Cigarettes, Paper …You? Ch. 03

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I woke half an hour later and looked down at Jasmine’s beautiful body, relaxed in slumber, wrapped on to mine. It was going to be tough to let this beauty go, but I knew I would have to and soon.

When she finally woke, she stretched like a cat and nuzzled my chest with her lips. “Ooh, that was nice,” she breathed.

I smiled down at her, “Mind if I smoke?” I asked, “I always like a cigarette after a good fuck and that was most definitely a good fuck.” She laughed, “Sure. As long as I can have one, too.” I jumped out of bed and padded across to the door.

“Nice ass!” she giggled as I went out to the kitchen.

Returning with the cigarettes and an ashtray, I climbed back into bed and lit cigarettes for both of us.

“I thought Raj didn’t like you smoking,” I teased her as she took a deep drag with obvious relish.

“Well I don’t always do what Raj says, do I?” she replied, letting out a long stream of smoke.

I agreed with that and we started to talk. She told me more about her husband; that she loved him very much, but that although he was considerate in bed, he lacked imagination and didn’t seem inclined to experiment.

I asked if she had strayed much and she coyly admitted that she had done once or twice, though our wild fling on the backroom floor of her sister’s shop was the most outrageous thing she had ever done. She giggled as she said this and my memory caused my now flaccid cock to twitch. “So what made you so eager with me, then,” I asked, intrigued.

“I don’t really know,” she said, seriously. I think it was just that you looked good in your sports gear and you were obviously helpful, with the papers and everything, so I knew you were a decent guy. But I could tell there was something a bit, well, dirty about you. You sort of reminded me of someone I used to know, and I don’t know, but somehow, I was feeling really turned on, but I didn’t know if I was misreading things.”

I laughed, “Ditto.” I said. “I wasn’t sure either, but I just kept getting more signals, so I kept on going, even though I figured you might slap me at any minute.”

I hesitated and then said, “Is that the first time you’ve had anal sex?”

“Well, no, not exactly,” she said, a little embarrassed and then stopped.

“Go, on,” I said, pulling her closer to me, “You can tell me. I love a good dirty story.”

She giggled and settled down by my side and started talking in a low voice, while gently stroking my cock which began to harden in her hot little hand.

“My parents were quite strict and I didn’t really know much about sex,” she began. “I was nineteen when I first met my husband and although we kissed whenever we could, he was just as innocent as me and we never went very far, even though both of us wanted to. We talked about it a bit and I would have gone further, but he said we should save ourselves for when we got married. I realised then that I was hornier than he was, but I thought it was all quite romantic, so even though I was very frustrated, I was happy to go along with him.

“I had met his parents a few times and I got along with them very well. His Mum was lovely to me and so was his Dad, but I always felt that he was nice to me for a very different reason.”

I could see where this was going and just the thought of what she was about to tell me turned me on even more. My cock instantly stiffened.

“Oh, you like this, don’t you,” Jasmine laughed. “Yes I do,” I replied. “Tell me everything, you dirty little girl. Did your father in law, fuck you?” The thought was driving me wild.

“Slow down,” she laughed, “all will be revealed.”

“One day, a few weeks before the wedding, I went round to see Raj, but he wasn’t there and neither was his mother. His Dad, Anjam told me they wouldn’t be back for a few hours as they had to go and see one of their cousins, who had turned up unexpectedly from India and was his parents who lived a few miles away.

“I was going to go shopping instead, but he somehow persuaded me to stay. I suppose I knew he might try something on and in a way I was a bit excited and a bit flattered. He was a good looking guy, just like an older and I have to say a more manly version than his son. There must have been a little devil in me that wanted to see how far things might go and anyway, I figured that I could always make my excuses and leave. Little did I know, how my body would betray me.

“They were quite well off and had a nice secluded garden at the back of the house. We were sitting out in the sun and he made us drinks. I didn’t often drink then and even though we were only drinking spritzers, which I’d never had before, I liked them and half way through the second one, I could feel it going to my head.

“He began to turn the subject round to the wedding and started saying how he envied his son. When I asked why, he told me that he thought I was beautiful and very sexy and that if he was a lot younger he’d be the one who would be enjoying the wedding night bursa escort and not Raj.

“Being a bit tipsy, I sort of played along and even though I knew I shouldn’t, I said that I didn’t think he was so old and that he was just as handsome as his son. He just smiled at me. The old devil knew even before I did that the afternoon was going to turn out very interesting. He played me perfectly.

“He said he was flattered that I thought that, but even so, he wouldn’t get to be in his son’s place but maybe I’d be kind to an old man and let him admire me properly, while he had the chance. That way, he said, he’d know for sure that his son was a lucky man.

“I knew I was playing with fire, but by that time, I was feeling terribly horny and he looked so good sitting there with his shirt open and his manly chest visible at the top.

“He asked me to stand up so he could get a proper look at me. I was wearing a summer dress and high heels, which I always felt good in, so I was happy to stand and give him a twirl. It felt nice and naughty to stand in front of this very manly man and show myself to him. It wasn’t as if I was naked or anything. Yet.

“I really liked the way he looked at me. Raj had never looked at me like that and it made me feel like a real woman, being properly appreciated. For the first time, I realised how powerful a woman can be, in some ways.

“He was leaning forward, watching me intently and I consciously thrust out my bum and my tits, pretending I was just stretching a bit.

“He paid me lots of compliments, which made me feel even sexier. Then he held out his hand and gestured me to come towards him. I hesitated a bit, knowing I was going too far, but it didn’t stop me. It was as if I was a piece of metal and he was a magnet. I just stepped up to him and he took my hand in his.

“He leaned forward and holding my palm upwards he bent as if to kiss it. But instead of kissing it, he put out his tongue and looking up at me, he just ran it across my palm. I was shocked and a bit repulsed and half-heartedly tried to pull my hand away. He held on to it and licked me again. This time, it was as if his tongue and my hand were directly connected to in-between my legs. I could feel myself getting wet. I had experienced being turned on before of course, when Raj and I kissed, but this was so different. It was much more intense and dirty. It was thrilling and I knew immediately I was lost.

Stirred by Jasmine’s tale, my cock was rigid and she was gently stroking it up and down now. I had a perfect vision of this masterful, older man easily seducing the willing girl. I was keen to hear the rest of the story.

Jasmine continued, “He stood up and pulled me towards him, wrapping me in his arms and kissing me. His kiss was completely different to Raj. He felt so much more powerful and sure of himself and even though Raj and I had French kissed a bit, it never felt anything like what his father was doing to me. I was on fire in an instant. Even through my bra, I’m sure he could feel my nipples and I could feel my panties getting soaked.

“I was scared and afraid that I was very soon going to lose my virginity. But that didn’t bother me, really, I was so turned on. I wanted it badly, but I was more worried about not keeping my promise to Raj; especially not by sleeping with his own father.

“Anjam must have figured out that I was having second thoughts, but he obviously also knew the effect he was having on me. He told me not to worry. That whatever we did, Raj would never know and didn’t I think it was better for me to experience an older man who knew exactly what to do, rather than learning about sex from an inexperienced youth. He loved his son, very much, he said, and he would never do anything to hurt him and he knew that I wouldn’t either. So this was going to be our little secret and pleasure.

“I totally knew that everything about this was wrong, but I was also overwhelmingly flattered and yes, I did want to know what an experienced man could teach me, because I was very aware that I knew so little.

“I mean, I knew the basics. I knew where the different bits went, because I’d seen a bit of a porn film that one of my girlfriends had, but I also instinctively knew that there was more to it than just sticking things in holes. And I somehow knew that Anjam would know exactly how to do things.

“So there I was, putty in his hands and aching to experience what I just knew was going to be wonderful. He stopped hugging me and began to lead me by the hand towards the house. I was in a sort of daze and I don’t really remember going inside and up the stairs. It wasn’t till we were in the bedroom that I sort of came to my senses and must have looked a bit scared.

“He read me like a book and hugged me again and asked me what was wrong. I didn’t really want to say it. I mean I know he knew I was a virgin, or I hoped that he believed I was. I suddenly wondered if he thought I was more experienced than I was letting bursa escort bayan on, so it suddenly became very important to tell him.

“I couldn’t say the words at first, but he coaxed it out of me, just by holding me and sort of soothing me. Oh, I have to say, he was very good at seduction.

“Eventually I stuttered out that I was a virgin. I was a bit shocked but also relieved when he laughed and said of course you are and you will stay a virgin, Raj will never know, even on your wedding night.

“It’s stupid really, I mean I was relieved that I wasn’t going to lose my cherry, but at the same time I was a bit disappointed too. Frankly, he could have done anything to me and I wouldn’t have complained. Well, as it turned out he did, but not in the way I expected at all.

Jasmine was still stroking my rock hard cock and I had to slow her hand down I was getting so excited. “Take it easy,” I said, “I want to hear the whole story.”

She laughed, “I’m glad it’s turning you on. I’ve never told anyone else this before. I couldn’t exactly tell my husband and even my girlfriends would have been a bit shocked. I nearly told my sister once, but we got interrupted, so it never came up again.”

I had a sudden vision of her sister, listening avidly to such an intimate tale and couldn’t quite equate the image with the rather homely woman who usually sold me my paper and cigs. “Do you talk to Sareeta about sex, then,” I asked, surprised.

“Yes, sometimes,” Jasmine replied. “She’s not as boring as she makes out you know. Anyway, it’s making me horny too, just reliving it,” she added. “You’ll have to sort me out properly when I’m finished.”

“With pleasure, ma’am,” I grinned, “But, like I said, I like stories. Go on. What happened next?” “Well, Anjam, totally seduced me and gave me my first real orgasm. I mean, I’d come before, from touching myself, but nothing like what I experienced that day.

“Once he’d calmed me down, he started to move things a lot faster. He pulled my dress off over my head. In fact when you did that earlier, it reminded me of him a bit. No nonsense, just getting down to it. He sat on the bed and just looked at me in my bra and panties and once again, he made me feel like a real woman. Then he started telling me what to do and I was like a little robot; totally at his command.

“He told me to take off my bra and without even thinking I just reached behind and unsnapped it. I sort of presented my tits to him and I could tell he appreciated them. He gestured me forward and then just buried his face in them, rasping his stubble across the nipples and grabbing at them with his teeth. I just went nuts and grabbed his head and pressed him into me. It felt amazing and so totally grown up. I couldn’t believe how much pleasure was running through me.

“After a few minutes he stopped and pushed me back a step and looked at me again. He didn’t have to say his next command; I knew what it was and just did it. I pulled my panties down and stood there completely naked in front of him. “He was smiling, but instead of reaching for me again, like I expected, he stood up and told me to lie on the bed. Here it comes I thought, a bit puzzled that he had said he wasn’t going to take my virginity, but now it looked like that’s exactly what he was going to do. Not that I cared, like I said, he could have done anything. But he didn’t.

“Even though I had seen that little bit of a porn movie, I had never seen oral sex. I’d sort of heard about it, talking to girlfriends, but I never really figured it out. I remember thinking it didn’t sound real.

“So when Anjam, grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him, so that my lower legs were hanging off the bed, I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t taking his clothes off. Then a second later, I was amazed, when he knelt down, lifted my legs onto his shoulders and literally buried his head between my legs. I must have squealed in surprise as I felt his stubble again, this time on my inner thighs, but then when I felt his tongue on me it was as if a rocket went off inside my head.

“I must have come on the spot, because I just totally lost it. It felt as if all the nice things I had ever felt in my life were happening to me all at the same time. It was just so amazingly intense. I’m sure I screamed. I must have done, but I don’t remember it. I remember being able to hear the pounding of blood in my head and going completely rigid. It seemed to last forever and I was probably crying it was so intense. I might even have passed out, I’m not sure.

“When I came round a bit, he was still going with his tongue and I felt myself building up to another orgasm. I never imagined it was possible to feel so much pleasure. At the same time, I felt something pushing at my back passage. It felt a bit weird and I must have tensed up, but he told me to relax and go with it and I did. His tongue kept working at me and his finger kept pushing and then just at the moment I came, his finger must escort bursa have popped inside me. I was really very shocked, because it had never occurred to me that that could be pleasurable, but Oh my God it was and in fact, if anything I came even harder and I wanted that finger to be even deeper inside me, so without even knowing what I was doing, I pushed myself down onto him. Some part of me knew it was a filthy thing to do, but I didn’t care. He could have pushed his whole hand in there and I would have helped him.

“Again it took me a while to come down from the amazing high, but he never let me stop and think for a minute. While I was still writhing about on the bed, he stood up and started tearing his clothes off. I was aware enough to notice when he pulled out his cock that it looked very big, but I didn’t have much to compare it with. I had touched Raj through his pants, so I kind of knew what he felt like when he was hard, but I’d never seen one.

“I was fascinated and like the dirty little slut I knew I had just become, I reached out for it.” She giggled again and gave me a squeeze. “He was just like you, though. He wouldn’t let me touch it. That’s why you reminded me of him, talking control and not letting me get what I want. It’s quite a turn on, you know.”

I smiled at her, “Yeah,” I said, “I somehow figured that out about you. I don’t know why, it just seemed to be the right thing to do.”

Jasmine grinned, “It was; how very clever of you.” She squeezed my erection again. “Do you want to hear the rest, or does your friend here want to play some more?”

“He can wait. I still want to know what the clever old bastard did next.”

“Well, after he pushed my hands way, he just held my head and pulled me towards his crotch. There had been a bit in the porn movie where the girl was sucking the guy, so I knew what that was about, but of course, I’d never done it. But I wanted to. I don’t suppose I was much good and it felt a bit strange at first, trying to get my mouth around him. But I managed it and with his help, I started to move up and down on him. He gave me lots of instructions and told me how to hold my teeth away from him and every so often to just lick him and exactly how hard to do it.

“I felt really privileged. I was excited to think that this experienced man was teaching me how to pleasure him. It made me feel really important and I listened carefully. I wanted to know how I could do this so that when I got married I could be a really good wife that Raj could be proud of. It never occurred to me at the time that Raj might wonder where I learned to do it, but that’s another story.

“After a while, it felt as though he was getting even bigger in my mouth and I realise now that he was probably close to coming, but he obviously decided that he didn’t want to give me too many shocks for my first time, so he pulled out. What I didn’t realise was that the biggest shock was yet to come.

“I looked up at him, wondering what was coming next and I guessed that this time he really was going to take my virginity, but I certainly didn’t care. In an instant I had figured out that I really, really liked sex and that I never wanted to be without it again.

“I had gone from being a rather prim, little girl to being a fully sexual woman in less than half an hour and I certainly wasn’t planning to go back. The fact that I was naked in front of my equally naked prospective father in law, had just had two mind-blowing orgasms, given him a blow-job and had his finger up my bum, never really crossed my mind. I was hooked and now I wanted to go the whole way.

“He smiled at me and told me how sexy he thought I was and it really made me feel good. He could have done anything to me and then he did. He pushed me back down onto the bed and put his fingers inside me and started rubbing his thumb really hard across my clit. For an instant I was disappointed that he didn’t put his cock in me, but I soon forgot that as I started to feel another orgasm building up. At the same time, I felt his finger pushing at my back passage again, and I was happy with that. Then I felt another finger squeezing in beside the first. That hurt a bit, but it was sort of a good hurt. I kind of felt that a bit of hurt could be part of it and it all seemed to mingle in with the pleasure.

“I don’t know how he did it but he seemed to be pushing his fingers in and out of my bum and my hole and rubbing my clit at the same time, it was just amazing, but just as I was about to come again, he stopped and pulled his fingers out and walked round the side of the bed.

“I was panting like a little slut and almost begged him to come back, but then he did and he had something in his hand; a tube of something. I was about to ask him what it was, when I felt the most amazing, cooling sensation, down between my legs and across my bum. Of course it was lubricant, but I didn’t know that at the time, I just liked the contrast between the heat I was feeling inside and the coolness outside. “He started playing with my clit again, which soon had me moaning and thrashing. Then I felt his fingers pushing into my bum again, but this time, with the coolness they went in much easier and they felt even better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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