A Day Away From The Beach

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As I take off my shirt and shorts to begin laying on the soft sand of the beach, you walk up and lay your chair in the sand next to my towel, with a casual hello, you’ve already caught my interest, and have me starting to daydream about what you could make me do with all those muscles that I can see through the corner of my eye.

Your sweat covered skin glistening in the sun and a rather tempting bulge in your shorts has me thinking about you just taking me right here on the beach. I turn my head and try to start conversation with you.

“So I see you work out?”

“Yeah, I hit the gym from time to time” as you smile and look me up and down.

“You live around here or on vacation”

“About 30min away from here. You?”

“I am on vacation. I am staying at a hotel right up the street.”

“Oh yeah? there a bar in that hotel?”

“Yeah there is…why?”

“you want to get a drink at the end of the day? cool off from the sun?”

“sure.” I say with a little too much excitment in my voice, you look at my chest and stare just long enough for me to notice. “Were you just looking at my boobs?” i exclaim.

“yeah, sorry they are just really perky and the way the sun light hits them covered in that tanning oil just screams for me to look!”

“Its ok, you can look all you want. heck you can even touch em if you would like.” I say this and then realize what I have said….I cant believe that I am offering for you to touch me in such a public place. and immediatly regret and enjoy saying this….

“really? well in that case…” as you reach over and softly cup my right breast with your hand and pinch my nipple as you pull away. Almost instantly my nipple becomes erect from your touch and stands through my swimsuit top and your already bulging cock slightly stiffens.

“how about we skip the beach for the day and go get that drink now.” you say as you pre-emptivly get up and start to pack your chair away.

“Ok, just give me a minute or two to get my things together.”

I quickly pack my clothes, towel and my water bottle into my bag and begin to walk my way up the beach and you follow.

As we arrive at my hotel you follow me in the door, and up to the bar, where I order a Pina Colada and you order a beer.

once drinks are in hand we find a booth seat in the corner where we sit close enough to feel each others skin. your bulge continues to draw my attention, as my breasts draw yours….

after a few sips of our drinks you ask “so are we going to take this further?”

I reply “I hope so, but I am not the “first move type, honestly I am more of a follow instructions kind of girl.”

“I think I can handle that. what kind of instructions do you take?”

“I will take anything you willing to give….I’m one of those girls that likes those things that you dont think any girl does….”


I take a sip of my drink and under my breath and through the glass i say “piss, and jizz”

you spit your beer back into the bottle out of disbalief. and say “what? really?”

“yeah, is that a problem? that is just the start of it….i also like anal and humiliation stuff…as its called on the internet…”

with this you stand up, and I think I have just lost my chance, and you say “follow me!”

I get up and follow as I am instructed. you lead me down the hallway containing the mens and womens public restrooms. you open the mens room door look around and pull me in behind you.

Once inside you pull me to the urinal, and push me to my knees, i become instantly wet, and wonder what you want me to do.

I look up at you and say “now what?”

you pull your semi hard cock from your swim shorts and place it against my lips. as I open my mouth to engulf it, you start to leak pee from the tip, then lift it and piss over me into the awaiting toilet.

as you finish up, the stream lessens and runs all down my face. using my fingers I catch and lick up as much as i possibly can, before you say “dont worry about what is on your face, the toilet is dirty! Fucking clean it up! you like instruction’s, humiliation and piss well here is your fucking chance to show me how well you follow direction!” As i go to stand to get a piece of towel, you grab my hair and shove my lips to the rim of the urinal. and say “lick it clean bitch!”

as I lick it clean a man walks in to use the restroom as well, and sees me on my knees, he is shocked and instantly goes to walk out. you look to him and say “wait!” we were just done” you grab me by my hair and pull me to my feet, whisper in my ear “lets take this to your room”

Just your use of force makes me tingle, and gets me even more excited than your piss that still covers my face. I instinctually follow your direction and stand. Soaked in your pee, walk out of the bathroom and straight for the elevator.

Before I get to push the call bahis firmaları button for the elevator, you grab me by the back of my hair again, and in my ear you forcefully say

“My sluts don’t stand while they wait with me. Get on your fucking knees where you belong.”

I follow your command and drop to my knees in front of you and push the button.

I can see the numbers above the door counting down. It seems that it is stopping at almost every floor. 16, 14, 12, 11, 10, 8, 7, 5, 3 and then 2 before the doors open and there are at least 12 people in the elevator, all staring at me on my knees in front of you.

After they exit the elevator but are still in earshot you push the limits a little more…”DON”T STAND WHORE! CRAWL INTO THAT FUCKING ELEVATOR!” All of these commands are just turning me on more and more as you wonder how far I am going to let you push me. After you get in the elevator, I press the button for the 10th floor and you let out a smirk. As the car rises, it stops only once before our floor, and the elderly woman sees me on my knees with you standing over me and she replies “are you OK?” You look at her and say “She’s fine, but she isn’t allowed to talk to anyone.” The elderly woman chooses to wait for the car to return again…hoping that we wont be in it.

As the doors open at the 10th floor, you grab me by my throat and stand me up. I lead you to my room, number 1019. Slide the card in and out of the slot to open the door, and walk in with you very close behind. As soon as the door clicks shut, you come up behind me, grab my bikini top string and pull it off exposing my chest and my erect nipples. Once my breasts are out, you firmly grab one and remark “I love these SO MUCH! Tonight, they are MINE!” with that you push me to the bed, lower your shorts and climb on top of me placing your hard cock between my tits and slipping the tip in my mouth. Because we had been interrupted downstairs, there was still a few small droplets of urine on the tip of your dick and I willingly licked it off. I began to swallow your shaft as you force it down my throat, using my saliva to lube my lips and your hard thick cock.

“You like that fucking cock you little slut? You think nine inches are enough?” you as while your shaft is down my throat and balls pressed against my chin. I gag and try to nod yes. As you pull yourself from my mouth, I cough and choke on my own spit.

You reach down and grab the drawstring on my beach shorts that cover the remainder of my swimsuit and rip the shorts down the center seam, then grab my bikini bottom by the crotch and pull them over my ankles. I lay on the bed stark naked, with my neatly shaven pussy exposed to you drenched in my juices from all the action that has led to this moment.

Using your hard spit lubed dick you shove yourself inside of me. Before you reach the base of your cock, I let out a yelp. The head of your cock pressed against something and caused a small amount of pain. For a moment you are concerned, but quickly return to using me as your little cum slut and start to rapidly thrust yourself into me and continuing to strike whatever it is you hit that causes me to wince in pain. With every thrust of your huge dick I sweat and tense my pussy with pleasure. Just thrusting on top of me, you then quickly pull out, flip me over, spread my cheeks and force yourself into my ass. Although I expected this when you flipped me, I still scream from the pain of your redbull can thickness stretching out my pucker hole. You thrust in and out, pulling the head out with each thrust and reinsurting it with more force each time. If I didn’t already know, I do now; I am YOUR dirty little dumpster slut today.

Following about 30-40 thrusts your cock starts to pulse in my asshole and you pull it out to keep from exploding inside me. After pulling it out of my ass, you look down and momentarily admire your work seeing my previously tight puckered hole spread wide open to the point that you can see my insides along with the small traces of blood from tearing me open.

You yell


I take a minute to catch my breath before reacting to your command. This upsets you and you follow up with

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Did I not just tell you to get on your fucking knees? You don’t know how to fucking follow a simple instruction, but when it comes time for me to fill your mouth with my jizz, I bet you’ll be begging me to forgive you…WON’T YOU? WHORE!”

I quickly drop to my knees and begin to speak “I’m sorr..” you quickly interrupt me “SHUT UP! I didn’t say speak! I said KNEES!”

I quietly close my mouth and sit back on my upturned heels waiting for my next command, when you take a step forward, twist your hips and without the use of your hands and a great deal of force you swing your hard cock against my cheek. This causes my head to turn and before kaçak iddaa I could straighten it out, you swing your dick back the other direction and broadside my other cheek. Both shots from your hard rod leave red marks on my face that distinctly look like I had been cock slapped. As you look at me for a moment you notice that there are also traces of blood on my face from you tearing my ass open with your cock, this sparks you to stuff my mouth with your meat once more, demanding that I clean it off and make sure that I get every drop of the juice and blood from my ass. I submit to your whim, and once again deep throat your long stiff shaft. It doesn’t take long before your cock is pulsing in my mouth and just about to explode, when you pull it out of my mouth, grab my neck and throw me to the ground turning my ass to you one more time. As I collect my breath for a moment, I lean over, spread my ass cheeks and hope that you decide to stuff it with your throbbing cock again.

Without a word you slide the tip, then the head into my gaped asshole, after a stroke or two you begin to push yourself deeper into my rear and quickly explode inside my ass. It feels like you are cumming a gallon of jiz in my ass, and it warms me from the inside out, but I can only hope this isn’t the only load I will be getting tonight. I want to taste you, and I want you to leave your taste on my lips. It will be a treat to kiss my husband when I get home, and remember the taste of your cream. After you thrust and pump my anus full of your jizz, you pull out and once again look deep into my cavernous ass, too see a pool of your juice at the bottom.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING MOVE! I don’t want to lose a drop of that from your ass.”

You reach over on the table and grab one of the upside down glasses sitting next to the ice bucket and sit it on the ground almost directly under my soaking wet cunt.

“Fill the glass with what I just filled you with.”

I slowly and carefully lean back, trying to squeeze my ass closed but unable too it starts to drip down to my pussy, I move a little faster, and it starts to flow out of me right into the glass on the floor. After I feel that I have emptied myself of you, I turn to look at the glass, it is about a quarter of the way full of your cum, my blood, and small pieces of fecal matter. As I contemplate what you might do with me next, without realizing it, I am fingering my twat and licking my fingers clean of our goo mixed together, I know my taste all too well, and I recognize the distinct sweet taste of yours mixed into it.

You collect you thoughts, and are still unable to believe what you are doing and witnessing in this hotel room. A few moments pass and you get the urge to pee again.

“lay your head in the toilet seat!”

I quickly get up, eager to swallow whatever I am about to get. I hold my hair to the side of my face, and lay my head in to the seat of the toilet with my body and legs pointing away from it.

You walk up and straddle me with your now flaccid dong hanging over me. After what seems like an eternity, you start to urinate on my face, then allow it to trickle down my chest, stomach and on the floor. About half of your golden gift to me gets in my mouth. Half of what was left is pooled on the floor. Without command, I sit up and begin to lick the pooled urine off the floor. After the floor is seemingly clean, you pick me up by my hair and stand me to my feet. With a look of disgust on your face, you pull your hand back and land a hard open hand slap across my face. I stretch my jaw to release the pain, but instantly drop to my knees and place you back in my mouth. Your member becomes instantly hard and you begin to thrust your hips into my face shoving yourself down my throat and filling my nostrils with the short curly hairs of your neatly trimmed pubic hairs and slapping your balls against my chin.

You continue to fuck my face while you reach down to my breasts and squeeze the left one with a firm grip before pinching my nipple with your thumb and middle finger.

You pinch me just as your cock slams against the back of my throat, and I squeal from the shock of both and you pull yourself from my mouth.

It seems that you are having a harder time containing this load of cum, and I can see you throbbing in your hands as you guide me back to the main room where the glass remains on the floor partly filled with a mixture of bodily fluids. You push me back to the floor on my back where you climb on top of me, and thrust your self into my soaked pussy. As you pump yourself in and out of me, I feel you slapping against my asshole and this stings from when you stretched it out earlier. But I still moan and cry for more and for you to rail me harder. As you control my every move with your left hand on the center of my chest you use your right and place it on my throat. You squeeze my throat with your right hand, cutting kaçak bahis off my ability to breathe easily. This stops me from moaning, and speaking.

You reply “THAT’S FUCKING RIGHT! YOU DON’T FUCKING SPEAK OR TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I AM THE MOTHER FUCKER IN CHARGE! YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A STUPID FUCKING CUM DUMPSTER! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” I nod yes, and just continue to enjoy your dominance of me. As you are about to cum again, you squeeze my throat tight and press your cock balls deep in my tight little cunt. As your hips press to mine, I feel a release of your warmth inside me, and this causes my muscles to tighten, and my pussy to throb. Even through the squeeze of your hand I manage to yell that I am starting to cum! I beg you to fuck me harder, just so I can cum. You oblige, but only because you know what you have planned next.

After my orgasm, you pull your shaft from my hole and stuff it back in my mouth for its cleaning. Without command I grab the glass from a few inches away and place it under me. While I clean your shaft I slowly release the gift you left in my fuck hole, and fill the glass just a little more. After a moment or two, you realize that I have done this, and you pat me on the head saying “good bitch, finally you did something right!”

After this, I go to get up, and head into the bathroom for my post sex pee, when you follow me, with the ice bucket in your hand. As I begin to squat to the toilet seat, you say

“NO! The toilet is for fucking people! You are nothing but a slut and a whore! You don’t get to use that!”

You throw the bucket at me. ” Well what the hell are you waiting for? Fill that fucking bucket!” I slowly raise my self from the toilet, and into a squat over the bucket, I spread my lips apart and begin to push a stream of pee into the bucket. As I slowly release my self, I think “what is he going to do with this?” It excites me…

After I finish, I get up and reach for the paper to wipe myself.

“NO! SLUT! Use your hand if you have to wipe!”

I use my hand to do the best that I can.

“Don’t think you will be touching me with that hand…you better lick it clean”

“Yes Sir”

I proceed to lick my hand clean of my pee. It has a bitter but sweet taste, and somehow I enjoy it. As I stand up, you pick up my piss bucket off the floor and turn it over above my head, emptying the contents all over me and covering me in my own urine. As I stand there shocked for a moment, you go and get the glass from the main room, bring it into the bathroom, and hand it to me with a spoon.


I slowly dip the spoon into the thinned out white and brown tinted substance and take the first scoop. As I bring it to my lips your eyes light up. This is my sign that You enjoy it, and I place the spoon on my tongue and use my lip to clear the spoon of my first taste. It’s much sweeter than I expected. After my 2nd spoonful you push my hand and the glass to my lips.


I tip the glass back and fill my mouth with the contents. After I hold it and savor the taste for a moment I hold my mouth open and begin to lightly gargle it on the back of my tongue.

You unexpectedly slap me one more time as I am enjoying the taste of your cum in my mouth, causing some to spill out. Out of fear of losing just one drop I take to my knees and clean up the spill from my mouth. Before I can even look up, you are sitting on the bed and staring at me.

I follow you into the room, and you say “I’m thirsty. I want a drink. From the bar. GO GET IT!”

I go to get my clothes to walk downstairs and you quickly stop me. You hand me the bikini that you took off me just a few hours earlier, and say “this is all you need.” With a look of shock on my face, cum on my breath and covered in piss from hair to toe, I tie the top, and slide the bottoms over my legs and up my thighs. Then head for the door.

I decide that I am up for the humiliation downstairs, but didn’t want to have any one on one in the elevator, so I run barefoot, covered in piss and jizz down the 10 flights of stairs through the lobby and into the bar. The bartender looks at me, and just says “can I help you?” I order you another beer similar to the one you got earlier and another pina colada. After I pay the man, I begin to walk back to the stairs when I see you standing at the elevator. You walk over to me and in front of about 15 people, grab my bikini top string and once again remove it, showing the entire lobby and bar my bare chest. You then grab me by the tit and drag me to the elevator again, ensuring to loudly call me a slut as you throw me in the door. The ride is quick and uneventful to the 10th floor, where we get off and head back to the room. I once again open the door and walk in. You look at me; say “damn that was fun, and head for the back stairway.” I don’t know your name, but I will forever remember the sweet taste of you cum, the warmth of your piss, the thickness and length of your hard cock, and the firmness in which you took charge. It was a good after noon. If only there was more of that to experience!

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