my own. Time slipped away and we stood locked together for a long time before reality began to creep back in. People were staring and I eased her back down to the concrete breaking the hold. She looked up and kissed me fully and deeply, time started to slip away again. I heard an “A-hem.” and broke the kiss to see a TSA agent standing there. He was smiling apologetically as he caught my eyes “I’m sorry, you have been here for 10 minutes and you need to move your vehicle Sir.”

People were still staring and I curled an arm around her waist “Sorry about that.” The agent nodded almost embarrassedly and turned but didn’t leave. I opened the passenger doors and loaded her suit case into the back seat and offered her a hand up. The truck sat high and the side bars made a good step. You had to get in like you would get on a horse otherwise you were facing backwards. She was standing on the bar facing out, recognized her predicament and grinned impishly at me and just sat down on the seat. I had an eye level view most of the way up her dress as she swung her legs inside.

I hot footed it around to the other side and climbed in. She was staring straight ahead as I pulled out into traffic and started getting clear of the Airport finally getting on the interstate. “Where are we going?” she asked quietly. “Oh a little no tell motel that charges by the half hour that doesn’t have too many roaches or bed bugs.” I was grinning as I replied. “I see your standards have improved from sleeping in your car.” she laughed. My elbow was on the center console and my fingers were resting lightly on the stick shift. She turned in her seat and reached out taking my hand. She began to slowly massage my hand and fingers. Leaning forward she kissed my heel of my hand and traced her tongue from palm to finger tip which sent jolts of electricity up my arm.

She was slowly sucking on my index finger while wrapping her tongue around it when she stopped. “This isn’t going to work.” she said raising my arm and flipped up the center console creating a bench seat. She seemed to melt down onto the seat and her head was now resting in my lap as I drove. Looking down, her brilliant blue eyes were sparkling as she began to massage my hand again. The sensations of her touch kaçak iddaa were beginning to have an effect on me and the sight of her laid out on the front seat was exceptional. Her right leg was raised and her dress was puddled around her waist. The view was tantalizing.

Her tongue, fingers and lips were doing unspeakably pleasant things to my hand when she stopped and guided my hand down to her body letting it rest on her side as she continued to play her fingers up and down the back of it. Her left arm snaked up behind her head and she began to stroke my thigh. “Did you like that?” I was certain she could feel the effect she was having on me and knew she was teasing. Her eyes were laughing at me. “Ummmm yeah it’s OK.” I lied. The fingers of her left hand were now tracing up and down my rock hard cock “Something tells me it was a bit better than OK.”

My right hand had begun to explore a bit on its own and I traced my fingertips across her abdomen and up to her exposed thigh. Dragging slowly back down I brought the dress with them. I could feel the heat emanating from between her thighs as my fingers found her naked under the dress. “You know I brought three pairs of panties with me when I left. I had to change them twice on the plane and take the last ones off when I landed. They were soaked through.” My cock twitched under her fingers. My hand slid down over her shaved crotch and her eyes closed, a small sigh escaped her lips. She was soaking wet and I began to stroke lightly up and down the outside of her sex.

Suddenly she stopped and her hand covered mine freezing it in place. I looked down into her eyes, there was a fierceness and a hunger there. “No you don’t. You’re not allowed to play yet. This is mine.” She rolled over in place and her lips began to kiss my cock through my pants and she paused to let her hot breath soak through the fabric. I was wearing loose cargo pants that suddenly seemed very tight. Her hands were rubbing and caressing my cock as her lips and teeth continued to torment me through the fabric. I had both hands on the wheel when I felt her undo my belt and open the zipper. The cool air of the cab was a stark contrast to the heat of her breath as she freed me from the confines of the pants.

Her head was resting on my thigh as she began to touch and stroke my rail hard cock. Slowly she explored every inch alternately teasing with a soft touch and then a firm grip. Her head moved slightly and I felt her tongue under the head. Just a flick and my cock jumped. She giggled “You’re not going to make it five minutes.” She kissed the head and her mouth opened to engulf it sucking gently as her tongue did laps around the tip. I groaned as she leaned forward taking me fully into her mouth and then slowly pulled back, her hand was pumping the base slowly in a twisting motion. The sensations were building.

Her tongue and lips were playing a symphony of sensations that would build to a near climax kaçak bahis and fade into a deep throbbing beat. Her fingers continued their supporting roll changing speed and pressure as she continued her ministrations. I took my right hand from the wheel and began to caress her ass cheeks. She gave me a long wet lick and then clamped down hard with her hand freezing the sensations. “If you don’t put both hands back on the wheel I’m going to stop.” My hand was back on the wheel in an instant, the sensations returned.

The blood began to pound in my ears and her hands and mouth were moving at a fevered pitch sensing my nearness. “Nnnnnngghhh, close!” was all I could muster. Her hand picked up speed and her tongue danced across the head of my cock intensifying the already overwhelming sensations. Her hand was jacking up and down in a blur. I looked down just as I was nearing the end and she was studying my cock. The waves pounded through my body as my cum began to boil from the depths. It was too late, there was no stopping it now. “Ngggggghhh!” Suddenly her hand stopped and I felt her mouth engulf me completely and sink all the way down my shaft as I began to cum. Her throat began to milk my erupting shaft as she swallowed and swallowed.

The road went blurry as the orgasm shook my body. My vision cleared as the sensations slowly receded as I came back to reality. I was still in her mouth and her tongue was still causing me to jerk uncontrollably when it hit the sensitive spot just under the head. With a final kiss she rolled over and looked up at me. My breathing was ragged and my hands hurt from white knuckling the wheel. She looked lazily at the clock on the dashboard “Hmmm 11 minutes. You did pretty good for an old guy.” I wasn’t thinking clearly yet but I retorted on instinct “Yeah, well you are certainly in need of more practice.” She just grinned at me with a look of self satisfaction.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that.”

“Probably about as long as I have wanted you to do it to me.”

I let my hand drop down again. This time she didn’t stop me. I began to caress her and trace my fingers up and down feeling the well toned smoothness of her belly. “I thought you said you didn’t swallow.”

“I don’t. Or I didn’t.” she grinned “It just felt like the thing to do.”

“It was nice. The feeling was exquisite.”

Her eyes closed and she smiled. With that smile I was transported back 25 years to the last time I saw that smile on her face. This time, I thought, I am not going to let the chance slip by. I began to trace my fingers higher as I watched the road and let the miles slip by. My fingers finally contacted the soft round shape of her breast. I stroked it softly just barely grazing the hard nipple I felt under the dress. It took a considerable bit of self control not to home in on the nipple and I was rewarded for my restraint with as soft voice “That’s not nice.” I grinned and palmed her boob giving it a gentle squeeze. I took the nipple between my thumb and index finger squeezing and rolling it with increasing pressure until her back arched and an “Ooohhhh” escaped her lips. To be continued..

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