Romantic Encounter

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Gentle hands caress your back and shoulders. Soft circles send shivers down your spine as your flesh bumps in answer to my touch. The fabric of your blouse is slowly, teasingly unbuttoned and allowed to fall in a forgotten heap around your feet. Warm lips run kisses down your throat, the feel of your pulse steady against my mouth. I feel your breath against my cheek. Feel you breath as I hold you close, as I move my hand against the silkiness of your skin.

You react to my touch, your breathing faster now as my mouth caresses the softness of your breast. My ever teasing tongue tickling against your areola and drawing you firmly into my mouth. Tongue teasing, teeth nipping, softly suckling I hold you; I feel your fingers playing in my hair. Your breathing short and shallow. The faint scent of your arousal teasing my senses as I lose myself in the sensations that surround us, that have become us.

Your body begins, ever so softly at first, bahis firmaları to move against me. Your skin flushed and warm as my mouth slips across your body to tease and play, before sliding down your stomach. I gently lay you back as I run soft kisses across your abdomen. My fingers carefully unbutton your pants; I pull them back just enough to let my tongue run a teasing line along the tops of your panties. You complain I tickle so I do it again before changing to kisses.

Slipping your pants down silky legs I cannot resist the need to run my hands over you. Soft and smooth I caress your legs with firm hands that move in circles and gentle touches before I finally gather the nerve to run my fevered kisses along them. Tongue still teasing, flicking and caressing I move along your thighs, feeling them part slightly as I move upward.

The heat from your body consumes all that I am as my mouth teases its kisses against your inner kaçak iddaa thighs. Careful, not to close, only teasing, oops I slipped, I hear you gasp in response. Warm hands slip your panties off and I am lost in your body. Flushed and aroused, the heat is overwhelming and I am drawn back into you. My mouth tickles and kisses, I can taste the sweetness of you at the edges of your thighs, you let your legs slip further apart, your hands caress me as my tongue flickers lightly against you. I fully taste you now, sweeter than any nectar, more addictive than any drug I cannot help myself. My tongue slips deeper inside you, questing for more of this glorious sweetness. You moan and writhe as I search, as my tongue flicks and tastes then searches more.

How long we stay like this, I cannot say, 5 minutes, 5 hours, time matters not. I am in heaven. I’ve found contentment. Gentle pressure pulls me up and I look into your eyes. Your lids are heavy with kaçak bahis sensation, your breathing shallow and ragged. You pull me towards you and I let myself follow. My mouth caresses you as I move slowly along your stomach, to your breasts, along your throat and finally against your lips. You kiss me as you feel me pressing against you. Our lips collide again as I slide against you. Your teeth catch me as you feel me moving into you. We kiss and bite as my hips rock gently in and out, moving me inside of you.

You pull me closer, I enter deeper, we push harder against each other. Your hips rise up to meet mine. I feel you tight against me. You hold me completely, you hold me firmly as we move faster and faster, harder and harder against each other. Your bites are fiercer, our passion is boiling and still we push harder, deeper. Finally, I feel your body arch, spasms vibrate against me as you let go. I can hold on no longer, and my final release joins yours in glorious ecstasy.

Our bodies collapse, worn and tired. I hold you close and brush the hair from your face. A final kiss as we drift away in contentment, holding you, touching you, caressing you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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