Kady Did Anal

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I decided to press on with the series and explore more of Kady’s adventures. There are a few things planned, but we’ll see how things go. Sometimes, the stories seem to write themselves, and I’m just along for the ride.


You know who I am by now, and if you don’t, you should go back and read the account of my first time. Things from here on out won’t make much sense if you don’t.

Hell. They might not make much sense if you DO.

I’m Arcadia Glimmer Mist, known as Kady to most of my friends and family. My brother Justice (our parents are hippies, or would have been a few decades ago) calls me Glim. I turned eighteen a few months ago, and it was yesterday that I decided I was going to lose my virginity – which I had held onto with grim determination until it was wholly and completely my decision to lose it – to the widower living up the street, Mr. Neil Dodd.

Doctor, I had discovered. Dr. Dodd was a sex therapist – or had been until his wife’s death drove him into near seclusion. I wonder if my mom knew that. Neil and I had just showered, and he’d found this gorgeous little silk robe for me – from the momentary expression on his face, it must have belonged to his wife – and I’m talking to my mother on the phone.

See, I’d asked Neil to take my virginity…and kind of implied that he should take all of it. Well. More than kinda. But Neil tells me that anal sex requires all kinds of preparation, and that he’d have to go and get the stuff, and could I please come back another day.

I was having none of that.

So I told him I wanted to call my mother, ignored his wince – he’s good friends with my parents, but apparently doesn’t really get them at all – and am now alone in the bedroom while he putters out in the kitchen.

“Hi Mom!” I chirp. “It’s -” I check the clock ” – five thirty in the evening, do you know where your daughter is?”

Her tone is dry as she answers – she’s really good at that. “Ass deep in alligators, if I know you. Wait. This is you we’re talking about, you never do things halfway. Neck deep, then.”

“Probably,” I agree cheerfully. “But seriously, I’m over at Dr. Dodd’s.”

There’s a short silence, and I wait through it, toying with the hem of my robe. Finally, Mom says, “Good choice, Kady. Did you give him a say at all, or did you just tie him down and have your way with him.”

“Didn’t come to that,” I tell her in a candid tone, “but I had the handcuffs in the bottom of the picnic basket. You knew?”

“I guessed,” she says, and I can hear the smile in her voice. “You left the house without any underwear, don’t think I didn’t notice.”

“Mother,” I reply, faking a scandalized tone. “It was hot!”

“So are you, and you know it. Does Neil know we’re having this conversation?”

I hedge a bit at that. “…he knows I’m talking to you?” I offer finally. Before she can say anything else, I rush on. “Look, I wanted to ask you if I could stay the night, and if you would tell him yourself that it’s okay. He’s worried this’ll offend you guys or something.”

“Your body, your choice, Kady,” my mother reminds me. “So long as he respects that, and you, we’re good.” A slight pause. I can hear sounds like she’s making dinner. “That good, huh?”

I fall back on the bed with a groan. “You don’t know, Mom.”

“First times are usually pretty bad,” she tells me honestly. “You got lucky and did it smart. You gonna make this a regular thing?”

I hear the question she isn’t asking. “Probably,” I say casually, “but I’m not, like, in love or anything. He’s a good guy and damn does he make me feel good, but I’m not ready for steady, yet.”

“Mmm. Good. First loves are even worse than first times, sometimes. Put him on the phone, I’ll put him at ease.”

I get up, not bothering to close my robe, and walk through the hall to where Neil is cooking stir fry. It smells wonderful, but I have something else on my mind. I hand him the phone, and he takes it with a bemused expression. Then, despite his warning and slightly frantic looks, I get on my knees in front of him, open his robe, and start gently licking his cock with the end of my tongue, staring up at him through tumbled, wild red hair with my luminous green eyes the entire time, smirking.

“Uh, hello?” he says to my mom in an unsteady voice, and then listens. I can’t imagine what they’re saying. I take his cock in my hand and start stroking it gently, teasing the tip with my soft, full lips.

“I…yes, Mrs. Mist… Avalonia, right, Avalonia. I…” He falls silent again, and his cock is slowly hardening in my hand. I breathe hotly over the firming flesh in my fingers and kiss the tip softly, wetting my lips as I do. Every now and then I’ll give a teasing little lick. He shifts his feet, but doesn’t try to stop me or move away.

“I…that’s good to know, Mrs…uh, Avalonia. Both you and Nehemiah have been good friends to me. I admit, this isn’t exactly what I thought oh hell güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Kady,” he gasps as I suddenly take him completely in my mouth, adjusting in the way he helped me learn so I could take him down my throat. I suck hard as I pull back, and he groans. “I’m, uh…fine, Avalonia, I…” he blinks. “Well. Actually. Yeah, she is.” With a look of complete and utter bafflement on his face, he covers the reciever with his hand and says, “Your mom says you should stop until we’re done talking. It’s rude.”

I pop my mouth off his cock long enough to say, “Proves she’s okay with it, doesn’t it?”

That makes him freeze, but then he barks out a laugh and puts the phone to his ear. “You have a hell of a daughter, Avalonia, just thought you should know. All right. I’ll take good care of her. Very good care,” he says, and I never really considered before that those three words could be spoken in such a threatening tone. I look up at him, lips wrapped around his cock, and give him my best little girl expression, wide eyed and innocent – as innocent as one can look with a cock in her mouth. He shudders, and I giggle, happily going back to my work.

Until his hand tangles in my red hair – it’s this mass of stuff, not quite curly, nowhere near straight, kind of frizzy, and there’s an awful lot of it – and he forces my mouth off of him, bending my neck back to look him in the eyes. It’s a little terrifying, actually, and suddenly, I’m aware that this man is a lot more powerful than me, and the only thing that has kept him from doing horrible things to me is his personal honor and his respect for my parents. Thin shields, those. I had already been a little aroused – I mean, I was sucking his cock, it seems to me that should get your motor going – but now I was hit with a paradoxical blend of lust and fear.

He bends down, holding my eyes with his, and my neck is arched a little painfully, my back arched as well to keep balance and to keep from losing the chunk of hair his hand is in. This thrusts out my chest, and a very nice chest it is if I do say so myself, round and full and perky, large enough to catch notice, not big enough to make buying bras any more of a chore than it has to be. He doesn’t look.

“And now,” he says, in a pleasant voice that makes my skin tingle, “you’re mine until tomorrow. Do you like that idea, little girl?”

I force myself to relax in his grip. I chose this. I walked in here and less seduced this man than threw myself at him. Let’s play along. He hasn’t really hurt me yet and I don’t think he has it in him, really. He was so gentle, and caring, and afraid to damage me.

“Yes,” I tell him, and I don’t have to fake the desire in my voice.

“We have some work to do, then,” he says, and lets me go, then reaches a hand down to help me up.

I won’t go into detail about that prep. Some of it is massively unsexy, but it had to be done. Instead, I’ll skip past all the gross to where he’s got me laying naked on my belly on his bed, and he’s massaging some kind of oil into my skin, his hands warm and strong and sure, and I am all but melting into the bed. It’s dark, and he has all sorts of candles laid out. First times should always be special, he says, and he’s going out of his way to make this special for me. I feel all loose and soft and warm, and his hands feel so good on my skin, and when he begins massaging my ass, I make a little mewl and tilt my pelvis, pressing my ass up into his hands. I want to be touched. I want all of this.

It’s still completely unexpected when he touches the tight little circle of muscle with one oil-slick finger. I gasp and shudder at the sensation, and my hands make fists in the sheets. He works slowly, so slowly; I don’t know where he finds the patience, because I’m almost crying for him to give me more, to do more. The source of the pleasure he gives me, what point it originates on my body, no longer seems to be relevant; I’m just sinking into it.

But he does take his time, massaging and teasing and driving me until I shudder with orgasm without him ever having actually touched my clit or my pussy. I hadn’t known that was even possible. It didn’t have the soul-wrenching intensity of that first time, when he’d gone down on me, but it was nice, relaxing, releasing.

There’s a buzzing, and he’s put some kind of vibrator under me, right on my clit. The vibrations are gentle, low, distracting, and it feels wonderful. I hiss and clench the sheets in my hands, and he lays atop me, pressing a kiss to the back of my neck. I can feel his weight poised above me, though he’s holding himself up.

“The vibrator will make it easier,” he says. “You seem to get distracted pretty easy. Try to keep your clit on the button. If I thought you could hold it there, I’d let you do it, but you kinda flail when you get excited.”

“Flail?” I protest weakly, and he laughs. “Pin me,” I whisper.

“Are you sure?” he asks. “The feeling of restraint güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri -”

“Neil, shut the fuck up and hold me down,” I hiss at him, annoyed. I want it. I can’t explain why. I’m not into being degraded and I don’t have a rape fantasy, but right now, I want his weight on my hands, on my wrists, holding me as he invades my most sacred – or maybe most profane – of spaces. And given his track record, he’s going to take his time about it, and I’m going to need him to stop me from turning this shit around and doing it at my own pace because I get impatient. Even this short day has shown me that his patience is a winner in the end.

Heh. In the end.

And that’s why I’m giggling when I first feel the press of his cock into my anus, the resistance he has broken down through massage, relaxation, and stimulation, and my mouth drops open, my breath coming shallowly as he slowly, slowly pushes into me.

Holy fuck this hurts.

Holy fuck this feels amazing.

The two are simultaneous and intertwined; I can’t separate them in my mind. I tighten on his shaft, and he waits for it to pass, and again, with his incredibly patient care, he begins to slowly sodomize me. When I’m aroused, I often make high-pitched mewling sounds, little keens and whines. What is pulled out of me now is a long, low, guttural groan, a sound I have never made before. I flex my hands, his hands holding down my wrists, not in struggle, but to remind me that they are pinned, and slowly, as slowly as Neil is moving, my body relaxes, accommodates the invader, and the pain begins to ebb.

And the pleasure begins to mount.

I can’t see Neil’s face, but if this feels half as good to him as it’s starting to feel to me, I don’t know how he’s lasted this damn long. The buzzer on my clit does help; the constant stimulation keeps me from focusing on the pain, the arousal makes me open up, apparently in all orifices.

“Are you okay?” Neil murmurs, his own voice tight. Apparently, this DOES feel pretty good to him.

“If you stop,” I rasp at him, “I will kill you.” And in that moment, I am totally sincere. If he calls this off now, I will rip off his dick and make him choke on it.

“No worries there,” he assures me, and slides a little further in, pulling another groan out of me. “Any pain?”

“God. Good pain. Fuck. More.”

I swear to God it takes him half a fucking hour before I feel his hips against my ass, and he says, “That’s it. All of it. Holy shit, Kady. You feel so goddamned amazing.”

“You should try it from this end,” I manage, and that makes him laugh. I shudder and groan again as he strokes once, in and out, moving slowly, so goddam slowly.

“Oh,” he tells me, “I have.”

“Neil?” I ask him.


“You’re amazing. You make me cum like I’m being turned inside out. Your patience is …fuck.” I’m not eloquent. Least of all when I’m near blind from arousal, soaking the sheets and the little vibrator my pussy is resting on, with a cock up my ass. “Shut up and fuck me already.”

He laughs again, and does.

I literally have no idea how to describe it. The sensations are completely different. He wasn’t merciless or rough, beyond holding me down, and that was at my request. Neil was a big fan of the long slow screw, I was realizing, and that was great, but sometimes, a girl just wants it now. He gets the picture when I start pushing back against him. I need more, I need it harder. I think he worries, my first anal screw, he needs to be gentle.

I don’t want gentle, and I proceed to make that fucking clear to him.

Don’t get me wrong. The long buildup and everything else was probably everything I needed so that this wasn’t a horrible experience for me. But now that we’re in it, I keep goading Neil into driving that beautiful cock of his – thick enough for my fingers not to touch when I wrapped my hand around it, long enough for those beautiful driving deep strokes that feel like they’re hitting bottom in you – into me, harder and faster. And when he finally cuts loose and stops being a gentleman and starts fucking my ass like I want, it only takes a few strokes before my world goes white.

I am beginning to realize that there are lots of different kinds of orgasms. I’d masturbated frequently. I’d avoided breaking my cherry because I liked the idea of breaking it the old fashioned way, but I knew my way around, really. That gave me nice, sharp climaxes most of the time – you feel the tension building like a string drawn tight, and then it snaps – sharp, sudden, and the tension just flows out of you.

The first time Neil had given me an orgasm was with his mouth, after his usual buildup of being a godawful tease, my mind had gone completely blank, every muscle spasming – I’d never been electrocuted before, but I had always had a vague image in my head that it was like that, only this had felt so insanely good that I just…checked out güvenilir bahis şirketleri for a couple seconds.

The slow, shuddery, gentle orgasms were new to me, but really nice – low intensity, but deeply satisfying and relaxing, like a long exhale after a held breath. Neil’s massage had given me one of those, and I’d gotten another while sucking his cock in the shower. Neil calls them psychic orgasms – not like anything mystical, but that they were mostly caused by mental stimulation over physical, or something.

This orgasm was like an oncoming train.

I feel it building in the distance, gathering force and fury like a hurricane in the Gulf – or a tsunami. I figure, it’s a long way off, and I’ll be ready by the time it got to me, but then it comes rushing, with a speed and force I’d never imagined possible, and all of a sudden, my hands flex, my stomach tightens, my ass clenches so hard on the cock inside of it that Neil grunts – it sounded pained -, and the breath is forced out of me in a screamed groan that sounds, to me, like metal giving way – not really a wail or a scream or a groan, but some hybrid of all three, a forced vocalization that has nothing of my human mind behind it, bat a raw expression of my animal release. And it goes on, wave after wave pounding my mind to pieces, my body with pleasure, and when I feel Neil shudder above me, pulse within me, the hot gush of semen in my bowels, it’s like that game when you keep bumping a balloon back into the air, trying to keep it from touching the ground. It doesn’t so much make me come again as spur the current climax on.

It’s several minutes before I come back to myself, Neil still half hard and buried in my ass, but the vibrator’s starting to be more uncomfortable than anything else. I pull my hand out from Neil’s unresisting grip. His weight is on me, now, but it isn’t too bad, and he stirs enough to shift when I reach under myself and pull the annoying little buzzer from its place. This causes him to slip out of me, and I give a little groan at the sensation, and feel a weird sense of loss. The bed beneath me is soaked, the sheets sodden to my fingers as I grab the buzzer and halfheartedly throw it away from me. Neil gives a little chuckle at that.

“Did I pee?” I ask dazedly, shifting about in the suddenly uncomfortable wet spot. Neil blinks, looks down, and then, oddly, leans down and sniffs the wet bedclothes. I just stare at him as he comes back up to a sitting position – I writhe away so I can sit up and look at him.

“No,” he says. “Really intense orgasms can cause women to ejaculate. I wouldn’t say it’s common, but it isn’t really all THAT rare. It happens.”

“I seem to have a terrible effect on your bedding,” I note shakily. I am trembling, and feeling his cum ooze out of my ass, and realizing suddenly that I am exhausted.

“I can always get more sheets,” he shrugs, dismissing it. Then he takes a close look at me. “Are you okay?”

“I need a shower,” I say plaintively, “but I don’t think I can move.”

“That’s okay,” he says, and gets up – Christ it’s unfair, how is he moving, I thought men always rolled over and fell asleep after – coming around the bed to scoop me up in his arms. It’s a good feeling, and I rest my head on his chest. “We’ll get you cleaned up, and we can make a nest on the floor. I’ll strip the bed while you sleep.”

“Aren’t you tired?” I ask muzzily as he carries me into the bathroom.

“Fucking wrecked,” he agrees, and the unexpected casual vulgarity makes me lift my head to look at him, but he’s smiling. “But I can handle it. Let me take care of you?”

“All you been doing since I got here,” I grumble, letting my head drop back.

“Yeah,” he says. “Nice, isn’t it?”

I fall asleep sometime while he’s washing me clean.


I wake up slowly, surrounded by warmth, nuzzled into covers with a warm, naked form pressed to my back. My ass is sore, and I feel drained, but even so, the hard length of Neil’s cock feels good pressed against my backside. We’re spooned together, and warm and cozy and safe, and I move my hips a little against the hot cock pushing against my soft skin, and feel myself growing wet and warmer. I reach down, shifting slightly, open my legs for his length to pass between, and press him into me, sighing at the sensation. Neil murmurs and shifts, his hips making slow motions – too gentle to call them thrusts. I think he’s still asleep, fucking me, and I’m content to do the work, with little rolls of my hips, moving his big warm hand from my flat belly to cup my breast, his palm feeling hot and rough against the nipple.

It’s slow, gentle sex, with soft sounds and sighs, and I don’t know exactly when Neil realizes he’s awake, and that I am, and that we are joined, but while the pace does increase a bit toward the end, it never gets frantic. It’s nice and soft and slow and sweet, and I cum gently, yet another new kind of orgasm – kind of like the shuddery ones, but deeper and more intense. I shiver and tighten around him, giving a gasping little cry, as I feel him pour into me with a groan and shudder of his own. We go back to sleep like that, without ever saying a word.

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